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Investors who took our recommendation on Chevron — and held on — are currently sitting on a fat 30X return. Now, thanks to a unique behind-the-scenes move on Capitol Hill, it looks like it’s about to happen all over again. Full Story Below…

Fair Warning: To lock in maximum returns, make your move before December 12, 2023.

Fellow Investor,

My name is Jim Pearce.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist here at Investing Daily.

And I’m here with you today to share an urgent message about a “rich retirement oil play” that has only happened once in the energy markets — EVER.

That was thirty-three years ago.

Investors who snapped up shares on our Chevron recommendation in 1990 — and held on to those shares — have seen the value of their investment skyrocket by 3,204%.

In other words, they’re currently sitting on more than 30x their money.

Why not sell, take the profits, and move on?

Simple — we’re convinced Chevron still has some room to run.

And we’re not about to walk away with money still on the table.

But here’s the thing… while Chevron is likely nearing the end of its long profit run…

A behind-the-scenes move in Washington, D.C. meant to save our energy independence has unlocked a similar opportunity.

And today, you have a golden opportunity to stake your claim with just $33.

Mathew Iak, executive vice president of The U.S. Energy Development Corporation, calls it: “The greatest generational opportunity for investors today.”

money stack

That’s because this urgent race to save America’s energy independence involves the discovery of…


To the naked eye, this pristine Texas pasture might not look like much… but sitting 5,964 feet below the surface is what the U.S. Geological Survey confirms is the largest oil reserve ever recorded. As the Biden Administration embarks on a spending spree to save our energy independence, one premier in this vast oil reserve is set to hand investors multi-generational wealth. Could this be your one-way investment ticket to a rich, secure retirement? Read on for the whole story.

The largest natural oil reserve in history.

Not in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia, or Iran…

But right here in America.

Sitting under a pristine pasture in West Texas.

A reserve that while relatively unknown to the world at large… could give you and your family a first-class ticket for the rest of your lives.

You see, investing in this historic opportunity could be akin to buying shares of the best-performing oil stocks nearly three decades ago, right before oil demand skyrocketed.

Take EOG Resources

You could have scooped up shares of this energy juggernaut for just $2 in December 1999 — less than six months before booming oil demand from China sent the stock on a 757% run in 2000.

That’s 8x your money in one year.

Enough to turn every $5,000 into $40,000.

A $10,000 stake, and you’re looking at a $80,000 payday from one clever oil play.

Or consider Hallador Energy.

In December 1999, the under-the-radar stock was trading for just $0.66.

But it was perfectly positioned to benefit from rising oil demand in the early 2000s.

The stock shot up 303% in 12 months (December 1999 to December 2000).

If you had scooped up shares at $0.66, you could have pocketed 3x your money in an otherwise awful year for most investors.

That’s like turning every $1,000 into $3,000 in 12 months.

Then there’s Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Trading at $140 in 1999, many investors would have thought their big gains were long gone.

But over the next 10 years, thanks in part to the government replenishing our emergency oil reserves…

The company handsomely rewarded investors with 98x gains as oil prices reached multi-decade highs…

That’s like turning every $1,000 into $98,730 in less than ten years.

And it’s an excellent reminder of what’s possible when you get in early on oil companies perfectly positioned to profit from rising, persistent oil demand.

But here’s the more exciting part…

If you thought the last oil boom made investors filthy rich…

What I’m about to show you is likely to make those profits look like a drop in the bucket.

Because, unlike previous super-cycles, this new opportunity in oil isn’t just a temporary solution to a short-term supply crunch.

It’s a matter of national security.

That’s why, despite President Biden’s ongoing flirtation with electric vehicles and environmental lobbyists…

The U.S. government has quietly embarked on an all-out “oil spending spree” that’s bigger than we saw in the 1900s and 2000s.

Price be damned!

