Broke Maryland Cubicle Worker Unlocks
“Crypto Dream Life”

After tracking down and restoring his father’s boat, buying his dream house, and vacationing around the globe…

He’s giving away the details on 5 coins that could
put $500,000 in your pocket and
kickstart YOUR own crypto dream life.

So you think you’re going to get rich by simply buying and holding stocks?

Yeah, maybe in 30 years.

Truth is…

You might as well put your money in a coffee can and bury it in the backyard…

And go dig it up a few decades from now.

Because THAT way of investing is obsolete.

Replaced by a faster way to make money… one you’ve probably noticed.

Where the returns aren’t just 10 or 12% a year… if you’re lucky.

The gains here are often measured in the thousands of percent.


But in months… weeks… days even.

The only answer is crypto. There isn’t anything else that can go up to such a degree:

In fact, even the best-performing stocks don’t hold a candle to the top cryptos:


It’s the only opportunity in the market I’m aware of where even a $10 investment… has the very real potential to turn into a life-changing fortune worth millions.


Over $760 MILLION to be more precise…

Not a single stock on the planet has ever performed that well…


Which is why some experts are hailing crypto as “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

I don’t say this to brag… but I am living proof they’re right.

I’ve been able to completely change my life’s trajectory from “down-and-out” to doing anything and everything I damn well please… without financial worry

All thanks to crypto.

And if you’ll do yourself a favor and give me the next few minutes of your undivided attention, I’ll show you how a small stake in just 5 coins today could put up to $500,000 in your pocket.

On the flipside… if you choose to sit on the sidelines… you will miss out on the greatest money-making rally we will likely ever see in crypto.

And potentially the LAST truly great chance to rake in life-changing profits from what essentially amounts to a pocket change investment today.

How can I be so sure?

You see, just a couple of years ago…

I was a broke, burnt-out cubicle worker at Black and Decker… but then crypto changed everything.

I shared a tiny, cramped apartment with two roommates...

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Barely into my career… I was already burnt out, tired, and unsure of how I’d keep making ends meet.

It was around that time, the word crypto began buzzing around the internet… and my brain.

I read the stories of the massive gains and people getting rich enough to quit their job and literally never work again…

Saw the immense potential…

And to say I was hooked… would be an understatement.

So I made it my mission to change my life for the better and escape the rat race I never wanted to be a part of in the first place…

And I was going to do it with crypto.

Next thing I know, I’m reading about these “digital currencies” on the short breaks I took to get out of my cubicle…

Then, after I got home, I’d spend countless hours researching them on a borrowed laptop.

And the deeper I dug, the more my belief grew… as I realized a major disruption was coming to the financial markets in the form of crypto.

"Obsessed" would likely be the term used by my roommates to describe me, as I began to scrounge for whatever money I could find, even going through old wallets and the couch, to put into crypto.

Of course, back in 2017, everyone I told thought I was crazy for putting money into it…

Even though I was only putting a tiny — and I mean TINY — amount leftover from my paycheck in.

The thing is… as crazy as people thought I was for sinking my last few dollars into crypto…

That "obsession" paid off in spades… and in far less time than it ever could have with stocks alone.

You may remember when Bitcoin first hit the scene and had a dramatic run up to $20,000… well, that changed everything for me.

As I saw my crypto balance skyrocketing, I decided to take a leap of faith.

I wanted out of that cramped cubicle at Black and Decker… and I wanted out for good.

So I pitched some of my ideas to a crypto research firm out in Colorado. They were impressed with my independent analysis and hired me immediately.

It was there I got access to all kinds of tools I’d never dreamed of that could comb the crypto market…

Like millions of dollars in software and research tools that would be out of reach for regular investors…

Not to mention contacts within the crypto industry that I could call up and find out about hot coins.

This unfettered access to powerful tools and industry insiders was instrumental in helping me develop my own personal system to find winning cryptocurrencies.

The thing is… as crypto kept rising… and rising… AND RISING….

I eventually decided to cash out a chunk of my investment and quit working altogether!

I realized my analysis was spot on and I could do it from anywhere in the world, as long as I had my trusty laptop.

And that is when you could say my Crypto Dream Life really began.

