Disney vs. Comcast vs. Apple vs. NETFLIX vs. NBC vs. Verizon
vs. CBS vs. Dish vs. AT&T vs. YouTube vs. Charter vs. HBO
vs. Oprah vs. the National Football League…


Dear Smart Investor,

What replaces cable TV? What comes after “cord-cutting”? Who will win the streaming wars?

And how can you get RICH from it?

There’s only 1 constant in American life. All of us love watching TV… and some of us have figured out a way to make money from it. So what’s different in 2020? There’s never been MORE money at stake… or a QUICKER way to get it… but the 1 hidden answer has never been harder to FIND.

Those are all good questions, and it’s my job to answer them for you today.

But first, let me ask you a tougher question.

How many remote controls do you own — and where are they hiding in your living room?

You probably weren’t expecting THAT question.

But if you can answer it, you’ll understand the true secret behind the biggest no-brainer investment in the history of capitalism.

See, I’m not talking about some flavor of the month like “penny weed stocks,” or “crypto-currencies,” or “biotech gene editing.”

And it’s nothing complex like options or futures trading either.

In fact…

Whether you’re an experienced trader, or someone who’s never invested a DIME before in your life…

I’m going to show you today the 1 quick trade you MUST make.

Just make sure to pull the trigger before March 31st.

Because the sudden $1.1 quadrillion avalanche of cash that’s about to roll downhill from this investment isn’t JUST the easiest money-making opportunity I’ve seen in my entire lifetime…

(All it takes is a single ‘click’ to get your cut of ALL this cash at once.)

It’s also something near and dear to my heart.

And yours.

It’s the most powerful cultural & economic force that ever was, is, or will be in the United States of America

And yes, it’s right there in your living room.

So how many stupid $#*(#*(#%(%*@ remote controls do I have?


TV remote, sound system remote, Apple TV remote, and an “Amazon Fire stick”… whatever the heck that is.

Then there’s the wires.

It’s all so aggravating.

But it helps explain the quadrillion dollar love affair that every American has with TV… the awkward place that love affair has put us in now…

And the best way to profit.

As you probably realize…

The trouble started when your cable company first came to town.

They promised you more channels (true, true, true) with fewer commercials (lie! lie! lie!)

And the on-screen “navigation” that’s harder to steer than a Soviet nuclear submarine.

Worse yet they gave us NO CHOICE…

Because the cable companies got in bed with the government and became monopolies.

Making money hand over fist without even trying.

So you had to pay this, or watch nothing at all:


Then — quite recently — something incredible happened.

27 million Americans decided enough was enough.

And “cut the cord” on their cable subscriptions.

More and more of us are joining them all the time…


I wish I could say that’s the end of the story.

But of course it’s not.

Because just when it seemed like things were getting better…

Somehow, they started to get even worse!

Yeah, it’s nice to have even MORE options & MORE channels to choose from.

(I love a lot of these new shows just like you do.)

And yeah — there’s no better feeling than telling the big bad cable company to go kick rocks.

But what kind of happy ending is THIS?

Just take a look at what my monthly bill looks like after “cutting the cord”:

Somehow I wound up paying NINE
cable companies instead of just 1


That’s just the start, too.

I’m now getting offers for “Disney Plus” at $6.99 a month and “Apple Plus” at $4.99 a month.

And — guess what — I’m still paying the same $@$?@$?$@?$ cable company $69.99 a month on top of all this…

Because “streaming video” requires an internet connection, and wouldn’t you know, they have a monopoly on that too.

Oops, so much for cord-cutting.

I think we can agree that there are too many streaming services.

And we’re not alone:


We’ve come a long way since the “good old days” of TV, haven’t we?

Case in point…

Do you remember where you were for the moon landing?

I do.

The same place you were, I’m sure…

I was parked right in front of our TV set in my family den, eating a bowl of cocoa puffs.

Neil Armstrong took one giant leap for mankind.

And I leaped up to give one giant high-five to my dad.

Back then, we only had 3 channels. But they brought us some amazing memories, didn’t they?

Remember Ali taunting Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle?

 “That’s all you got George?!? Show me something…”

It still gives me chills.

What about the finale of M.A.S.H? When the chopper lifted off to reveal the word “Goodbye.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

As a kid I just saw them as magic moments.

