Your Replies To Our Question:
How Would Making 5,000% Total Profits Change Your Life?

Jeff Little: Publisher, Investing Daily

When you signed up for the Velocity Profits Summit, one of the first things we did was ask you how the money you'd make by raking in 5,000% total profits would change your life…

And to say your replies blew us away is an understatement…

Sure, there were a handful of folks who said they’d splurge on something frivolous like a sports car…

Or a first-class cruise through the Mediterranean…

There’s no point in making money hand over fist if you’re not going to live life the way you want.

My sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to share your replies.

Because they got us even more excited about the Summit.

Remember, when you go to on Tuesday, you’re going to discover how to turn stock moves as small as 1% gains of 108%, 118%, 122%, 127%, 138%, and even 163% so many times…

I'm guaranteeing when you use Jim's Profit Multiplier...

You'll have the opportunity to walk away with 5,000% total profits in the next 12 months.

In the meantime, I’ve included some of the responses we received below so you can see all the ways people say they’ll use the money they make following Jim’s lead.

Like Bethany S. who said she'd use the money to pay off her mortgage — then party the night away!

From: Bethany S.
To: Velocity Profits Live

I'd pay off my mortgage; throw a great big party to celebrate.

Phillip M. is excited for the opportunity to help give his kids their own homes (while also making sure to take a much-needed vacation as well)...

From: Phillip M.
To: Velocity Profits Live

Hi Jeff,

I would love to be able to help my kids get [their] own homes and all my money would go to them, except maybe a little vacation somewhere.

And Stephen G. told us he'll use some of his windfall to help others in need...

From: Stephen G.
To: Velocity Profits Live

Thank you for including me in this adventure.[This] will not only change my life but of many others. More we have, more we can give.

Daniel R. let us know he's looking to get his retirement back on track...

From: Daniel R.
To: Velocity Profits Live

Greetings, I just turned 64 years old... and, needless to say, I'm not where I need to be, financially, at this stage of my life. Jim Fink's program will be a 'much welcomed' opportunity for me to 'get back on track.' Thank you for this opportunity.

Peter G. plans on washing his hands of his "day job" and taking a long (and likely much needed!) vacation...

From: Peter G.
To: Velocity Profits Live

1st of all I would quit my Amazon job. All my bills would be paid off. I would take an extensive vacation. I would buy a lot of electric vehicle (QS Stock). Best regards, Peter.

And then there's Kevin Z. — who is looking forward to Jim's guidance in addition to the whirlwind of profits he could see in the coming year...

From: Kevin Z.
To: Velocity Profits Live

I have traded options commodities and currencies and I have had some success in the past but my results were uneven. One day with a $10,000 account, I made $9,000 in three hours and about had a heart attack. It scared me because I realized I could've lost that much money just as easily. Although now that I realize how quickly I can make money I need guidance to make sure I profit.

I was excited to hear that Brandon F. would use his profits to finally open his own business and start his dream job...

From: Brandon F.
To: Velocity Profits Live

With an additional $255,000 I can open my own scuba diving business, my dream job!!!!

And Kristen P. was kind enough to shoot a quick video letting us know that any gains she brings in will go towards her and her husband's dream retirement of owning an RV and traveling the country (sounds like a good retirement plan to me!).

Jim and I have read through all of your responses.

And I can tell you this without reservation…

His program could bring your dreams into sharp focus over the next year.

That’s not wishful thinking.

Remember, Jim used his Velocity Profit Multiplier to make a personal fortune of over $5 million…

And that allowed him to retire at 37…

Travel the world…

Provide his family with anything they could ever need (or want)…

And live the rest of his life in comfort.

And on Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET he’ll show you how using his system could put you on the very same path.

Simply go to a few minutes before we hit the air.

See you soon!

Jeff Little
Investing Daily

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