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I hope you're getting excited for the Marijuana Millionaire Countdown Event TOMORROW.

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When you join me tomorrow, I'll also peel back the curtain on...

  • The little-known reason why federal legalization could be days away. An it's for the exact OPPOSITE reason that most people think. Hint: never before in history have we has such a burning issue, seismic cultural shift, and financial explosion converge at the same time. Tomorrow, I'll walk you through how you could profit from it, hand-over-fist.
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All that's left for you to do is show up tomorrow for my Marijuana Millionaire Countdown Event...

And you'll get all the tools you need to collect a mountain of cash in what I expect to be the most profitable investing era in our nation's history.

See you then!

TOMORROW @ 1PM EST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll reveal how you could stuff a quick $116,309 in your pocket... and much, much more.


Your BIGGEST Questions About How to Get RICH Off Legal Marijuana in 2022

(WHAT'S going on, WHAT to do about it, and WHY it's happening now)

My Marijuana Millionaire Countdown Event is just 2 days away...

It all goes down Tuesday, November 1st @ 1PM EST.

So to bring you up to speed and make sure you get the most out of the event...

I've created this short personal video answering your BIGGEST questions about this very strange and unusual "Green Rush" investing opportunity.

Just click play NOW to discover what the government isn't telling you about their historic "pot play" going on right beneath your nose.


Hi! John Persinos here, Editor-in-Chief of Investing Daily.

I'm filming this quick video for you for 2 reasons:

One — to remind you that our Marijuana Millionaire Countdown is on Tuesday.

Two — I'm here with you because over the past few days, I've gotten tons of questions about legal pot, the profits up for grabs, and everything in between.

So today, I'll answer 3 of the BIGGEST questions investors like you have sent in.

Now, some of what you'll hear today might surprise you — in fact, you may find it downright shocking...

But if you know me, then you know I refuse to sugarcoat anything.

You'll get my raw, uncensored opinion based on years of experience working in Congress — and true insider knowledge of how things really go down on Capitol Hill.

Let's get started.

Q#1: Will the U.S. government EVER actually fully legalize weed?

In my opinion, the end of federal marijuana prohibition has always been inevitable...

But it took until now for all the right conditions to exist.

In the last few years alone, the deck has become heavily stacked in favor of legalizing weed.

Let's look at the facts.

More than 68% of Americans believe cannabis should be legal. One-third of the U.S. population lives in a state with legal access to recreational weed. States are seeing huge windfalls from taxes on marijuana dispensary sales. And our federal government (including the Department of Justice) has never been friendlier to the cause.

The money-making potential in this industry is huge.

According to a recent report from BDS Analytics, legal cannabis sales in the U.S. are expected to exceed $35 billion by the end of this year.

According to another report, analysts at Grand View Research expect the global legal marijuana market to reach $102 billion in sales by 2030.

If one thing's for certain...

The federal government and the countless big business interests that really run D.C. are positively salivating for a taste of all that cash.

State-level marijuana legalization initiatives also won big at the polls on November 3, 2021...

In a year that saw the highest level of voter turnout in U.S. history, marijuana legalization initiatives passed in red and blue states, in many cases with more votes than the candidates on the ballot.

There's simply never been such an overwhelming majority of voter support to legalize weed.

One interesting model to look at is our neighbors to the snowy north.

Ice hockey and early Thanksgiving aren't the only things Canadians love...

In 2018, Canada became the first G7 nation to federally legalize the possession and use of recreational marijuana.

Canada's bold step triggered a seismic shift in the worldwide marijuana industry.

And as I'll show you in just a moment... I believe the next one is right around the corner...

But this time, when America — the largest capitalist economy in the world — legalizes...

The shockwaves will be off the charts.

Q#2: What are the BEST pot investments to cash in on the “Green Rush” of 2022?

When you join me on Tuesday, I’ll reveal which red-hot pot stocks I’ve identified as being set to explode…

You’ll get the tickers, the trades, and the rock-solid evidence that tells me they’re about to erupt.

