Urgent: Check to see if you qualify…

Are You Owed An Extra
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Last year a little-known loophole allowed a handful of regular Americans to legally collect over $105,868,000 in bonus cash.

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before October 16, 2020 to qualify for the
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Dear Reader,

If you call your congressman, senator, or even the Social Security office down the street and ask them about the little-known opportunity I’m about to show you…

I’m certain they’ll tell you they’ve never heard of it.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Or that they’re trying to keep it a secret.

This income-boosting loophole is so obscure, less than 1/10 of 1% of Americans are taking advantage of it.

And that’s a shame. Because it allows you to boost your income by up to $18,836.

Every year. For the rest of your life.

Look, before we go any further, I need to be clear about something right away.

The opportunity I’m about to show you isn’t some “file and suspend” Social Security trick that only makes sense for a few people.

This obscure opportunity allows you to collect extra cash whether you’re married. Single. Divorced. Or widowed.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how much money you currently make.

Or even how old you are.

This income boost is available to EVERYONE.

Whether you’re 25… 40… 65… or even 80!

In fact, my research shows 100% of the people who put their name on this “plan’s” list were approved.

You heard that right.

Every single person who ever applied to this program had the chance to receive money.

Brian W. from Augusta, Georgia would back me up on that.  

Even though he’s 48—and decades from retirement—he was still able to tap this opportunity for more than $2,043.

Kathy N. a 57-year-old from Pennsylvania collected $5,121.

And Tom S. who’s 69, raked in $18,836 last year thanks to this loophole.

That’s just over $1,569 a month.

Which amounts to a 56% income boost this former California avocado farmer can count on each and every year.

More importantly—because of the way the government views the extra money Tom collects—it won’t reduce the $1,503 in Social Security benefits he currently receives.

And it won’t affect the future payments for Brian or Kathy either when they finally retire.

That’s a big deal.

Because while I’m not as concerned about the future of Social Security as The New York Times who says:

Or MarketWatch, which wonders:

I do believe if you’re planning to get through your golden years on Social Security checks alone, you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt.

Think about it.

Most retirees collect about $18,000 a year from this government program.

Which barely puts them over the poverty line.

And that’s before a round of proposed cuts of up to 21% take place.

I know what you’re thinking… I just said I’m not worried about the future of Social Security.

And I’m not. It’s funded through payroll taxes.

So unless the entire country stops working, there will always be money coming in.

But according to a report put out by the directors of the Social Security Trust Fund—there are still problems ahead.

Because the money is going out faster than it’s coming in.

And their proposed solutions for keeping the program you’ve funded all these years afloat?

Well, it’s just what you’d expect from the government…

  1. Increase taxes
  2. Reduce benefits

My opinion?

It’s going be both.

Plus, they’ll keep moving back the full retirement age, too.

Which simply means it’ll be harder and harder to collect all the money you deserve.

That’s why an income-boosting investment opportunity like the one I’m showing you now could make a vital difference in how you live during retirement.

And since the payouts you’ll get from this program don’t come directly from the Social Security fund, you’re eligible to…

Collect This Extra Money Immediately!

Hi, my name is Jim Pearce.

I’ve spent the past 37 years helping Americans of every age and income level prepare for retirement.

And I can tell you without hesitation, this “plan” is the best way to generate extra cash I’ve ever seen.

Chuck S. agrees. Because this 52-year-old told me, “How can you not love [this plan]? I have two boys in college, so I like the income.”

It’s not hard to understand his enthusiasm when you know he’s already collected $2,365.

And his next payout is set to arrive any day now. Chuck isn’t the only person thrilled by this income boost either.

Ian A. received $516 from this “plan” and said he “loves it.”

Mary T., who’s only months away from retiring, raked in $3,493 and let me know, “I love collecting money from [this program].”

Best of all, Mary accessed her payout without having to endure the utter confusion of navigating through the thousands of rules it takes to claim Social Security without a mistake.

That’s right, the Social Security Administration readily admits in its “short” 27-chapter Social Security Handbook…

“The Social Security programs are so complex it is impossible to include information about every topic.”

Think about that for a second.

The process for collecting the money you’ve paid into this program your entire working life—MONEY YOU DESERVE—is so complex and daunting…

Even a 27-chapter book can’t cover all the rules!

That’s what makes the opportunity I’m sharing with you now such a godsend.

