The Radical Wealth Summit Q&A

Brenton: Hey Jim, it’s Brenton. Are you ready to do the call now?
Jim: Hi Brenton. Sure, I’m ready whenever you are.
Brenton: Wonderful. Well, first I want to thank you and your entire Radical Wealth team for all the work you put into creating the webinar.

I knew it was going to be a great event… but I have to say it went above and beyond even my expectations.

It really opened my eyes to an area of investing that to be honest with you I didn’t know a lot about.

Sure, I knew there were a lot of small companies out there listed on the exchanges. I’ve bought shares in a few of them myself.

But until you outlined your team’s David versus Goliath system… and its four profit indicators… I never thought of small company investing as a focused strategy for amassing huge wealth.

Jim: Well, you’re not alone there, Brenton. In many ways, small companies are the unsung heroes of the markets.

For the reasons I outlined in the summit, they simply don’t get the attention or the respect they deserve from the mainstream media, analysts or the big hedge funds.

And that’s really a shame. Because as we showed, small companies can be a tremendous source of wealth for the investor who knows about them.

Brenton: That chart you showed us comparing small company gains over the last 91 years really proves your point.

Jim:  That’s right. If you had invested a dollar in Treasury bills in 1926 and held on, with all gains reinvested, you would have had $21 by the end of 2016.

That same hypothetical dollar invested in government bonds would have grown to $134…

And invested in large companies that dollar would have grown to $6,035.

But that’s nothing compared to what could have happened had the dollar been invested in a basket of small-company stocks… the ones we’re calling “Davids.”

It would have grown to an astonishing $33,212.

My whole purpose with the summit… and really the mission of my Radical Wealth team for the past two years…

Has been to shed some light on this profitable area of the markets that many of our viewers may have been missing out on.

Brenton: And speaking of our viewers, our phone lines lit up and email boxes were stuffed full of comments from people who were excited about what they heard and saw during the summit.

And, as we expected, we had a fair share of questions from folks who wanted to know more about your system.

Our customer service team wrote down all these questions and passed them on to me.

And I want to make sure we answer as many as we can today during our Q&A session.

But just in case you’re listening right now and you have a question we don’t answer…

Or maybe you need more information on anything we discuss today…

I want to let everyone know we’re not going to leave you hanging.

You’ll see on your screen right now some information I encourage you to jot down…

Derek Myers is our Director of VIP Services. He is the person to call or email with questions or if you need assistance in signing up for the Radical Wealth Alliance.

I’m going to leave that slide up for a just a bit so people can take down the information. And I’ll put it back up at the end of the session.

So, Jim, let’s get started with our questions and answers.

Jim: OK, sounds good. What’s your first question?
Brenton: This first one is something quite a few people asked and that is…

“Are you really guaranteeing I can make ten-times my money… that’s 1,000% gains… in the next year?”

Jim: Now that’s a great question. And I can understand if people are skeptical. I know it sounds like we’re shooting for the stars — and well beyond — by saying we can bring 1,000% returns in just one year.

But I’m absolutely confident we can do exactly that.

First, let’s talk about our research again.

My Radical Wealth team and I have spent a combined 32,000 hours of work studying real market data over the last two years.

We’ve reviewed thousands of corporate documents and financial statements.

Plus we’ve spoken directly to some of the world’s most influential CEOs and corporate insiders.

And it’s through all of this work along with extensive historical analysis…

That has enabled us to track down dozens upon dozens of small companies that make huge share price leaps in a short amount of time.

Companies like…

Kemet Corp which soared 1,988%… in less than two years.

Sarepta Therapeutics saw gains of 1,455%… in about 15 months.

Gravity Company rocketed 1,644%… also in about 15 months.

Heska Corporation went up 1,615%… most of the increase occurring in about a year.

Straight Path Communications surged 4,532%… the majority of those gains happening in less than 6 months.

And then there’s Pier 1 Imports. It went from a rock-bottom 11-cents a share all the way to $25.20. That’s a mind-blowing increase of 22,809%.

Brenton: Those charts alone make a tremendous statement about how profitable investing in small companies can be.

But I understand there’s another reason why you’re so confident that your system can help anyone achieve ten-fold gains in the next year.

Jim: That’s true. Research alone isn’t why I’m making my guarantee.

What makes the Radical Wealth Alliance so powerful is the fact that we have a team… an actual alliance… of top-notch investing professionals all working towards the same goal.

To be honest, if I were working just by myself… I would never tackle putting together a complete portfolio of investments on the cusp of making 1,000% or more gains.

The amount of research and work involved would simply be too daunting for one person.

But like I said I have a secret weapon… I have a whole team of world-renowned experts working with me.

I have Jim Fink… Dr. Stephen Leeb… Linda McDonough… Robert Rapier… Ari Charney… Scott Chan… and John Persinos.

And yes, between all eight of us we really do have 170 years of investing experience.

Brenton: And it’s your team that really makes the Radical Wealth Alliance stand out above and beyond other services on the market.

This is incredibly innovative. No other financial publisher I know of is using this team approach to hunt down multiple 1,000% winners.

