REVEALED AT LAST! Jim Fink’s #1 trade to make right now for a quick & easy $2,753 potential cash payout…


Dear reader,

“Knock me out cold with a shovel and wake me up when the election is over.”

Those are the words of Investing Daily’s “Trader-in-Chief,” Jim Fink.

Why would he say such a thing?

Because today he is going to reveal the antidote to election anxiety.

Today he’s going to reveal a brand-new trade that could hand you $2,753 in cold hard cash — no matter what happens in the election.

I know that might be hard to believe…

But with Jim’s legendary 95.96% win rate across all his services…

You can understand why, here at Investing Daily, we’re calling Jim’s new trade “election-proof.”

Jim’s feeling quite certain about the outcome of this trade too…

In fact, he’s so confident about it…

In just a few minutes, he’s going to show you, step-by-step, how to make this trade — for FREE.

Without a doubt, this brand-new “election-proof” trade is an exceptional profit opportunity.

As Jim will explain today, it’s better than any similar opportunity he’s seen in previous election cycles.

And it uses a uniquely powerful strategy that he’s NEVER recommended before in ANY of his other services.

Today he is going to give you a peek inside his “Inner Circle” and reveal…

How you could pocket an easy $2,753 profit — no matter what happens at the polls next Tuesday.

Now Jim’s approach to the election is much different than the rest of the noise out there.

Today he’s going to ask you to:

Tune out what the so-called D.C. insiders are screaming about on the news…

Forget about any “Biden stock” vs. “Trump stock” nonsense.

And focus on the simple — but powerful — trading strategy that has produced incredible returns during elections.

In fact, of ALL new initiated trades Jim closed during the last election cycle (from July to November of 2018), his system posted 14 wins with ZERO losses.

That kind of focus does require some discipline though, because you’ll ALSO need to shut down the “Crazy Eddies” trying to get you to buy tech stocks, futures, or cryptocurrencies…

Ignore the “gold bugs” shoving coins & bars in their mattress like Scrooge McDuck…

And yes — free yourself from the lazy “buy-and-hold forever” myth too.

Because you’re about to see an entirely new way of trading that’s proven to be 95.96% accurate.

Make sure you have a pen and paper ready. You’ll want to take notes.

Persinos: Hey Jim, how are you holding up this election season?

Fink: Wait, there’s an election? Just kidding. I’m feeling pretty carefree, all things considered.

Persinos: I know you don’t like to brag. But can we just go over your accomplishments for a moment? So investors can put their OWN investing opportunity today into its proper context.

Fink: Sure we can do that.

Persinos: Jim, you earned a master’s degree at Harvard, plus an MBA, and a law degree. Then you helped run a hedge fund for the University of Virginia.

Now you’re the “trader-in-chief” here at Investing Daily… where you’re a contributing editor to Personal Finance and you lead the charge for your trading services including Velocity Trader and Options for Income.

You boast a 95.96% track record across all your trading services… that’s over a period of nine YEARS.

In one of them, you’re CURRENTLY on a closed trade win streak that’s 356 trades long.

And that’s not even your FIRST 356 trade win streak! You’ve done that before!

Fink: Calm down, John, it’s just a few trades.

Persinos: Sorry, but this is some remarkable stuff. And it’s more than just a few.

You’ve recommended 74 trades that gave your readers the chance to double their money.

109 trades that put cash in hand, in under 5 days… with your fastest trades churning out profits in just 24 hours.

And in 2020… in the middle of what’s been quite a crazy year in the markets… your “Inner Circle” readers have had the chance to make:

On top of all that… you’re recommending trades that have the potential to cash out nearly 18 times larger than what a buy-and-hold investor would see.

That’s incredible.

And I’m not the only one who’s shouting it from the rooftops, Jim. Just listen to what those “Inner Circle” readers are saying.

Like Sam T. from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who told us he’s had multiple gains between $1,000 and $3,500…


Brian L. from Bellevue, Washington, wrote in saying one of his trades closed in 6 days with an annual return in excess of 400%, and another closed in 13 days with an annualized return of 900%…


And Allen W. from Columbia, Missouri told us:


Jim’s readers are “diverse” in the truest sense of the word.

They live all over the United States, they have all kinds of different backgrounds, and they run the gamut from professional traders to first-time “rookie” investors.

So, there’s truly something for everyone with Jim’s investing approach.

But since it’s that time of the year, and the focus of our broadcast, I want to draw special attention to Jim’s track record during “election season.”

You wouldn’t think that a 95.96% accuracy record could get even BETTER.

Yet that’s exactly what he’s done. Like a Hall of Fame quarterback running the “two-minute drill” to win the Super Bowl.

Listen to this:

Of all newly initiated trades that closed during the election cycle (from July to November)…

He racked up perfect 8 for 8 in 2016..

And during the 2018 election he dialed it up to 14 out of 14.

Can you imagine having the benefit of that kind of accuracy, right now in 2020? During the wildest election we’ve ever seen?

I mean, just look at the headlines.

Take this one from Politico:

Or this one from Bloomberg:

And the Wall Street Journal said what’s on a lot of our minds heading to election day:

Fink: John, I know you worked in Congress and you take these political headlines really seriously… but let’s just take a step back.

The mainstream media’s job is to make things exciting. My job, to be truthful, is to make things… boring.

Because making money again and again really is boring, and that’s a good thing. So no, I can’t say I’m worrying about this election any more than I have about any election.

A bunch of people will vote, eventually they’ll count them all, they’ll probably argue over how they counted them, somebody will win, he’ll give a big speech, and then about a day later they’ll start campaigning for the next election in 2024.