But I don’t just want to “give you the fish” so to speak…

I also want to “TEACH you how to fish” — so that you’re fully equipped to make a fortune during this once-in-a-lifetime historic investing opportunity.

That’s the whole point of sharing this information with you… and why I’m hosting this exclusive investor’s town-hall on Tuesday.

Of course, I can’t cover everything right now, but I will tell you this:

I especially like the “pick-and-shovel” plays on the marijuana boom.

These companies aren’t necessarily about growing marijuana—they’re ancillary firms that provide infrastructure services for growing pot companies.

And they can be wildly profitable.

What’s more, they usually enjoy a diversified roster of clients in multiple industries, which buffers them from volatility.

Pick-and-shovel plays can be reliable money-makers, because they provide essential value-added services.

Unique value-adds are a key factor I look for in suitable marijuana investments…

I look for pot companies with patents, proprietary technology, or special managerial know-how. I also seek out companies with solid balance sheets, branded products, and extensive supply chains.

THESE are the marijuana investments that will survive and thrive, whereas it’s no great feat to simply grow a plant or squeeze oil from a leaf.

Q#3: What makes you so sure Federal Legalization is finally about to happen this year?

For the first time in our nation’s history, pot legalization on the federal level has been introduced at the US Senate. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) filed the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, or “CAOA”, on July 21st of this year.

But here’s what most people aren’t seeing:

I believe that CAOA was never actually meant to pass.

If you’re unfamiliar with how U.S. Congress works, that might seem bizarre…

But as someone who worked as a Capitol Hill press secretary for years — I’ve been there watching, right inside the inner workings of Congress…

And I know exactly how the U.S. legislative sausage is made.

See, I think CAOA was actually intended as an “icebreaker” bill — an aggressive, sweeping bill that’s focused on one main issue — in this case, legalizing weed.

Narrow focused legislation on controversial issues like this usually never get passed.

Senator Schumer knows this too…

But he also knows “icebreaker” bills like the CAOA are perfect for ferreting out opposition, gaining buy-in, and securing bipartisan support.

Which is why I’m convinced the CAOA was actually designed as a congressional building block — to pave the way for a new weed bill both parties could get behind.

Right now, Senator Schumer and company are working tirelessly on new bipartisan marijuana reform that many expect to pass THIS year.

And if my sources in Congress are right, which I have no doubt they are…

What’s now coming down the pike is a marijuana “omnibus” legalization bill.

Also referred to as “Big Uglies,” omnibus bills fuse together separate bills to get multiple items passed at once — often before a deadline…

Like this session of Congress which ends shortly.

Because they can roll DOZENS of issues into a single piece of legislation…

Omnibus bills are notoriously effective at passing controversial laws by lumping them in with issues that already have majority support.

For example, in late 2020 while COVID was still ripping through America, ransacking small businesses, and decimating the workforce…

President Trump signed an omnibus bill called the Consolidated Appropriations Act — which combined relief measures like $166 billion in stimulus checks to taxpayers together with other government spending…

Like $2.3 billion for a U.S. Navy nuclear attack submarine.

Another recent example:

Last year, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act — a $1.2 trillion omnibus bill expected to create thousands of jobs and boost the economy.

This omnibus bill authorized $550 billion to be invested in roads, bridges, airports and more. Oh and some new laws for taxing cryptocurrency.

And now, we’re seeing signs of the same thing happening with marijuana!

In the last year alone, there were not one…

But TWO major marijuana reform bills have already passed in the House of Representatives, and now await votes from the Senate.

The MORE Act moves to end prohibition by descheduling cannabis as a controlled substance…

And the SAFE Banking Act gives legal marijuana businesses access to the same loans, checking accounts, and other financial services that most businesses enjoy.

SAFE Banking also kicks open the door for big banks to start profiting from the $32 billion legal pot industry…

Which is just one reason why this bill already has more than 40 co-sponsors in the Senate and almost universal support.