I started with buying my wife the dream house she always wanted…

Then onto all the vacations we’d ever wanted…

Trekking both the dense jungles and sprawling cities of South America and Central America…

Having tapas in Spain while sipping the finest wine it has to offer…

And digging my toes into the pristine white sands while swimming through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean islands…

But the first truly SPECIAL thing I did with my money?

The happiest moment for me was being able to track down my Dad’s old boat from when I was a kid.

I hunted it down using the hull number I saw in an old picture…

Then I bought it outright from the owner.

It’s incredible to think…

Putting away just a few bucks from each paycheck led to all of this…

In a fraction of the time it would have taken me with stocks.

I’m hoping to do the same for you today with the 5 coins I’ve found.

I’ll give you a roadmap on how to make $500,000 or more from this handful of cryptos… including step-by-step instructions on where to buy them and how.

It’s all in a research report I’ve written up.

And look, I know a lot of people think crypto is complex.

But it’s really not.

Opening a crypto wallet isn’t any harder than it was to open a regular stock trading account…

It literally takes a few taps on your phone.

You can be up and running in no time at all.

And the 5 coins I’ve identified can be in that wallet making you money… starting today.

Even the smallest amount of cash invested could prove to be life-changing.

I cannot stress this enough: if you just own a handful of the right coins in this next rally…

You could make more money in 12 months than you’ll make in 20 years investing in stocks...

Unlocking your very own Crypto Dream Life and allowing you to do whatever you want.

Whether you want to travel more...

Pursue a hobby like fly fishing or pickleball...

Or if you’re into boats like I am… hit the open water every chance you get.

But you have to get in the game, because this may be your final shot to put down a tiny amount of money in crypto and walk away with enough to completely alter the course of your life forever.

And it won’t take much if you just get in the game NOW!

During the last big run… $1,000 into 5 of the right coins… turned into more than $540,000:


And it didn’t take decades to pay out like the stock market tends to.

All of these massive gains played out in less than 12 months.

So there’s really no time to waste if you want to rake in gains like this…

Because crypto's next BIG run has just started, and…

The 5 coins I’ve identified…
coins I’m personally buying right now
could deliver even bigger profits!

But before we get into the nitty-gritty...

Like what touched off crypto’s current white-hot bull market… how much money is ultimately up for grabs… and the exact coins I recommend…

Let me formally introduce myself.

Hi, my name’s Alex Benfield.

If you were to look me up online, you’d see my articles on Forbes, MarketWatch, Coin Telegraph, and other big-name publications in the crypto space.

What you won’t find however… is anything about the opportunity I’m going to share with you now.

Because I’ve never revealed how I find the best cryptos before… and certainly never with so many people…

Or with this level of urgency.

But what I see on the horizon for crypto has compelled me to act faster and more aggressively than ever.

What do I mean exactly?

Well there’s two parts to all the breathless news stories that are popping up everywhere…

The first is one which also happens to be the most predictable.

It’s called the “halving.”

And it happens every 4 years like clockwork.

It’s an event that’s hardcoded into Bitcoin and happens rain or shine.

It cuts the amount of new Bitcoin that miners are able to bring into the market by half (hence the "halving").

And, since every 4 years fewer bitcoins enter the market... like we’re seeing this year…

It’s become a situation that mirrors one of the most basic things you learn in Economics 101...

Shrinking Supply + Rocketing Demand = Soaring Prices

Which is why every time a halving has occurred in Bitcoin’s existence… its price has gone up.

Without fail.

And here’s why your timing is so good….

There’s a sweet spot where the halving impacts prices:


As you can see, it’s not the initial halving event where the biggest gains happen. Typically it’s the 12-month window following a halving where the life-changing gains roll in.


You are now in that EXACT sweet spot.

Which means the fuse is lit on crypto … and every moment you waste waiting to get in, you’re literally leaving gains on the table.

Look, I’ll be blunt...

If you don’t already own some Bitcoin — what are you waiting for?

Everyone should own a little…

It’s like owning Amazon stock… it’s never going anywhere.

But just like Amazon, Bitcoin’s days of 1,000% spikes and massive overnight gains are long gone.

It’s simply too big at this point.

And while it’s still a good buy… it’s not where the real money will be made next.

