Tired of paying big bucks for bloated stocks?

This “Piggyback” Profit Play Lets You Tap into Wall Street’s Top Stocks Without Buying a Single Share

Discover how to dive into these powerful profit opportunities for as little as $7 today

Fellow Investor,

You know their names.

You can pick their logos out of a lineup.

You might even own a piece of them.

But while we may know all about them now…

Unless you had a crystal ball and perfect timing, no one could have predicted they’d become the trillion-dollar titans of industry they are today.

After all, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon all started off with a few “geeks” goofing around in a garage…

The trouble is… the fact that we know these companies so well today only means one thing…

The game-changing profits from those big brand name stocks are likely over.

But even though the days of massive gains are out the window, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Because I’ve discovered a way to “piggyback” off of their success today — starting with as little as $7.

To be clear, I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky penny stocks… riding the crypto rollercoaster… or making some sort of multi-leg “Iron Condor” trade that takes a master’s in finance to figure out.

This is a simple, 100% legal way to use big name companies to put piles of money in your pocket — without shelling out big bucks on their bloated stocks.

But first…

Who am I? What on earth am I talking about? And why should YOU give me your undivided attention?

Give me your undivided attention for the next few minutes, I’ll show you how it could lead to one of the most lucrative opportunities of a lifetime.

My name is Jim Pearce.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at Personal Financeone of America’s oldest and most trusted financial advisory services in publication today.

I got my start on Wall Street 40 roughly years ago and soon found I had a bit of a knack for it…

So much so that I quickly rose through the ranks, eventually managing the financial assets of Fortune 500 executives with $50 million under my direct control.

But it didn’t take long for that shine to wear off.

I got tired of spending all my time and effort serving the needs of the already incredibly rich… missing out on watching my kids grow up… cutting short family vacations and working through all hours of the night just to help some fat cat add another zero to his net worth…

All while watching in horror as friends and family alike struggled just to make ends meet.

A secure retirement and financial peace of mind shouldn’t be a pipedream for most Americans… and it doesn’t have to be

Which is why I left Wall Street and made it my personal mission to help investors of EVERY social and economic background achieve their financial dreams.

Especially when it comes to discovering opportunities the Wall Street hot-shots are too careless or lazy to uncover.

What do I mean?

You see, when I worked on Wall Street, I couldn’t count the number of times I heard other analysts in the bullpen brag about how they were going to uncover the “next” Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft.

Of course, none of them ever did… and it wasn’t long before I realized something that altered the way I approach investing for good.

Watching my coworkers slowly sink further into their seats in defeat with each “Apple Killer” that flopped…

Or some new company that would finally be a match for Microsoft go belly up…

One thing became apparent…

Chasing the Next Big Thing Will Get You Nowhere

Let’s face facts here…

Over 4.4 million companies open their doors in the U.S. on average each year… half of which fail within their first 5 years…

And out of those that DO manage to make it… only about 271 go public each year.

That’s 1 in 16,236…

Which makes it the definition of finding a needle in a haystack… and a fool’s errand if I’ve EVER seen one.

You’re better off picking a ticker symbol out of a hat than trying to track down the next Apple.

After watching other traders wear themselves to the bone doing just that… I decided to take a different approach.

Why bother trying to find the next big thing when you can profit off the success of the most profitable companies on earth today — right now — for pennies on the dollar?

That’s exactly what the Piggyback Profit Plays I’m about to reveal brings to the table.

The opportunity to tap into the trillion-dollar treasure troves of companies that have already won

No need to try and guess who the big winners will be — they’re ready and waiting to share their wealth with you — and you can tap into them today for as little $7…

Locking in the chance to rake in gains up to 679%.

Turning every $5,000 into $38,950…

Every $10,000 into $77,900…

And if you’re bold enough to stake $20,000, you could be looking at a massive $155,800 payout.

You’re only a few minutes away from uncovering a Piggyback Profit Play that has what it takes to generate these kinds of payouts.

Before I tell you more about it, let me show you how this kind of investing works.

Back in grade school history class, you probably heard stories about the California Gold Rush of the 19th century.

In all of these stories, one man usually sticks out.

His name? Levi Strauss.

You may not realize this, but the denim dynasty with his namesake stitched on the back isn’t where his real fortunes were initially made.

Because instead of heading for the hills and competing with every other Tom, Dick, and Harry… spending months on end picking and panning every dirt mound across California hoping to find just a speck of gold…

He took a different track…

He realized he could make far more from a fraction of the work.