Because the form which allows you to collect payments that average up to $1,569 a month is so simple to understand…

You can complete it in 90 seconds. Maybe less.

There’s nothing confusing about it.

There’s no way you can mess it up.

Now to be clear, not everyone will get payouts of this size…

How much you receive depends on how much you’ve got available to invest of course.

But considering…

There’s no way you can be turned down for this program…

It’s little wonder savvy Americans jump for joy when they discover it.

Remember, this “plan” has nothing to do with the actual Social Security fund.

When you submit the “membership form” you’re joining forces with a private sector company that has one of the most unique financial relationships ever formed with the U.S. Government.

I’m not exaggerating.

Unlike outfits who provide overlooked “everyday” services like internet access, electric, or even garbage collection…

The company behind the “plan” I’m sharing with you today provides a resource so immense, expensive, and time-consuming to control…

The folks in Washington paid them more than $149 million last year to oversee it.

And allow the company to escape paying corporate taxes at the same time.

I know it’s hard to believe the government would ever let a business get away with not paying taxes…

But there’s a big catch to this sweetheart deal.

Something President Dwight D. Eisenhower created over 50 years ago.

And one that could positively affect your income for the rest of your life.

You see, in order for the company to enjoy the full benefits of this cozy partnership with Uncle Sam, it needs to meet two requirements…

First—It must have a “plan” like the one I’m showing you today.

And second—it must pay out 90% of its profits to “plan” members.

You heard that right.

When you become a member of this company’s “plan” it is legally obligated to pay you a share of its profits.

And since it has dozens of contracts with the U.S. General Services Administration, which represents federal agencies like the two that siphon at least 31.2% from most Americans paychecks:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA)…

As soon as you’re accepted into this “plan”, you’ll immediately become eligible to “recoup” MORE of the tax money the government takes from you.

Better still, since the payouts you get come from a private company…

They won’t impact your current (or future) Social Security payments either.

That’s important. Because as I mentioned earlier… the Social Security Trust Fund is in trouble.

And I’m not the only one who believes the solution out-of-touch Washington insiders will shove down our throats is going to be a combination of moving back the full-retirement age (again)… increasing taxes (again)… and slashing payouts.

Ted B. from Wisconsin saw the writing on the wall and immediately signed up for this “plan”.

Now he’s set to receive $2,103 just days from now.

Merrill H., a 58-year-old from New York, made his move, too, and has collected well over $5,802 so far.

And in the time retirees Beth and Terry P. have been members of this program, they have received more than $24,459…

I’m sure that boost of cash helped ease their fears about how they’ll make ends meet if the government really does slash Social Security payments.

You can get the same peace of mind when you put your name on the payout list before the deadline.

I’ve put together a special guide that walks you through this opportunity from start to finish.

And I’m giving away free copies today.

I’ll show how to reserve one for yourself in just a moment.

Before I do, there’s one thing I need to be clear about.

I can’t promise you this “plan” will continue paying money out hand over fist…

You know the drill by now—past results don’t guarantee future performance.

But after spending nearly $30,000 of my company’s money—and months of my time—researching this situation…

I simply don’t see much in the way of downside.

Especially when you remember…

The government will always make sure it has what it needs to keep running…

That it absolutely needs the resource this company provides to its agencies…

And that thanks to a 50-year-old loophole in a U.S. tax code…

The company who inked this special set of deals is legally required to pay “plan” members 90% of the money it collects.

So the minute you join, you’re entitled to payouts which:

  1. You could look at like collecting extra Social Security benefits and getting a tax refund… at the same time.
  2. Are 100% legal and above board. (Even though it may feel like you’re getting away with something!)

I’m not talking about a little bit of money here, either.

Last year the payouts totaled a staggering $105,868,000.

Plus, since there’s little chance of government spending ever shrinking…

I fully expect these payouts will continue to grow.

Imagine how the money you collect from this “plan” could change your life.

You could finally forget about working just to pay the bills…

And finally, start getting ahead.

Even if it’s just a little bit.

This opportunity is so simple to become a part of…

All you need to join is internet access and about $30 in your investment account.

I’m sure Joe L. from Columbus, Ohio was delighted with his decision to join this unique “plan”.

Because since signing up—he’s collected $11,605.

Marcus L. from Topeka, Kansas has collected $14,423 so far.

And 77-year-old, Harry K. from San Diego is set to receive $38,347 in the next few months.