Below is a snapshot of an internal government document that confirms…

The Biden Administration is Desperately Begging to Buy Three Million Barrels of Oil From at Least One American Company

(And I’ll Tell You Which One Below)…

We found this document buried in the Department of Energy files. The Biden Administration has put itself in such a difficult political and logistical situation that the order gives no guidance as to how high the price of this sale can go, which means unlimited profit potential for the company I’ll tell you about today. Read on for details on the $33 play that could net you a 3,204% windfall starting as soon as December 12.

This company is the one my research convinces me we should be targeting.

The one whose stock could shoot up 3,204% as Chevron did…

Regardless of war, geopolitical tensions, or market turmoil.

In a few minutes, I’ll share more details about this national security emergency…

Precisely what it means for the stock price of the company we’ll discuss today…

And how much it could add to your bottom line in the difficult times ahead.

But for now, the long story short is this…

With our emergency oil reserves dropping over 40% in less than two years…

And Saudi Arabia lining their pockets with our cash thanks to the higher prices that come from massive oil production cuts…

There’s still an urgent need to secure America’s short-term energy independence…

And create the perfect bridge (through the remainder of the 2020s)…

For a truly sustainable transition to cheaper energy sources (in the 2030s).

“Saudi Arabia, Russia, Deepen Oil Cuts,
Sending Prices Higher”— REUTERS.

We really are ALMOST there.

And it will be nice for your grandchildren to have a constant supply of cheap oil…

Without saying “thank you” to the Saudis and Russians every time you fill up.

But what if you could take advantage of this brief, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… to do something MORE for your grandchildren?

By making your family RICH beyond their wildest dreams?

Today may just be your lucky day.

You see, this behind-the-scenes government move gives a small handful of oil companies the opportunity to rewrite history…

And investors participating in the solution will have the chance to make substantial gains from the tiny $33 company I’ll tell you about below.

Make your move today, and over time it could hand you up to 3,204% returns.

Stick with me just a few more moments and I’ll show you the chart that proves it.

Then, I’ll reveal how to get in before the stock goes vertical starting on December 12…

So you can grab your share before the Wall Street fat cats snap up all the profits for themselves.

Because, frankly, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

As you may know, the oil industry has always been where the big money is.

It’s the backbone of our economy (responsible for over 10 million jobs)…

It’s probably launched more family fortunes in America than any other industry….

Even Now, In This Uncertain Market, Its Returns Make Other Investments Look Like A Joke

In the last 12 months, almost every asset class has posted negative returns.

The S&P 500 lost 20%…

U.S. bonds dropped 39%…

And the cryptocurrency market plummeted by 65%.

Oil stocks, on the other hand, have done very well.

ConocoPhillips rose 63%.

ExxonMobil shot up 80%.

Occidental Petroleum soared 130%.

Frontline PLC rose 148%.

And if you held shares in Permian Basin Royalty Trust, you could have had the chance to walk away with 4x your money amid the market bloodbath in 2022.

This rock-solid performance is likely why billionaire investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have been investing in oil for over five decades…

And why I consider it the best investment for difficult times.

“Investors Are Worried About a Recession For Good Reason” – Bloomberg

As America braces for a potentially devastating recession…

With severe financial implications for those unprepared…

Historical data suggests oil could be your best bet for a secure retirement.

A Safe, Reliable Investment With Substantial Returns, No Matter What Happens In The Economy

Take that 354% return on the Permian Basin Royalty Trust.

If you were to generate similar returns from one investment in the difficult times ahead…

You’d have 4.5x your money in a year.

That would turn every $10,000 into $45,000.

It’s the kind of money clued-in oil investors have had the opportunity to rack up over the last 12 months. But when you stake your claim in “The Next Chevron” today…

You could see returns as high as 3,204% over the next few decades.

That’s about 32x your money, regardless of war, geopolitical turmoil, or supply snarls.

You won’t see the story about this company splashed across any news site or sitting front and center on page one of any search engine.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The Big Money Is Already Loading Up On Shares… Of ONE Company

All told, these institutions are sitting on a total of 122.7 million shares.