But as an adult?

And as a professional investor with more than three decades of experience?

I recognize that TV entertainment is something else as well.

A multi-trillion-dollar cash cow…

Magic moments like these make stock investors
a TRUCKLOAD of money…
(Just ask Warren Buffett)

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Farrah Fawcett on Charlie’s Angels. It’s time to meet the Muppets.

Who shot J.R.? Where’s the beef? Do you believe in miracles?

Those moments were also magic for the smart money crowd who invested in them.

Like Warren Buffett…

You don’t hear this much, but ‘The Oracle of Omaha’ has quietly invested in TV companies for years.

In fact…

One of the hidden patterns in his current portfolio at Berkshire Hathaway — remember, this is the largest public financial company in the entire world…

Is a series of deals he’s made with a shadowy “TV hedge fund.”

These actually make up 5 of the 47 positions in Berkshire Hathaway’s dealbook… more than ANY other investment.

And that hedge fund?

Its performance record is simply staggering.

According to a research study conducted by Edge Consulting Group…

These classic, TV-related investments
turned a modest $500 starting stake
into a $1,576,685 fortune

In fact, they’ve actually outperformed Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett himself!

Not just once or twice in a “lucky quarter.”

But continuously — for more than three decades running.

Just take a look:


The total gains for Berkshire Hathaway from 1974-2016 are represented by the blue line. While these TV-related gains are the red line. But that’s nothing compared to what we’ll see now that the first shots of the $1.1 quadrillion “Streaming War” are being fired…

This historical chart shows you something else important, too.

Back in the “good old days”… and right up until quite recently… it wasn’t even all that hard to pick which TV media companies to invest in.

You didn’t have to be Warren Buffett, or a hedge fund manager, to know who was making money from TV… and how you could do it, too.

It all was a no-brainer.

Well, life is more complicated these days, isn’t it?

How’s this for a magic moment in the family den?

I’m flipping on the Ravens game (if I can find the right remote).

Meanwhile, my daughter is surfing YouTube on her iPad in the basement…

And my wife is in the bedroom “binge-watching” an entire season of Stranger Things episodes she just downloaded…


Again, there’s more money here than ever before.

But it’s literally in different places.

(Or so it would seem — because it turns out there’s 1 hidden pipeline connecting ALL of these TV companies & systems. And right now, it’s BROKEN.)

Frustrated yet?
Allow me to make it even worse…

Like any great TV drama… we’ve got some pretty scary stuff to deal with here & some life lessons to learn before we get to the happy ending.


I’m about to show you a “glitch” that impacts 329 million American TV viewers.

(That means you.)

It could literally BLACK OUT your television.

Within the next 24 hours.

Because we’re only at the very beginning of The Great Steaming TV War.

As you know, it’s been all over the headlines:


“More complicated” is right. Because in this war, there are more than 2 armies.

We have the established “cord-cutting” players:

The newcomers with deep pockets…

Heck, even the cable companies themselves are “going streaming” and jumping in…

Long story short, all the biggest players in Hollywood & Silicon Valley are strapped for a long and brutal battle…

And no wonder… there’s $1.1 quadrillion at stake.

Who will win “World War Stream”?

That’s a question for history to decide.

But here’s what’s being decided RIGHT NOW…

The future of TV will be decided on March 31 —
but the fallout (and the profits)
will last for a CENTURY

When’s the exact right time to invest in a changing industry?

Common sense might say “the beginning.”

When you can make a 39,056% gain on Netflix, like a handful of investors did.

But that’s when you can also LOSE.

For every Netflix, there are dozens of similar companies that went bankrupt.

Remember Vdio? Watchever?

How about Presto? Fullscreen? Canalplay?

Of course you don’t. Nobody does.

Because none of those companies ever made a dime… while investors lost their shirts.

Even Netflix has been a rocky ride. The stock got cut in half two different times.


Well, you can call Uncle Warren & me chickens if you want to, but that just doesn’t seem like a good way of making money.

Actually, it seems like a recipe for acid reflux indigestion.

See, there’s another way to play this.

One that does not involve throwing your hard-earned money at a dartboard, hoping you hit a bullseye.