Remember, since all “plan” members collect this money from a private company, it doesn’t affect their current—or future—Social Security payments either.

And the payouts are fully backed by a U.S. Federal Law.

Look, I know you may have concerns about taking part in a “plan” you’ve never heard of before…

That’s understandable.

But considering $149 million of the money this company earns comes from guaranteed ironclad contracts with the U.S. Government…

And that it has earned the coveted “investment grade” rating from both Moody’s and Standard & Poors…

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying it’s one of the safest income-generating opportunities available today.

And I wouldn’t be telling you the complete truth if I didn’t point out the most important point about it…

No matter where you start this “plan”…

The more money you put into it—the more you stand to get out.

You don’t need a lot of money to get started, though.

In fact, all it takes is about $30.

Putting such small amount into this “plan” isn’t going to make you rich.

But I can promise you this… it’s better than doing nothing.

More importantly, it opens the doors to you using a unique feature which supercharges the amount of money you can collect.

So much so, it could allow you to accumulate the kind of wealth Janet Godwin did.

Because this secretary from Illinois put $180 into a “plan” just like the one I’m showing you today…

And when she passed away just a few years ago, she left a $7 million fortune to her college alma mater.

Better still, it looks as if the money she donated may never dry up.

Because her gift still produces over $250,000 in annual income.

All from a $180 initial investment.

Janet isn’t the only person who’s accumulated vast wealth by taking advantage of this special feature.

Diane Gladstone used it too. 

And even though she made less than $157,000 over her entire career…

When she passed away she left a $22 million fortune to a college she never attended.

More impressive…

Her “plan” was generating more than $800,000 in annual income.

From simply putting $5,000 into a “plan” like the one I’m showing you now and taking advantage of this uncommon technique.

Let’s face it, while Janet and Diane’s stories are 100% true…

They are exceptional examples.

Most folks will never generate that kind of wealth from the “plan” I’m showing you today.

But imagine if you only collect 10% of what Janet did…

That’s still $25,000 in extra annual income.

Or what if your “plan” only generates a mere 1% of what Diane’s did?

You’d still enjoy an $8,000 income boost. Every year.

Which unless you’re already rich—isn’t a bad haul for doing nothing more than taking a minute to fill out the online form.

I’ll give you all the details in my briefing, How To Collect An Extra $1,569 A Month In “Hidden Benefits.” 

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about this company’s special relationship with the government, the details of its “plan”, how much you stand to collect, and how to supercharge your payouts.

I’ll even walk you through how to fill out the simple form that gets you on your way to collecting payouts that could average out to over $1,000 a month.

And possibly a whole lot more.

Just remember, the deadline to get your name on the payout list is only days away.

So there isn’t a lot of time left to make your move.

I’ll rush a free copy of this special briefing to your inbox when you agree to test drive Personal Finance for 90 days.

What If Money Was No Object?

Everyone has different goals for the extra money they make by following our advice.

But here’s a few of the things our readers say they’re using it for:

  • “Take cruises and travel”
  • “Reinvest”
  • “Build a nest egg for my spouse and family when I pass away”
  • “Survive retirement”
  • “No mortgage, travel, live a very nice life”

Personal Finance is a simple 16-page newsletter I send out each month.

I explain what’s happening in the economy—good or bad.

Then I use my experience—which includes founding an investment banking firm and years of managing over $50 million in assets—by giving you actionable advice on how to generate money you can use now—or anytime you need it.

Just like I did today when I showed you how to collect an extra $1,569 a month in “benefits.”

As impressive as that situation is though…

It only scratches the surface of the opportunities you’ll find inside Personal Finance.

Because along with my team of investing experts, we’ll show you smart, easy ways to protect and grow your wealth.

Like the simple 9-minute-a-week strategy you can use to generate up to $67,548 in extra cash… in just one year.

That’s right.

If You Can Spare 9 Minutes Of Your Time Each Week—We’ll Show You How To Make Over $67,000 A Year.

I know what you’re probably thinking: swinging for the fence is a fool’s errand.

And you’re right.

The thing is, this isn’t a home run strategy in any way, shape, or form…

Because the money you make won’t come in one big shot… from one risky bet.

Quite the opposite in fact.

This income-generating strategy allows you to safely—and consistently—average about $185 a day.

Which ultimately adds up to $67,548 at the end of the year.

How do I know?

Because our expert who developed this technique has done exactly that.

