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Personal Finance is one of America’s oldest and most successful research advisories and the flagship publication of Investing Daily.

If you’re not familiar with Personal Finance, then you should know… it’s unlike any investing service you’ve ever seen.


You see, unlike so many other financial websites and TV shows, we’re not about what everyone else is already doing with their money.

Instead, our entire focus is on safe, highly profitable investments that the mainstream herd hasn’t caught on to yet.

By following this one deceptively simple guideline, we’ve been able to increase our subscribers’ wealth, rain or shine – no matter what the market is doing. Along the way, we’ve compiled a track record that dates all the way back to 1974, when Personal Finance was founded.

Some highlights:

And these are just some examples. Overall, over the last decade and a half, the Personal Finance portfolios have racked up a total return nearly three times better than the S&P 500. By investing in our recommendations, you’d have been able to turn $100,000 into $281,000!

Think about that for a second.

Our subscribers had the opportunity to earn $103,000 MORE than folks who invested in the broader market. Just from reading Personal Finance and following our straightforward, easy-to-understand advice.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Here’s what just a few of those happy subscribers have had to say about their experience:

I have made quite a lot of money following your investment advice.” – Margot F.

“I have been receiving Personal Finance for many years and have come to rely on it as my main source of information. I was able to build my portfolio to $2M+ and now receive plenty of dividends. —Glenn C.

“I have gotten Personal Finance for over 10 years and it has helped me make wise choices when purchasing stocks.” —Carol M.

 “I just recommended Personal Finance to my boss who is getting close to retirement age and didn’t know how to transition his portfolio from growth to income. He thanked me and loves Personal Finance as much as I do! —Jason G.

 “Your recommendations have served me nicely. They’re a bit out of the ordinary and they force me to think ‘fresh.’ ” – William B.

“Excellent concise advice. I have definitely made money due to Personal Finance.” – Robert K.

“Time-honored advice about how to acquire and maintain wealth (not get rich quick schemes).” —Grayson V.

“Most of my financial education has been a result of a long-term subscription to this service, as well as most of my investment success. I would not leave home without my copy. – John B.

All told, we count more than 10,000 millionaires among our subscribers.

And today is your chance to join them.

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So how much does it cost to join Personal Finance? That’s the natural next question, right?

I’ve seen newsletter services like Personal Finance charge as much as $500 per year for their publications.

Some as much as $5,000!

And they don’t include anything as valuable as all of the features you’ll immediately receive access to when you join Personal Finance today.

Still, you won’t pay even a fraction of those rates if you take advantage of this offer today.

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It’s a flat-out steal. Especially when you consider that a single recommendation like those listed above, which we’ve been sending out to subscribers with stunning regularity for over four decades, could put thousands into your pocket.

Your subscription will include all of the following benefits:

And one more thing…

Profit From Our Insights… Or Pay Nothing!

I’m a big fan of the “show, don’t tell” approach to investing.

And I know it’s one thing for me to tell you about Personal Finance’s industry-leading track record and benefits, and trot out soundbites from satisfied subscribers.

But it’s something else entirely for you to see the results for yourself, in black and white at the bottom of your bank or brokerage statement.

So right now, I’d like to invite you to test us out – risk-free – for the next 90 days.

Here’s how that will work…

When you subscribe today, you’ll get immediate access to every benefit I’ve described above – the members-only website, the issue archive stretching back 18 years, access to me and my team through the Stock Talk message boards.

You can spend the next 90 days putting us to the test. And if, during that time, you don’t like what you see, or you aren’t seeing the profits, income, and appreciation like you want, all you have to do is reach out to us and let us know.

We’ll give you a full refund of every dollar you paid, along with our sincere thanks for giving Personal Finance a shot.

That’s as fair a deal as I can make. The decision is in your hands now.

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