Reformed Broker Reveals the Secret to 
Collecting $68 Billion in

"Hidden Market" Payouts

Here’s how you can use a government-issued “access code” to add $7,684 a month to your retirement savings starting tomorrow…

URGENT: In order to qualify for the next round of checks you need to have your name on the list before February 4th, 2016.

So don't delay

Fellow Investor,

Over the course of the past 50 years, the U.S. government has buried a series of profitable gifts for investors deep inside some of the most complex regulatory codes ever written.

And for virtually the same amount of time—the only people who knew about them were the ones who needed them the least—America’s financial elite.

But that’s all about to change.

Because in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how a number of little-known federal laws allow you to cash checks for thousands of dollars a month from some of Wall Street’s most profitable companies…

...and deposit them directly into your retirement account.

You see, I’ve developed a program designed with the specific purpose of siphoning money from these hidden markets.

I call it “Maximum Income for Retirees” but you’ll just call it “a godsend” because it allows you cut out Wall Street fat cats like your broker or financial advisor—who’ve gotten obscenely rich at your expense.

And when you follow the detailed instructions in this letter, you’ll discover how to add $7,684 to $25,618 directly into your retirement account month in and month out…

…all thanks to Uncle Sam.

And get this: Right now—very few investors know about the hidden markets I’m about to show you.

In fact, our informal research shows that 8 out of 10 have never heard of them.  And that’s a shame. Because the people who do know about them are making enormous amounts of money.

“Too many financial advisers have sales incentives to steer responsible Americans into bad investments with high fees and lower returns that leave their clients with less in retirement.”

- Jeff Zients, Director, White House National Economic Council

The truth is the mainstream financial press is never going to do much to help the little guys. Think about it. The hedge funds, brokers and major financial planners pay the media’s bills with the advertising dollars they spend.

So mainstream publications are never going to shine a bright light on investment vehicles that not only allow you to cut out—but also outperform—their biggest customers.

That’s great news for you.

Because it means there are still bargains in these markets.

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you how you can use my Maximum Income for Retirees plan to collect a small fortune.

Here’s the thing…

Everything in my plan is completely legal (and was created by the U.S. government), so if you feel a twinge of fear relying on yourself instead of your broker or advisor…stop!

Your fear is exactly what they want.

Here are three good reasons why you should give these “hidden market” payouts your full attention: My Maximum Income for Retirees plan offers you incredible wealth-building opportunities with little risk.

It’s safe, simple and best of all—it generates massive amounts of income.

The U.S. government created every investment in my plan. They’re all perfectly legal and completely safe.

Wall Street has been lying, cheating and stealing from you for years.

Every time you put a single penny into a stock, bond or mutual fund, Wall Street has their hand in your pocket. So you shouldn’t feel bad—or worry—about diverting that money back to your own account where it belongs…because it’s your money, not theirs.

“If your business model rests on taking advantage of bilking hard-working Americans out of their retirement money, then you shouldn’t be in business.”

- Barack Obama

If you’re looking for a safe, simple way to pad your nest egg, my Maximum Income for Retirees Plan is hands down the single best opportunity you’ll find today.

But don’t just take my word for it. Read this entire letter. Then decide for yourself if my high-income plan is right for you.

A word of warning though—I wouldn’t wait too long to make a decision.

One front-page article on my plan—or one random comment on the Internet about how massive the payouts are—could cause prices to skyrocket and effectively lock you out.

So please read on immediately.

I Walked Away

My name is Jim Pearce and I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for Personal Finance.

I think it's important for to know that jim_p-WEB-005when I talk about the games Wall Street plays—and the lies they tell you— that I speak from a different perspective than most folks you’ll hear from.

For 26 years I worked behind the scenes of Wall Street as a broker, financial planner and investment advisor. So when I call something a lie—it’s not based on a hunch or speculation.

It’s based on over two decades of “in the trenches” experience.

Let me tell you a little story on why I’m here with you today instead of perched behind my mahogany desk in the corner office I used to have.

My parents raised me to look people in the eye, shake a man’s hand and tell the truth.  I’m sure yours did too.