Year after year…

And thousands of men and women who never thought they were cut out for a moneymaking strategy like this…

Are now using it… with some banking well over $100,000 a year.

Like Roger C. who says…

“In May I set a new personal record of $18,899 in profit. After making a bit over $100,000 last year, I’ll be back to let you know whether I made $100,000 in the first six months of this year. I think I will miss by a few thousand dollars, but who knows?”

Sal G., a 58-year-old warehouse manager, shared this about his results…

“I am on my way towards making over $100K by the end of this year.”

Steve S. from Maine told us…

“My account has gained approximately $49,000. As they say, past performance doesn’t guarantee future gains, but the system does work.”

Frank W., a 64-year-old manager says using this technique…

“…has netted over $10, 000 in 3 months.”

Arlette T. let us know she’s been so successful…

    “I no longer need a job.”

Adam Y. from Philadelphia says using this cash-generator…

“Allows me to sleep at night not having to hope the market goes up.”

And Sandy F. from Freemont California wrote in to say…

“It is a cash-cow. I like slow and incremental-I can plan better around it.”

I doubt any of these folks considered themselves an investing genius before they tried this strategy.

But I bet they feel like one now.

Because they’re making fistfuls of cash each week.

What Will You Do With All The Money You Make?

And here’s what they’re doing with the money… 

Now, not everyone shares this level of success of course…

But it does show you exactly what’s possible by following a set of step-by-step instructions which take less than 10 minutes of their time each week.

Instructions so simple—they eliminate ALL guesswork.

And leave nothing to chance.

This strategy is so easy to execute… and so effective at generating extra cash…

Even slow-to-catch-on mainstream publications have taken notice.

Forbes says it’s “like finding money in the street.”

Barron’s thinks it’s “too often ignored by investors.”

And Reuters even went as far as to call this cash-generating technique the “new Baby Boomer hobby.”

How couldn’t it be?

This low-risk strategy has nothing to do with buying penny stocks, trading futures, or any of the other complicated ways folks try to make money.

It works even when the market is going sideways.

And it’s so simple to do—it only takes up 9 minutes of your time each week.

That’s far less than you spend on the phone to make an appointment, waiting in line at the grocery store, or even putting away your laundry.

The results are far more enjoyable, too.

Because this strategy gives you the opportunity to make up to $185 a day.

Maybe more.

We’ll show you how to get started in our briefing The 9-Minute Secret To Making An Extra $67,000 A Year.

It’s yours free when you agree to try out Personal Finance today.

When you do, we also show you how to get…

Tax-Free Income For Life.

Look, no matter how you feel about the government and who’s running it, I think there are two things we can agree on…

  1. They’re never going to stop taking your hard-earned cash
  2. As time goes on, they’re going to take even more

That means to keep your head above water you’ll need to make more money…

Or find legal ways to escape some of the taxes…

And we’ve prepared a special briefing which shows you how to do both… at the same time.

Inside we’ll reveal how an act of Congress quietly created a straightforward way for you to shelter your investments and retirement income from taxes.

This new type of account is so powerful one of America’s leading retirement plan experts called it “the single biggest gift that Congress ever presented to the American taxpayer.”

That’s not wishful thinking.

Most retirement accounts like traditional IRAs and 401k plans allow you to put money into them before it’s taxed—which of course means you pay fewer taxes today.

That may sound great…

And it’s certainly better than doing nothing.

But there’s also a problem with it.

Because years from now when your savings are larger—assuming your investments go up in value—you’ll pay more taxes when you start taking the money out.

Worse still, since taxes are virtually guaranteed to increase…

It means you’ll pay even more taxes.

Talk about a double whammy!

Fortunately, that’s not the case with these alternative accounts.

Because they allow you to withdraw the money tax-free when it’s time to retire.

It doesn’t matter if your account is worth $2,000…

Or $2,000,000…

The gains—and future income—in these accounts are tax-free for life if you meet two simple requirements.

And they’re so flexible, you can use the other moneymaking ideas I shared with you today inside them.

Our special briefings will give you everything you need to get started.

Let’s quickly recap all three…

The first one—How To Collect An Extra $1,569 A Month In “Benefits”—is the culmination of months of research on a rare opportunity which allows you to boost your annual income by up to $18,836.

The second one—The 9-Minute Secret To Making An Extra $67,000 A Year—walks you through how to use a simple investing technique to safely—and consistently—earn an average of $185 a day.