Lobbying heavyweight, The American Bankers Association — representing the $17 trillion U.S. banking industry — is keen to see the cannabis banking bill become law…

Wells Fargo, HSBC, Key Bank, M&T Corporation, PayPal, Prudential, and Nationwide are just a few of the huge institutions greedily licking their chops from the sidelines.

I share this to make one point, and one point only:

There’s an unprecedented amount of money, business, and social interests now on the table that support legalizing weed.

Like I mentioned — I worked in Congress for years, and I’ve been there front-row-center, witnessing dozens of these situations play out…

Between the information being presented to the public… PLUS the discussions I’m being informed of that are going down behind-closed-doors…

It’s now become very clear to me that the Senate could be rolling up one massive joint of an omnibus pot bill…

One which includes the widely supported marijuana banking and taxation laws that finally allow the government and big banking to sink their teeth into this industry…

As well as FULL marijuana legalization.

But here’s the real kicker:

The President of the United States himself just took his first major steps toward decriminalizing marijuana.

On October 6th, he pardoned all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession, a move that will clear convictions for several thousand Americans.

The President also tasked the Department of Health and Human Services to “expeditiously” review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law.

He made it clear that even if marijuana is descheduled, certain rules to protect the public should remain in place — much like with alcohol and tobacco.

Just days ahead of elections, the President’s actions send an important message to Congress about where he stands on weed.

It’s also a telling clue that the highest elected office has recognized the importance of this issue to voters.

Legalizing marijuana has now become a path to the one thing politicians care about most:

Getting elected.

With more than two in three American voters in favor of legalizing…

And hundreds of billions in potential legal marijuana tax revenues…

Never before has there been such huge incentive for lawmakers on both sides to pull the trigger.

Are you starting to see why I’m so certain that we’re at a tipping point?

Look… even if Congress were to stop short of full legalization…

Just marijuana banking reform alone could blow the lid off this throttled industry… and send American pot businesses to the moon with profitability.

With midterms just days away… the Democrats expect to lose House and Senate control this election…

Which has stepped up their urgency to get this done NOW.

Not only do I expect to see a landmark marijuana omnibus bill introduced in the next few days…

But with the President’s recent actions… on top of overwhelming support for legalization and banking reform…

And just 2 months left for Congress to make it law…

I believe this all-or-nothing omnibus bill has what it takes to get a quick “YES” vote at the Senate…

By combining these already House approved laws.

If and when that does happen, weed stocks are virtually guaranteed to explode — BEFORE an omnibus bill is finalized.

But when the President does give this bill his John Hancock — as it appears he almost certainly will…

The United States Government will have officially unleashed a once-in-a-lifetime investing opportunity…

A legal marijuana “Green Rush” more profitable than any era most Americans have ever seen.

Those who get in BEFORE official news breaks and the feeding frenzy begins could make a quick fortune…

If you’d like to be one of the privileged few who knew how to get in beforehand…

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to get started when you join me back here on Tuesday.

Thanks for tuning in today — I look forward to helping you stake your claim to these historic profits.

Until then.

TOMORROW: A sneak peak at the investing secrets you'll discover at the Marijuana Millionaire Countdown Event in just 2 days time. PLUS — an additional shot at a rapid $116,309. All that and more, coming your way tomorrow.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.


Not Inflation, Not Recession...
Come Hell or High Water...
NOTHING Can Stop This "Green Rush"

With inflation still raging...

And the Fed all but guaranteeing a deeper recession in the months to come... 

Legal marijuana is a rare beacon of hope for investors like you looking to build their wealth.

How? By providing an unstoppable growth industry that thrives in even the harshest economy.

U.S. legal weed revenues are projected to reach $52 billion by 2026 — a near $20 billion annual sales increase in the next few years alone.

If you think inflation will take a bite out of that...

I'd say, "Not likely."

You see, in 2022 — during the worst inflation in 40 years...

Legal marijuana sales ballooned to $33 billion... a $6 billion INCREASE over the year before.

What about the recession?