Jim: And it’s not a stretch in the least to say that our total gains could well exceed 1,000% in the next year alone.

I mean… let’s take a look at what Linda McDonough has done in the last 20 months for her followers with her recommendations.

Brenton: She’s posted triple-digit gains in as few as 2 days…

And total returns of 1,358%. That’s good enough to turn a modest $1,500 stake into $21,870.

Jim: Exactly. And she’s not alone.

Jim Fink also has an impressive track record of winners.

His fast-paced trades have rocketed over 1,708%…

Helping his followers multiply $5,000 into an amazing $90,445.

While Dr. Steve Leeb has helped his readers scoop up gains of 2,014%.

That’s good enough to turn every $10,000 into $211,000.

Brenton: With your team’s stellar track record of amazing profits, I can see why you’re so confident about your guarantee.

But even knowing all of this, some folks say they’re worried they’ll take one of the memberships we’ve opened and then find out it’s not for them.

So they’re wondering if they can get their money back.

Jim: The short answer is no. There are no refunds.

Because believe it or not, we’ve had instances where someone subscribes to a service just to get the initial recommendations, then asks for a refund.

And it’s simply not fair to everyone else.

We only want people to join who are committed to building a lifetime of wealth. And we’ve found this is the best way to keep the tire-kickers from taking one of the limited slots we’ve opened. 

However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you join the Radical Wealth Alliance and then decide it isn’t for you. 

Because you can contact customer service and they’ll issue you an electronic voucher which gets you into another Investing Daily service of your choosing.

I’m not too worried about that happening, though. 

I’m convinced my team and I can live up to our promise that anyone who joins the Radical Wealth Alliance and follows our recommendations will have the chance to make 10 times their money in the next year.

Brenton: Otherwise, they’ll get the second year of your team’s research absolutely free?
Jim: Yes, that’s right.
Brenton: OK, that ties in with our next question…

“If I don’t see 1,000% gains in the first year, do I need to send you my brokerage statement to get the second year free?”

Jim: No. We want to make this service as easy as possible for our members to enjoy.That’s why we’re going to track the buy and sell prices when we make our recommendations.

We’ll post that information on our members-only web site for everyone to see. It’s important to me that my team and I are entirely transparent and accountable about our service.

So, by looking at the model portfolio, everyone will know if we make total gains of 1,000% or more in the next year.

That keeps the responsibility of performance monitoring off members’ shoulders and puts it squarely on mine.

Brenton:  OK, let’s move on to our next question, which is…

“How safe is it to invest in small companies? I’ve heard they can be volatile and hard to trade.”

Jim: Well, the wrong small companies are definitely risky and challenging to trade.I gave the example of penny stocks during the webinar. These tend to be high-risk investments and frequently aren’t listed on the major exchanges. They might be listed on the over-the-counter bulletin boards or what is known as the pink sheets.

There are a lot of dangers with over-the-counter stocks. Unlike stocks listed on the major exchanges, they don’t have to meet minimum standards that help protect investors.

But we’re not going anywhere near these kinds of companies with our recommendations.

We’re only recommending stocks that trade on the major stock exchanges. Stocks that you can easily buy and sell with your standard brokerage account.

And I want to make another point about the safety of the kinds of small companies  we’re recommending with the Radical Wealth Alliance.

For the sake of argument, let’s imagine if Warren Buffett were broke…

Brenton: Sorry, Jim but I’m having trouble coming up with that image!
Jim: OK, I know, I get you… but let’s just say he’s broke by Warren Buffett standards… certainly not by any normal standards.Let’s just say he’s like you and me… an average investor who’s trying to save up for retirement or whatever the financial goal happens to be.

Where would he put his money?

Well, according to this quote which I shared during the webinar, he’d put it in small companies… just like the ones we’re recommending with the Radical Wealth Alliance.

Let me read what he has to say:

“The universe I can’t play in [i.e., small companies] has become more attractive than the universe I can play in [that of large companies]. I have to look for elephants. It may be that the elephants are not as attractive as the mosquitoes. But that is the universe I must live in.”

He then goes on to say…

“The highest rates of return I’ve ever achieved were in the 1950s. I killed the Dow. You ought to see the numbers. But I was investing peanuts then. It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money.”

Brenton: So… basically what Warren Buffett is saying is he would really like to invest in small companies… but he’s just too darn rich to do so?
Jim: I know… it’s ironic. But it’s true.Like I explained during the webinar large investors like Buffett would love to invest in small companies. But the SEC restricts them from doing so.

And that really goes to show how safe these companies are if Buffett himself would be eager to invest in them… if only he could.

Brenton: That’s fascinating to hear what Warren Buffet thinks about small company investing.But to be clear… that doesn’t mean investing in small companies is risk free.
Jim: No. There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. Past results don’t guarantee future results. You don’t want to bet the farm on any investing system including this one.  That being said, with this system we’re using our four David versus Goliath indicators… along with my team’s combined 170 years of investing experience… to do everything possible to minimize that risk.
Brenton: Speaking of risk… I know the markets have seen tremendous price swings recently. Historically, how do small company stocks fare during extended downturns?
Jim: During the early stages of heightened volatility, small caps tend to outperform the S&P 500.And while most people don’t think of small caps as an inflation play, historically, they have done best relative to the market when inflation worries are rising.

