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The growth in communication satellites circling our planet is skyrocketing…

From close to 3,400 today to as many as 63,000 by the end of the decade.

These plans are not hypothetical.

They’re active programs approved by the FCC.

They’re in full-tilt motion today… with Elon Musk launching as many as 120 new satellites every month…

And these programs are financed by some of the wealthiest and most ambitious companies in the world, including SpaceX and Amazon.

But the key… the one true catalyst behind the success (or failure) of this new “space race” hinges entirely on this dull grey “miracle metal.”

Frankly, the entire “Space Race” is dead in the water without it… because every single one of these 63,000+ satellites needs this obscure material…

And there is currently no known replacement for it.

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For the past decade, electronic payments have been gaining momentum toward replacing cash in every corner of the globe.

Then in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic strapped a nuclear-powered rocket to this unstoppable megatrend…

Motivating business owners, governments virtually EVERYWHERE to rollout contactless payment systems… at lightning speed.

In this “not-for-sale-anywhere” report, I reveal details of the $10 stock that’s forged partnerships with some of the biggest companies on the planet…

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