With just a handful of days left before Election 2022 – legal weed stands at the biggest tipping point in history. More than 1,300 legislative bills are banging on the doors of your elected representatives right now. And ALL the money that’s EVER been made on legal marijuana? For the reason explained below, I’m convinced it’s about to DOUBLE — in the course of a SINGLE YEAR.


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  • When Colorado legalized, investors averaged +842% on the top 10 stocks…
  • When Canada legalized, it was +282%…
  • Then +307% in California…
  • Now take all three of those and COMBINE them
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But now? THIS is where you separate yourself from the herd.

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Because thanks to 1,300+ legalization bills, support from the House and Senate, the recent passing of a federal legalization act…

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Look, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never smelled a whiff of marijuana smoke before.

Or you just don’t care for the stuff.

Because in a world of get-rich-quick investing scams and the “learn-to-be-happy-with-less” inflation babble…

The one thing you know for sure about this business is, it’s REAL. One of the few businesses that hasn’t been farmed out overseas.

It grows in the ground in our own country. It gets harvested by hard-working Americans like you and me. And people buy MORE AND MORE of it every year.

We’re not talking about some far-off futures play.

This isn’t the latest crypto your nephew heard about on TikTok, or whatever the heck an “NFT” is.

This isn’t some mattress to stuff your dollars or your gold bars into and wait for the world to come to its senses.

(Remember, I worked in Congress for years. So I can assure you, you’ll be waiting forever.)

The proof is right in front of us. Trillions of dollars could be up for grabs starting Nov. 1 – and the first stack of pot stock profits could come fast if you know how to play it. Join us now for FREE.

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So if you’re sitting there, wondering what the ceiling is…

Where we’re going, there ain’t no ceilings

Consider that when Colorado legalized marijuana, investors averaged +842% gains on the top 10 stocks… within the first year alone

In California, that average was good for a profit of +307% gains, again, in the first year alone...

But as you know, jump-starting this new industry piecemeal, state-by-state, leaves most of the big money on the table.

That’s why in Canada — our little brother to the north with an economy that’s a mere 8% of ours (smaller than Texas!) — investors averaged 282% gains in the first year alone...

So let me ask:

Can you even begin to imagine what’ll happen when THE LARGEST CAPITALIST ECONOMY IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE WORLD makes marijuana legal?

Me neither!

And I literally wrote the book on the marijuana industry.

Perhaps you’ve seen it...

But a book is just a bunch of words.

And we’re way past that now.

We’re talking about actions — potentially life-defining actions, if you’re an investor.

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There are no words to describe it. So I had our numbers guy double check the stats — and they add up to a fast potential profit of $116,302… if you take action before Election Day.

And why wouldn’t you?

CNBC is breathless, reporting that…


The Hill says...


INC Magazine alerts its readers that marijuana is now...


The Huffington Post exclaims the legal marijuana industry will...


CNN Money says the...



Nearly every major news outlet has full-page articles on marijuana dancing across the federal stage…

And why it could be an even bigger game-changer for your retirement nest egg.

Look, the bottom line is this…

Federal legalization of marijuana is not a matter of “if” but “when.” And by November 1st, you’ll be locked and loaded with a FREE trade that’s primed and ready to start handing out profits…

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Meet your host for The Marijuana Millionaire Countdown online town hall event on November 1st:

John Persinos is the author of The Wide World Of Weed And PsychedelicsFor Normal People, and is widely considered to be America’s #1 Marijuana Investing Expert.

He’s also the Editor-in-Chief of Investing Daily, headquartered in Falls Church, VA. And its flagship Personal Finance publication, which is the longest-running investment newsletter advisory in the world.

But John’s career began across the river in D.C. — and in the heart of “the swamp” — as the Senior Press Secretary to a sitting member of U.S. Congress. It’s there he got an inside look at how the legislative sausage actually gets made in Capitol Hill. And it’s those back-room contacts in government and media that have finally convinced him that the numbers & trends we’re seeing on all these charts are REAL.

We could be just days from the full federal legalization of marijuana… and days from windfall trading profits.

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