That’s just how it works.

Persinos: Before we got on the call today you were saying…

“You can knock me out cold with a shovel and wake me up when it’s all over”

Fink: Maybe that was a little tongue and cheek… But yeah, I’m not worrying about the election.

I’m an early riser. So, I won’t be up late watching the poll results. I won’t be glued to cable news. And I won’t be worrying about who will be the next President of the United States.

I’ll be asleep.

Persinos: And to be clear, it’s not because you don’t care about the outcome of the election. You just have very little interest in the process, I guess we could say.

But the real reason you’ll be fast asleep early on election night is…

You uncovered a trade that could hand you up to $2,753 — no matter what happens with the election.

Fink: That’s right. I know to some that might seem like a bold claim.

Persinos: Well, it is — even for a man with a win rate of 95.96%. But what’s even more astounding is…

Today, you’re going to show step-by-step how to make this “election-proof” trade.

Fink: 100%

Persinos: I have to ask…

How can you be so certain that you’re willing to show exactly how to make this trade today?

Fink: You know me.

I’m not some kind of Washington insider.

I try my hardest to tune out “election coverage,” “breaking news,” or any kind of political tea leaf reading.

I’m not trying to get swept up in the emotions of the election.

I’ll let the cable news anchors do that.

What I do is let my trading system make all the decisions for me.

It doesn’t go through any of the ups and downs we do.

It does what computers do best — which is make objective decisions based on data, not emotions.

Persinos: And as a result, you’ve created one of the most accurate trading systems available. ESPECIALLY during these election scenarios.

You and I have talked at length about your system and the type of profits you’ve made from it over the last 30 years.

But some may be less familiar with it. So let’s talk about that computer!

Fink: Sure thing. It’s called Paragon.

It’s the most powerful system I’ve ever created…

I consider it my life’s work.

Persinos: And this is the same system that’s been stomping the pants off the regular stock market throughout 2020. Just take a look.

Remember, this is a year in which we’ve experienced the 9 biggest upswings in market history…

But we’ve also had the 8 biggest down swings as well.

So instead of that stock market roller coaster, your closed “Inner Circle” picks are delivering steady wins. Consistently beating the S&P 500 every single month. And these are not small wins either.

Fink: Right, and I want to make this clear to anyone who’s been following my trade recommendations in Personal Finance, Options for Income, or Velocity Trader

Those newsletters are all great… and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed the results, but the method we’re going to be talking about today is one I reserve for my true “Inner Circle.”

Persinos: And just because you feel like people are so mixed up by 2020, and so mixed up by the election, you’re going to be dipping into this ultimate bag of tricks by showing us one of your recommendations for FREE.

Fink: Well, I don’t know about a bag of tricks. That makes me sound like a magician.

But yes, it’s true that the trade I’ll reveal today uses a new method I’ve NEVER published in ANY of my newsletters before.

It’s quite powerful, but when you see me explain it, you’ll realize its simplicity and the common sense behind it.

Persinos: Right, and that’s what you’ve used to generate your #1 “election-proof” pick…

One that gives anyone the very real potential to pocket $2,753 — no matter what happens in the election.

So think about that folks…

This man has a 95.96% winning record over nearly a decade.

He’s CURRENTLY on a 356-trade winning streak in one of his newsletters. Which isn’t even the first time he’s won for more than an entire YEAR in a row.

He’s doing even BETTER in his past closed election trades — literally PERFECT

And he has a secret set of even more powerful methods like these that he reserves only for his “Inner Circle” readers.

So before you reveal the trade, Jim…

You have a big question to answer.

You’ve been investing for more than 30 years.

You’ve made a fortune for yourself.

And for the folks who have access to your work.

Yet you’ve kept a lid on your “Inner Circle” — in fact out of all of Investing Daily’s subscribers, less than 1% have been allowed to join.

So I’m just wondering… why you’re opening up about it now?

Fink: You brought it up earlier.

If you follow the news, this is the wildest election season we’ve ever seen.

Which, even in a normal year, can cause people to worry about their investments.

But this year has been anything but normal.

It’s been a roller coaster… especially if you’re a buy-and-hold investor.

So it makes complete sense why many people — even the smart investors reading today — get uneasy about their money during the election.

I want to show them a better way.

And if you’re reading this now, that means you’ve raised your hand. You’re signaling to me that you’re ready for something different. So I aim to deliver that for you.

To show you that…

There are still plenty of ways to make money from the markets — even in a year like 2020…

Persinos: Speaking of plenty of ways to make money…

I have some great news today.

We thought Jim was going to walk us through one trade. But you have a few more trade types you’ve agreed to walk us through, right?

Fink: That’s right.

Today I’m going to walk you through my special “election-proof” trade…

PLUS I’m revealing 3 more Inner Circle strategies YOU can use to play the election for major profits

The first thing I want everyone to understand about all of them is that every stock sends out hidden signals before it moves. Whether it’s up… down… or even sideways.

And my Paragon system runs 24 hours a day, scanning the market for those “tip-offs.”

Then when it finds one, I use the data it provides to put together a trade that statistically guarantees you can turn that movement into a winner that’s nearly 18 times better than what a buy-and-hold investor would see.

Persinos: You made it a point to emphasize “statistically.”

Is there a reason for that?

Fink: Yes. There’s no guesswork involved with what my Paragon system does.

It’s a scientific system designed specifically to find high-octane profit opportunities…

No matter what direction a stock is about to move.

Best of all, it’s so precise, it allows me to put out trades that could generate triple-digit profits in as little as two days.

