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Hi, my name is Jim Pearce…

Since 1974, Personal Finance has helped readers successfully navigate some of the worst financial disasters of our time, including the dotcom crash and the Great Recession…

Leading to gains like…

In fact, our average return across all open positions — including the few that are in negative territory…

Is an eye-popping 132.25%.

Talk about standing the test of time!

So you may be wondering… why would we ever want to tinker with such a successful formula? How could you improve on performance like that?

But it only took me a few seconds to land on the answer…

More Profit Opportunities

As impressive as our track record at Personal Finance might be…

The one thing we hear more than any other from readers is that they want MORE money-making opportunities.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get inside our groundbreaking advisory service, Personal Finance PRO.

Three times a month you’ll receive the important details on AT LEAST one new trade…

We’ll reveal what’s going with each opportunity, why it’s important to act NOW, and how to make the trade.

Look, there are a ton of “gurus” out there, all claiming to have the perfect investing tool.

But many of these so-called “solutions” are so hopelessly complex you couldn’t figure them out, even in a month of Sundays.

So we made my system is as simple as 1-2-3…

Or in this case P-R-O.

This means, even a complete beginner can put it into action and set themselves up for a shot at lightning-quick profits, week after week.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Let’s take a quick look to prove it to you — beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Hurdle #1:
Priced Too Low

The key to making money in the stock market is to buy low and sell high.

I know… the idea sounds simple enough…

But with nearly 6,000 publicly traded stocks floating around out there, the truth is…

Finding the ones that are worth MORE than the market is giving them credit for can be a daunting task without the right tools.

And that’s where our PRO system comes in.

Because the very first thing it does is sift through the entire market, looking for companies that aren’t just undervalued based on how much they earn today…

But are undervalued when accounting for how much they’re expected to grow earnings in the future.

These diamonds in the rough have the greatest chance of delivering massive profits.

While this hurdle helps narrow down the field, it’s only the first of three we use to pinpoint a stock poised for liftoff.

Hurdle #2:
Return on Equity

A company doesn’t get the nod from our PRO system simply because it’s undervalued…

It must also prove it can generate a return on the money it gets from investors.

You see, when you invest in a company, the expectation isn’t that they’ll use your money to buy the CEO a new helicopter or to pay for a lavish employee Christmas party… quite the opposite.

You expect them to use your money to grow income and profits, which translates to you being able to sell your shares for a hefty gain.

It doesn’t matter how well-known or how well-loved the stock is by every other analyst on earth. If the company can’t generate at least a 10% return on your money… it doesn’t bear any further investigation. The PRO system simply throws it out and moves on.

Hurdle #3:
Ongoing Earnings Growth

When the system finds a company that clears the first two bars, it puts one final challenge in front of it.

The last hurdle is all about growing profits.

And when I say growing, I’m talking about 25% growth — bare minimum.

And not just now, but for the coming year too!

The number of companies that pass this test are few and far between… and only a handful of stocks (out of 6,000+) have made it over all three hurdles so far.

This means they’re ready for the final test — a gauntlet of three technical measurements made up of Relative Strength Index (RSI)… Directional Movement Indicator (DMI)… and a Stochastics Crossover (SO).

These three powerful screening tools help pare the remaining companies down to just a handful that have the highest probability of delivering oversized gains… FAST!

And the less time you spend waiting for a stock to start its upward run, the quicker you could cash out with a big gain.

And stacking one gain on top of the next — over and over again — is what allows you the chance to rack up such game-changing gains in such a short period of time.

Which is why when you join Personal Finance PRO

You’ll receive trades at least 
3 times each month

Odds are, the investment opportunities we put in front of you with each trade alert will be for companies you’ve never heard of.

That shouldn’t bother you in the least. Investing isn’t a popularity contest after all — it’s about making money.

And to give you the best shot at doing exactly that, you’ll only hear about companies that cleared all three hurdles in our PRO system and made it through the final 3-stage technical gauntlet as well.

Which means they’re poised for liftoff… potentially in a matter of days.

In addition to giving you the company name, ticker, and the price to get in at — you’ll also be shown the profit potential I’m targeting for each trade.

Plus, I’ll track the stock and let you know when it hits our profit target and whether the PRO system thinks it has more room to run.

From there it’s up to you what you do. You can either hold on and ride the stock for a shot at even bigger gains, or you can cash out and move on to the next opportunity.

Now before we go any further, let me state the obvious… not every trade put out will be a winner. No system is perfect after all. Including this one.

But that’s what I love about my PRO system…

It’s designed to provide you with an unending stream of profit opportunities, so your next potential winner is always right around the corner.

TWO trades are queued up and ready to send to you — TODAY

Both opportunities have cleared all three PRO hurdles. And have made it through the gauntlet of technical indicator “tests” as well…

So the time to act is now.