And the third—The Biggest Legal Loophole in the IRS Tax Code—reveals the details on a little-known investment account which allows you to collect tax-free income for life.

These reports come from a team of experts with well over a century of combined investing experience.

And together they’re valued at $447.

But they can be yours free of charge when you agree to try out Personal Finance.

Monthly Issues—Every month, you’ll get a 16-page issue of Personal Finance. Inside, my team will deliver the real picture on what’s currently happening in the markets...

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Byron K. is so happy with Personal Finance he offered up this piece of advice for you…

“This is the best tool for the independent investor—get it!”

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That’s right, Personal Finance doesn’t come with a price tag that runs into the hundreds… or even thousands of dollars if you subscribe today.

Could I charge that kind of money for the profitable advice I send out on a regular basis?

Absolutely. A lot of other publishers do…

But we haven’t been around for over 46 years by charging an arm and a leg for our work.

You see, we believe if you put out quality investing advice which consistently helps people profit…

They’ll stick around. So you don’t have to make all your money in one shot.

Which is why we only charge $198 for 24 issues (2 years’ worth) of our research.

But today is different.

I’m so convinced the opportunity to collect up to $1,569 a month in extra cash is the best thing you can do to boost your income…

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You can do whatever you like with the money you save of course…

But my hope is you’ll use it to start your own “plan” as soon as you get the details.

Because the next round of payouts is just days away.

Which brings me to the only catch there is in this entire situation (there’s always at least one right?)…

To prevent any hard feelings from folks who drag their feet and miss out, my publisher insisted…

This special deal expires at midnight
—no exceptions.

I’m sorry I can’t keep the window open longer.

But the truth is if you’re still not convinced this “plan” is the key to helping you generate up to $1,569 in extra income… you never will be.

Remember, when you join today I’ll immediately send three special briefings which together have a value of $447.


But that’s not all.

I want to send you two bonus briefings too.

The first is Profit Like the Landlord in Chief.

We all know you can make a fortune in real estate.

The President is proof of that.

But did you know you can do it without risking your entire life savings on far-flung ventures like flipping houses? Or buying rental properties?

Well, you can. Because there’s a special type of security called a Real Estate Investment Trust (or REIT for short) you can own in your regular brokerage account.

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Inside this briefing you’ll discover:

You’ll also get Data Center Profits: How You Can Collect Digital Rent Payments Without Ever Moving Your Mouse.

Inside you’ll discover the details on a company which collects rent from a slew of massive online companies including Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon.

This “digital landlord” is so flush with cash the payouts its backers receive has exploded by 616% over the past 15 years.

Better still, with most experts agreeing the REAL Internet growth story is just beginning…

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I fully expect the payout increases to continue.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this proven player, including how to put your name on the list before they send the next round of payouts.

The entire suite of briefings I want to give you today is worth $745.

But I’ll rush them to you free of charge when you agree to try out Personal Finance.

The minute you say “yes”… You’re Covered By My 90-Day—100% Guarantee

I want you to be 100% sure Personal Finance is right for you.

So I’m giving you three full months to try it out at my expense.

That’s plenty time to check out everything on the Personal Finance website…

Read a few issues…

Take part in the moneymaking opportunities you’ll discover briefings like How To Collect An Extra $1,569 A Month In “Hidden Benefits”

And possibly even receive your first payout.

If at any time during those first three months you’re not happy with what you’re getting from us—or the profits you’re seeing—simply let our Customer Service team know.

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I have no interest in keeping your money unless you’re 100% satisfied.

And even if it’s past the 90-day mark and you find yourself unhappy for any reason, we still have your back.

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On the off chance do decide Personal Finance isn’t all I promised, I insist you keep all the free briefings and issues you receive as my way of saying thank you for giving it a try.

I’ll be honest—I’m not too worried about that happening.

But you need to make your move and join me now.

You’re In A Race Against Time

The deadline to get your name on the payout list is only days away.

So do yourself a favor and click the button below to reserve your free copy of How To Collect An Extra $1,569 A Month In “Hidden Benefits” while there’s still time to act.

When you do, I’ll also rush you these four bonus briefings, too.

Just remember, to prevent any hard feelings from the feet-draggers out there…

We’re going to stop letting people join Personal Finance under this special deal just hours from now.

So unless my publisher has a change of heart, I doubt you’ll ever see it again.

I look forward to helping you grow your wealth.

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To collecting extra cash,

Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist
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