Jim Pearce here again.

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(Ticker: TMUS)

report coverThe Mobile Phone Mafia: How T-Mobile’s $26 Billion Mistake Could Make YOU Rich

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This easy-to-read report will tell you everything you need to know about this phone giant’s Achilles’ heel… how rushing headlong into a $26 billion merger made them vulnerable… and how to play the “Zombie Trade” on it, for up to 22x your money.

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(Ticker: BLL)

report coverThe Canning Conundrum: How to Cash In When This Severely Overpriced Company Crashes Back to Earth

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First, the good news. Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) is one of the best in the business at manufacturing aluminum cans and other packaging that is used primarily by beverage distributors around the world.

Now the bad news (or better news if you’re a “Zombie” Trader)…

After appreciating 50% over the past six months, Ball is valued at the same multiple as Alphabet… and only slightly below Apple. The problem is, unlike these high-growth tech companies… this slow-growth consumer staples business’ revenue fell nearly 10% while its earnings per share plunged 52%.

(Attention: You Cannot Make Your High-Profit “Zombie Trade”
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Finally, you’ll also secure your third “Zombie Trade” report.

(Ticker: SQM)

report coverTesla’s Battery Buddy: An Easier Way to “Short” the Green New Deal for 25X Your Money

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Sociedad Química, a Chilean company, supplies the key ingredient for Elon Musk’s fraud-on-wheels, Tesla Motors. They mine the lithium that goes into the batteries. Hitching your wagon to the most overhyped company in history… what could go wrong? Tesla WILL fall. But it could take years. So this is a much easier, faster, and more direct way to “go short” on Tesla, and the whole Green New Deal, by literally cutting off its fuel supply.

(Attention: You Cannot Make Your High-Profit “Zombie Trade”
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YES! Make Me a Mayhem Trader NOW — So I Can Start Scoring up to 20X in “ZOMBIE” Profits Today

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report cover“The Friday Flip”: Scoop Up Quick Weekend Cash With This Calendar “Tip Off” ($79 Value | Yours FREE)

This special report contains a strategy I’ve used personally, to pick up EVEN FASTER profits than many of the trades we walked through today.

The secret lies in the way corporate management will accidentally “tip their hand”… most often on Fridays… and allow you to get in AND out of certain “Zombie Trades” in a single weekend.

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report coverHow to “Quick Short” the Next Travel Industry Plunge 
(Ticker: CCL)

*bonus point for “deja vu all over again”

Last month, a rival cruise ship company announces that it will begin running cruises out of Singapore beginning in December. Despite the new protocols being implemented to guard against an outbreak of COVID-19, that may not be sufficient, given the rapid rate at which the virus is spreading around the world.

In that case, trips may have to be cancelled. Which would send an ominous signal to the stock market that we are still nowhere close to being able to congregate in close quarters. And like a rising tide raises all ships… a low tide grounds the fleet.

Bottom line: naïve investors jumped the gun on the travel sector.

And when it breaks (again), you profit.

(Attention: You Cannot Make Your High-Profit “Zombie Trade”
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What does it all add up to?

The best investing year of your life, I’d say.

But to put it in strictly numerical terms:

$7,564 in FREE Charter Member Value
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It tastes good. So does this:

For the first time, and potentially for the rest of your life, you could fin yourself in full control of your financial destiny. Never again at the mercy of a volatile market… and a world gone crazy.

Think about it this way…

If Mayhem Trader is everything you’ve seen today, and it’s the spectacular tool I promise it is…

You’ll look back on today as the day it all came together for you.

Your retirement. Your legacy to your family. Your true calling as a man of action.

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Jim Pearce
Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Analyst, Investing Daily
Founder, Mayhem Trader

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