Those kind of fast fortunes will only be found in… “altcoins.”

As the name implies these are coins other than Bitcoin. Ones that are still growing and just as easy to access (if you’ll let me show you how)…

And they’re getting even HOTTER than Bitcoin right now.

Which is why I’m pounding the table on the best 5 altcoins I’ve found that will give you a shot at taking a small stake and turning it into $500,000.

Because when a halving occurs… altcoins go absolutely haywire.

I’m talking 4,000%... 7,000%... even 10,000% gains in as little as 12 months.

And don’t just take my word for it — here’s a list of some of the massive winners from the last halving, thanks to one of the top crypto analysis firms, eToro.


Two of these coins you see here helped me make a HUGE chunk of the money that kicked off my Crypto Dream Life… and they’re about to do it again…

So this isn’t just another chart of gains… it’s a reminder of why I got into crypto and why I want you to as well.

Now in the world of investment analysis — and everywhere else for that matter — one instance doesn’t make a pattern.

Which is why I’ll show you next that altcoins went absolutely vertical during Bitcoin’s last halving…

The one before that…

And the one before that.


Every single time without fail… altcoins rally in halving years.

In fact, while Bitcoin has recently been throwing off double-digit rallies left and right…

Look what’s happening to altcoins… it almost defies reality…

28,000% on a coin called 4ART…


9,625% on a coin called Cojam...


5,261% on Aardvark (yes, like the animal!)...


1,865% in a day on BT Finance...


1,100% in a day on one called Perpetual Motion Machine...


$1,000 bucks into these 5 cryptos would have turned into $460,506... in just 24 hours.

Now, before I go any further, let me be clear about something…

I’m only showing you these massive one-day gains to prove just how much profit potential there is in crypto… and in altcoins in particular.

The flip side is that coins which produce these types of 24-hour gains are highly speculative and stress-inducing.

Which means they’re not the type of coins that I recommend putting your money into.

They can be up 30,000% one minute then bottom out by the next day…

But don’t worry — the 5 coins I’m going to share with you in just a moment have the same type of explosive profit potential, just over a slightly longer time period…

So you won’t feel like you’re chained to your desk, watching your coins bounce around like a ping pong ball.

That said, if you’re wanting to wait things out a bit before getting onboard the crypto profit train… I’ve got bad news…

Every second you wait to get in could be costing you money… because as I mentioned before…

The biggest gains for altcoins always occur after the halving.

During the last big rally we saw altcoins deliver 12-month gains like:

The 5 coins I’ll send you in my research report…

They can just as easily put $500,000 or more in your pocket from just a small starting investment.

And I’ll show you exactly how to play it, walking you through every step in a research report I can send you immediately.

But you’re going to want to decide if you’re in or you’re out in the next few minutes.

Because a second event is underway.

One that is like pouring jet fuel onto a burning fire.

You see, for the first time ever…

We’re seeing crypto ETFs popping up left and right.

Which means everyday investors can now buy Bitcoin inside their standard brokerage account…

With little more than the click of a mouse.

All thanks to massive investment houses like Blackrock Financial, the largest money manager on the planet.

When they start going "all-in" on Bitcoin… the green light is officially on.

And according to the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, they’re just getting started…

But here’s the thing…

It’s not just BlackRock.

Other massive Wall Street players are also following suit…

Like Franklin Templeton, Fidelity, and Invesco…

In fact, there’s now over a DOZEN major Wall Street banks offering Bitcoin ETFs.

And that’s opened the door to what one investment manager recently revealed to Forbes is a  “$6.9 trillion earthquake” coming to the crypto market.

Because now that he and his colleagues who manage portfolios, pension funds, and 401ks are able to access the crypto market through ETFs…

They’re finally able to open the floodgates and bring their money to the table.

To give you some idea of how big a $6.9 trillion cash infusion would be for crypto…

That’s almost 7x larger than the current crypto market.

And that’s just 401ks…

The Federal Reserve places pension funds north of $40 TRILLION!

Bottom line: this is a huge moment for crypto.

In fact, I think this is the BIGGEST growth crypto may ever see in terms of its market size.

And it’s clear to see why...

You have Bitcoin getting hotter and hotter in the news from the halving…

Then you have trillions of new dollars flowing into the market...

