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Hello, John Persinos here again.

As you’ve just seen, the electric vehicle (EV) is on the verge of revolutionizing transportation like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime.

Governments around the world are turning up the heat on car manufacturers to make the switch away from gasoline engines.

In turn, carmakers the world over are making bold public commitments to convert their entire fleets to electric in the years ahead…

Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Jaguar Land Rover by 2030…

General Motors by 2035…

And Honda by 2040.

EVs are no longer a novelty.

They’re a full-blown global megatrend…

That’s barreling toward us like a freight train.

Today, you have a golden opportunity to jump onboard and lock in your share of recurring “EV Royalties” that could cover…

Best of all…

While other investors scramble to load up on volatile, overpriced electric vehicle stocks and shady rare metal mining stocks…

And brace for the white knuckle rollercoaster ride that’s sure to follow…

You’re about to access an incredible opportunity that could keep you sitting at home in your favorite lounge chair — without a care in the world — watching “royalty” payouts appear in your account like clockwork.

And one under-the-radar real estate company sits at the center of it all.

Right now, the company is still “off the grid” for EV investors… I’m confident many Wall Street pros would never think of it as an EV investment.

But the moment they catch wind of the details I’ve shared with you today…

The stock could skyrocket virtually overnight…

And shoot this stock out of reach for everyone except big banks and hedge funds.

Everyday investors who make the right moves today will have an opportunity to build the kind of wealth they’ve only ever dreamed of.

I want that for you.

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BONUS REPORT #1: Virtual Land lording: How To Profit From Real Estate For Pennies On The Dollar (Value $59)

“EV Royalties” aren’t the only way to load up your retirement account with an influx of incredible income…

This exclusive bonus reveals three more cream-of-the-crop stock picks that allow you to collect virtual “rent checks” without any of the headaches of being an actual landlord.

With this report in hand, all it takes is a few keystrokes in your online brokerage account and you’ll be set to live like a “virtual landlord”.

BONUS REPORT #2: Top 10 Under-the-Radar Winner to Outsmart the Market in 2022 (Value $59)

Inside this gem of a report, you’ll discover 10 of my team’s top stock picks for 2022.

All ten are top-notch money-makers that get completely ignored by most Wall Street analysts… mainly because they do just fine without greedy bankers meddling in their business decisions.

This premium report reveals the precise details you need to take advantage of these “under-the-radar” profit streams this year, and well into the future.

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In addition to the closed trades I showed you earlier, Personal Finance members own positions in stocks we haven’t yet sold because they’re still climbing higher.

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Plus, a whopping 2,451% on a multinational energy company

If you’d taken a $10,000 stake in each of these seven trades when we recommended them, today you’d be sitting on $678,141.

money stack

But these examples are just the beginning…

As I write this, our portfolios contain 2 quadruple-digit, 19 triple-digit, and 37 double-digit open returns.

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Big Property Riches: How to Collect Up to $51,890 from Commercial Real Estate Mortgages (Value $99)

In keeping with our real estate theme — and because I believe you can rely on it to flood your account with rock solid income for years to come…

This report reveals another high-income REIT recommendation.

The management team behind this powerhouse has one of the best pedigrees in the business.

The founder and CEO has real estate in his DNA and in a little over than a decade has expanded the firm nationwide and opened offices throughout Europe and Asia…

Positioning the company to build a protective fortress around shareholder payouts and continue generating outsized revenues no matter what’s happening in the economy or the markets.

This report is valued at $99 and is not for sale to the general public.

It’s only available here, on this page… and only when you make the bold move to join me inside Personal Finance for two-years.

I’m 100% confident the “EV Revolution” is on the verge of generating the same kind of wealth the Internet has…

I’m talking trillions of dollars.

And I firmly believe the “World’s First EV Blue Chip” is the safest way for you to siphon off a portion of those trillions directly into your investment account… without the wild ride, most investors could be in for with “normal” EV stocks.

But if you want in on this opportunity to start racking up EV Royalty payments… you need to make your move NOW.

Remember, I only have 100 58 membership spots remaining today… and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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To Your Wealth,

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