A Common-Sense Way To Make
Triple-Digit Profits

Jim Fink: Founder Velocity Profits Summit

Dear Fellow Investor,

I've covered how the appearance of the “double-barrel” pattern signals a stock’s share price is about to make a move…

And that I use that advanced knowledge to turn those movements – some of which aren’t more than 1% – into massive triple-digit winners.

That’s certainly easy enough to understand right?

Well, amazingly enough, some of the patterns my Velocity Profit Multiplier searches for are even simpler.

You could even say they’re based on common sense.

Think about it…

If it rained on your wife’s birthday cookout every July 7th for the past 10 years running…

Aren’t you going to consider moving it indoors this year? Or at the very least have your house cleaned and ready to go in case it does?

Of course!

It would be crazy not to. Because chances are – it’s going to happen again.

You don’t need a meteorologist to tell you that.

The pattern is as clear as day.

So it only makes sense to be prepared.

It’s the same story with the stock market.

You may not know it, but some stocks move in the same direction at the same time.

Year after year.

Sometimes the movement is due to the weather.

Sometimes it’s because of repetitive spending surges like holiday shopping.

And other times it’s based on when the company releases their financial results to Wall Street.

But no matter what the reason may be…

If a stock went up at the same time for the past 9 or 10 years…

The odds are pretty high it’s going to go up again this year.

It’s only common sense.

This chart from Broadcom tells the whole story.

Because it shows what happened to the semiconductor giant’s share price the same two weeks of May since 2010.

As you can plainly see, it went up every year. Without fail.

Eight years running.

Anyone could look at this chart and predict that Broadcom’s price should have gone up in 2018. Again, it’s only common sense.

That’s exactly what happened too.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been investing for 10 years… or 10 days.

When the same thing happens over and over again, it’s easy to predict the outcome.

And make money from it.

The problem is – there’s over 4,000 companies listed on U.S. exchanges – which means there’s billions and billions of data points.

And that’s where my Profit Multiplier shines…

Because it sifts through all the data and singles out these opportunities with laser precision.

In fact, some people who have access to the trades my proprietary system turns up…

Had the chance to multiply a $500 stake into $1,087 when Broadcom went up again like clockwork.

They also had the chance to make…

  • 81.82% on Mastercard
  • 100% on Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • 100% on Tiffany
  • 100% on CBS Corp.

When their profit windows opened too.

Better still, I’m tracking another opportunity like this right now…

And it could hand you a 122% winner when its window opens again in the next few weeks.

I’ll cover it in more detail at the Summit.

Including how to get the two-sentence instructions you need to make the trade.

See you soon,

Jim Fink
Velocity Profits Summit

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