All of which creates more demand… more news… and MORE money flow.

I believe the coming SPIKE will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before…

For Bitcoin, yes — but for altcoins EVEN MORE!

The choices you make today… and how you play the 12-month wave of altcoin gains…

Will decide whether you are a richer person in the months ahead...

Or if you’re just in the exact same position you were before you met me — looking for a way to get ahead.

You have the answer right in front of you — you just have to get in the game.

Consider what the gains from this handful of altcoins would have done for you after the last halving:

That’s why I’m telling anyone who will listen…

The time to get into altcoins is NOW.

Because it’s these obscure cryptos where the biggest gains are going to happen.

If you’re interested, I can help you get in on the action.

Because I have the names of 5 altcoins locked and loaded to give you right now...

But you need to make your move and decide if cryptos right for you or not…

Because the fuse is lit on this market.

And every day you wait…

Is literally costing you thousands in profits.

If you’re worried you can’t figure out crypto — don’t be.

I will make it easy for you. You won’t have to figure anything out on your own. I’ll walk you through everything…

In fact, if you’ve ever bought a stock, it will feel really familiar.

You tap a few buttons on your phone and in 10 minutes or less, you’re done.

The cryptos I’ve handpicked for this next bull run and how to buy them are covered in detail inside my special report, which I’ll give to you completely FREE.

But before I show you how to claim a copy, I need to be crystal clear...

Crypto is an investment… and all investments come with risk.

Just like there’s risk with getting in your car and pulling onto the road.

Don’t risk money where, if you lose it, you won’t have a roof over your head or food in your pantry.

I was once in a tough place — and I don’t want to see that happen to you.

But the nice thing… with crypto, you don’t have to put down a lot to see massive returns.

A mere $1,000 into the 5 cryptos you see here would have made you more than $737,000… in a single year!


This is the REAL WORLD definition of a perfect asymmetric trade…

Small risk, HUGE reward.

And it’s what makes crypto so much more powerful than stocks…

Stocks are companies. Companies are slow-moving. And the stock inches up day by day.

Cryptos are technology. Nothing is faster than technology. They grow by the second. And they go vertical.

The 5 coins I’d like to tell you about now are no exception… I believe they could easily reward investors with $500,000 or more in profits.

Now I know your time is valuable.

So I won’t go into the months of analysis I did to find them.

But what I will share with you are the 9 criteria I evaluate each coin on.

Some coins on the market meet a few of the parameters I set…

But I ONLY focus on the ones that meet all 9.

Because as you can see from this diagram…

When they do…

They enter into what I call.…

The 10x Sweet Spot.

The reason for that is simple…

It means they are the coins most likely to provide the asymmetric opportunities I mentioned a moment ago: maximum return and upside, minimum risk and downside.

Now with parameters this exacting…

I’m never even going to look at all of the 9,000 plus cryptos out there…


Which is fine, because if they don’t meet the standards — they’re duds.

The 5 I’m going to tell you about now meet every single one of my criteria.

And the first coin I want to share with you is my favorite… because it’s the one Wall Street is going to target next.

In fact, BlackRock wants to build another ETF specifically around this coin in particular.

The Street recently reported that if the SEC grants BlackRock yet another ETF approval, similar to Bitcoin, it would send the price up of this crypto up nearly 10x.

And VanEck, one of the largest investment houses on Wall Street… believes it could go up nearly 20x in value.

If they’re right, every $1,000 invested… wound hand you $20,000.

Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist who helped Elon Musk found PayPal, helped Mark Zuckerberg launch Facebook, and has likely created more wealth than any other VC on the planet…

Is putting as much as $200 MILLION into this coin alone.

I believe your Crypto Dream Life could very easily begin just by owning this single coin…

But I recommend you put a little into all of them, because each holds the potential to deliver the kind of profits that could alter your family’s financial trajectory for generations to come.

report coverI’d like to get all of the research on these 5 coins into your hands in my newly published report: Crypto’s Fantastic 5: Your Roadmap to $500,000.

You will not find my recommendations ANYWHERE else on the web, but only through this page.

No amount of Googling will yield the information I’ve put inside.