But that was hard to do on Wall Street.

Over my two decades there, I toiled away and on my own time I developed a stock-picking system that takes all the guesswork out of investing. But I was never allowed to use it on my clients’ behalf.

My system is cold, hard and calculating. But even I had my doubts about it the first time I tested it out and Ford came up as a screaming buy.

Especially since it was in 2008 during the height of one of the worst market crashes in history—and at a time when General Motors was filing for bankruptcy.

But I had faith in my system because it removed an investor’s worst enemy...emotion.

And in 2008 it was fear—bordering on panic.

So I swallowed hard and bought shares of Ford with my own personal account.

And boy was I glad that I did...

Because three years later I sold Ford for $127,344 in profits—that’s a six-figure win on a single trade!

But even then, my bosses wouldn’t let me use my system for my clients.

They told me to recommend the “house list” of stocks...or to push whatever was in the news.

But I wanted to do better than that. I saw how people were struggling and I had all the proof I needed that my system could help.

So I decided to walk away from Wall Street and all of its shenanigans.

Can you blame me? Imagine waking up one day to find you had $127,344 in profits sitting in your account.

It happened to me.

And today I’m going to show you how it could happen to you.

The Dirty Truth About Wall Street

You’d never know it by talking to your broker, but there’s a world of investments out there that crush the S&P 500’s paltry 2% yield.

And when I say that, I’m not talking about doubling it. I’m talking about companies that easily pay out four times the S&P 500’s yield.

Heck, I even know of a few that pay out ten times what the S&P 500 does. And on top of that—many of them have the potential for triple-digit gains fact I’m going to show you one in just a minute.

But I doubt your financial planner or broker ever told you about them.

“When you get bad advice, you pay for it.”
—Cristina Martin Firvida, Director of Financial Security at AARP

Let’s face it—when investors find stocks of that caliber, they’re going to keep their money in them forever. Wouldn’t you?

And the truth is—Wall Street doesn’t make its money off of buy-and-hold investors. So they don’t want you to “go long” on an investment.

You see, Wall Street makes its money on fear—because it creates churn. And churn creates the opportunity to charge fees—and to make commissions by selling the flavor of the day.

Everything on Wall Street—the labyrinth of codes…high-tech algorithms…and volumes of legalese—all have a single purpose:

To hold regular investors like you at bay…and slowly bleed you of your money.

When I worked on Wall Street I knew I could beat the S&P’s returns in my sleep with the companies that make up my Maximum Income for Retirees Plan. Because I was doing it for myself.

And so was everyone I worked with.

But there I was, looking good folks straight in the eye telling them they should be glad they were making 4% on their money (just enough to beat inflation).

All the while knowing there were government-created investments I could put them in that were capable of safely paying out up to four times that amount.

But they wouldn't let me.

So I decided to walk away and leave all of that behind.

Government Creates Massive Cash Machines

Imagine having access to the same stocks that Wall Street's top traders are buying.

I'm not talking about the ones they’re recommending to “average Joe” investors.

I'm talking about the ones they’re putting into their own personal investment accounts.

Think of the advantage you’d have. While other investors struggle to eke out a few hundred dollars to live on each month—you could build your wealth at a phenomenal rate.

In fact, with access like that you could amass a fortune—and secure your retirement—no matter what the stock market does.

And today, I’m going to show you how the U.S. government will help you do exactly that.

These are the exact same companies that billionaires like Harold Hamm, Carl Icahn, and Richard Kinder own.

If that sounds like going to Vegas and having the dealer as your partner—it’s because it is.

Following the big money is a time-tested way to build immense wealth on your own.

And the truth is, knowing the ticker symbols of these companies is like having a government-issued “access code” that will allow you to add thousands of dollars to your retirement savings every month.

Buying into these select stocks will put in the company of investors who are “in the know.”

Let me give you an example of one now.

Hidden Market Opportunity #1:

Stunning 13.7% Payouts Like Clockwork

Ike smilingIn 1960, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the obscure Cigar Tax Extension into law. I was just a child then, but I can't imagine there was much fanfare surrounding it.