So here’s the deal…

I can’t turn back the clock and make you young again today. But… I CAN help make you rich

Because, remember — there’s a NEW wave of $1.1 quadrillion worth of profits at stake in the TV industry.

Not just eventually, in the years to come, but RIGHT NOW.

That’s why I look for the “World War” phase of any industry shift… when the major players are out in the open, and throwing giant vaults of cash around.

But the hidden winner hasn’t yet been revealed.

You see, a World War strategy rarely works out for the big-name players themselves…

Because the true profits — and for our sake, the more predictable ones — go to the under-the-radar companies that act as “arms dealers.”

You see it time and time again, in EVERY industry. Like:

In the early 2000s when deregulation pushed the airlines to fight for dominance…

Boeing quietly sold planes to all sides… and made investors an absolute killing..


Or in the 1980s, when the first PC companies were duking it out for market share…

A then-unknown “arms dealer” company called Microsoft made investors rich by selling every computer manufacturer its Windows operating system.


How about when the big wireless companies fought tooth and nail for customers when smartphones first came out?

A tiny telecom company called American Tower sold cell towers to every side. And yes, investors who backed this hidden arms dealer made a fortune.


Yet, the Streaming Wars arms dealer I’ve identified for you today has the very real potential to outpace even those record-setting gains…

And the best part is, this is the very opposite of throwing darts.

In fact…

This one’s a guaranteed payday…
It’s the law!

It’s true.

Thanks to a little-known government document called PL 86-779…


If the profits go up, down, or sideways… you still get paid.

Better still, all that’s required to secure MAXIMUM profits is one simple stock trade.

No complicated options. No “leverage.”

No constantly watching out for alerts.

Making money on this unusual growth play is dead simple…

Just make sure you get in before March 31st, okay?

Because that’s the day I fully expect…

The secret puppet master behind
World War Stream will shower well-positioned investors with cash

Here’s the deal…

Thanks to raw desperation of the cable TV providers, Silicon Valley & Hollywood are now spending historic amounts of money… all for the privilege of pumping brand-new TV, movies, and live sports into every home in America.

Yet, the real winner…

The one that stands to make $1.1 quadrillion…

You WON’T find on a Hollywood movie set or in a cushy Silicon Valley office building.

Actually, you’ll find it in a heavily-secured, nondescript building just outside the blast radius of our nation’s capital.

data center

What’s more, this profit play has the potential to make you very, very rich.

What kind of money do you stand to make?

Sorry to break it to you…

You will not make 12 figures on this deal, BUT…

If you had plans to get richer than you ever dreamed possible, keep reading.


news about Investing DailyThe 275 hours of financial analysis I’ve devoted to this one profit play led me to conclude that it could start sending you a 2,049% profit windfall as soon as this Monday…

Of course, it goes without saying that no investment is without risk. From stocks to T-bills, there’s still a chance you could lose money.

So if you’re the type who has a bad habit of betting the rent money, then think twice before investing in this one.

And if you’re the type who sells the second a stock dips 10% then you shouldn’t invest at all.

But if you’re looking for the inside track to a potential $204,900 payday…

(Just think, half of that or even a quarter of that would be life-altering…)

Then please keep reading.

In a moment, I’ll break down the profit target…

And clue you in on this unusual growth play.

But first…

It’s in your best interest to know who I am.

My name is Jim Pearce. I’m the Chief Profit Strategist at Investing Daily.

You don’t know me. The mainstream news outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and CNBC never asked me on after I banked a six-figure gain on Ford in 2008…

But if we did meet in person, I’m sure I’d buy you a beer. Maybe two. And let you in on some of my war stories…

I have quite a few from my 35 years on the frontlines of finance…

But you’ve got places to be today. And as for me, I’ve left that life behind.

See, making gazillionaires 0.000001% richer felt trivial…

Especially when the same moves could put a nice nest egg away for everyday Americans.

Like Maryanne F. from Orem, Utah…


Or Gary J. from Frisco, Texas…


And J. Thomlinson from Biloxi, Mississippi…


So yes, we’ve done well here at Investing Daily…

Helping our readers make lots of money with outsized gains like:


But none of them are as compelling as what I’m about to share with you today.

That’s why I’m writing you this message as fast as I can.

