Dear Reader,

It’s hard to imagine becoming a millionaire off one stock.

But that’s exactly what happened to anyone who moved early enough on Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, or YouTube…

And it’s exactly what COULD happen to you, if you follow the simple trade in my presentation today.

See, I believe that in the coming days…

The #1 tech “IPO” of 2021 will start minting more millionaires than all five of those companies… combined.

And much faster, which is why I’m calling it the “Tech IPO Retirement Stock.”

This once-in-a-decade opportunity is still on the ground floor…

Shares trade for dirt-cheap…

And century-old financial publisher Kiplinger just named it the #1 new stock of 2021.

In a moment, I’ll reveal exactly how 60 seconds today — could mean a million-dollar tech fortune by the end of the year.

Already, this weird little tech company…

Has 6 million more  people using their product per day than YouTube.

And even more exciting:

Days from now, this weird stock could kick off its run as the biggest tech “IPO” of the 2020s

As the kids say, it’s just math:

(That’s 43,000 human lifetimes!)

But if you’re thinking this is like another Netflix, let me assure you…

This has nothing to do with streaming movies, TV, or anything like that.

It’s also not Bitcoin, 5G, or marijuana either.

I’ll tell you exactly what it is shortly…

How it could hand you a gigantic cash windfall in 2021…

And why I believe it won’t just be bigger than Netflix — but also…

Bigger than Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Amazon & YouTube — COMBINED

After this little tech stock slams onto the public stock market…

The million bucks you’d have made on Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Netflix & Amazon…

Will look like a toy poodle in the palms of a 600-pound gorilla.

But wait, is it really possible to retire on a single tech IPO?

And what about if you’ve never bought a stock before? Or if you don’t have much money to start with?

Well, let’s look at how investment would have performed in Apple, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix.


As you can see — any one of those investments is a jackpot win.

The secret is a set of “Catalysts” buried inside Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix & YouTube…

Which turned them from no-name stocks… into millionaire-making home runs.

And as I’ll prove to you — today’s tech “IPO” has all five of the same Catalysts.

Which is why staking your claim now…

Could be like getting the top 5 tech stocks of all time — rolled into one.

So instead of imagining where you’d be with just one of those cash payouts…

Picture where you’d be with all five.

That’s a Tech “IPO” Retirement Fortune Worth $1,140,302

As you can see, well over $1 million dollars…

From a literal handful of $250 investments.

These numbers aren’t options trades or “funny math.”

In fact, they come straight from my proprietary research study seen here:

Since the 90’s, thousands of internet companies have come & gone.

But these are the 5 companies that reshaped our daily life forever.

Each one had a hidden “catalyst” that allowed it to race past competitors & make investors rich.

Imagine the unbelievable freedom an extra million or two would provide…

Like a 300-pound weight off your chest… you could finally stop worrying about money… travel wherever you want… and help whoever you want…

All of which could be possible with the rare second chance today’s opportunity provides.

Now, I know you must be asking:

What are the 5 “Tech Catalysts” that all but guaranteed these companies would
change the world?


The same “catalysts” that helped explode those 5 great tech stocks…

(And unlock million-dollar fortunes for shareholders…)

Are all built into the stock I’ll reveal today.

Which means today’s new tech stock checks ALL 5 of these boxes.

I’ll show you exactly how in a moment.

But right now, I want to prove why — if you’re looking to pocket fistfuls of IPO cash — the fattest profits are made early.

USA Today reports:

Let me emphasize “first,” with an example.

If you’d invested $1,000 early in Netflix, you could have cashed out with $1.46 Million.


But if you’d waited just 5 months longer to invest that same $1,000

You’d have walked away with $373,285 instead.

That’s over a million dollars less!

By no means is that pocket change. But it does show you… if you want to walk away a Tech IPO millionaire…

Hesitating on today’s opportunity & waiting even a few days… could very well be a “million-dollar mistake” you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

With opportunities this rare, you can’t afford to wait.

Especially not when:

But let me be clear:

This company isn’t a big tech ripoff or a “flavor-of-the-month” social media platform…

This amazing business does something exponentially bigger.

