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Robert RapierCongratulations… you’ve chosen a great time to join us here at Utility Forecaster!

Since 1989, we’ve racked up gains reaching 3,584%... by sticking to a special niche of stocks that shed bad news like water off a duck.

Now… as the coronavirus threatens our money and our lives, history tells us there is probably more pain ahead.

The last time the market suffered a shock this severe — in the crash of 2008 — Congress stepped in to “help out”… by injecting $700 billion into the financial system.

But instead of going up, stocks dropped another 31%.

Destroying the financial security of millions of Americans…

Today you can make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself with YOUR money. Because I can almost guarantee that the special group of stocks we follow won’t be following the economy to the bottom.

In fact, they usually go up when the market panics.

You see, they are mandated by law to make a profit. This makes them the safest stocks in America. Not a single company in this entire industry has ever gone out of business — ever.

That’s because they all sell something that people refuse to go without.

At the office, we call them “essential-service” stocks. Simply put, there is no substitute for them.

These companies enjoy the extreme advantage of constant demand. It literally never stops. As a result, they are as close to bullet-proof hideouts for your money as you’ll ever find.

You don’t have to worry about bear markets when you invest in these virtually recession-proof wonders.

That’s because everyone purchases electricity, heat, water, and phone service… even when money is tight. That unwavering, nonstop demand is a luxury few providers of any product or service enjoy.

Our portfolio proves how lucrative these “Steady Eddies” can be. Just take a look at the returns we’ve achieved on many of our longest-held stocks…


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report coverAs soon as you confirm your membership, you’ll get Old School Stars: 4 Unstoppable Back-to-Basics Utility Stocks.

Of the over 200 essential-service companies I cover, I’ve singled out these four for their spectacular appreciation potential…

These are classic “forever” stocks. You can buy them and set them aside for years without a worry.

As the market recovers over the next three to five years, they could throw off dividends and capital gains of at least 100% as a group.

For every dollar you put into them now, you’ll have two dollars in your pocket… and you’ll be doing it by buying businesses that literally can’t fail.

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Together, the three companies in this report could do for you what Southern Company, Exelon, and Aqua America did for us way back in 1994: launch you on a lifetime of high income and growing wealth.

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Robert Rapier
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