Because a money-making opportunity as exciting as this only happens once.

So I’m sure you won’t mind if I ask you to pay close attention.

(After all, a few minutes of undivided focus could make you rich.)

I promise, I’ll make this quick.

But before you can start counting your stacks of cash…

First you should know…

There’s only 1 SURE way to profit from the streaming wars (and it’s definitely not what you think… not even close)

Every talking head on TV who can rub two cents together has an opinion about who’s going to win World War Stream.

It’s a fun parlor game, but of course they have no clue — it’s all just more noise that distracts from the true profit-making opportunity at the center of this.

But I get it.

The news media has to sell clicks to make a living. And Hollywood & Silicon Valley CEOs waging total warfare makes for a good story.

I mean, look at how much money they’re spending — per day — to kill each other:

Astonishing, isn’t it?

But that money is the consolation prize.

Like I said, the streaming wars could take years to play out.

So we’ll wait patiently and see who conquers your living room.

Because in the meantime, the real money-making event — the one that has the very real potential to mint a new group of millionaires — is happening very soon. Like, next week soon.

And it’s also the only thing that will save your TV.

TV error

Bad news. All those live sports, movies, and TV…

The very things we love to watch… and the weapons that will decide World War Stream…

They could shut off your TV…


Let me explain…

The secret to streaming TV (and its buckets of profits), actually happens behind the play button.

See, when you watch Gran Torino on Netflix…

Or any of the millions of hours of content for that matter…

The video must pass through a complicated network of “digital pipes.”

Much like water must pass through a complicated network of pipes before it comes out of your faucet.

So yes, moving TV onto the same digital pipes as the internet expanded choice — to the point of frustration — but it also made the signal less reliable.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Or even comes to a screeching halt.

And guess what?

It’s about to get even worse.

See, along with a deluge of new TV shows, movies, and live sports…

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and HBO are all upgrading their libraries to a new format called 4K.

I won’t bore you with the details…

Because all it really means is streaming videos just got a lot bigger.

In terms of our water analogy, the size of each video that goes through the pipe is expanding from a cup to a gallon.

Now apply that to millions of hours of TV shows, movies, & live sports.

And now we’re about to get hit by a content tsunami that will blast the “digital pipes” to bits.

Which means…

No more TV shows.

No more movies.

No more live sports.

These greedy $#)$@)@$ may have ruined TV
for all of us… for good

Need proof?

Consider this:

On November 12, 2019, thousands of families crowded around their TV screens for the highly-anticipated launch of Disney+…

Only to get slammed with this ugly surprise.

streaming error

So what happened?

The “digital pipes” burst.

And if you’re saying, “That was only one time…”

Then how about this: these TV outages are actually on the rise

In fact:

Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime Video alone have reported a staggering separate 14,095 outages — and this same problem affects your “regular” cable TV, too

And that’s from only 3 streaming services…

Now, imagine what will happen with 300 of them duking it out.

(And the “zombie” cable companies are moving all of THEIR television content into the SAME system. So there’s really no way for you to avoid being affected.)

The current set of “digital pipes” just can’t handle that much streaming.

Which means you’ll see more messages like this:

playback error

You can see for yourself — this is a huge problem.

I mean, it’s the end of TV!

But look, I’m not here to play Chicken Little.

As my Dad — a financial crime prosecutor with the SEC — told me…

“Jim, don’t just bring me problems. Bring me solutions. And make it quick.”

That’s why I’m writing you today.

Because I’ve discovered a way to save TV.

So these “digital pipes” never burst again.

And better yet, make a fortune…

Starting this Monday.

I was completely blind to this play…

Until I remembered another valuable lesson from my Dad:

The real winner is always hidden…
But it’s usually hidden in plain sight

Just like Superman lives among us as Clark Kent…

Batman is actually Bruce Wayne…

And Spiderman is really Peter Parker…

The profit-making superheroes are hiding in the background, ready to save the day.

And send investors astonishing gains.

For instance…

Back in 2005, when the United States was desperate for oil, the Saudis and Russians had us over a barrel. And everyone believed we were going to run out of oil…

Until the oil companies drilled and drilled and drilled in North Dakota & Texas… making America far-and-away the dominant oil producer.