Something I didn’t even have words to describe until an 8-year-old explained it to me.

You can almost think about this company like a virtual amusement park.

An online “universe” that 36 million people wander in every day.

But just like the real world, things are being bought & sold too.

With real money.

That’s the sweet spot of today’s Tech “IPO” Retirement Stock.

Yet, this still hardly scratches the surface of this rare opportunity.

Before I give you the full scoop, allow me a brief introduction:

Hi, my name is Jim Pearce, Chief Investment Strategist of Personal Finance. Over the past 33 years, I’ve become known as one of America’s top stock pickers.

At one point, when I was managing the money of Fortune 500 executives, I had over $50 million dollars under my direct control.

All of it entrusted to me for one purpose:

To pick the BEST retirement stocks on the market for my clients.

So they could retire on their terms: be it a snowbird home in Palm Desert… a 3-month European river cruise… or just never worrying about medical expenses again.

I haven’t stopped helping make those same goals possible.

But instead of the ultra-rich, today I help regular hard-working Americans.

Readers of Personal Finance — one of the country’s oldest investing clubs.

Like Grace Engelmann from Omaha, Nebraska. She didn’t start out rich, but now she says:


Then there’s Edward O. who says:


And Glen C., a multimillionaire, was so thrilled with my guidance he wrote:


Now I can’t promise you’ll achieve the same extraordinary results as these folks. But you already know nothing in the stock market — as in life — is ever guaranteed.

That said, if you’re anything like many Americans I talk to…

And you watched stocks like Amazon, Netflix & Apple slip through your fingers…

Then today is your opportunity to turn a profitable new page.

Here’s your rare invitation make up a DECADE
of lost profits in a single trade, with
The #1 Tech “IPO” of 2021

One move could position you to blaze through 2021 in the profit fast-lane…

A fresh tech windfall stuffed in your bank account…

And all it takes is an easy “copy & paste” trade I’ll share with you today.

While most experts babble on about complex asset allocation strategies… 300-stock portfolios… and other tricks designed to squeeze as many hard-earned dollars out of your pocket as they can…

I’m going to give you the simple rundown on one tech stock, and…

Plus, the weird “beehive” secret that made Facebook the fastest-growing company of all time…

And how today’s company legally stole it — to double in size. Virtually overnight.

(Millions of Americans spend more time using this product than Facebook, YouTube & Netflix — combined.)

You already know tech stocks have gone on a tear the last decade:

I realize having “20/20 hindsight” isn’t a special skill.

But getting in on the right tech stocks, at the right time, is.

And it’s a skill I’ve dedicated my life to.

Who else do you know who correctly called the growth of ALL these tech winners… years before they shot through the roof?

First, 12 years ago we recommended Google before it shot up 12X:

Today, every $500 you put down would be worth $6,000.

Then we singled out Amazon.

It went on to grace investors with 49 times their money.

Every $2,000 would have turned into $99,264.

But what if you’d invested $5,000?

Today, you’d have an extra $248,150 to your name.

Soon after Amazon, Apple came onto my radar.

And after I gave my readers the buy signal, it shot up 3,888%.

That’s unheard of: 39 times your money from the iPhone maker.

And while I don’t want to boast about the exact figures… personally, I’ve made a nice profit with Apple.

And, if you’d followed my recommendation to get into Microsoft for $205…

You’d be 5 times richer.

Any one of those tech stocks could’ve changed your life.

Together, you could be sitting on 105 times your money…

And every $1,000 you invested would be worth $105,000.

This kind of profit is only possible because each of these companies had 1 giant innovation.

A “catalyst” that allowed them to change the world.

If you missed the giant tech gains of the last decade, don’t sweat it.

Because today’s company is still dirt cheap.

What’s more, this isn’t the boring-old-IPO you’ve seen before.

(Which favors big banks & their Fat Cat friends, above investors like us.)

It’s a special type of “IPO” that removes the expensive “middleman” …

So you can still buy & own this tech stock in seconds, without the typical IPO fees.

Better yet, it could be like buying Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix & YouTube…

All rolled into one tiny stock… that’s primed to “pop off” at any moment..

But what exactly are the 5 “Tech Catalysts”
I’ve been talking about?