Persinos: Incredible. And the trades you’re going to release — they’re not all the same are they?

Fink: Hardly. Unlike other systems which are, for the most part, designed to only make money one way…

Once Paragon determines a stock is about to move…

It gives me four different ways to profit from that shift.

Then I simply choose the one that has the potential to make the most money in the shortest amount of time

Persinos: And what about risk? Do you take that into account too? Because I doubt I’m the only one who’s been burned chasing fast profits before…

Fink: You’re definitely not the only one.

But to answer your question — yes, I’m extremely sensitive to risk.

In fact, if there’s one thing my long-time readers will tell you…

It’s that while I really like making money…

I hate losing it even more.

Which is why the trades my Paragon system generates allow YOU to make life-changing amounts of cash while risking substantially less.

Persinos: I’ve never seen anything like it. And I’m positive no one else has either…

Including your longtime followers, right?

Fink: That’s right. And while it’s clear from some of the incredible notes they send me that they’re enjoying the profits they make with my existing services…

Like Eric T. from New York who said he’s been able to achieve gains of $10-$12K per month…


And Jacob Finley, who said he’s made over $72K…


And Steve Haygood, who wrote saying his account has gained approximately $49,000…


The techniques Paragon uses go beyond anything I’ve shared publicly before.

Persinos: And correct me if I’m wrong Jim, but in some cases you don’t even need to know which direction a stock is going to move to make money from it… you just need to know that it’s going to move…

Then you can put together a trade that allows you to win no matter which way it goes?

Fink: Well, nothing is foolproof of course.

But you’re right.

One of the techniques I use could allow you to bank massive triple-digit gains no matter which way a stock moves.

Persinos: And the profits can come in as little as 24 hours, right?

Fink: Yes. In fact, when I put out that specific type of trade… the longest you’ll be in it is 48 hours.

Persinos: Man, that’s fast. Could you give us an example?

That way we can get a glimpse of the potential we’re talking about with the new opportunities you want to share.

Fink: I’d be glad to.

One of the most powerful forces that moves a stock is when a company releases new information about its financial condition…

And the reason for that is simple.

Wall Street — and regular investors alike — have certain expectations about what a company’s profits should be when they own shares.

So when it releases new information that exceed those expectations, the share price often jumps, because investors are more confident in its future…

Which makes them willing to pay more to own shares.

Persinos: And when the company misses the mark, investor confidence fades, causing share prices to fall.

Fink: Exactly. The problem is, for the most part, it’s impossible to know which way a stock is going to move ahead of this type of announcement.

Because companies keep this information very private.

Especially in the days leading up to the announcement.

So, putting money into a trade that will only pay out if say, the stock goes up, without access to my Paragon system, is not an investment.

It’s just a guess.

Which is why I like this first Inner Circle strategy I’m about to share so much…

Jim Fink’s Inner Circle Strategy #1: “The Win-Both-Ways Trade”

Because you can profit no matter which way the stock moves.

Take this trade on Tiffany & Co. for example.

On the day before it released some key financial data about its first quarter revenues, Barron’s ran an article where three Wall Street analysts weighed in on what they thought the jeweler would share the next day.

Persinos: And what did they say?

Fink: Well, two expected good news. And one thought their announcement would be a disappointment.

Persinos: Clear as mud.

Fink: Exactly. They didn’t have a clue. And I didn’t either.

The only difference is… I didn’t care.

Because thanks to Paragon, I knew I could profit either way.

Persinos: So, what ended up happening?

Fink: Well, in the end, Tiffany crushed it. Profits were up over 50%. Which was far beyond what anyone had predicted.

Persinos: I’m sure that drove share prices sky high.

Fink: Of course. They jumped over 23%.

That means if you placed the average trade in America — which according to Nasdaq is $7,600 — on Tiffany’s stock, you could have made a nearly eighteen hundred-dollar profit in less than 36 hours.

But that pales in comparison to the $32,900 you could have walked away with thanks to my win-both-ways trade.

Persinos: That’s almost 18 times better.

Fink: You’re right. On the exact same company. In the same amount of time.

This type of trade is so powerful, even if you only invested $500…

You still would have made more than twice what a buy-and-hold investor saw.

Persinos: I’m sure I’m not the only one who really likes the idea of having to risk substantially less to make life-changing amounts of cash.

Would you mind sharing with us how it works?

Fink: Well, the analysis my system performs is complicated. And proprietary.

It’s my life’s work. I don’t want the full details to be “leaked.” But I can give you a basic idea of it…

The most important thing you need to know is there are two very specific conditions which need to be met for this kind of trade to work. And when they appear together…

The profits can be life-changing.

Like the time they lined up perfectly prior to an announcement made by Lam Research.

They were about to share progress about their nanotechnology solution for manufacturing computer microchips.

If you had access to my Paragon system, you could have used the advanced knowledge it provides to place a trade that allowed you to make nearly $10,000 more than buying regular shares.

When these two triggers popped up prior to UnitedHealth Group’s release of a 10-Q statement about its profit margin…

It created a quick $3,800 profit opportunity.

Persinos: One which was nearly 14x better than buying regular shares.

Fink: Yep. And when they showed up in Netflix…

You could have turned the 13% gain most investors saw into a 73% profit.

The same thing happened with Best Buy too…

Paragon would have given us a green light to make a trade that turned a profit which was $2,500 better than buying shares.

This type of trade is so powerful — and flexible — it even turned this 10% drop from Booking Holdings into a 114% winner.

Persinos: That’s a stunning reversal of fortune, considering it meant the difference between a $548 loss and a $5,700 profit.

