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52 Weekly Alerts:

alertEvery Monday you’ll get an email with the details on 2 new profit opportunities. And whether you take the simple instructions for the trades and enter them into your online account… or do a deep dive and read the full alert where Jim walks you through the signals that tipped his Paragon system off to the opportunities… the rationale for the trading technique he’s going to use… how it works… how much money you could make… and the factors that could affect the outcome… you’ll always come away with exactly what you need to multiply stock moves as small as 1% into massive winners… ultimately giving yourself the opportunity to turn $5,000 into as much as $50,000 or more in the next year.

Flash Alerts:

alertWhen it’s time to get out of a trade, Jim will notify you by sending you a flash alert via email (and by text message if you like). More than likely, it will be a message letting you know it’s time to take your profits. But no matter what the reason, you’ll always get the full details on what’s happening. So that by the end of the alert you’ll know exactly why it’s time to make a move… and how to do it. Because just like everything Jim does… he’ll provide simple instructions you can follow word-for-word in your trading account.

The Inner Circle Blueprint

report coverInside this valuable report, Jim lays out exactly how each of the trades he’ll recommend works. He explains in a no-nonsense way what has to happen for you to make a profit. And he’ll reveal a move you can make to prevent a loss when a trade goes against you. I’ve never seen anyone break down options as simply as Jim does in this exclusive document… and you’ll get it free when you join his Inner Circle now.

24/7 Access to Jim Fink’s Inner Circle Website and a Full Year of Guidance


Remember, we can only let 150 people sign up for Jim’s Inner Circle today. And the reason for that is simple. We want to be sure he has enough time to answer questions… and still do all the research that leads to the explosive profit opportunities he delivers. In addition to being able to access this invaluable coaching on the website, you’ll also find an up-to-the minute listing of all the open trades and their status. A list of the closed trades and the gains they delivered. And links to every alert and report Jim ever puts out.

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If you ever have a question or problem, you’re covered by our dedicated Customer Service staff. You won’t get a call center when you contact us. Our Customer Service staff is based right here at our office in Falls Church, Virginia. They’re dedicated solely to our products. And because you’re becoming part of an elite community of traders, they’ll do everything they can to make you happy.

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