Well, let me answer your question with another question…

What does a “perfect” tech stock look like?

I bet it would…

I know you’re smart enough to see where I’m going here.


Today’s little-known tech stock… CHECKS EVERY BOX l just listed.

If you’re as “finger-on-the-trigger” excited as I am, GREAT.

In a moment I’ll show you how to lock in everything you need… including the ticker symbol… company name… and how much you can expect to make.

If you’re more of a “Careful Kevin,” that’s fine too… I’m going to prove to you step-by-step… in astonishing detail…

How today’s genius company legally stole the secrets of the world’s top 5 tech stocks…

Starting with Facebook:

Tech Catalyst #1: Facebook (FB)
The Network Effect

Could This Strange Picture Make You a
Tech Millionaire?

Remember when Facebook was something a coworker or friend casually mentioned?

Then the next day, all your kids were on it.

Then — practically overnight — everyone you knew was on it?

That kind of explosive user growth is “the network effect.”

It’s the secret that made Facebook the fastest-growing company of all time, according to Forbes.

Now, this exact phenomenon is happening with today’s stock.

In the past year they’ve doubled daily users.

150 million people use their product every month…

And now you can own a piece of this company while it’s still cheap.

When the network effect takes hold of a stock like it did with Facebook, it’s not hard to see how million-dollar fortunes are made.

I’ll prove it to you right now: look at this picture and tell me which network is the most valuable?

The one that connects you with:

You can see how obvious it is for yourself.

And how the bottom one — which looks like a beehive — makes the most honey.

I’ll remind you, a $5,000 investment in Facebook in 2012.

Would have spit out a giant tech payday of $85,300.

And now the same catalyst that made Facebook investors 17x their money…

Is quickly taking hold of today’s stock.

One investor, thrilled with the “word-of-mouth” growth, said:

If you look at the numbers, “Excited” is a $300 million understatement, because:

These genius billionaires all bought Facebook when it was a college “dorm room stock”… and now they’re ALL IN on today’s “IPO” Stock

One glance at this All-Star investor lineup tells you..

This isn’t hype.

Something BIG is happening inside this tiny tech stock.

Meet the “Facebook Billionaires Who Are
Gung Ho on this Tech Company

But here’s the rub.

9 out of 10 times — the stocks these men invest in are closed to the general public.

So “Average Jims” like you and me, can’t get in.

But that’s the beauty of today’s Tech “IPO”:

You don’t need a million-dollar “ante” to get rich in their high-stakes game.

Just an internet browser and a regular brokerage account puts you at the same table as these hotshots.

(I always tell my new Personal Finance members: “If you can follow the instructions on the brownie box, then this will be a cakewalk.”)

Together these men invested half-a-billion dollars for 1 simple reason:

The smartest hedge funds in the world believe this little tech stock could be the next Facebook

If you’re looking for that one stock capable of pouring a lifetime of wealth into your pockets.

Doesn’t it make sense to follow the footsteps of someone who’s been there?

These investors made BILLIONS on Facebook.

And out of the thousands of available companies — they’ve singled out today’s stock as their next home run.

That’s why I believe this rare opportunity could add $100,000… $300,000… even a million to your account.

I’m talking about the kind of money that lets you kick back every day, knowing your financial situation is bulletproof.

What would that mean for you?

A new level of unlimited freedom: to eat, travel, and enjoy life on your terms.

Whether it’s a new RV to explore the National Parks… erasing the mortgage for good… or enjoying your favorite sushi every week, instead of every month…

That’s all up to you.

But it could start right here, with this 1 stock.

And while this company is still unknown for the time being — this next “catalyst” is more than a century old.

Tech Catalyst #2: Netflix (NFLX)
Recurring “Rivers of Revenue”

How Netflix Stole a 126-Year-Old Secret from the “King” of Cash Flow

How, in less than two decades on the public markets…

Could one tech stock turn every $1… into $1,170… $500 into $585,000… and $2,000 into $2.34 million?

The answer is recurring revenue.

Netflix borrowed this secret from a man named King C. Gillette.