And as you may know, large institutional money invested in any company is usually a massive vote of confidence in its future.

This implies the high-level financial analysts working for the large institutions mentioned above have already investigated this company, and they LOVE it.

But it’s not just institutional players loading up on the stock.

The World’s Biggest Billionaires Are On Board Right Now, With a Roster Including Names Like…

Why the huge interest?

As Ariel Investments mentioned in a recent letter to investors:

“Management reiterated [XXX XXXX’s] commitment to return 60% to shareholders… Highlighting an attractive return [on investment].”

But these big-name billionaires and institutional investors aren’t the only ones going “all in” on this $33 profit powerhouse.

Company Insiders Are Gobbling Up Shares Alongside Institutional Players And Big-Name Billionaire Investors…

Just look at recent insider buying activities in this company…

All told, insiders snapped up 653,526 shares over a 12-month period…

I don’t know about you.

But when prominent institutional players, savvy billionaire investors…

And company insiders alike all load up on ONE little-known stock…

That tells me they likely know something the average investor doesn’t…

Which is that this company has a “speed-production advantage” that positions it to deliver substantial gains in the race to save America’s energy independence.

Today, you have a golden opportunity to stake your claim for just $33.

If my research is correct, and I believe it is, every $1,000 you invest today could spike to $32,040 after this stock goes vertical, starting as soon as December 12th.

To get in on the action…

You don’t need a special account, you don’t need to be accredited, and you don’t need much money. (Even if you’re unemployed or retired, you can start with as little as $33.)

You don’t need to be an experienced investor. (Forget options, derivatives, day trading, and whatever else. Just follow a few simple steps, click a button, and you’re good.)

You won’t need a lot of time. (A few minutes, then sit back while my new forecast hands you substantial returns from oil… regardless of geopolitical tensions or supply snarls.)

And you certainly won’t need to take on mountains of risk.

I already showed you the internal government document that convinces me this new opportunity is “locked in” and ready to blow.

Jim Pearce is one of America’s foremost investment strategists. His firm recommended “The First Chevron” in 1990 when it sold for $13 per share. Those who followed the recommendation (and held on) are sitting on 30x gains. Today, Jim is going public with another life-changing oil opportunity. In this urgent report, he reveals how just $33 positions you to collect massive profits from “The Next Chevron.”

This means “The Next Chevron” is as close to a sure thing as you’ll find.

As I said earlier, my name is Jim Pearce. And I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at Investing Daily.

At what I thought was the height of my career…

I managed money for Fortune 500 executives and high-net-worth folks…

And helped my clients get rich from under-the-radar opportunities average investors simply aren’t privy to.

(Like the one I’m telling you about today).

At one point, I had over $50 million under my direct control. However, all helping the rich get richer ever did was make me miss birthdays, anniversaries, and family vacations…

All in an effort to add an extra zero or two to some fat cat’s bottom line.

As the years wore on, I realized I wanted out of the rat race… NEEDED out of it.

So even as I delivered win after win for my clients… and protected them from the devastating effects of events like the great financial crisis in 2008…

I was hunting for a fresh opportunity to share financial market insights that could genuinely transform regular people’s lives.

I found my perfect home here at Investing Daily, as the Chief Investment Strategist for our award-winning publication, Personal Finance.

Personal Finance is a flagship publication designed to show you opportunities to generate reliable income and potentially life-changing fortunes…

Month after month… and year after year.

Even if you’re starting with a small account and especially if you like to play it safe.


*These results are exceptional. For details see our disclosure page linked below.

We’ve been doing this for 50 years. And we’ve gotten so good at what we do that those following our recommendations are currently sitting on market-beating returns like…

Not everything we recommend will turn into massive winners like these.

Which is why you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But these winning positions do show what’s possible when you follow our recommendations for the long haul.

Many of our subscribers are so pleased with the returns from our service that — once they’ve found us — they stay for years if not decades.


*These results are exceptional. For details see our disclosure page linked below.

