The world’s biggest company is burning through 5,000+ patents, 3,000+ engineers, and $643 in cash every second to save itself from “iPocalypse”

The Hidden Glitch Putting Apple’s Multi-Trillion-Dollar Empire on Red Alert
(And the 1 Stock to Play It)


Early investors have already seen a 387% gain, but the next profit wave this stock delivers could climb as high as 2,279%, starting February 26.

Fellow investor,

Apple rarely makes a mistake.

It’s a key reason the company is worth over three TRILLION dollars today.

But I doubt you’d stick around another second if I told you the groundbreaking recommendation I’m about to reveal is, “Buy Apple and take a nap.”

Frankly, that’s "advice" for a toddler.

But once in a blue moon, they FLINCH

(Opening a short window for in-the-know investors to make massive profits...)

And Apple just flinched.

I’ve been anticipating this particular window opening for over three years now.

Waiting for the right moment to pounce… and literally eat Apple’s lunch.

That moment has finally arrived. And you’re about to get the inside scoop on the “missing software” that’s giving Apple CEO Tim Cook NIGHTMARES.

(One that’s unlocked — briefly — a golden opportunity for investors.)

For years I’ve been sniffing around Apple, absolutely certain they were hard at work on their most ambitious project yet.

But I couldn’t make a recommendation in good faith because Apple had yet to lock in a company capable of tackling the one single software nightmare that could cripple the whole endeavor.

In other words... the most important piece of the puzzle was still missing.

But now, with the final piece of this incredible investment puzzle finally falling into place… my latest analysis shows an impending profit surge that could climb as high as 2,279%... starting on Friday, February 26th.

In the next few minutes, I’ll explain the significance of February 26, along with the one investment I recommend making BEFORE that date. (Once again, don’t run out and buy Apple. You’ll be leaving money on the table if you do.)

First, we need to press rewind so I can show you when this missing puzzle piece began to fall into place... for me and for the world’s largest company.

The Moment Apple CEO Tim Cook Strode On Stage And Dropped A Bombshell Opportunity On Investors That Could Hand Out a Hefty 2,279% Profit

When Tim Cook unveiled Apple’s new “Vision Pro” augmented reality device at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) …

He called it “the most advanced electronic equipment out there.”

He added, “It will do everything your MacBook and iPhone can do… and more.”

All the usual hype you’d expect from an Apple product announcement.

However, for all the hype surrounding the Vision Pro, one thing was sorely lacking from Cook’s presentation that no one seemed to notice.

But I did.

Because it was the last piece of the puzzle I had waited three years to fall into place.

You see, unlike any other product announcement in the company’s history…

Apple CEO Tim Cook did not actually USE the device.

That’s something that’s never happened before.

And there’s a good reason why…

A reason that’s scary for Apple...

But very exciting for YOU.

Not many people know this, but at the time of CEO Tim Cook’s announcement at the WWDC…

The new Vision Pro device lacked critical software that all but ensures it becomes the next must-have for Apple fanatics.

That’s why one tiny company has become such a crucial partner for the tech giant.

Without their software, Apple’s so-called genius device would be a catastrophic failure.

This explains the magnitude of the investment opportunity unfolding in front of us today. And why I urge you to make your move before Friday, February 26.

That’s the day Apple rolls out the new Vision Pro device, and if I’m right…

That’s when the 2,279% profit surge could start for their small software partner.

BEHIND THE SCENES: The “Silent Partner” Apple Paid a King’s Ransom To Put The Missing Software In Its New Vision Pro Device

The one firm we’re zeroing in on for this investment opportunity today?

Few investors have heard of it.

And only 13 Wall Street analysts even cover the stock.

Yet, its roster of billion-dollar clients includes the U.S. Military and six tech giants you’ve likely heard of, including Intel, Nvidia, and Microsoft.

It recently handed investors a 387% profit after its IPO surpassed the target price range, and a $10,000 investment blossomed to $38,700 in 12 months.