Even though Gillette’s original idea was ridiculed and written off…

He quickly rose from laughing stock… to household brand… to multimillionaire.

Now, more than a century later — his creation is probably sitting in your medicine cabinet.

Inspired by the disposable bottle cap, Gillette set out to invent a disposable product that would change the world:

The replaceable razor blade.

With this 1 move, he unleashed raging “rivers” of sales.

Because when his customers’ blades ran out, they bought more.

This fueled a profit bonanza for any investor holding shares in his company.

Incredible. A mere $500 invested in The Gillette Company when it first issued shares…

Would have grown into a staggering $2,050,000.

The equation is simple:

Now, history is repeating itself.

Netflix used this age-old secret to soar 146,185%…

And today’s stock is using the same secret to take investors to the moon.

Just like Netflix…

This company’s members are spending money “on autopilot.”

And last year alone, subscriptions helped them earn $1 billion in cash.

But it gets even better, because:

This is a key difference between today’s stock & nearly every other recent IPO.

Many tech IPOs get slaughtered because they lose more money than they make

Take Casper Sleep, the online mattress company.

It’s first day on the market, shares dropped 30%.

6 weeks later, it had plummeted from an IPO price of $15… down to $3.

Forbes warned against buying “Casper, the latest money-losing IPO.”

It was too late for many hopeful investors…

Lying bloody in the slaughter, they’d lost everything on Casper.

Another example is Sonim Technologies, the phone and tablet accessory company.

3 months after watching their shares hit $17…

Sonim was down to $3.79 per share.

Less than a year later, after declaring the negative profits were worse than anticipated…

It traded at just $0.63 per share. A devastating 96% loss.

Take these as warnings to avoid no-profit IPOs at all costs.

Especially in an era when Business Insider reports:

Unlike the no-profit “clunkers” who putter closer to bankruptcy every day…

Today’s company started turning a profit back in 2015.

Last year their cash flow increased from $5.9 million to $292.6 million.

That’s an increase of 48 times more cash!

It’s why this “IPO” is in a different league entirely, and a virtually guaranteed win.

Because it’s already banking massive profits.

This outstanding opportunity is a direct result of:

Now let’s turn to our third powerful catalyst.

And how this 1 simple move busted open a floodgate of new paying customers for today’s company.

Tech Catalyst #3: YouTube
The “Freemium” Model

How cat videos turned every $1.65 into $300

In 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion.

Which, frankly, seemed insane at the time.

Now experts value YouTube at $300 billion — or 181 times more valuable.

Today, you can lock into what could be “the next YouTube” — or bigger — while it’s still cheap.

See, every $500 worth of YouTube stock back then…

Is worth a potential $90,909 today.

Nearly six figures, from what started as a few hundred bucks.

Yet, stick with me, and you’ll see why that’s still a “small fry” estimate for today’s stock.

Even though top financial news outlets are comparing today’s stock to YouTube…

I still believe that’s the understatement of the decade.

Because the real potential here is like the top 5 tech stocks of all time — rolled into one.

This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without the 3rd “Tech Catalyst.”

A page today’s company tore right out of YouTube’s playbook.

How the “Freemium” model helped EXPLODE YouTube’s value 181 times over

The cute kittens didn’t make YouTube investors rich.

It was letting people watch for FREE that did.

Because if you’re going to make a stone-cold fortune in tech, USERS are the path to riches.

(That’s just tech speak for “people who use the product.”)

By letting users try its platform free, YouTube now reaches BILLIONS of people per day.

And if you’ve ever had a free sample at Costco, you know it makes sense.

This “Freemium” model is simple, but rarely executed well:

Step 1: Make your product free to try.

Step 2: Gain millions of new, excited users.

Step 3: Turn your free users into paying subscribers, by offering an upgraded experience.

(Steps 2 & 3 are the tricky parts).

YouTube mastered step #3 by removing ads… for a small monthly fee.

But get this…


6 million more people use this new tech company’s platform than YouTube.

Now that you know this company has:

You’re probably wondering what the heck they actually SELL, right?

The answer will shock you.