I’m certainly proud of our work.

Especially with the many thank you notes we receive from subscribers who went from mediocre returns to being in a position where they had multiple chances to collect…

Again, not every pick is a guaranteed winner…

Still, the average historical return for this service is 136%.

Imagine what getting in on just one of our recommendations could mean for your finances…

Like when we recommended Noble (an offshore-drilling contractor) at $16 in September 2014. You could have seen a 127% profit less than 12 months after buying shares.

That’s what’s possible when you follow our recommendations… even in this tricky market.

But as impressive as our track record has been over the last three decades…

The story I want to share with you today is the one I’m most excited about.

The “Perfect Oil Play” For a Rich, Secure Retirement, No Matter What Happens in The Economy Next Year…

Remember the U.S. Geological oil discovery I mentioned earlier?

Few know the story.

But sitting 5,964 feet below a pristine pasture in the “middle of nowhere” …

Is what U.S. government officials confirmed to be 46 billion barrels of recoverable oil.

The discovery sent shockwaves through the oil and gas production sector. And stocks positioned to benefit from drilling activities in that oilfield shot up with spectacular speed.

If you owned shares in ConocoPhillips, you could’ve walked away with a 313% profit.

That’s nearly 7x your money.

And a modest $1,000 stake in 2017 would be worth $7,000 today.

Or consider the story of PBF Energy.

For years, most analysts didn’t see potential in the stock. But clued-in investors who bought shares in 2017 had the chance to pocket a 230% gain last month.

That’s a $3,300 return on a $1,000 investment over a six-year period.

Then there’s Marathon, another oil explorer, which returned a 227% gain.

Even a modest $1,500 stake in 2017 would be worth $3,405 today.

These companies were perfectly positioned to benefit from drilling activities relative to rising oil demand…

And now, a series of converging situations have created an explosive new profit opportunity.

Biden’s “National Security Blunder” Leads To A Government Buying Spree

As you may know, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is an emergency supply of crude oil that can be used to offset a severe oil supply shortage anytime.

If a portion of our oil imports or domestic production were cut off…

We could immediately draw from the SPR for the oil we need.

Only the President of the United States can give permission to use it.

Last year, to ease high gas prices after Russia invaded Ukraine…

Biden authorized an emergency sale of over 180 million barrels from the SPR.

The unprecedented amounts of oil released helped lower gas prices.

However, it also shrunk the government’s rainy day fund for future emergencies…

Including hurricanes, wars, and other disasters.

Today, we’re dangerously low on our oil reserves.

When Biden took office in January 2021, the SPR had 638 million barrels of oil.

It’s now down to 362 million barrels — the lowest level since October 1983.

This isn’t about a temporary fix for a supply shortage… it’s an actual, factual, and credible danger to national securityand Biden has to know it.

Especially with OPEC doubling down on oil cuts to line their pockets with more cash…

And Russia, a major supplier, now cut off from the West due to its invasion of Ukraine.

The Energy Department is already soliciting offers to purchase oil to refill Big Hill, one of four major oil storage facilities that make up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Unfortunately, the three million barrels of oil Washington is begging to buy is barely a drop in the bucket compared to the vast amounts of oil recently released from the SPR.

In other words, they’re just getting started.

And this new demand will send a few oil stocks higher in the months and years ahead.

Chief among them is one I’m confident is set to be “The Next Chevron.”

This Little-Known $33 Company Will Deliver The Biggest Gains As Biden Races to Replenish Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve

That’s what my research convinces me is about to happen.

You see, the last time the federal government was desperate to buy large quantities of oil for the SPR, oil investments returned over 50% gains in one year.

Now, we’re witnessing the start of a years-long process to replenish our emergency oil stockpile…

One that will create an extraordinary oil demand super boom.

You’d probably do well if you only bought and held a handful of regular oil and gas stocks. But you’d be selling yourself short because, as I told you earlier…

One little-known company could deliver 3,204% returns over the next few years.