Now, before I show you how to lock in your copy… I need you to understand you can’t treat this opportunity like checking a book out from the library where you forget about the book for 3 weeks.

Since we’re seeing insane gains in this market right now, with all the anticipation of more Wall Street adoption and recent bitcoin halving…

You’ll want to open my report immediately

Look at this altcoin called Reserve which turned every $1,000 invested into $4.2 MILLION!


Now to be clear… a coin racking up a 426,000% gain is a rare sort of event…

Even in the crypto market.

But this is also a rare time in history… where the halving and Wall Street’s injection of trillions of dollars into the crypto market are colliding

Creating once-in-a-lifetime event.

And if you can put something — ANYTHING — into the 5 coins I’ve shared with you…

I truly believe you’ll change your life for the better.

I’m living proof that it can happen.

Here’s what I recommend doing… if you’re serious about unlocking your Crypto Dream Life...

Just below on this page, you're going to see a button…

When you click it…

It’s going to take you to a secure page where you lock in your copy of Crypto’s Fantastic 5: Your Roadmap to $500,000.

And that’s not all…

I also have a whole set of tools I’d like to give you so that you can live your Crypto Dream Life:

hero shot

Start My Crypto Dream Life!

It’s all part of a service I run called Crypto Trend Investor.

This is the culmination of years of hard work and analysis.

I’ve just been waiting for the right moment… waiting for another dream setup like the one that unlocked my Crypto Dream Life.

And it’s here… RIGHT NOW.

Crypto Trend Investor is where I’m going to publish all my crypto recommendations — exclusively.

You won’t find what I share there anywhere else on the web.

My goal with this project is to help you safely make a lot of profits, have some fun along the way, and hopefully learn a thing or two as you unlock your very own Crypto Dream Life.

To do that…

Each month, I’ll email you my entire run-down on the crypto market, what’s making it move, why, and — most importantly — how to profit from it.

I’ll send you these jam-packed writeups for the next 12 months.

And each one could help you unlock gains of 1,000% or more.

Over time, we’ll build a model portfolio of the best cryptos. And we’ll share it on the Crypto Trend Investor website so you’ll always have access to it.

You’ll have access to everything else on the site too. My archives, my research articles — every resource is just a click away.

Best of all — when it’s time to take profits, I’ll contact you at the same email address I send your reports to.

The bottom line: there will be no head-scratching on your part.

You’ll always know exactly WHAT to do…

HOW to do it…


And if you’re new to this and not sure what a coin is or where to buy it, that’s fine!

I’ll Give You My Fool-Proof Starter Guide On How to Buy Crypto

report coverEverything you’ll need to get started is in Crypto Investing 101.

Even if you’re a veteran, you’ll probably be surprised at some of the tricks I’ll show you.

This report answers so many of the common questions like:

You won’t have to figure anything out on your own…

I’ll walk you through everything you need to succeed… from A to Z.

And there’s one more thing...

I have one last report I’d like to give you that shows you exactly how I lock-in on cryptos set to jump 10x!

report coverNow, I mentioned my 9 parameters earlier — and how most of the 9,000 cryptos out there never meet them all.

I didn’t want your eyes to glaze over, but if you’re the kind of person that needs to see under-the-hood and have a full understanding of how things work...

My blueprint does a deep dive into my process and reveals exactly how I find all these 10x cryptos.

I could charge probably two to three thousand dollars for this report, but I’ll pull back the curtains and share it all step-by-step…

Completely free of charge.

I’ve never shared this 10x blueprint with anyone.

But I’ve talked to too many people who missed out on crypto the first time around.

And I want everyone who gets my research to succeed.

So on Day 1, I’m literally “giving away” everything you need (and then some) to make it happen.

Here’s everything you’re going to get as a member of Crypto Trend Investor:

Totaled up, it’s just shy of $1,200 worth of perks.

But I would never dream of asking someone to pay that much…

Because I’ve never forgotten where I came from… that guy stuck in the cubicle… pinching pennies to put into crypto so I could get out of the rat race.

Which is why I’ve set the regular price to join at $199 a year.

I think it’s a steal considering you could cover the cost to join many times over if just one of my 5 coins hit it big… let alone all 5 of them.