But to fully understand the profit potential — and how — among the largest age demographic in the world…

This company’s product is being used by 3 out of 4 Americans, every single day

You’ll need to start by imagining an infinite library of content like that of YouTube or Netflix.

But also, a place where your friends can gather and talk. With a shopping mall a thousand times bigger than ‘Mall of America’ inside.

Is there even a word to describe such a thing?

Until this conversation I had with an 8-year-old, I didn’t think there was.

What if I told you the BEST comparison for today’s tech “IPO” isn’t a tech company at all..

Because it’s actually more like a
“Digital Disney World”

As much as I’d love to take credit for this “Trillion Dollar” idea…

My 8-year-old neighbor practically hit me over the head with it last week.

I know his parents, so when I saw Caleb sitting on a park bench, using this company’s “app” on his phone — I asked:

“Hey Caleb, having fun?”

Eyes as wide as dinner plates, he looked up from the iPhone and said:

“Yeah! I just got a new cowboy hat & 6-shooter with my allowance money…

“Oh and tomorrow, me, Jackson, and Olivia are going to Rome. We’re gonna make pizzas. Those are my friends from Denver and Fargo. That’s in Canada, right?

Before I could answer, his phone buzzed.

“Oh sorry Mr. Pearce, the concert’s starting. I gotta go!”

But he didn’t GO anywhere.

Caleb simply put his headphones on, sat there & danced like he was front row at Madison Square Garden.

That’s when it struck me, like a flash of lightning…

This wasn’t a video game… a social network… a shopping app… or a streaming service…

This digital world is so fun, immersive &
real — it’s everything we love about
DISNEY packed into a 24/7 online experience

Kids just can’t get enough.

(And I can’t blame ‘em.)

Imagine if Disney created a NEW theme park so fun you never wanted to leave.

A place you could play & talk amongst friends… shop at real stores, with real money, even start your own digital storefront.

The way Disney made that world for us…

This company made a similar world for our kids & grandkids.

Only, you don’t have to pack up the station wagon to go there.

Because this digital evolution is all in the palm of their hands, 24/7.

Incredible, no doubt.

But is this business model profitable?

Well, let’s take a look…

Since Disney’s IPO, it’s gone on to return a whopping 2,782,825%.

Talk about the flying carpet ride of the century.

Enough to turn every $100 into $2,782,924.

That’s the power of creating an immersive NEW WORLD for your customers.

Look closer, and it’s also a critical edge you have against virtually every other investor.

While Wall Street thinks it’s just a video game… hedge funds think it’s a social network… and others ignore it completely…

And don’t forget: it took Disney a CENTURY to do it.

But imagine this for a second:

Instead of spending years & billions of dollars to make movies & theme parks… what if someone ELSE:

Sounds like a Disney Princess movie, doesn’t it?

Except that’s the “magic formula” behind another smash-hit company.

Who figured out how to do exactly this, back in 2003.

I’m talking about Apple.

Tech Catalyst #4: Apple (APPL)
User-Generated Content

Apple’s #1 Success Secret
Wasn’t the iPhone or Mac

(It’s This “Free Money” Profit Machine)

Wall Street Journal calls it “Apple’s Secret, but Very Large, Profit Center.”

I just call it Steve Jobs’ greatest innovation.

Lost beneath the hype of the iPhone, most people miss it completely.

What is it?

Steve Jobs realized that creating new “Apps” for the iPhone was risky.

So it’s impossible to tell what’s a hit until after it’s made.

(And after you’ve spent all that money making it.)

Rather than spend all of Apple’s money creating this content, his “lightbulb” moment was this:

Steve Jobs made other people pay to create millions of iPhone apps

This masterstroke allowed Apple to rake in nearly $50 BILLION last year.

Helping transform it into a tech giant worth $2.29 trillion…

And — if you were lucky enough to get in early — turn your $500 into $515,500.

Incredible, but get this:

Today’s company already has 20x more apps than you can find in Apple’s App Store.

(A move that MUST have Steve Jobs grinning from tech heaven…)

They’re borrowing this proven model — to build millions of little apps.

Each one an “online world” kids can safely explore.

Just like Apple!

Genius, isn’t it?