Why on earth would I call this company “The Next Chevron?”

Here’s just a taste of what it has going for it.

Add it all up…

The drilling rights to over 3 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the world’s largest oil reserve…

The speed-drilling technology for producing better, cheaper oil…

5,000 “highly-economic” drilling locations… a robust balance sheet…

And it becomes clear why savvy billionaire investors like Ken Griffin and Cliff Asness consider the stock massively undervalued.

In other words, investing in this company now could be akin to investing in Chevron when my firm first recommended it over three decades ago.

This chart shows how your investment would’ve performed over the years. The stock left the launchpad and never looked back.

Investors who picked up shares at $4 and held on until the massive spike we saw on June 04, 2021… walked away with 823% gains. Investors still holding onto their shares are currently sitting on 3,204% gains.

All because Chevron was perfectly positioned to benefit from the government’s oil-spending spree and persistent oil demand.

Today, I’ve uncovered another oil stock with similar profit potential. And for just $33… you can get in on the ground floor before the stock goes vertical, starting as soon as December 12.

Here are a few other things this company has going for it:

I could go on.

But hopefully, you’re starting to get a sense of why I’m so bullish on this company.

If not, here’s another major demand driver this company will benefit from.

Go on YouTube right now…

And you’ll likely see a video of tourists throwing cake on the Mona Lisa to protest oil.

Boy, aren’t they dumb?

However, if you talk to your grandkids, you can see there’s a kernel of truth in this idiocy.

The world can’t run on oil forever.

Still, you and I know we need more oil to cross the “bridge” to renewables.

Today, oil is the basis of the $86 trillion global economy.

And to replace it with a net carbon-free energy system in 30 years is a tall order.

Especially one that’s been in place for more than 100 years.

It’s not just shifting from gasoline-powered cars to electric ones.

It’s about moving away from all the other ways we use oil and gas too, including…

In other words, whether as a fuel or feedstock for producing plastics…

Oil is still an integral part of our daily lives and will be for a long while.

The bottom line is that it turns out oil executives and environmentalists were wrong.

We can’t unplug the current energy system until we build or add a new one.

Even If Your Kids and Grandkids Can’t See The Big Picture Yet, The Reality Is That We Need to Keep Drilling For Oil NOW…

Here are the numbers…

Oil demand recently reached an all-time high of 103 million barrels per day.

And the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects an 11% increase by 2040.


Because the petrochemical building blocks for wind and solar power are derived from oil and gas. So, while we ramp up investment in renewables, we must keep investing in oil and gas for a sustainable transition to cheaper, renewable energy sources in the 2030s.

That’s the delicate dance the Biden administration is stuck with.

Between its regulation-loving environmentalist critics on the “left”…

And its drill-everything libertarian critics on the “right”…

There’s a price to be paid for walking this tightrope.

The Biden Administration has embarked on an oil-spending spree to refill our emergency oil reserves and save our energy independence. One little-known oil company is perfectly positioned to profit and it could hand you a potential 3,204% gain, starting as soon as [DATE].

One the Biden administration will happily pay.

The smart money, however, will turn the price of that walk into profits.

The Department of Energy itself is pointing you the way with a blaring alarm signal.

And that signal is the oil-spending spree to refill our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

This brings us back to the company I believe is “The Next Chevron.”

As I told you earlier, this company’s critical assets…

Including a mysterious “speed-drilling technology” for producing cheap, quality oil…

Make it a firm favorite to benefit from Biden’s spending spree to save America’s energy independence.

It has won major government contracts before, and it’s about to do it again.

Get in today, and you could lock in a 3,204% windfall over the next few decades.

But with the energy transition creating more oil demand than we’ve ever seen…

I won’t be surprised if both the speed – and size – of the returns on this rare opportunity exceed my expectations.

Just Look at How Much You Could Have Made In a Recent Oil Supercycle, Compared to Stocks, Bonds, and Gold

POL PA – an oil and gas exploration and production company unleashed 4,623% gains over a 20-year period for savvy investors like yourself.