The problem was, they pumped so much oil they didn’t know what to do with it.

So the real heroes were the companies that own the oil pipelines that transport crude from the oil fields to the refineries.

Like Marathon Petroleum. We recommended it and our readers pocketed up to 98% gains.


Or Enterprise Products Partners, which soared 217%.


Or better still, Plains All American Pipeline, which gushed profits of 364%.


Much like these corporate superheroes, the hidden winner of the streaming wars has left clues that reveal its true identity.

As long as you’re willing to look.

Which, for me, started by following that black cable behind my internet modem…

Down the street…

Across the highway…

Then another 35 miles…

Until it led me to a non-description location just outside the blast radius of the nation’s capital.

Stashed inside an unmarked,
heavily guarded building…

The hero that saves TV…
(and your one chance to get rich)

An armed guard stands at attention at the entrance.

Yet, that’s only the first layer of security.

Behind closed doors, there are fingerprint scanners… retinal scanners… “man traps” (I’ll let you use your imagination on that one)…

data centerThen finally through 7 doors — all protected by passwords — there it is…

What’s hidden inside?

Government secrets?

Little gray aliens?

No, there’s something much more profitable.

Behind the gauntlet of security
beats the NEW heart of your TV

I dug deeper to find out who owned this mysterious building.

And what I found left me shocked.

Inside this mysterious building was not only a complicated network of digital pipes.

Instead, at the center of this tangled zig zag of wires and cables is a digital HEART.

Much like your own heart, this digital heart maintains the constant flow of data & information that make up the lifeblood of the internet.

Inside this 230,000 sq. foot warehouse, the heartbeat sounds more like a low hum from thousands of computers.

In the tech world this massive building filled with thousands of computers is called a data center.

You may have passed one of these giant “data centers” on your way to work without ever knowing how important it is.

Like I said, it hides in plain sight.

And if you’re wondering why it’s so big…

The answer is simple:

center databaseThe bigger the “digital heart” is, the better it can regulate the flow of information.

That got me thinking…

Like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, maybe all TV needed was a new heart.

All that security started to make a whole lot of sense.

In fact, it was downright vital.

You see, this data center is already the “beating heart” for the who’s who of the Fortune 1,000, including:

In fact, here are all the industries that would cease to exist without data centers.

Put simply…


But we’re not quite out of the woods, yet.

Because there’s an even bigger threat that I haven’t told you about yet.

Which makes this data center pure play a rare opportunity to bank massive profits.

Forget TV… this will save modern life
as we know it (and stream 2,049% profits
right into your pocket, if you act quickly)

Here’s the deal:

In a matter of weeks, a group of scientists will unveil the so-called “5G” communications standard.

You’ve probably seen the happy advertisements from the telecom companies.

But there’s one problem that’s as serious as a heart attack.

With a flip of a switch, 5G will allow 26 billion devices to connect to the internet.

As Fabrizio Biscotti — research director at Gartner — put it: [these new devices] will generate large quantities of data that need to be processed and analyzed in real time.

In other words, a whole lot MORE data is about to get crammed through these SAME digital pipes.

How much data are we talking here, exactly?

I’ll put it this way:

If every gigabyte of data about to be created each year were a gallon of water…

This next flood would cover Texas in 37 inches of water.

And you guessed it…

The digital pipes can’t handle that much data.

In other words…

To save TV, the internet, & modern life
as we know it… plus cash in on all the profits…

“We’re going to need a bigger boat”

Put simply, we need every data center around the world to be glued together…

To make one giant network.

In other words, the biggest digital heart this world has ever seen.

It would save TV. It would save modern life as we know it.

And it could make investors (that’s you) incredibly rich.

We’ve seen it before. Companies combine forces and unlock a surge of new profits…

Like when Disney combined with Marvel Comics to create one of the most profitable entertainment empires of all time. The day of the announcement Marvel’s stock price spiked by 25%…

While Disney climbed by 482%.


Or when SalesForce combined with social media company Buddy Media.

Investors in Buddy Media got their cut of a $689 million windfall…

Before Salesforce climbed 400%.


Incredible. Yet, there’s still one problem.

Stitching together all of these data centers normally takes a long time… lots of paperwork… and an army of lawyers.