But today through this presentation and during the limited window after this halving, I’m trying to get everyone in that I can.

There will only be one chance to ride Wall Street’s trillion-dollar tidal wave.

And I want as many folks to get in as possible before it hits…

So I’m lowering the price through this invitation to just $39.

That’s less than $4 a month for access to everything Crypto Trend Investor has to offer… including the first 5 coins that could put up to $500,000 in your pocket in the next 12 months.

YES! I want to start my Crypto Dream Life NOW

And best of all, when you join Crypto Trend Investor and lock in this low rate, you’re not making a final decision right now.

Today I’m asking you to just TRY my premium service.

That’s right…

I’m moving the risk in using my service from your shoulders and placing it squarely on mine.

To make this important step toward living your Crypto Dream Life a total no-brainer for you…

You’re Fully Covered by My “Risk Nothing & Keep Everything” Guarantee

I want you to be 100% sure Crypto Trend Investor is right for you.

And thanks to my Double-Barreled 100% Satisfaction Guarantee — you’ll be doing it completely risk-free.

Here’s how it works...

You have 90 days to try out Crypto Trend Investor at our expense.

That’s plenty of time to check out everything on the private website… read a few issues… take part in the money-making opportunities you’ll discover in the free reports…

You’ve got total access to everything inside Crypto Trend Investor.

If at any time during those 90 days you’re not completely happy with what you’re getting from us — or the profits you’re seeing — simply let our Customer Service team know.

And we’ll issue you a prompt, no-questions-asked refund for every penny of your membership.

I have no interest in keeping your money unless you’re 100% satisfied.

What happens after the 90-day period is over?

That’s where I go the extra mile.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed FOREVER.

Even if it’s past the 90-day mark and you find yourself unhappy for any reason, we still have your back.

Simply let us know and we’ll give you a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

In the off chance you do decide Crypto Trend Investor isn’t all I promised, I insist you keep all the free reports and issues you've received as my way of saying "thank you" for giving it a try.

I’d say that's a fair deal...

On top of an already outstanding offer.

But I urge you to take advantage of this risk-free invitation now while Wall Street is still in the early stages of deploying their trillions of dollars into crypto.

As I showed earlier…

We typically see a small window open after a halving before the rally kicks off…

And that time is right now.

Go ahead and park $100 or $200 into the 5 coins I’ve outlined for you.

Because if you do it now…

There’s a good chance those small stakes will lead to a LIFE-CHANGING amount…

Especially if history is any indicator.


Remember, altcoins blasted off after the last three halvings.

Years from now…

Will you look back with regret because you missed out on the biggest gains in the history of crypto?

Or will you have seized the opportunity…

And walked away with a king’s ransom?

The next few months are when the BIGGEST money is going to be made.

Over 1,500 millionaires are being created daily from crypto, as Bloomberg recently verified.

You have to get off the sidelines if you want a shot at joining them.

You have the roadmap for 5 coins and $500,000 right at your fingertips.

The start of your Crypto Dream Life is literally a click away.

But I can’t make you click that button.

The right choice is ultimately yours and yours alone to make… but remember, every moment you wait is money left on the table.

If you’re ready to get in on the biggest flood of money crypto has ever seen…

Click the button below to review everything before making your final decision.

Start My Crypto Dream Life NOW

To living your crypto dream life,

Alex Benfield
Founder, Crypto Trend Investor
April 2024

P.S. Still on the fence? I don’t blame you — after all, trying anything new (especially when it comes to your money) isn’t fun… at least not until the profits start rolling in.

Bitcoin has been on an absolute tear… recently blowing past its old record… sending altcoins soaring alongside it. With the combined forces of ETF approvals and being smack in the middle of a halving year… we are at what I believe to be the apex of crypto profits.

We’ll never see an opportunity with this much profit potential again in our lives! Are you really willing to miss out on a shot at up to $500,000 from holding these 5 coins… in the next 12 months?

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Forbes is calling it a “$6.9 trillion earthquake.”

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This is your first, last, and only chance to get ahead of the pack… are you willing to walk away from that opportunity?

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P.P.S. A year from now, you could either be sipping champagne with your toes in the sand… or sitting right where you are now, kicking yourself and wondering what could have been…

Which would you prefer?

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