And I doubt anyone raised a ruckus about a little-known addendum to it called the REIT act.

But it's a perfect example of how the government created a massive income opportunity—and Wall Street buried it.

You see, REITs are short for “Real Estate Investment Trusts” and their sole goal is to allow regular investors access to large-scale portfolios of income-producing real estate—without having to buy the actual land.

I don't have the space to tell you all about REITs here. But here's what's critical for you know about them right now:

Because of the way they're structured REITs are required to pay out at least 90% of their income to shareholders.

And yet, from the research we’ve done—few investors know about them.

That’s not an accident. You’d want to hold a cash machine like that forever, right?

Who wouldn’t!

Now before you decide to go out on your own and take a stab at buying one of these cash cows—I just want you to know—they’re not all created equal.

Not just any REIT will do, and you don’t want to make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

Let me be your guide.

I can introduce you to the REITs favored by Wall Street’s elite...the ones they buy for their own personal investment accounts...the REITs that will make you money.

That’s why I’d like to send you my special report, How to Claim Your Share of $68 Billion in “Hidden Market” Payouts. Inside you’ll find your “access code”—the ticker symbol for my top-rated REIT.

You’ll be able to get your own FREE copy of this report in just a minute.

First, let me tell you a bit more about the hidden opportunities that you’ll discover inside its pages...

A $25,618 Hidden Market Payout

My top-rated Maximum Income for Retirees pick specializes in buying the mortgages to residential properties.

That may not sound exciting until you know it yields 13.7%.

If it’s hard to imagine what 13.7% means in terms of actual dollars, let me help you out a bit.

Not long ago, Terry P. from Austin, Pennsylvania, cashed a check from this REIT for

And like clockwork—he’ll get another one in just a few weeks.

Now that may not seem like a lot of money, but Terry’s just starting to build his portfolio and over time these payouts will help him create an enormous retirement account.

And then there’s Dottie R., a retired housekeeper from Duluth, Minnesota.

Dottie has been buying shares of this REIT over time—slowly adding to her position. Last month she cashed a check for $19,835.

And she’s set to get another in just a few weeks.

Daryl M., a 57-year-old retired Navy veteran from Roanoke, Virginia, is even banking an astounding $25,618 every three months from the REIT in my report.

Imagine how income like that would change your view on retirement. It literally allows you put your financial fears in the rear-view mirror, and start considering the possibility of paying your grandkids’ way through college or even taking a trip around the world.

You won’t have to imagine for long. Because in just a minute, I’m going to show you how to get a copy of the report that has this REIT’s name and “access code.”

Before I do, let me show you another hidden market that can hand you oversized payouts.

Hidden Market Opportunity #2:

Payouts Seven Times Bigger Than Average Stock

Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t the only president who handed investors the chance to cash enormous checks. Ronald Regan helped too.

On a sunny October day in 1986, President Reagan signed the Tax Reform Act into law.

And just like the Cigar Tax Extension that Eisenhower signed...there was a gift buried inside for income investors.

Because hidden deep within the pages of this document—in a section called Title 26—was wording that created Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

If you’ve never heard of MLPs you’re not alone. Just as with REITs—Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about them.

But suffice it to say, they’re the workhorses of the energy industry, like pipelines and refineries.

That may not sound thrilling until you know the average MLP yields a market-trouncing 9.6%.

That’s nearly five times more than you’ll get from regular stocks.

And it’s all thanks to a rule that requires MLPs to pay out 90% of their income. Sound familiar?

So far I’ve shown you two types of companies that:

  • Were created by the U.S. Government
  • Pay out 90% of their income to shareholders
  • Crush the yields of average stocks
  • Make your financial advisor obsolete

But once again, you can’t just throw a dart at the 120+ MLPs that exist in America and expect to get a winner.

Especially when you consider that the oil industry is getting crushed right now.

But I’ve found an MLP that’s chugging along with no problems because its primary focus isn’t on oil.

A $16,640 Hidden Market Payout

This savvy company has managed to avoid the fate of many energy stocks, thanks to a laser focus on natural gas—instead of oil.