Instead of staking his own claim and fighting against the miners… he befriended them…

Because while not every miner will strike it rich… anyone that HOPES to do so will need a never-ending stream of supplies like:

They also needed food and everyday living supplies such as

Supplies he was more than happy to sell to anyone who needed them.

And that’s exactly what Strauss did… making himself a massive fortune in the process.

Then he used the profits to establish the billion-dollar blue jeans empire we all know and love today.

But Strauss wasn’t the only one to understand the power of piggybacking off of those seeking to build new fortunes.

Some of today’s biggest companies catapulted to success as Piggyback Plays — capitalizing on satisfying the growing needs of businesses in new industries.

For example, in the early 1900s, General Electric supplied turbo superchargers to the emerging aircraft industry, particularly the U.S. Airforce… and during World War II it supplied 300,000 of them for use in bomber and fighter engines.

Shortly after the war, it emerged as one of the world’s largest airplane engine manufacturers, which can now be found on almost every popular commercial jet.

In 1902, 3M burst on to the scene as a supplier for a wide array of industrial needs, producing everything from electrical and insulating material to electronic circuits, healthcare software, and optical films.

And shortly after its founding in 1925, Caterpillar became the go-to source for heavy equipment and machinery for the construction industry.

While these companies didn’t go public until many years after their founding, once they did, they showered enormous gains on investors, as much as 5,921%.

Piggyback Plays have helped build America… turn it into the powerhouse it is today… enrich investors…

And even played a part in allowing us to breach the heavens and touch the stars.

This Modern-Day Pick and Shovels Play Shells Out a Fortune

Here’s what I mean…

While any investor worth their salt knows the names and contributions of giants like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman to America’s aerospace and defense sectors, far fewer understand the significant role played by Corning.

Photo taken by Gerrilynn Nunley  CC BY 2.0

Yes, THAT Corning — the one with the iconic “blue wheat” design that can be found in kitchen cabinets across America.

They produce FAR more than just fancy cookware…

Beginning in the 1950s American innovation, patriotic pride, and a unified vision of the future by investors helped fund the Space Race…injecting BILLIONS into this sector.

And while America was knocking the dust off the Soviet Union, Corning was there to collect the cash…

Creating the components Uncle Sam needed to explore beyond our planet, defend our airspace, and solidify ourselves as THE dominant force in all areas of aerospace.

Components that included high-purity fused silica windows for all of the manned spacecraft in U.S. history, durable and heat-resistant missile nose cones for the U.S. military, and the premium glass at the heart of telescopes and photographic systems.

Thanks in no small part to the crucial components it supplies, its stock has soared from just two dollars 21 years ago to over $33.00 today — a more than 1,600% gain!

Two dollars per share is certainly a lot less than you would have paid for Boeing, Lockheed, or Northrop back then!

And even in today’s market… Corning is STILL innovating.

Producing virtually indestructible Gorilla Glass and becoming one of the top Piggyback Profit Plays… and an absolute necessity for Apple to keep the iPhone on the bleeding edge of innovation.

But this bigshot doesn’t stop there…

It also pulls double duty producing fiber optics for Verizon so it can continue to expand broadband internet to homes and business across the globe.

And there are dozens — if not hundreds — more Piggyback opportunities like this on the market, ripe for the taking.


“Silent Partners” to Some of the World’s Richest Companies

Because big companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, and others don’t get to the top of the mountain (or stay there) on their own.

Companies that grow that fast and get THAT big simply can’t support a self-contained ecosystem where they own and control the supply chain from A to Z.

They have no choice but to rely on armies of outside suppliers to sell them the goods and services necessary to maintain their status quo as “Titans of Industry.”

For instance, Tesla’s Model S relies on the contributions of over 300 different suppliers…

Nvidia has 243 suppliers and partners…

Apple relies on 359…

And Microsoft relies on 2,398 partners and suppliers to produce all of its products!

These little-known partners and suppliers all produce the modern-day “picks and shovels” desperately needed by the world’s biggest companies to survive, thrive, and profit.

Stick with me a little longer and you’ll discover one of the most powerful piggyback profit opportunities I’ve ever uncovered.

Tap into it today and you’ll set yourself up with a chance to rake in over 7x your money… and best of all, today you can snap up shares for around $7.

What on earth makes me so confident this company has what it takes to shell out such massive gains?

History has shown time and time again bold investors bright enough to seize opportunity by the horns can make a killing from these Piggyback Profit Plays.

