This Rebel Company is Shaking Up NASA,
Elon Musk and a $35 Billion Industry

Hi, Jim Pearce here.

I have to say fellow Radical Wealth team member, Linda McDonough, has done it again!

If you've followed her work over the years, you know she's a top-notch investing expert.

But now she's really outdone herself. She just wrote an exclusive investment dossier outlining her latest recommendation...

And I can honestly say it's one of the most potentially profitable opportunities I’ve heard about in my entire career.

You'll understand exactly what I mean once you listen to the "sneak peek" conversation I recorded with her.

Be sure to listen to our call or read the transcript below — it'll definitely be worth a few minutes of your time.

Jim: Hi, Linda… it’s Jim. Is now a good time to talk?
Linda: Absolutely. I got your email so I know you want to talk about the report I wrote up for the Radical Wealth Summit.
Jim: Yes, and as I mentioned, I’m recording this call so that I can share it with our summit attendees.
Linda: Sounds great. Let’s get started.
Jim: Well, first I have to say I was blown away by your report and your thorough research.

Your recommendation is exactly the kind of company our David versus Goliath indicators were designed to ferret out.

I plan on going through all the details of your recommendation during the summit…

But I thought our listeners might enjoy a preview… a sneak peek if you will… of this opportunity before the actual webinar.

Could you begin by telling us a little bit about this company’s industry and what makes it such a stand-out?

Linda:  Sure. One of the things that caught my eye was that it’s a rebel company on the verge of shaking up not one… but three… major industries.

A lot of folks would say that what this company does is downright boring… but I’d have to disagree.

They produce high-performance advanced engineered materials used in electrical, electronic, thermal and structural applications.

Jim: Hold on, Linda. For most of us, that doesn’t sound very exciting. But during your research, you dug up some fascinating intelligence about them, right?
Linda: Yes, what I discovered is they’re actually a very exciting, cutting-edge company.

They have access to a rare earth metal that is revolutionizing the way the products of tomorrow will be manufactured.

In fact, they’re the only company in the country capable of both acquiring this rare metal and producing products from it.

This material is prized by dozens of industries for its unique properties. That’s because when combined with other metals, this miracle material makes them stronger.

Jim: You mentioned in your report one industry in particular your rebel company and their materials are really shaking up. Can you tell us about that?
Linda: Well, if you’re a fan of space exploration, you’re going to love to hear about this.

As you know, rockets, satellites and space telescopes require materials that can withstand the rigors of space travel.

Our company already provides NASA with materials used in all these applications and more. But that’s just the beginning.

You see, a new wave of commercial space exploration and space tourism is about to hit the marketplace.

And our company is set to explode with demand from customers who can’t get enough of their space-age materials.

Take Elon Musk, for example. His SpaceX company designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

You might have heard of his Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft. They’ve been in the news for delivering cargo to and from the International Space Station.  

SpaceX has $12 billion in contracts for over 100 commercial and government missions.

But here’s where things get really interesting for our rebel company…

Some of its products are already on the approved suppliers’ list for SpaceX…

Which means it’s in a prime position to expand its fortunes as Elon Musk expands his business into bigger commercial ventures.

Like reusable rockets… planetary mining… Mars exploration… and space tourism.

Jim: Speaking of space tourism, you mention in your report that this could play a significant role in your rebel company’s future.
Linda: Yes, and that’s because space tourism is setting up to be a HUGE new industry.

Experts estimate the space tourism market will reach $34.5 billion by 2021.

And again, because our rebel company provides materials crucial for space travel, it will definitely gets its share of this multi-billion dollar pie.

 Jim: So… the bottom line for this company is that it’s a real marketplace disruptor because it produces advanced materials needed for the products of the future?
Linda: Exactly. The products of tomorrow will require high-performance materials.

Stuff that has the strength and durability to withstand extreme conditions. The kind of performance our company’s miracle material excels at.

Jim: I have to say this is really fascinating stuff, Linda.

And there are two other industries you mention in your report that your recommendation is also about to impact in a big way.

Now I’m going to give our viewers these details during our webinar…

But before we hang up, could you give us just a brief glimpse into these other industries and how your recommendation fits in?

 Linda: Sure. Both industries desperately need the cutting-edge materials our company produces.

One industry needs our company’s materials to build the sensors critical to keep people safe on our nation’s roadways…

While the other industry relies on our company to help keep us safe from terrorism and threats from hostile nations.

Jim: Wow, you’ve left us with some tantalizing details there, Linda… I can’t wait to tell our attendees more during the summit.

Again, I want to thank you for taking time out to give us this special preview of your recommendation.

Linda: My pleasure, Jim. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
Jim: Will do. Talk to you later.

I hope you found my conversation with Linda as eye-opening as I did.

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