America has just become the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

That’s important because the countries where it’ll go—like Japan and China—gladly pay four times more for natural gas than we do.

And this company provides a critical link because it owns thousands of miles of pipelines that will deliver the gas to ports in Texas and Louisiana.

Income-seeking investors like Barry M. love it because it yields 14.9% and has raised its dividend for the past nine quarters.

Barry has owned 1,275 shares for just over 18 months and recently cashed a check for $1,268.

That’s $113 more than his first one—so he can attest to the power that rising dividends have.

So can Dawn B. from San Jose, California. Dawn just received a check for $9,452— $852 more than her first.

That’s $852 she can use to take a nice weekend trip—or even buy more shares.

Then there’s the story of Paul R., a landscaper from Mesa, Arizona. He’s been adding to his position over time and just received a check for a stunning $16,640.

On top of its growing payouts, this MLP has also tacked on over 16% to its share price in the past month.

And I expect its upward march to accelerate as the frenzy to export natural gas to energy-hungry parts of the world like Asia and Europe heats up.

All its details are in my special report How to Claim Your Share of $68 Billion in “Hidden Market” Payouts. I’ll show you how to get for a FREE copy in just a minute.

Before I do, let me show you why presidents weren’t the only U.S. government officials to create hidden markets.

Hidden Market Opportunity #3:

Market-Bashing Payouts of 9.7% for Less Than $10

Congress has also had a hand in creating massive payouts.

In fact, in 1980 it passed an amendment to the Investment Company Act of 1940.

That approval created entities called Business Development Corporations (BDCs).

BDCs are the “average investor’s” answer to venture capital or private equity funds.

If you’ve ever read about the kinds of returns those firms hand their investors—but you don’t have the minimum $250,000 to get into’ll be thrilled about BDCs.

Because BDCs give investors like you and me the chance to put money into companies too small to be listed on major exchanges—in the hopes they’ll turn into the next Microsoft or Apple.

But it’s not just the potential for moon-shot gains that make BDCs the best friend of those seeking a comfortable retirement.

Because just like MLPs and REITs—most BDCs are required to pay 90% of their income out to shareholders.

So not only do they offer you the potential for gains you can brag about—but they also deliver you strong,  steady payouts thanks to an average yield of 11.5%.

And once again—you probably haven’t heard about  them from your financial planner. Because it’s another kind of stock you’ll want to own forever.

And now I want to show you one you can pick up for under $10.

How to Turn a Mere $155 Hidden
Payout Into $125,988

This Maximum Income for Retirees pick has interests in companies that range from cell tower builders to aerospace and from defense to transportation.

Remember, they’re betting on a number of different companies.

So the risk is far lower than if you tried to invest in each of the companies by themselves. And it wouldn’t matter if you wanted to anyway—because you can’t. Remember, BDCs hold stakes in private companies—just like the rich-guy venture capital firms do.

But that’s only half of why I like them. Because like I said earlier—they also pay massive dividends, too.

Ryan C. from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can back me up on that. Not long ago this BDC sent him a check for $7,684…and in a few months it’s going to do it again. Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll still get nice checks.

Take Jason D. for example. He just received a check for $155 and he can use that for whatever he wants.

But if he’s smart he’ll put it to use and pick up more shares. That’s called compounding—and it’s the most powerful financial concept available to any investor.

“The White House estimates that conflicted advice costs working- and middle-class families a total of $17 billion in losses each year.”

—National Public Radio
I can’t cover the finer points of how BDC’s compound here...but suffice it to say if he just keeps buying more shares with his dividends for the next 20 years…

he’ll be sitting on a life-changing $125,988!

And that’s assuming the share price and dividends stay the same.

If they go up, he’ll make even more money. If they don’t…it’s still a 28% average annual gain.

Try getting your broker to commit to gains of that magnitude. It’ll never happen.

When I worked on Wall Street, our goal was 4%. I just showed you a company you can buy shares of tomorrow that will allow you to make seven times that amount.

Can you see why brokers and advisors go to great lengths to make sure you never hear about these investments? Does it make sense why they feel threatened by them?