That’s huge.

Still, thanks to the critical role of its patented software in developing the apps needed to ensure the success of the Vison Pro… I predict this small company's next profit wave could climb as high as 2,279% over the next few years.

Along with the lucrative aspect of Apple’s deal with this small company…

But first, if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen this investment opportunity in the news yet…

The simple answer is that even when the media has all the evidence in front of them to see a big opportunity on the horizon…

They never seem to connect the dots until in-the-know investors have already cleared the biggest gains off the table… and the masses start piling in…

Fighting over the scraps like rats over the last piece of cheese.

Just look at the recent headlines surrounding Apple’s new device.

The Wall Street Journal says,


Business Insider writes,


And Bloomberg predicts,


They’ve said the new device won’t appeal to customers. It’s too expensive… too impractical…

And as far as they’re concerned…

Apple would be foolish to risk its pristine reputation with a new device that some critics claim will “make you puke all over your shoes.

Classic media skepticism. However, based on CEO Tim Cook’s presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference... Apple seems to have covered most of the known areas of concern with the new device.

Remember, Apple didn’t top the charts as a multi-trillion-dollar tech titan by making dumb decisions.

computerStill, their new Vision Pro device has a missing software problem that none of the so-called geniuses of Silicon Valley and Wall Street will tell you about.

It’s the final clue that’s unlocked a rare 2,279% investment opportunity…

Putting you in the perfect position to profit from their ignorance.

Contrary to what you’ll see in the media, it doesn’t even matter if Apple’s new device becomes an instant success or starts slow before taking off later.

The tech giant is operating on an accelerated timeline, and they don’t have the time to care whether customers are ready for the Vision Pro.

In other words, regardless of how long adoption takes, or if it happens at all…

Apple Must Shovel Obscene Amounts Of Cash Into This Project Now To Speed It Up… And I’ve Zeroed In On The 1 Stock Primed To Profit From That Desperation

Just look at everything Apple has ALREADY committed to this ONE project…

It Wouldn’t Be The First Time A Key Apple Partner Could’ve Made You STUPID RICH

Take NXP Semiconductors.

If you got in early after it was revealed that NXP would supply Apple with fingerprint sensors for the iPad (exactly as I’m urging you to do with this new investment opportunity), you could’ve scooped up 100 shares with $1,000.

Today, NXP Semiconductors trades at around $206 per share.

And every $1,000 you invested would be worth $20,700.

$5,000 to start, and you’d be sitting on an additional $103,500 right now.

What a rocket ride!


Or consider Cirrus Logic.

After it was revealed that the company would start delivering audio chips for the iPhone… the stock took off running and never looked back.

Going all the way from $6.91 to $77.02.

That’s a 1,114% gain.

And every $500 invested ten years ago — right when the Cirrus opportunity was only obvious to in-the-know investors — is now worth $6,070.


When you’re constantly plugged into high-probability opportunities like these…

You can live unbothered by high inflation, rising interest rates, or whatever Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says at the next FOMC meeting.

fishingIn fact, you can FORGET THE NEWS completely and sleep well at night with financial peace of mind…

And take that fishing trip with your grandkids without a care in the world… secure in the knowledge that your money is generating new wealth every day that the stock market is open.

Most investors never get a chance to experience living this kind of carefree life.

But as I’ve been hinting throughout this letter, it couldn’t be more straightforward. Invest in key Apple partners before the media connects the dots, and you can enjoy a rocket ride to the moon once the profit surge begins.

Let’s look at a few more examples of what’s possible when you get in early on key Apple partners playing a strategic role in the tech giant’s success story (even when that strategic role costs Apple DEARLY).

The Consistent Profit Pattern With “Key Apple Partners” That Most Investors Miss... And How To Ensure You Get It Right This Time

Take the Apple II computer.

Apple II

It was one of the world’s best-selling computers for 17 years.