Stop me if I’m wrong, but this kind of win-both-ways trade seems like a great way to play the election…

I mean, instead of trying to identify stocks that would probably go up if Biden wins (like healthcare companies) or ones that would probably go up if Trump wins (like oil and gas companies)…

You can make a move on ANY good opportunity your system targets, without knowing who is going to win the election.

Fink: Well you’re not wrong. You could play the election with a “win-both-ways” trade.

But I have something even better in mind for my election trade. Something even more precise than this strategy.

Persinos: We’re all looking forward to you sharing it in the next few minutes. But before we get into that, I think we need to address the elephant in the room, Jim.

Your Paragon system has something to do with options, right?

Fink: Yes! I’d never hide that fact. As far as I’m concerned, most regular investors look at options the wrong way.

Wall Street’s propaganda machine has them brainwashed into believing options are complicated…

A fast way to lose money…

And that the odds are against you…

But as you can see, none of this is true!

At least not the way I trade options.

I designed Paragon to make options trades more affordable…

More predictable…

And best of all, more profitable.

Persinos: So let me ask you this then…

If your system allows your trades to be more affordable, more predictable, & more profitable…

Why wouldn’t Wall Street just show folks how to make the same types of trades?

Fink: Well, there’s two reasons.

First of all, most brokers don’t have a clue about how options really work…

I mean, have you ever called any of the brokerages most investors use to place their trades?

Persinos: I can’t say that I have.

Fink: Well, I can tell you this…

I’ve been trading options longer than some of the kids that answer the phones at these places have been alive.

I know I may ruffle a few feathers by saying this, but it’s true…

Most of them are nothing more than glorified order takers.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with that. I know some of my readers call their orders in…

So they’re useful in that regard.

But they’re certainly not strategists.

They didn’t learn how to trade at the Chicago Board Options Exchange like I did.

And I don’t think I’m bragging when I say it would cost these companies a king’s ransom to teach their people what I know.

Persinos: Even if they were willing to spend that kind of cash, they still couldn’t replicate your experience.

Fink: Nope. You only get that one way… and that’s by putting in the time.

Persinos: No doubt about that.

You said there’s two reasons why Wall Street spends so much time and money trying to scare folks away from using options. What’s the second one?

Fink: The biggest reason is greed. I mean, aside from not wanting to spend the time and money to train their people how to do what I do…

The rest of the Wall Street bandits — like hedge funds and investment houses — would much rather have you pour massive amounts of money into a buy-and-hold approach.

Because it sets the stage for them charging you astronomical fees.

Think about it. To make the same $32,900 one-day profit you could have made on the Tiffany’s trade I just covered…

A buy-and-hold investor would have had to risk $135,000…

Persinos: Well, it’s actually more like $137,000.

Fink: Right. And the problem with that — other than the fact most folks don’t have that kind of money laying around…

Is that it dramatically magnifies how much you could lose to a downside move.

I mean, what if Tiffany’s suddenly dipped 10%? It’s happened before.

Persinos: You’d lose over $13,000.

Fink: Right. Now you tell me…

Which trade is riskier?

The one that lets you make 5X your money in less than 48 hours…

Or the one where you’d have to pony up $137,000 for a shot at making less than 24%?

Persinos: Well, when you look at it like that, it’s obvious buying shares puts far more of your money at risk.

Fink: Investing is all about risk and reward.

And my Paragon system lets you make far more money… by risking far less.

Persinos: It’s no wonder you receive letters from readers across all your services…

Like this one from Terry P. who let us know he and his wife are building a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the profits they’ve made from your trades.


And they’re so grateful, they even invited you over for a visit.

Fink: I may take them up on the offer, too. I love Santa Fe. It’s where my wife and I got married!

Persinos: Terry’s far from the only person making money hand over fist thanks to the work you do Jim.

Tim W. says he’s made over $32,000 in just a couple months…

Marvin M. told us he’s banked quite a few triple-digit winners.

Bobby Abbott says he loves the fast returns, too.

Noel from Tallahassee blew us away when he reported his annualized rate of return is nearly 15,000%.

And Steve makes money so consistently following your recommendations, he’s planning to hang up his hat and retire early.

Fink: It’s incredibly satisfying to hear stories like these.

And while their results are certainly exceptional, they do serve as proof that I’m giving regular people a shot at making life-changing amounts of money…

Using the same techniques once reserved for wealthy investors.

Persinos: These stories from your readers are incredible.

But I know that some of our readers are new to options trading and they might still be skeptical about how easy it is to make money with your recommendations.

So what do you say to folks who are worried that it might be hard to make your “election-proof” trade — or any of the trades you put out for that matter?

Fink: I’ll not only answer your question, John, but I’ll also give a breakdown of this trade in just a few minutes.

The thing to remember right now is that I do all the work for you.

I lay out all the instructions in plain, simple-to-understand English.

After that, it’s really as simple as entering the strategy…

The company we’re making the move on…

And the total amount we’re willing to invest.

From there you just review the order…

Make sure everything matches up with my instructions…

And click submit.

Persinos: So how long do you think it will take someone who’s never placed an options trade before to follow your recommendations?

Fink: Well, it depends on the type of trade I’m putting out.

In some cases it’s literally only one more line than buying regular shares of stock…

So maybe three minutes tops.

And based on what I’ve heard from folks who’ve followed my instructions before…

None of my trades should take you more than seven minutes start to finish.

Even if you’re taking your time.

Persinos: That’s not bad considering…

You could be giving yourself the opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple your money. Maybe more.

Now earlier, you mentioned there was a better way to play the election than your “win-both-ways” trade.

Can you share a little more about what you had in mind now?