These hidden market stocks will outperform anything you’ll ever hear about from your advisor. And they literally make Wall Street players obsolete.

A word of caution: You need to get your “access code” by February 4th, 2016, in order to get your name on the list for the next round of payouts.

So don’t delay!

I’d like to rush you the Special Report that has all their details. All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free look at my investment service, Personal Finance.

Get Access to My 8% Maximum Income for Retirees Plan

Generating meaningful income in this low-interest-rate environment is a real challenge.

But that will all end when you get access to my Maximum Income for Retirees plan.

Simply put, my “plan” is a portfolio of unique investments that are not only home to these three companies…but 16 other high-yield, low-risk businesses as well.

The goal of this portfolio is in the name. There’s nothing clever about it.

I designed it for the ruthless pursuit of income.

In fact, I promise you—the average yield of this portfolio will  never go below 8%.

That’s four times more than average stocks and twice as good as any financial planner will aim for.

But remember, it’s just the average. There are a handful of stocks in this portfolio that are handing readers payouts of 11.7%, 13.6% and even a stunning 17.6%.

And if something happens to the company that will affect its payouts—I’ll tell you when to sell it. Then I’ll give you another company to replace it your income stream doesn’t take a hit.

That way you can protect principle and your income.

And remember the story of Jason D., who could use his dividends to buy more shares?

Well—truth be told—that was an ultra-conservative calculation…because it didn’t include any growth in share price or dividends.

So what happens if Jason uses his $155 dividend payment to buy more shares for 20 years and the dividends rise a modest 5%?

He’ll be sitting on $389,383.

That’s the kind of money that brings your retirement dreams into sharp focus.

And it’s why I’m writing you today. Because these opportunities are just waiting for you…and I want you to have them. All you need to do is agree to try out Personal Finance.

But there’s so much more to Personal Finance than just life-changing income opportunities.

40 Years of Creating Armchair Millionaires

No matter what your financial situation may be...whether you feel you’re ahead of the game…behind it…or just looking for some fresh ideas...Personal Finance has what you need.

Our entire focus is investing.

Every recommendation I make is backed up by a team of successful investors with decades of experience in stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

My team of analysts aren’t desk jockeys who earn a living by investing PFvsSP_Chartother people’s money.

They’ve created their own wealth.

They understand what it means to have skin in the game. And their real-world approach pays off for our readers.

Since 2000, the S&P 500 has gained only 3.9% a year. But during that same time—which included catastrophes like the 9/11 attacks and the market crashes of 2000 and 2008—the Personal Finance portfolio has racked up a total return of 181%.

That’s nearly three times more the S&P 500.

$100,000 invested in our portfolio in 2000 would have grown to $281,000 by September of 2014.

That’s $103,000 MORE than you would have gotten by putting your money in the S&P 500…just from reading Personal Finance and following our easy-to- understand advice.

In the end, what I’m offering you today is the chance to invest with confidence.

The kind that comes from knowing your hard-earning money is working for you…and at the same time...that it’s safe.

I promise you, when you start putting all the easy-to-follow advice you’ll get from Personal Finance into action—it will show—and your friends and family just may start asking you how you’ve got such an edge.

And best, you can do it from the comfort of your armchair!

Here’s How it Works

HowToClaim_CovWhen you agree to try out Personal Finance I’ll immediately send you:

This power-packed report How to Claim Your Share of $68 Billion in “Hidden Market” Payouts will give you the complete details on all three high-income opportunities I just showed you.

That includes their names, ticker symbols and prices to buy under…so that you can add them to your portfolio the same day.

I’ll even give you the dates of when you can expect your first payouts.

This report typically sells for $399 but I’ll send it to you FREE for agreeing to try out Personal Finance.

5IdealStocks_CovAnd as a special thank-you for giving me a shot to earn your trust I’ll send you this FREE BONUS REPORT, 5 IDEAL Stocks in Any Market.

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Got an appointment?

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But if you’re still not sure about trying out our research, here’s something else I think you’ll like:

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Jim Pearce
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