Before Wall Street catches on… and before you see some hotshot “expert” on cable TV shouting about it going “to the moon.”

But you need to make your move NOW  if you want in on the action.

But simply putting MORE trades in front of you isn’t the only benefit to going PRO…

When you step up to Personal Finance PRO today, you’ll also see the opportunity to…

Multiply small stock moves into
life-changing winners

That’s the beauty of using the PRO system to narrow down the market from 6,000+ stocks to just a small handful. Because now the choice isn’t so much a matter of if a stock is going to move… but when.

And when you know the odds are high that a stock’s share price will rise, simply buying shares isn’t the only way to profit.

Because this advanced knowledge opens the door to making a completely different type of investment…

One that packs the potential to quickly multiply even the smallest of stock moves into gains of 44%… 52%… 60%… 150%… 200%… sometimes even more!

I’m talking about an options trade of course…

But it’s critical you understand that I’m not talking about the risky kind of options trade most investors get caught up in, which are effectively nothing more than high-risk, all-or-nothing bets.

Fortunately, there’s another type of options investment out there. One that…

You’ll get the full details behind this little-known market move our brand-new report called How To Bank Gains Of Up to 200% From The Ultimate Options Trade.

Best of all, many of the profit opportunities we’ll pinpoint in Personal Finance PRO will come with BOTH a stock recommendation and a way to play the same movement with this unique options trade.

The reason for a twin-trade approach is simple… it gives you more choices.

Look, I know everyone’s financial situation is different….

So rather than a “one-trade-fits-all” approach where you’re shoehorned into a single way to profit… we’re covering both bases.

That way… YOU are in complete control!

It all starts the moment you “level up” and join Personal Finance PRO.

The minute you say “yes,” you’ll get access to the two trades we have lined up and ready to release, right now…

The stock picks I put out 3x a month…

And the simple long-tail options trades that could help you turn a modest $1,500 stake into gains of $2,160… $2,280… $2,400… $3,750… $4,500. Plus…

Join our “PRO Insider” video calls

Once a month we’ll host a call that you can think of our my private “state-of-the-market address”…

During these “insider” calls, we’ll cut through all the BS you’re constantly bombarded with on TV and the internet and share my best investing ideas and research with you.

This information is only available to investors bold enough to take us up on this offer to join Personal Finance PRO today.

Take your trading to the next level:
Step up to Personal Finance PRO today

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you’ll receive the moment you take us up on this offer and add Personal Finance PRO to your investing arsenal today…

Personal Finance PRO delivers the one thing you need the most if you’re looking to accelerate your investing success…

More opportunities to profit more often  

Look, I know not everyone will be comfortable with the idea of making more trades…

Even if they’re capable of handing you quick payouts of $2,087… $2,327… $2,628… or even $3,435…

And they may be even more uncomfortable with the idea of using the unique options investment to multiply the gains they’d get from simply buying and holding the stock…

Even though the profits could easily reach 44%… 52%… 60%… 150%… and even 200%.

But if you’re someone who’s looking for MORE…

Then stepping up to Personal Finance PRO is the best — and smartest — move you can make today.

Go PRO today for instant access to
3X MORE profit opportunities every month… 

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering by now how much it costs to access the full moneymaking power of Personal Finance PRO.

And that’s reasonable. Secrets and recommendations like the ones I’ll share with you over the coming months can go for a pretty penny after all.

So here’s the deal…

The standard rate for a year’s worth of Personal Finance PRO is $997.

I also want to take a moment to say that all sales are final and there are no refunds when you join under this offer today.

However—the minute you say “yes” to this special deal, you’re covered by our one-of-a-kind satisfaction guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
You’ll receive AT LEAST 52 profit opportunities in the next 12 months… guaranteed

Personal Finance Pro is 100% committed to helping you increase the velocity of trades inside your portfolio… and 100% confident we can do just that.

Which is why over the next year you’ll see AT LEAST 52 trade recommendations from Personal Finance Pro.

If we miss the mark (even by a single trade), all you need to do is let our customer care team know, and you’ll be granted another year of Personal Finance PRO on the house.

That’s a $997 value… yours free.

My publisher would never allow us to make you this offer if he wasn’t 100% sure we could deliver on everything promised…

We couldn’t afford to!

You Need to Make Your Move Now

We’ve done everything we can to make joining Personal Finance PRO a no-brainer.

It’s time for you to act.

You can either seize this opportunity… or let it slip through your fingers and kick yourself later.

Claim your exclusive invitation and join Personal Finance PRO today by filling out the short form below…

I look forward to welcoming you to Personal Finance PRO in the next few minutes!

To quickly and safely multiplying your wealth,

Jim Pearce
Founder and Chief Investment Strategist
Personal Finance PRO

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