Fink: Absolutely.

See, the first type of trade we covered involved a way to amplify stock moves into massive gains…

And with it, you have to put some money in upfront — just like you do when you buy shares of a stock.

But there are companies that aren’t affected much by the election. They might not go up OR down. They might not move at all.

Think Coca-Cola or Procter & Gamble.

Persinos: Right. People are still drinking Coke and washing their clothes with Tide no matter who’s in office.

Fink: Exactly. They’re not prone to wild swings from an election outcome.

Persinos: But that brings up a big question…

How do you make money from a stock that doesn’t move?

Fink: Good question. That brings us to the second Inner Circle strategy I want to share today.

I call it the “sideways trade.”

Jim Fink’s Inner Circle Strategy #2: “The Sideways Trade”

The cool thing about this type of trade is it allows you to get paid immediately.

And the best part is, the instant payout you collect is yours to keep no matter what happens next.

Persinos: That sounds incredible.

What do you say to folks out there who are skeptical there’s actually a way to make instant cash from a trade?

Fink: Trust me, I understand why someone would feel that way…

I’m a “seeing is believing” type of guy, too.

Which is why I’d like to walk everyone through a few examples.

I want to conclusively prove — beyond a shadow of a doubt — you can collect upfront money by making these trades.

Persinos: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fink: Great. So earlier we covered how you can profit from company announcements…

No matter if share prices go up or down.

But the truth is, sometimes the only direction a stock will move after one of these calls is sideways.

Persinos: So that means you just sit it out?

Fink: Well, most analysts would.

But I have a trade which actually allows you to use that calm to your advantage.

Let me give you an example, so you can see what I mean.

Before one particular announcement, shares of the equipment-maker Deere & Co. were trading for $146.

But unlike the other trade examples I shared with you, in this instance, my Paragon system predicted Deere’s stock wouldn’t move up or down much in the days that followed.

And that advanced knowledge would have freed me up to construct a unique trade where I could collect upfront money from other investors who were betting Deere was going to move in a big way.

Persinos: How much money are we talking about here?

Fink: $355 per contract.

So a ten-contract trade would have netted you an instant cash deposit of $3,550 before commissions.

Persinos: Ok. I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering how this works.

Because in the first trade you covered…

You were making an upfront investment.

But in this one, it’s the exact opposite.

Fink: You’re precisely right. It is the EXACT opposite.

Because we’re taking the other side of the trade.

Let me explain.

Every options trade has two sides…

On one side there’s someone who believes a stock is going to move and is willing to buy into a trade where they can make money if it does.

But on the other side there has to be someone who believes the exact opposite will happen…

And is willing to accept that bet.

Persinos: So they’re the ones that sell the options contracts… I mean, what you’re saying is THIS trade involves selling options?

Fink: Yep. But there’s a big catch…

I’m selling them to people who believe a stock is going up…

AND I’m selling them to the people who believe it’s going to drop.

Persinos: So you’re collecting money from both sides? That’s brilliant!

Fink: Why wouldn’t I when the advanced knowledge I get from Paragon tells me a stock isn’t going to move much in either direction?

My goal is always to take the side of trade that carries the lowest risk with the highest payout potential…

And when a stock’s share price is stuck in a rut, there’s simply no better way to make money than my “sideways trades.”

For instance, prior to an announcement about sales results for its new 3D-design software, shares of a company called Autodesk were trading for $138.

And Paragon let me know they weren’t expected to move much.

With that insight, I put a trade together that would have allowed you to instantly collect $4,850 from investors who believed the software design firm was going to make a significant move one way or the other.

Persinos: Ok, I have to ask then… what’s the downside?

You collect the money upfront every single time you make the trade…

But there are times that making this move could result in a loss, right?

Fink: Yes. As bulletproof as this technique is, there are no free rides. If the stock rises or falls too much, you won’t bank all the $4,850 in profits.

Because while you’re collecting the cash up front, what happens after can affect the outcome of the trade.

And the best way to explain those outcomes is to use Autodesk as an example.

When we instantly collected the $4,800…

Autodesk was trading at $138.

And again, that money is yours to keep and spend as you see fit… no matter what happens next.

But the trade is just starting, and it will stay active until the date we agreed to with the buyer…

Which is usually around two months.

If the share price goes nowhere — and stays at $138 — you win.

Persinos: So what do you need to do to close this trade out?

Fink: That’s the beauty of this technique. If the stock doesn’t move by the end date, the trade simply ends. And nothing needs to be done.

Which means you made $4,800 — or a 94% return — for about five minutes of work.

Persinos: I can’t think of a soul who wouldn’t be tickled with making that kind of money.

Fink: Me either. Especially considering it’s been a rollercoaster ride for the S&P 500 this year.

And the best part is the only way you could have lost money on the Autodesk trade was if share prices made a drastic move one way or the other…

And even then, your loss would be offset by the money you collected upfront…

So your absolute downside max would have been $515 per contract.

Persinos: That’s powerful stuff, Jim.

Especially with all the downside protection you build into the trades.

But how often do you come across opportunities like this? Is it once a month? Twice a month? More?

Fink: Definitely more. In fact, I’d say Paragon hits on one of these instant income trades a few times a week.

But I won’t release every single one.

Because I’ll only recommend the very best trade I find each week.

That way I can do it with total conviction.

Persinos: Ok, let me make sure I have this clear. With the “sideways” trade, you can make instant income. Plus there’s downside protection for the trade.

Now maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but the “sideways” trade sounds like another great way to play the upcoming election.

I mean, this has to be the type of “election-proof” trade you’re revealing today, right?