Now I won’t get too far ahead here…

But I simply can’t wait to share the details of today’s Tech “IPO” Retirement Stock.

I’ve put the name, stock ticker & every shred of money-making data — into an easy-to-read report you can claim in a moment.

It’s called:

“Your 2021 Tech IPO Retirement”

report coverOnly one tech “IPO” in 2021 is poised to grow into a trillion-dollar company.

I’ll give you the full details of this no-brainer urgent recommendation in a moment.

But just so you’re 100% certain on why I believe this is an absolute slam dunk investment…

I need you to flash back to April 11, 1997.

If you’d invested $510 in Amazon that day, shares would’ve cost you $1.73 a pop.

And now that Amazon blazed past $3,400 per share

Your small stake would be worth a stunning $1 million.

None of that fortune would be possible, however…

Without THIS final “Tech Catalyst.”

Tech Catalyst #5: Amazon (AMZN)
3rd Party Profits

The “Lazy” Way to $8.01 Billion per Week

Amazon changed the way we buy & sell everything.

And while I could talk all day about how Jeff Bezos is the undisputed King of Capitalism…

I’ll quickly cover the final “Tech Catalyst” so you can take the next step with today’s opportunity.

What most people don’t know is: Most of what Amazon sells… other people make.

Amazon just takes a cut.

That’s why I call Amazon “the LAZIEST company ever.”

Market researcher Statista confirms that “3rd Parties” make over HALF of Amazon’s sales.

With an “everything store” like Amazon funneling $386 billion per year through its website…

Attracting the undivided attention of hundreds of millions of hungry shoppers…

You’d be a fool not to sell on their platform.

In real estate they say,
“Location. Location. Location.”

If your store is online — Amazon is
the ONLY location that matters

The Tech “IPO” I’m sharing with you today is the most impressive online store I’ve seen since Amazon.

This proven model let’s others do the heavy lifting for you.

Lazy? Maybe. But admittedly genius.

Which brings me to another thing Facebook, Amazon & Apple have in common.

Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg…

Are all great leaders.

As for today’s Tech “IPO” company? That’s the final thing I’ll break down.

The legendary CEO now has 15+ patents protecting his genius technology

From Minnesota-born engineer, to leader of 2021’s top tech stock…

This company’s CEO, who’s first name is David, is the most underrated mind in the business world.

And he’s been on a 30-year hot streak, with no end in sight:

Now he’s stacked up 15 patents to shut out any competitors.

Yet, that isn’t David’s real genius.

His true masterpiece was taking a 71-year-old technology…

Spinning it into a “Digital Disney World”…

And cracking open a potential trillion-dollar market.

It’s been right under your nose. A story that, as TechCrunch put it, “has gone mostly untold.” Because if your kids aren’t 8 to 12 years old, you’ve probably never seen what David’s product looks like.

The worldwide pool of potential customers is a staggering 2.0 billion people.

Every day, the average user spends 3 hours on David’s gaming platform.

When I say “gaming” — I don’t mean video games. I’m talking about the online universe where kids can:

If that sounds pretty out there, I hear you.

But even though Wall Street Journal called this stock: “The future of gaming.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with today’s company.

And this is what Wall Street keeps missing:

When David graces the pages of history next to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos & Mark Zuckerberg…

He won’t be remembered as an “online gaming” CEO (he’ll be remembered for THIS)

Just like the world-shaping companies those men built, David did something equally groundbreaking.

In the same way…

David baked all 5 catalysts of the best-performing tech stocks — into his one little-known company.

Shifting into a profitable category of its own, I’m convinced he’ll go down in history as one of the tech greats.

Not 1 in 100,000 Americans knows who David is. Fewer know his company just hit the New York Stock Exchange.

That places you in a rare group of investors on the ground floor of a true phenomenon.

I’ve said it already, but let me repeat:

This stock could explode any day now.

If you’re prepared to act, I’m urging you to make your move now.

It’s the only tech “IPO” I’ve ever seen… to perfectly blend the “secret ingredients” of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, YouTube… and Netflix.

You can still stake your own personal claim in this company for dirt cheap.

So let’s go ahead and wrap this up, ok?