But long before the Apple II was discontinued in 1993…

Apple prepared the launch of its successor (ten years in advance).

That’s right — the tech giant filed patents for the Macintosh in 1983...

A decade before investors realized they could make a fortune investing in companies supplying critical hardware and software for the Mac… and racking up major profits because of it!

Like Motorola and Intel...

Folks who got in on Motorola when the patents were filed— and held on — are sitting on 38x their money, while Intel investors made more than 85x their money.


Or Take the iPod, the pint-sized device that put 1,000 songs in our pockets.


In 2004, long before it peaked as the fastest selling mp3 player in history…

Apple kicked off a top-secret project that would ultimately render the iPod obsolete.

Codename: "Purple."


I’m talking about the iPhone, of course.

As you might guess, firms supplying critical hardware and software for this groundbreaking device delivered substantial gains to early investors.

For example, if you bought shares of Corning Inc. on January 1, 2007 (eight days before Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the MacWorld Conference)…

You’d be sitting on a 228% gain today.


Corning Inc. supplies scratch-resistant glass for iPhone screens (along with just about every other major phone and tablet manufacturer on Earth).

That market is worth around $58 billion today.

Qualcomm, an Apple partner supplying critical processors for the iPhone’s wireless radio connections, delivered a 562% gain over the last decade.

And just $13 could’ve cut you in on Micron Technologies — another significant Apple partner providing memory chips for the iPhone – for a 569% rocket ride!

What about the iPad?


Apple introduced the iPad to disrupt the tablet market in 2010.

And every $500 invested into Pegatron — a company tasked with assembling critical hardware components for the iPad — is worth $2,184 today.

Then, there’s Broadcom.

This company produces radio components for the iPad that allow it to tap into ultra-fast 5G networks.

And it delivered a life-changing 6,961% windfall over the last decade.

Or Skyworks...

It supplies wireless chips that power the iPad.

And you could’ve scooped up shares at $13 in 2010…

Before it rose to $94.60 for a 745% gain over the last decade.

Today, a similar opportunity is unfolding before your very eyes. And you have a golden opportunity to get in before the profit surge begins on February 26.

According to my calculations, we’re looking at a very real shot at raking in 23x our money from Apple’s desperation...

Thanks to a critical aspect of Apple’s Vision Pro partnership with this tiny software firm.

Let’s look at another factor that put Apple in such a hurry and made them desperate to share their most valuable asset with this tiny firm.

Apple Is Facing An Extinction Level Event

Here’s a quote from CNN Business that describes Apple’s desperation:


This concerns iPhone sales, which have been on the decline for years.

Sales plunged 15% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

And not even the launch of the iPhone 14 helped.

That decline is a massive problem, of course…

Because nearly 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone.

chart pie

It’s easy to understand why this downtrend is unstoppable when you think about it...

Anyone who wants an iPhone probably already has one.

And for many, there’s simply NO reason to upgrade your phone every year.

Each new iPhone model looks nearly identical to the last...

Performance improvements are barely noticeable...

And a slightly better camera doesn’t justify an $899 yearly expense for most people.


Apple knows this is a big problem. That’s why it’s shoveling a seemingly unlimited amount of cash into the new Vision Pro device.

First, to replace as much of the lost revenue from declining iPhone sales as possible...

And second, to grab a foothold in the augmented reality/virtual reality market at the same time.

But as I mentioned earlier, the big winner won’t be Apple.

It’s a small software company I’ve zeroed in on…

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

After Tracking This Investment Story Like A Bloodhound For Years, I’ve Finally Sniffed Out The Perfect Way To Profit From Apple’s iPhone “Backup Plan”

My name is Dr. Joe Duarte.

I’m a board-certified anesthesiologist.

And I spend most of my time saving patients’ lives.

But in my spare time, I’m the editor of Profit Catalyst Alert here at Investing Daily.