Fink: Well, you’re getting closer. A “sideways” trade is a great way to play the election.

But we can do even better…

Which brings us to the third Inner Circle strategy I want to show today.

It’s a lot like the “sideways trade,” but with a twist that allows you to collect money multiple times during the same trade…

Which effectively supercharges your payouts.

Jim Fink’s Inner Circle Strategy #3: “The Waterfall Trade”

Persinos: You mean there’s a way to collect even more instant income than the method you just showed us?

Fink: Yes. This move — which I call a “waterfall trade” for reasons you’ll see in just a moment — is the absolute best-of-the-best when it comes to generating cash payouts.

There’s simply nothing more powerful.

For example, a trade on Netflix using the first instant cash technique I covered would have allowed you to collect $5,700…

But with my “waterfall trade,” you could have made a staggering $14,150.

Persinos: That’s nearly two and half times better…

How’s that possible?

Fink: Well, instead of just collecting an instant payout one time…

This trade allows you to rake them in multiple times.

I like to tell people…

It’s like putting a bucket at the bottom of a waterfall where you’re literally catching the money… dumping it into your account… then going back for more.

Like not long ago, when you could have instantly collected $1,650 from a Broadcom trade my system singled out…

Then gone back and collected another $100…

And then another $4,950.

For a total of $6,700.

You could have collected an immediate payout of $250 from Intuit…

Then in the weeks that followed, you could have raked in an additional $3,250…

Then $450…

Then $950…

And finally one more $450 payout.

Persinos: That’s more than $5,300…

Now that’s an incredibly powerful market move.

Your “election-proof” pick must be a “waterfall trade”…

I mean, you really can’t get much better than that. Or can you?

Fink: You can. I’ve saved the best for last.

Persinos: Finally we get to see your #1 “election-proof” trade!

Fink: That’s right!

And before we start, I should say that this is a more advanced strategy than the kind I recommend in Personal Finance, Options for Income, or Velocity Trader

This particular type of trade has NEVER been done in any of these newsletters, or anywhere else at Investing Daily, or at its sister companies StreetAuthority and Profitable Trading for that matter.

In fact, I’ve never even disclosed this strategy for my “Inner Circle” level of service, where we’ve done well with all the strategies we discussed so far today, like the “Win-Both-Ways,” the “Sideways,” and the “Waterfall” trades.

What I’m about to reveal is something even more special… something truly unique for this unique occasion.

This is a strategy I haven’t used since I was working in hedge funds for ultra-wealthy clients.

But all that said, advanced doesn’t mean difficult.

That’s kind of like saying a bicycle is difficult because it’s more advanced than walking.

Well yeah, there’s 2 wheels… and there’s some gears turning around… but nobody said you had to build the bike.

I already did that for you. You just push on the pedals, and on the whole, it’s a lot faster and easier way to get around town.

You think those ultra-wealthy clients want anything hard? They just want a safe, smooth ride.

So I’ll show you a screenshot of the trade set-up in a second… it’s loading…

While we wait, I want you to focus on this one simple, but critical idea.

With this trade, we win if the stock stays “inside its box.” Meaning inside its trading range. Which means its price doesn’t go too high or too low for a certain amount of time.

It’s kind of like the “sideways” trade we talked about earlier.

But with this “election-proof” trade we’re adding an extra gear to the bicycle, so it’s even easier to pedal.

It’s called a “Profit Box.”

Persinos: And what are the advantages of this strategy compared to others we’ve discussed today?

Fink: Well there are a LOT of them:

  1. We’re making a big “box,” so the stock can move around in normal ways over a longer time period, and we’ll have a safety net.
  2. We’re locking in a quick cash payout within just a week or two, instead of waiting around forever for our money.
  3. We’re taking advantage of how crazy everyone is already getting about the election results. If you ask them, there’s no box that could be big enough. They think every stock could go to zero or through the moon this week.

That’s not thinking at all, that’s just their emotions running wild, and it really makes this even easier for us.

So, the company for this “election-proof” trade is Hilton Worldwide Holdings… and it’s ticker is HLT.

It’s a big, blue chip stock. It’s also still the largest hotel operator in the world despite the pandemic.

Basically unsinkable. People also think they own all the hotels, but they don’t.

They just manage them. Guaranteed fees, close to zero exposure to interest rate moves or any other kind of funny business that goes with owning so many properties.

It’s a cash machine.

And more importantly Hilton isn’t considered a “Biden stock” or “Trump stock.”

Which means, it’s unlikely the stock price will be affected by the outcome of the election, one way or the other.

And it’s also unlikely it would be affected by any kind of dispute, like whether the result of the election was fair or not. It will just keep plugging along all the same.

Here’s the bicycle you’re going to ride for..

Now depending on the platform you use, this may look slightly different.

But every major trading platform should allow you to execute all four parts of the trade at the same time.

First you put in the underlying symbol, which again is HLT for Hilton. Now for the four sides of our “box”:

  1. You are going to “sell to open” a put option on Hilton for right after the election, on November 20.
  2. Then, at the same time, “sell to open” a call option with that same stock and that same date, November 20. Those two together are a “sideways” trade, which some brokers will call a straddle.
  3. You’re also going to “buy to open” a put option on that same stock, Hilton, but for a different date… well after the election… I have a particular date in mind but any date after November 20 would work
  4. And to complete the “profit box,” you’ll “buy to open” a call option on that same stock again and that same date well after the election. So you’re basically making two “sideways” trades at once, and connecting them with the same two dates on the calendar.

Again, we’re just trying to keep Hilton stock in this “box,” between these two dates, and between these two prices.