For instance, Rambus, which sells patented memory controllers to graphics chip giant Nvidia (which itself is a Piggyback Profit Play!) has soared 1,110% since the two signed a licensing agreement in 2012.

That’s enough to turn a small $1,000 stake into $12,100.

There’s Jabil, which supplies components for Apple’s iPods and provides services for Amazon, Dell, GE, Cisco Systems, and others.

Over the last 30 years it has skyrocketed 9,475%.

If you invested just $1,000 in Jabil back in 1993 it would now be worth a stunning $95,750.

And yet you’ll rarely if ever see the talking heads on CNBC mention its name!

Then there’s Gentex, which supplies auto-dimming automotive mirrors for giants like Volvo, Tesla, Ford, Ferrari, Daimler, and others.

This might not seem like a big deal… until you realize that Volvo has added this little safety innovation as a standard feature on ALL of its vehicles (615,121 sold last year) while Tesla has done with the same with all of its popular Model Ys (over 120,000 sold last year).

Small wonder Gentex has soared a shocking 33,687% since going public!

Turning a small $1,000 stake into a colossal $337,870.

Of course, these are exceptional cases.

Not every supplier does this well. And in full transparency, there is a possibility that investors could lose money on them… so you should never put more into a trade than you’re willing to walk away from.

That said… my goal is to mitigate the risk of a trade going against us as much as possible.

And frankly, when you can tap into the profits of big name brands by staking a claim on a picks and shovels supplier — effectively “Piggybacking” off their success at a fraction of the cost — the world is your oyster.

Which brings me right to the Piggyback Profit Play I want to share with you today. It concerns one of the most popular companies on the planet — Apple.

And an explosive mega-trend unfolding as we speak (more on this in a bit).

As I mentioned earlier, the tech giant relies on 359 suppliers to help produce its insanely popular products.

Jabil is one of them, and since 1993 it has rewarded investors who were early supporters with 9,475% returns.

Now, if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s with THAT many suppliers on deck… there’s bound to be more than one extremely lucrative Piggyback Profit Play orbiting Apple…

Which is why, for the past few months, I’ve been combing through a list of the tech giant’s top suppliers… reading through their financial statements and press releases…. thoroughly investigating each one to determine their potential to deliver massive gains…

And I’ve found one I believe has exactly what it takes to hand back a massive 7X return for a stock you can pick up today at around $7.

Let me tell you a little about this gem…

It’s one of Apple’s oldest and largest suppliers…

In March, it won a contract to produce a popular Apple accessory. And to do so, its building a new $200 million plant in one of the most densely populated countries on earth..

Hundreds of Millions of New Consumers CRAVE the Good Things in Life… And We’re Going to Get Our Cut

Where, for the first time, Apple opened its doors in not one but two densely packed urban areas.


Just like China a few decades ago, India — home to 1.3 billion people — is in the middle of a major middle-class BOOM…

With the number of people living in what’s considered middle-class having more than doubled from 14% in 2004 to 31% today.

And by 2047, the percentage of middle-class citizens is expected to more than double AGAIN to 63%!

This means one thing: hundreds of millions of new consumers HUNGRY for Apple — and all things considered “iconic” to the middle class.

And for the company we’re targeting today, that means DECADES of Apple — and many other consumer giants it now services — eating right out of the palm of its hand.

Which could be just what it takes to send this Piggyback Profit Play right into the stratosphere.

As exciting as this is, Apple is really just the tip of this spear for this company… not to mention the profits I believe its set to deliver.

Because this Piggyback Profit Play also produces numerous electronic products and components for many other mega-giants including Amazon… Microsoft… Google… Dell… Cisco Systems… Intel… and many more.

Not only that, but to protect its profits from competitors for years to come, it has armed itself with a whopping 54,253 patents!

Talk about a competitive moat — this is like being protected inside a giant iron castle covered with barbed wire and surrounded by a lake of hungry crocodiles!

And here’s where it gets even better: you could make gobs of money off of this company while you wait for it to soar.

That’s because, in addition to being a growth stock, it’s also one of the most generous dividend payers I’ve ever come across.

As a matter of fact, it has hiked dividend payouts 500% over the last 11 years and is currently yielding a juicy 5.20%.

Yet, despite all this going for it, this electronics titan and ripe-for-the-picking Piggyback Profit Play is still trading for less than $7!

But that may not be the case for long…

So how high could it go?

Well, consider the fact that the global market for consumer electronics is set to surpass $1 trillion by 2030.