I’ve been tracking the story about Apple’s iPhone “backup plan” like a bloodhound since I first caught wind of it in September 2021…

Over two years before CEO Tim Cook’s official announcement at the WWDC.

You might call that obsessive.

But that’s what we do here at Profit Catalyst Alert.

It’s that kind of obsession that’s allowed us to spot the profitable triggers that hand our readers substantial returns… weeks, months, and sometimes years before the mainstream media finally connects the dots.

For example, we helped readers get in early on the recreational boats manufacturer Malibu Boats for a 103% profit over the last five years.


Another well-timed trade on the renewable energy company Ameresco returned 350% in four years


And some of our readers had the chance to pocket 1,422% gains from the real estate management company, eXp World Holdings, in just two years…

Turning every $500 into $7,110 during that period.


But that’s just a glimpse of the profits regular investors have had the chance to see following the recommendations inside Profit Catalyst Alert.

Right now, 28 out of our 36 open trades are in the green.

And if you invested a modest $5,000 in one of our winning positions…

Like Sterling Infrastructure, which grew 162% over 12 months...

You could have walked away with an $8,100 profit...

Just for being in the right trade at the right time.

Of course, past results DO NOT guarantee future performance...

And you should never invest more than you’re comfortable walking away from.

Level-headedness is the name of the game when it comes to investing.

But when you know the script for what will likely happen next in the markets… and you know with almost 100% certainty where ONE particular stock is headed… making money from it should be a cakewalk, right?

In that case, you wouldn’t need to bet the farm to make life-changing gains.

That’s the case with the investment opportunity I want to share with you today.

As iPhone sales are in decline, Apple is FORCED to bring the new Vision Pro device to market now...

And the evidence from my research suggests its software partner could deliver gains reaching as high as 2,279%, starting February 26.

How Apple’s New Device Improves Our Lives And The Lucrative Deal That Gives Your "Next Investment" An Unfair Upside

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with the new Vision Pro device.

I could give more examples of how this tech promises to improve our lives.

From medical training, to repair and maintenance of virtually any machine, to helping individuals and first responders stay safe during natural disasters and public emergencies…. and more.

But the bottom line is this...

What Apple’s Vision Pro can do is unlike anything the world has seen.

And if I’m right, the gains from the Apple software partner I want to give you the name of will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this sector.

Inside Apple’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Deal With A Tiny $34 Software Firm (And Why NOW is the Time To Snag Your Ticket to Ride The Profit Surge)

Bringing the Vision Pro to market isn’t as simple as using the same software already on the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

For this project to succeed…

Apple would need to build a perfect ecosystem of killer apps for the 1,000s of Apple fanatics willing to pony up $3,499 to get their hands on the new device.

The problem was it would take years to make it happen. (Just like it did for the iPhone, the Macintosh, and every other major device release in its history.)

However, Apple MUST replace lost revenue from declining iPhone sales NOW.

And they don’t have the time to build an ecosystem of killer apps from scratch.

That’s why they called on the small software firm I’m recommending you invest in today.

This Firm Has a Fortress of 570 Patents Protecting Its Competitive Advantage… But That’s Not The Only Reason It’s Poised To Hand Early Investors a 23x Return on Their Money

This software maker owns the leading platform for developing games, film, animation, and other applications for augmented and virtual-reality devices.

Its three main revenue streams include…

Thanks to expansion into new markets like automotive, architecture, manufacturing, energy, and more… this software firm expects to grow its earnings by 50.5% and revenue 12% over the next 12 months.

But that’s just a glimpse of something much bigger on the horizon.

For Apple’s new Vision Pro device to have the slightest chance of success…

The tech giant needs an entire app store with hundreds of killer apps.

But right now, the app store looks like a joke.

Like buying a computer with no programs installed, there’s not much you can do with it… YET.

That’s why Apple called this tiny firm to supply its software platform for killer applications, making the device worth the $3,499 price tag.