While it might seem logical that with higher unemployment there'd be less folks shelling out their dough for weed...

But the data says otherwise.

You see, much like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana fits into the "vices" category...

And commodities like these tend to see little change in demand despite increasing prices or a stormy economy.

Cast in point...

In early 2020, the COVID pandemic spurred a recessionary dip...

With the S&P 500 tumbling a shocking 34%... and 21 million people suddenly out of work.

Yet not only did alcohol sales shoot through 2020's mass unemployment...

Americans also bought more marijuana than at any other time in previous history.

Can you imagine what those sales would have looked like if ALL 50 U.S. STATES could sell legal weed?

If you saw Thursday's update, you already know we've run the numbers on what kind of potential investor profits could be triggered by federal legalization...

And they're BIGLike once-in-a-lifetime big.

So if Jerome Powell's Federal Reserve is going to drive our nation into a recession...

Then, simply put, one of the best things our government could do for investors is legalize weed.

Which brings me to today's special report...

Below you'll find a link to a special Bonus Chapter, not released in the first edition of my book, The Wide World of Weed and Psychedelics.

Inside this not-available-to-the-public report, you'll find an entire action plan for getting in on some of the hottest trends in the marijuana market RIGHT NOW.

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Your Action Plan to Get in on the
Hottest Trends in Marijuana

TOMORROW: I'll answer 3 of the BIGGEST questions investors like you have sent in about how to get rich off legal marijuana in 2022... including WHY I'm convinced we're at the doorstep of the most profitable investing era most Americans have ever seen.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.


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TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.


HOW MUCH Money Could Hit The Table When The Federal Gov. Says “YES” To Legal Weed?

The #1 thing most investors want to know about marijuana legalization is...

HOW MUCH cash could actually be up for grabs when Congress pulls the trigger?

Well, we had our analysts run the numbers...

And the profit potential is staggering.

I put together this short breakdown so you can see the results for yourself.

Just take a look at the hard data below — and you'll see the real-life, eye-popping numbers behind this historic investing opportunity.

30 Reasons Why $116,309 Is Practically A Sure-Shot For Pot Stock Profits

Let me show you what I'm talking about...

Take a look at what happened when our Canadian neighbors to the north federally legalized weed...

As you can see, the top 10 stocks shot through the roof, all topping out with triple-digit gains.

This cornucopia of investor profits averages out to a meaty 282%.

For a country with a population roughly the size of California's...

That's a whole lotta dough for folks who got in ahead of time.

But what about back here on U.S. soil?

Well speaking of California...

Here's what happened when the Sunshine State legalized...

200%... 400%... 700% gains...

With the average of the top 10 picks here racking up to a whopping 307%...

We're now looking at 20 proven powerhouses from pot stocks — starting to get a better idea of the big picture yet?

But we're not done yet.

It's clear that investors who got in BEFORE state legalization made a boatload of cash.

I don't know about you, but I find that pretty exciting.

But it get's even better...

Next up is my favorite example — because I believe it's getting closer to the landslide of profits we'll see when legalization washes across the whole U.S.

Here's what happened when Colorado became the first state in America to legalize recreational pot...

As you can see here...

The very first state legalization of marijuana was a seismic profit event.

The top 10 pot stock picks in Colorado exploded to record highs of 469%... 612%... even a jaw-dropping 5,275%...

And smart investors who got in early banked an incredible average gain of 866%.

That's 30 companies across three different stages of legalization that have pumped out massive profits in the first year after legalization opened the floodgates for early investors.

Pretty impressive, isn't it?

But you might still be wondering...

What could all that mean for investors like you come November 1?

We're almost a decade from the beginning of legalization... have the profits already dried up?

Far from it!

Here's what our team thinks full federal legalization might look like for everyday investors like you...

After crunching the numbers, we might be approaching the kind of monumental gains we can expect to be commonplace during this once-in-a-lifetime investing opportunity.

Now let's say you put in a modest $7,600 on a stock position (the average initial stake for a trade placed in the markets)...