And coming out of a recession when the economy begins to grow again, small companies frequently respond quicker and grow faster than large companies, meaning their share prices also recover quicker.

Brenton: And what about rising interest rates? With the Fed indicating several rate hikes this year… won’t that impact small companies?
Jim: Actually small company stocks historically outperform large companies during times of rising interest rates. That’s because small companies generally raise most of their capital from investors while large companies borrow money. So higher rates have less of an impact on their ability to grow because the don’t rely as much on loans or bonds to expand their growth.
Brenton:  OK, let’s move on to our next question.

“How much money do I need to invest in this system?

Jim: Well, that really depends on each person and their financial situation.We’ve designed the system so that any investor can make ten-times their money regardless of how much they invest.

So, you could start with $1,000 or less in each portfolio recommendation. Or you could put in tens of thousands into each.

The goal is ten-times your money… regardless of your starting point.

Brenton: And how about this question…

“Do I need a lot of investing experience to make 1,000% gains with this system?”

Jim: No, you don’t need a lot of investing experience. And that’s intentional on our part.We designed it to be a simple system that anyone can benefit from… those brand new to investing all the way up to a seasoned investor.

And we don’t want you to be chained to your computer 24/7 either.

All you need to do is check your email on a regular basis for our alerts. Or sign up for our text alerts to get them delivered straight to your phone.

And since these are all simple stock purchases that take minutes to execute, all you’ll need is a standard brokerage account.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to bag multiple 1,000% winners without taking a lot of time away from your busy schedule.

Brenton: Here’s another question we heard a lot:

“Can I really ask your team questions and get answers back?”

Jim: Absolutely! But just to be clear, we can’t give out personalized financial advice.

But I think people will find being a member of the Radical Wealth Alliance to be a very interactive experience.

That’s because when you join, you’ll get access to some of the world’s best stock-picking experts.

So, if you have a question for any of our team members…

Just post it to our Stock Talk message boards, and we’ll be sure to reply.

Plus, each month we’ll invite you to a live online meeting where I’ll put one of our analysts on the hot seat.

This is your chance  to ask any questions you have about our model portfolio or latest picks and get an immediate answer.

Again, here’s why our team approach is so powerful.

We really want you to get to know our experts and feel comfortable asking them questions. You’ll find they are incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share their information. It’s an important part of the service we offer.

Brenton: OK, we’re just about out of time, Jim.

We’ve got one last question for you:  

“How many trades will your team recommend each month?”

Jim: We’re releasing one new trade a month.
Brenton: Just one a month?
Jim: Yes. And that’s because we’re targeting the very best opportunities in the small company niche.

Remember, we’re on the hunt for 1,000% or more gains. We’re not going to stuff the portfolio with companies that we aren’t completely confident have that potential.

Only those companies that meet all four of our David vs. Goliath indicators will make the cut.

Brenton: Can you remind us again what those indicators were?
Jim: Sure. They have to be rebels that disrupt their industry in such a way as to create new demand… and a large market for their products or services.They have to be nimble… meaning they’ve got to be able to survive setbacks and have what it takes to flourish through good times and bad.

Our Davids also tend to fly under-the-radar. That means they are mostly ignored by the media, analysts and the big hedge funds and investment firms.

And lastly, our David companies have a temporary value disconnect, which is that window of opportunity for the investor to buy a strong company at a great price.

Each and every month our members can expect to receive a recommendation that has been thoroughly vetted by my team to ensure they meet all four of these indicators.

Brenton: And don’t forget… members will start out with five new recommendations when they sign up for the Radical Wealth Alliance.
Jim: It’s all included in the special report, “Radical Wealth Investing: 5 Ways to $100,000 in Profits.”These five simple-to-place trades alone could earn you half a million dollars.

And within a year the portfolio will include a total of 17 wealth-building opportunities.

That’s 17 stocks poised to soar 1,000%.

If you were to put a modest $1,000 into each of these recommendations, you could end up $170,000 richer… in one year.

Bump that up to $10,000 per investment… and your profit potential soars to $1.7 million.

Now before we wrap up our Q&A session, I want to put that slide up again that I promised earlier with the contact information for our Director of VIP Services.

Derek Myers is the person to call or email with questions or if you need assistance in signing up for the Radical Wealth Alliance.

Jim, I want to thank you for taking time to answer our questions today.

Brenton: My pleasure. And I look forward to welcoming everyone who joins the Radical Wealth Alliance.
Jim: I want to let everyone know spots for the Radical Wealth Alliance are limited and filling fast. Which means we might have to close this offer at any moment.

All you need to do to become a member is call the number on your screen or click on the link below.  

But please hurry.

If you’re ready to start amassing the kind of wealth that multiple 1,000% winners can bring… the kind of winners that turn every $1,000 into $10,000 and every $10,000 into $100,000…

Now is the time to act.

I’m Brenton Flynn and thank you for listening.

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