If it stays in the box, we win big. And again — I’m fully convinced it will. The crazier people get about the election, the LARGER our box gets. And it’s already big enough right now… for anything that could happen.

You can place this trade over the phone with your broker, or key it into your brokerage website. Works the same either way.

Now every investor’s situation differs and you’ll need to do your own proper due diligence You’ll have to decide how much to invest…

Will it be the average trade size for Americans — that $7,600 we talked about earlier?

Something smaller to dip your toe in… or something bigger to take a big swing at this?

No matter how much you put to work, no system is perfect, so never risk more than you can afford to lose.

I truly believe that…

Anyone — even an investment rookie — can get started with this “election-proof” trade today.

But I don’t encourage you to fill in the gaps on your own, of course.

I have the blueprint which includes all the specific details you need to execute this “Profit Box” trade and secure your shot at “election-proof” profits.

With my guidance you get FULL easy-to-follow instructions so you can execute with just a few clicks of your mouse… or read out loud to your broker over the phone.

And you’ll get it all when you take me up on my offer to join my Inner Circle today

Long story short, I truly believe that this trade on Hilton is the single best way you can play all the uncertainty around the election to your advantage…

Lock in a lot of your money in CASH on November 20…

And then pick up even MORE profit further out after the election when the trade closes.

And based on my track record, investors have the potential to take home $2,753 from this trade if they invest the average amount. Or even more if they go bigger.

Persinos: This an incredibly powerful market move. I know it can help anyone put their mind at ease going into the election.

And after watching you go through 4 trade strategies today…

I can say the power of your system is irrefutable.

That’s why, speaking as the Editorial Director of Investing Daily…

We’re completely comfortable guaranteeing anyone who uses Jim Fink’s Inner Circle for a full year will have the opportunity to bank gains of 1,000%, bare minimum

Which is good enough to turn the average American trade of $7,600 into a staggering $76,000 profit.

And it all starts with the FULL details on this “election-proof” trade.

report coverFink: That’s right. Everyone who becomes a member of my Inner Circle service today will get step-by-step trade instructions inside: Your Inner Circle Access to Jim Fink’s COMPLETE “Election-Proof 2020” Trade Instructions.

Persinos: Beyond completing this one trade, I know you’re excited about your advisory… and everyone here at Investing Daily is as well.

Would you mind going into it more now?

Fink: Sure. The Inner Circle is the crown jewel of my services. And it’s the home to Paragon.

As you’ve seen throughout this broadcast, this system is perfect for people who are ambitious profit-seekers…

Folks who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and upgrade from the pedestrian gains that come from buy-and-hold strategies…

To a program that allows you to…

Quickly — and in some cases, instantly — extract extraordinary amounts of money from the market.

Every Monday, I send an email to my readers with the details on the best profit opportunity Paragon turned up for the week.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to make the trade… including the simple instructions you can enter right into your online account… or even read word-for-word to your broker.

Persinos: And earlier you said none of the trades you put out should take more than seven minutes to enter?

Fink: Well, it depends on which technique I’m using. The one move is so simple you can probably do it in a minute or two at the most.

But for the most part, seven minutes is probably about right.

Having said that, this isn’t a race.

You don’t make more money by entering them faster.

Persinos: Of course. And there’s more to the emails than just the trade instructions, right?

Fink: Absolutely. I walk through the signals that tipped Paragon off to the opportunity…

I explain the rationale for the technique I’m going to use…

How it works…

How much money you could make…

The factors that could affect the outcome…

And of course, the easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the trade.

Persinos: Jim, I think you’re selling yourself short here…

Because according to what your subscribers to your existing services tell us…

What you send out each week basically amounts to a masterclass in options trading…

Like Beth B. from San Jose, California who said:


Or Scott M. from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who wrote in saying:


And Richard S. from Austin, Texas who said:


Fink: That’s flattering. And I guess you could look at it that way…

But I’m not under the illusion that everyone is going to want to understand how my system finds these opportunities…

Or why I’m using one trade over the others.

I know some folks are simply going to open their email each week…

Grab the instructions…

And go place the trade.

I’m perfectly fine with that.

Persinos: Of course. And the bottom line is, no matter which route you choose…

You’re always guaranteed to come away with a simple recommendation that could help you make as much as 18 times more than buy-and-hold investors.

And you can do it by risking less of your money.

Each week, Jim releases a new trade to Inner Circle members….

Which means when you join him today, you’ll guarantee you get a shot at profiting from 53 trades in the next year.

More importantly, you’ll be covered by my outrageous promise that if the gains from Jim’s winning trades don’t add up to 1,000% in the next 12 months…

I’ll have him work for you for another year — on us.

Because as far as I’m concerned it means we didn’t deliver on my promise that you’d give them the opportunity to bank gains of 1,000%.

Any objections to that, Jim?

Fink: Well, I don’t make guarantees. That’s not my job.

But at the same time, I don’t see why you couldn’t make really good money with my recommendations.

Persinos: Me either. Especially considering what you’ve done for readers of your other services.

I mean, one investor let us know he made $106,000 following your work.

Another says he’s made over $210,000.

Yet another told us his annualized return is a staggering 14,000%.

That’s 141 times his money!

And we even heard from a couple who is building a house with the profits from your trades.

Fink: In a lot of ways, messages like those thrill me even more than when I made my own fortune.

Because it means I’ve had a hand in changing someone else’s life for the better.

Persinos: Agreed. They’re also what gives me the confidence to stand behind your work.

Because you already have a long, storied history of helping regular investors make fantastic sums of money.