There's a very real chance that if you're one of the folks who get in BEFORE federal legalization takes place...

You could bank a six-figure payday of $116,309 from your initial investment.

Is there a chance those profits could be higher?

Of course!

But even if they're HALF that much...

A quick $58k still sounds pretty good to me.

Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, that's all for now.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow — I'll be sharing another FREE Special Report that reveals my entire proven system for picking winning trades.

I've never shared these secrets with anyone, not even the team here at Investing Daily.

So make sure to pop back tomorrow because you're in for a real treat.

TOMORROW: I have a brand-new FREE report for you. Inside, I reveal — for the first time ever — my secret "9-step filter" that has uncovered some of the most explosive pot stocks to date. Even investment pros would kill to get their hands on the insights and information in this exclusive report. But you can get it for free when you join me right here tomorrow.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.


For Your Eyes ONLY —
Your FREE Copy of… 2022: Year of the Legal Marijuana “Green Rush”

Last year, more than 1,300 state and federal marijuana bills reached the desks of American lawmakers...

As you read this, Congress is working on new legislation to completely change the federal laws surrounding cannabis...

And it's got widespread support:

"I'm actually gaining enthusiasm. It is actually moving with more and more senators coming on to the major bill... midterm elections [in November] through January are the windows we have a chance to get something done."
— Senator Cory Booker

And earlier this month...

President Joe Biden became the first U.S. president to make great leaps toward decriminalizing marijuana...

"Too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana. It's time that we right these wrongs."
— President Joe Biden

If you've been watching the news and reading the headlines...

Right now, you're probably wondering...

What the heck is going on with marijuana legalization in 2022?

To give you all the answers you're looking for...

I've put together this FREE special report just for you...

It's called 2022: Year of the Legal Marijuana "Gold Rush."

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More importantly...

You'll also discover the "smoking gun" proof that has me convinced we're now just days away from a tsunami of weed profits being unleashed by the Senate.

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TOMORROW: I'll show you exactly what kind of profits average investors could make during this historic opportunity. Our team of analysts ran the numbers based on similar legalization events... and they're HUGE.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.


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Hi, it’s John Persinos.

I wanted to welcome and congratulate you on securing your seat for inside my Marijuana Millionaire Countdown.

Look, I’ve been in the investing game a while.

More than three decades, in fact.

And over the years, I’ve seen every flash-in-the-pan trend come and go.

You and I both have.

But the legalization efforts behind marijuana have always been pushing along in the background…

It’s the ONE thing that has remained constant.

And everything — and I mean, EVERYTHING — is about to go supersonic come Election Day.

That’s the day I’ll not only show you an opportunity that could hand you up to $116,309…

I’ll even hand you your first trade… one that could start handing out profits before the ballots are even in.

And I’ll do it FREE. No strings attached.

Now, the reason why I’m so certain of it is because from my time working in the halls of Congress…

And my years as a journalist and investment analyst…

I know how the legislative sausage is made, so to speak.

I’ve seen countless bills be pushed through, and I’ve witnessed their impact on investors — and profits, mind you — across the nation.

And I’ve been eyeing marijuana’s legal journey all these years like a hawk.

In fact, tomorrow, you and I will do a deep dive on that exact subject.

I’ll reveal why I’m so certain we could be days from the federal legalization of marijuana…

And a windfall of potential profits for investors like you.

For now, get ready for our Marijuana Millionaire Countdown on November 1st.

It’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

And I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Talk tomorrow.


TOMORROW: Join me back here where I’ll reveal the “smoking gun” proof that has me convinced we’re now just DAYS from the surprisingly fast and insanely profitable endgame of more than a DECADE of marijuana legalization efforts. I guarantee you WON’T want to miss this.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 1ST: Join me here at at 1pm for the big event! I’ll show you everything you need to know to profit from the marijuana “Green Rush” of 2022… including your very first “marijuana millionaire” trade that could start stuffing cold, hard cash in your pocket as early as next week.