If this dynamo — which already has contracts with many of the biggest players in the industry — manages to capture just 10% of this market, it would add $100 billion to its market cap.

But let’s be conservative and say it captures only 5% of the market — that’s still enough to double its market cap — and, most likely, the money of anyone owning its stock.

Just by doing what it’s always done.

And keep in mind, that’s just from the consumer electronics market.

This Piggyback Profit Play also has its tentacles deep into the Artificial Intelligence market (size: $2 trillion by 2030)… Electric Vehicles ($693 billion by 2030)… and Cloud Computing ($2.3 trillion by 2032)…

If it only manages to tap even 5% of these other markets, it would add $299.6 billion to its market cap — enough to catapult its stock 679% higher!

Turning every $1,000 into $7,790!

A return like that would allow you and yours to take a five-star pleasure cruise around the Mediterranean.

A $5,000 stake would climb to $38,950, handing you the keys to that vintage 1971 Chevrolet Camaro you’ve had your eye on.

And a $10,000 stake would balloon to $77,900, making it possible for you to finance your grandchild’s entire college education.

Is this a locked-in guarantee? Of course not… but I don’t go into anything half-cocked…

We’re looking at a company with a LONG history of helping other brands innovate and adapt — and collecting its fair share along the way.

And it’s why I’ve put together all the details on it, including its name and ticker symbol, in a special new report, Piggyback Profits: The $7 Stock that Lets You Share in the Wealth of the World’s Biggest Companies.

Inside, you’ll discover why:

And I want you to have this special report free of charge.

A $199 value, it’s yours free the moment you claim your risk-free membership to Personal Finance.

Since 1974, Personal Finance has helped investors home in on one major profit opportunity after another.

And it’s why our readers are currently sitting on mega-gains like these:

Of course, not every play turns out this well.

Some only make double-digit gains.

And a few don’t make money at all.

It’s true, there’s no such thing as a risk-free investment.

Or a guaranteed return.

But considering the fact that thousands of investors have continued to rely on Personal Finance for nearly 50 years… there’s no question it’s been holding up its end of the bargain and standing the test of time.

Many investors would agree with me. Like John H. who says,


Grace E. tells me:


And Glenn C. writes:


*Results not typical. For details see our disclosure page linked below.

Today, you have the opportunity to join these thrilled readers.

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Many Wall Street firms would happily charge you this much for half the money-making intel I want to share with you today.

But I left Wall Street behind a long time ago. Charging thousands of dollars for potentially life-changing profit opportunities isn’t what I’m about.

Which is why a full year of Personal Finance normally runs just $129.

Given the fact that you’ll receive multiple profit opportunities during the year — each of which has the potential hand you double, triple or quadruple-digit gains — I think you’d agree that’s a pretty fair deal.

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And that’s not all.

When you join today, I’ll also rush you a BONUS Piggyback Profit Play that’s just primed to pump out profits...

Elon Musk’s Latest Venture Isn’t Possible Without THIS Piggyback Profit Play

Musk’s latest venture is no pie-in-the-sky pipe dream.

It’s happening right now.

You may have heard of it — Starlink.

Starlink is Musk’s bold $10 billion move to blanket the earth with internet from outer space — with speeds up to 200xs faster than traditional internet...

Beamed to you at all times, no matter where you are...

At a fraction of the cost you may be paying now.

Starlink is so popular it has already surpassed 1 million subscribers.

Now, Starlink is a private company, so unfortunately you can’t invest directly in it.

But you CAN Piggyback off of it.

Because Elon Musk can’t keep Starlink going without one supplier in particular.

This Piggyback Profit Play manufactures the very technology consumers need to receive a signal from Starlink’s satellites floating in space.

Without them, Starlink is dead in the water.

report coverIt’s just that simple.

Of course, Starlink is far from the only exciting company this play provides technology to.

It’s also partnered with some of the world’s biggest enterprises, providing components to the likes of Apple, Cisco Systems, Intel, and Tesla.

I’ll reveal everything you need to know about it, including its name and ticker symbol, in a special bonus report, More Piggyback Profits: How to Make Epic Riches from Starlink’s Silent Partner.

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And even if it’s past the 90-day mark — I’ve still got your back!

If at any time during the next 12 months you’re unsatisfied with your membership, just let me know and you’ll receive a refund for the unused portion of your membership.


In other words — risk nothing and keep everything!

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To a lifetime of wealth and happiness,

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