Then you can decide for yourself if you’re ready to get off the sidelines and ride this Tech “IPO” Retirement stock for all it’s worth.

Look, I’ve been in the business a long time.

I’ve recommended hundreds of stocks…

But today’s stock is the only “IPO” I believe could soar even higher than all 5 of these stocks.

As you’re probably aware, opportunities like this don’t come around often.

That’s why time is of the essence.

Think about how rare & exciting it is to be alive to watch this 5-in-1 tech “unicorn” race onto the market before it becomes a household name

How much more special would it be to lock in your shares early?

Before they explode off the starting block like an Olympic sprinter.

Yet, I still know 99% of the people who read this message today will do NOTHING.

It doesn’t matter how many facts I list showing this “IPO” is ready for takeoff.

It doesn’t matter how many tech insiders I show, who built their billion-dollar fortunes on tech IPOs, are piling into this stock at breakneck speed.

It doesn’t matter that we accurately predicted monster tech profits on companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft years ago.

Because for the 99% of people who do nothing… logic doesn’t matter.

They’re slaves to their emotions.

Controlled by fear.

Yet that bold 1% that do take action?

They listen to the facts, and hit “mute” on the fearful voice in their head that wants to sabotage their best life… and then… they go for it.

Today, you have a chance to go for it as well.

To be in that action-taking 1%…

On the ground floor of the Tech “IPO” stock that we can all agree will be the #1 wealth-building opportunity of the decade… if not the century…

If you act fast.

Or, your other option is to ignore this opportunity.

And a few weeks from now, when you see it on MSNBC — the feeling of missing out on a stock that could’ve funded your retirement — will sting like heck.

Because today, just 500 people can claim immediate access to my full research report on everything you’ve heard about today.

report coverIt’s called Your 2021 Tech “IPO” Retirement and inside, you’ll get all the details on the tech company poised to hit the New York Stock Exchange like a hellfire missile.

All spelled out in simple-to-follow steps that are an absolute breeze.

Even if you’ve never invested before…

Even if you’ve lost money in the past…

Even if you don’t know the first thing about IPOs, or you’ve never touched a tech stock.

However, if you do want to discover more about this explosive company… how much money is at stake… and just how big they could get… all my research is also laid out for you…

In plain, easy-to-understand English.

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pf quote

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It’s hard to believe, but it was trading for less than $70 per share when this alert went out:

pf quote
If you’d bought 500 shares at $68…

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The recommendation we made on Apple could have put you on track for a swift retirement.

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pf quote

Apple was trading at just $3.31 per share at the time.

Today, it clocks in at north of $132 per share. That’s 40 times your money from a single tech stock.

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The IPO Profit Calendar (Value: $179)

report coverThe 2021 IPO frenzy is thrusting more tech companies public than I’ve seen in decades. Forbes reported: “Just how many millionaires these IPOs will create is hard to predict.”

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The winner is not Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, or Hulu. In fact, it’s not a traditional streaming company at all — the secret is in the “play button.”

When you watch a Netflix show, the video must pass through a complex network of “digital pipes”… like water before it comes out of your faucet.

But as COVID forced people indoors… and streaming hours skyrocketed to billions… the sheer volume of data threatens to burst these “digital pipes” and day now.

We’ve sifted through thousands of domestic & international companies to uncover 3 stocks set to fix this “plumbing” problem… save TV… and turn every $2k into a potential $42,980.

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Game Changing AI Stock #2 — AI “Lego World”

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Game Changing AI Stock #3 — The $4 Miracle Doctor

When fighting cancer, radiation can be worse than the disease itself. That’s because radiation beams flare out of control, damaging healthy organs. This tiny company is using AI to focus radiation beams with pinpoint accuracy — to safely destroy cancer. The stock could quadruple very soon, but it’s still just $4 (buy now).

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Jim Pearce
Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist
Personal Finance

P.S. You’ve already read the stories of a small handful of Personal Finance readers who hit it big with my stock research.

And while I couldn’t possibly include all the notes from our satisfied members here today…

I’d still like you to hear from a few more readers of Personal Finance:


Keep in mind none of these people are the wolves of Wall Street or the toast of Silicon Valley.

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