CNE LN – an innovative energy-extracting company – soared 4,724%.

And PETR-BZ – an oil and gas juggernaut – could’ve handed you a 4,187% profit.

Enough to turn every $1,000 into a $41,870 return over the last two decades.

Just the kind of wealth you want to pass on to your grandchildren.

Can You See Why Oil Remains Your Best Bet For a Rich, Secure Retirement?

Take that 4,187% gain from PETR-BZ during the last oil supercycle…

And compare it to returns from the S&P 500, bonds, and gold over the last ten years.

The S&P returned 177%…

U.S. bonds gained 40%…

And Gold returned 96%.

That’s 177% + 40% + 96% = 313% in ten years.

Not bad.

But which feels better?

4,187% returns on a smart oil play or 313% from stocks, bonds, and gold combined?

You and I know the answer to that question.

It’s the difference between pocketing a $41,870 windfall from a $1,000 investment…

While your know-it-all brother-in-law settles for $3,130 with the same starting stake.

Remember, the stakes today are much bigger than when my firm recommended Chevron to investors like you on Wednesday, March 28, 1990.

Those still holding onto their shares are sitting on more than 30x their money.

And if you’ve stayed with me this far, you can see why 3,204% returns on a company with the potential to save our energy independence is a very conservative estimate.

I’ve put everything you need to get started in my brand-new research report…

The Next Chevron: One Way to Get Rich in The Last Oil Boom.

Inside, you’ll discover every detail behind this rare and time-sensitive opportunity…

My assessment of this company’s assets, the ticker symbol, a top-to-bottom breakdown of how my research arrived at 3,204% gains, and what to expect moving forward.

This report is not available for sale anywhere.

However, I’m willing to send you a free copy today. So you can lock in your spot for maximum gains before this company makes its next announcement on December 12.

Details on how to claim your free copy in just a moment, but first…

Let me show you a simple process I’ve developed over the years…

For predicting which oil stocks will be winners and which ones to avoid.

Five Factors For Pinpointing “The Perfect Oil Play” For A Rich, Secure Retirement…

This company drills in the Permian Basin, but it also has a wide-ranging global footprint that spans South America, Europe and Central Africa. It is currently undertaking an ambitious project off the coast of South America at a time when most U.S. producers have stopped exploring for new oil developments. This reflects a long-term commitment to fossil fuels as it becomes clearer that oil and gas will play a critical role in the renewable energy transition.

You’ll find everything you need to get started in your personal copy of…

The Next Chevron: One Way to Get Rich in The Last Oil Boom.

As I said earlier, it’s not for sale anywhere…

But I’m willing to send you a free copy today when you accept a risk-free trial of our flagship publication, Personal Finance.

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This means you can compound as long as you like and transfer your wealth to your grandchildren tax-free and untouched.

Better yet, there are no age limits as long as you have earned income…

And unlike most accounts that penalize you if you need to withdraw money before retirement, this account allows you to withdraw contributions without penalties or taxes.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that the benefit of tax-free gains can be huge.

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This little-known company is perfectly positioned to benefit from the Biden administration’s oil spending spree to save America’s energy independence.

It has the rights to over 3 billion barrels of recoverable oil in America’s hottest oilfield.

It has the rare technological advantage to produce top-quality oil at lower prices...

Billionaire investors like Ken Griffin are convinced it has a bigger upside potential than prominent, better-known names like Exxon, Chevron, BP, Occidental, and Shell …

And insiders recently gobbled up over 653,526 shares over a six-month period…

What could be better?

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Jim Pearce signature
Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist
Personal Finance
September 2023

P.S: Investors who followed our Chevron recommendation in 1990 are currently sitting on more than 30X their money. Thanks to the Biden Administration’s spending spree to replenish our emergency oil reserves, it’s about to happen all over again.

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*These results are exceptional. For details see our disclosure page linked below.

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*These results are exceptional. For details see our disclosure page linked below.

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