It's an app FACTORY where all the best nerds and developers are already working.

And because Apple wants to avoid shipping a device that becomes the world’s most talked about paperweight…

I believe it will do anything to take advantage of this company’s software…

Including sharing a significant portion of its app store revenues.

More on that shortly...

But first, another flashing indicator tells us the time is now.

This Company’s Insiders Have Already Gobbled Up 3.5 Million Shares In What I Can Only Assume Is The Anticipation Of A Big Profit Surge…

And Today, You Have a Golden Opportunity to Join Them For Just $34

table 1

Even one of the company’s biggest shareholders, who’s currently sitting on more than one million shares, couldn’t contain his excitement in a recent interview where he said: “We’re in the early innings of something BIG that’s about to take off.”

You won’t see this “smoking gun” front and center of any news website.

But the writing on the wall is clear...

Get in early alongside this company’s insiders and you can share in the gains once the growth surge of up to 2,279% begins on February 26.

Here’s one more reason I’m bullish on this company.

It already delivered a 387% gain thanks to its software deals with Google, Disney, and large automakers like Audi, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz.

And it was on track to deliver bigger gains before the Vision Pro deal.

This company will benefit the most from Apple’s latest launch… but they are not reliant on Apple for their success.

In other words… we’re not looking at some pie-in-the-sky, "pass/fail” stock that will either hand you a huge wad of cash or a complete loss.

The lucrative aspect of its partnership with the tech giant only supercharges what was already a quickly growing company… giving small investors like us the chance to see 10 to 20 years’ worth of gains in just a few years.

And the financial results I obtained recently reveal even more exciting news…

Because this company posted revenue growth of 40.66% in the last quarter.

More than Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon COMBINED.

With cash flow from operations jumping as high as 152% year-to-date.

Again, while that’s a lot of money… I still believe they’re just getting started.

This tiny software company is less than 0.1% of Apple’s size. And there’s no telling just how much revenue the tech giant will have to share with them to build out their app store.

In addition, thousands of programmers will soon be scrambling to use this company's software to get their applications in front of Apple’s most eager spenders.

And these same programmers will also have to pay this company for the privilege of using their software…

So while I wish I were a fly on the wall when these decisions are made…

And I could tell you exactly how much money this tiny company stands to make by bailing Apple out (or most importantly what that revenue explosion will do to share price)…

The truth is, unfortunately, Apple keeps this information close to its chest.

At the same time, what I do know for sure is that Apple has a long and storied history of driving its supplier share prices to the moon.

In fact, over the years a few key suppliers have seen their share prices soar close to 7,000%!

For example, if you took a tiny $500 stake in Broadcom at the right time, you could have walked away with over $34,000 in profit!

Imagine what you could do with that amount of cash!

And that’s just the profits from ONE of Apple’s key suppliers...

Assuming this company “only” delivers the average gain of all the suppliers we discussed earlier... we’re looking at a 2,279.7% return.


Which would take a bare-bones investment of only $500 and turn it into a game-changing $11,390 profit…

Go bold with a $1,000 stake and you’re looking at $22,797…

Or if you’re as confident as I am in this stock’s future, you could go big and take a shot at turning every $10,000 invested into a portfolio-bursting $227,970 profit.

Could I be wrong? Absolutely…

But even if we’re only able to bring home HALF of that projection…. that’s still a 1,139% return!

Which would multiply $500 into a $5,695 profit… and every $1,000 into $11,390

Of course, it goes without saying…

There are no guarantees in the market.

So, while I’m confident there are big things on the horizon for this small software company…

You should never "bet the farm" on one play.

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Apple’s fully autonomous self-driving vehicle, which requires no user intervention, steering wheel, or pedals, goes further than any other car manufacturer, including Tesla, Ford, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.

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If my analysis is correct, and the Apple Car ships before the summer of 2025, I won’t be surprised if the small company making it possible delivers a 10x gain.

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