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Robert RapierHi, I’m Robert Rapier, and I want to personally congratulate you on your decision to join me at Utility Forecaster.

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One in New York City is paying us 47% a year. Another one in New Orleans yields us 77%. A small outfit in Philadelphia is paying 73% on our original cost.

As you’ll see in your copy of The Incredible Dividend Map, the reason these firms can distribute so much cash is because of their never-ending revenue streams. They sell goods and services that people absolutely need… and no one wants to stop paying for.

At the office, we call them “essential-service” stocks. Simply put, there is no substitute for them.

These companies enjoy the extreme advantage of constant demand. It literally never stops.

As a result, they are as close to bullet-proof hideouts for your money as you’ll ever find.

They shed bear markets like water off a duck… and often go up when the rest of the market drops.

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Our approach never stops working because essential-service stocks never go out of style.

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In our portfolios, you’ll see stocks that have already delivered my readers the chance to rake in returns of 456%139%370%888%1,669%2,196% and even a wallet-stuffing 3,515%.

And it’s not just a few big winners balancing out a bunch of losers. So many of our stocks are up that our average overall return is 659.6%.

Readers who put $10,000 into each pick in our growth portfolio when we recommended it, and held on as we advised, are now sitting on a gain of over $1.1 million.

Five Perfect Stocks to Start Off With
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I cover some 200 essential service companies in the U.S. and around the world.

But 40 of them — spread across in 27 cities — have been such superb performers that they are now averaging a 26% yield for us.

You get them all in The Incredible Dividend Map. You’ll see exactly where these holdings are located… along with a brief profile of each.

On top of that, I drill down deep on five in particular that are perfect for starting your own high-yield portfolio…

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