And I simply don’t see any way you won’t crush the 1,000% profit goal I’ve set.

It’s also why I believe we could easily charge $25,000 to become a member of your Inner Circle.

Fink: We probably could. But that’s not why I created this service.

I’ve already made enough money using my Paragon system to retire early and live the rest of my life in comfort.

I don’t have a boss.

I don’t punch a clock.

The only things I do at this point are the things I love…

Like spending time with my family… traveling…

And, of course, sharing my money-making secrets with regular investors so that they can do what they love more often, too.

Which is why I’ve set the price for a membership to my Inner Circle at only $2,995.

Persinos: That’s still not cheap.

Fink: Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

I designed the Inner Circle for people who are committed to making a lot of money. Fast.

And my experience has been that the folks who have the most success with my programs are the ones serious enough to put some real skin in the game…

And are ok with the fact that all sales are final.

Persinos: Well, I can’t argue with that. I know it’s hard to believe someone would sign up for a service like yours…

Make some money on a few trade recommendations…

Then request a refund.

But it happens more than you think.

Fink: It does. And since I’m only opening a small number of new memberships…

I simply can’t afford to let anyone take a spot who’s not truly committed to making money this way.

Persinos: I think everyone would agree that’s fair, Jim.

Especially considering I’m going out on a limb and guaranteeing anyone who joins will have the opportunity to turn a $7,600 stake into a $76,000 profit…

In the next 12 months alone.

Which would be enough to cover your membership 25 times over.

Having said that, I know the current price tag may put your Inner Circle out of reach for some folks.

So, for the investors bold enough to take action today, would you be ok slashing $1,000 off the price to get the ball rolling?

Which means anyone who joins today will be doing it for only $1,995.

Fink: I’m perfectly fine with that.

Persinos: Well, Jim… I know I promised I’d only tie you up for about 30 minutes and it looks like we’ve gone past that…

So before I cover everything that comes with a membership in your Inner Circle

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Fink: Just that I can’t wait to meet everyone who signs up…

And hang on to your hats, because you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Persinos: Great. Thanks so much for your time, Jim.

Fink: My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Ok, let’s take a moment to review everything you get when you join Jim Fink’s Inner Circle.

First and foremost — you’ll get the simple instructions for Jim’s #1 “election-proof” trade

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Then every Monday, you’ll get a new trade alert.

Each one will give you the opportunity to take part in investments like these trades from 2020 alone…

Remember, every alert comes with a full write up on the opportunity including the simple instructions you need to make the trade in seven minutes or less.

And when it’s time to get out of a trade, Jim will notify you by sending you a flash alert via email.

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Because, just like everything Jim does… he’ll provide simple instructions you can follow word-for-word in your trading account.

report coverYou’ll also get Jim Fink’s Inner Circle Blueprint — 4 Anytime Options Strategies for Huge Profits.

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And he’ll reveal a move you can make to prevent a loss when a trade goes against you.

I’ve never seen anyone break down options so simply like Jim does in this document…

And you’ll get it free when you join his Inner Circle.

You’ll also get access to your very own private members area.

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But the most powerful thing you’ll get there is access to the Inner Circle message board.

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Jim’s a very hands-on guy…

So don’t be surprised that if you ever do ask a question there…

You actually get an answer from the man himself.

Now of course Jim can’t speak to your personal financial situation, your personal account sizes or allocations…

But he’ll cut right to the heart of the question, so you and the other “Inner Circle” members know the way forward.

Members of his other services love this feature.

And it’s not hard to understand why…

Frank T. from Fort Myers, Florida said:


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And Pamela Y. wrote in to say:


This kind of support is virtually unheard of these days — especially when you consider it’s coming directly from an analyst as accomplished as Jim.

And it’s one of the many reasons why thousands of regular investors pay good money to join his services each year.

But don’t say “yes” just yet.

Because when you’re join us inside Jim Fink’s Inner Circle today, you also get these two FREE bonus gifts…

report coverStarting with Jim Fink’s Election-Proof Arsenal.

This report gives you all the instructions you need to make an arsenal of “election-proof” trades including:

“The Cable Killer” — This is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to tell your cable company to kick rocks.

“The Big Tech Payday: — This is the ONLY way to bank Big Tech dividends without the hefty price tag of buying Big Tech stock.

Plus two more that I call: “The Money Cloud” and “The Profits Runner.”

But there’s still more…

report coverBecause when you join Inner Circle today you’ll also get instant access to The Inner Circle Secret for Lowering Your Risk and Increasing Your Profits on EVERY Trade.

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We’re only letting 356 people join this service total.

I wish it could be more.

But Jim was adamant that we keep the numbers low so he could make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

We pushed it up to 356 because that’s the size of his largest current closed trade win streak. Can’t argue with that!

But when we hit the 356th member, this deal will automatically close out. No exceptions.

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There’s a good chance this is going to be your one — and only — chance to join.

To see all the details for this exclusive opportunity, simply click the button at the bottom of this page.

Remember, Jim Fink is one of the world’s foremost options experts…

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Now it’s your turn.

Click the button below to review all the details on how you can make a quick $2,753 with tonight’s “election-proof” trade and as much as $76,000 (or more) in the next year by joining Jim Fink’s Inner Circle.

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This is John Persinos, signing off.

Thanks for joining us today.

I won’t hit you with a shovel, but I will encourage you to join Jim Fink’s Inner Circle… and then take it easy.

Because the election is only days away. Now is the time to ask yourself will you will you spend sleepless nights worrying until the vote is counted?

Or will you sleep soundly knowing you secured your shot at $2,753 in “election-proof” profits.

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