But notice how I said normally.

Because there’s one exceptional man who can take on a problem this BIG…

And get it done fast.

His name is Bill.

Forgive me for not giving out his full name.

But I don’t want thousands of rabid fans blowing up his inbox…

Singing his praises and thanking him for the new car that’s sitting in their driveway…

Or putting their grandkids through college.

The guy probably gets too many of those emails from Fortune 500 CEOs & CFOs.

That’s because over the last 6 years, he’s manned the helm of this mega data center provider…

The stock has already grown by 137%.

So, you can see why investors love him already.

What’s his superpower?

He has a special knack for closing a very profitable type of business deal called a “roll-up.”

What’s a roll-up?

In short, a roll-up is when companies combine to make a bigger, better, and more profitable juggernaut.

Take Waste Management for example. What you may not know is the trash removal company started out with only 1 truck. Back then it was a complete unknown.

But then the founder of Waste Management, Wayne Huizenga, shocked the world.

Wayne closed some of the biggest roll-up deals in history, including a $13.47 billion deal with USA Waste.

He turned his scrappy 1 man business into a behemoth.

And just like that, Waste Management’s stock soared, going up 41X.


The profit potential of a well-executed roll-up is massive.

And when it comes to closing a roll-up deal, Bill is an absolute surgeon…

Take a quick look at his track record.

Impressive, indeed.

Yet, if my prediction is correct… and I’m 100% certain it is…

Bill is cooking up his biggest roll-up yet, that will save TV, the internet, and the fabric of our modern life…

The underground MEGA roll-up that will save TV…

Just make sure to get in BEFORE this deal closes to cash in on the huge profits

The sad fact is, most investors will miss out on a chance to make a fortune from this roll-up deal.

That’s because most investors don’t even know what a data center is…

Much less that…

But if you’ve followed me this far, you’re not most investors…

So here’s the deal:

Recently, Bill closed a cash flush deal…

And that money is already burning a hole in his pocket…

As he put it:


Then — less than two weeks later — in an announcement sent out to an exclusive group of the company’s top investors…

Bill dropped this bombshell:


That was crazy enough, but then I noticed this as well:


It pointed to something you almost never see.

A TRIFECTA “roll-up” between the top companies in this space.

All orchestrated by Bill and sitting there on the public market for YOUR investment dollar.

To put it in perspective, this would be like
Coke buying Pepsi AND Dr. Pepper

Recently, with just a hint of a roll-up, the markets erupted…

Can you imagine the profits from a three way roll-up?

Just like me, the markets must believe this one is a slam dunk.

Let’s look at the facts of Bill’s biggest deal ever:

We don’t just need this data center trifecta
roll-up… we want it… now

I know I’m moving fast…

So let me recap the potential at stake here:

That’s a recipe for astronomical gains…

So how high could this go?

Like I said, you won’t pocket 12 figures on this deal.

So if you were hoping to go private-island shopping…

I’m sorry to disappoint.

I’d rather take a more conservative line here.

So if you can just stomach flying first class for the rest of your life…

And paying for your grandkids’ college tuition without batting an eye…

Then keep reading…

Because those are within reach.

Here, I’ll show you.

Separately, these three companies generate $8.9 billion in revenue.

Very respectable.

Yet, once all three combine in this Trifecta roll-up…

This one mega data center would jump to $190 billion…


That’s 2,049% growth virtually overnight.


Picture it.

A 22X-fold returns on a single investment.

That’s enough to turn $100 into $2,049…

$1,000 into $20,491….

And $10,000 into $204,910.

But here’s the best part.

Even if this pure play goes
up or down or sideways…


Remember when I said you’re legally guaranteed to get a return?

Here’s how it works:

According to a little-known law called PL 86-779…

This pure play is legally required to payout 90% of its profits to shareholders…

(That’s you… if you follow my simple recommendation.)

Sound too good to be true?

Well, you and I are both old enough to know that no investment is completely risk-free.

So here’s the catch…

To distribute profits, there obviously must be profits.

But I’m not worried about that part.

This data center pure play loves rewarding investors.

In fact, if you would have put your money in this opportunity, you would have crushed the S&P 500.


Make no mistake:

You won’t have to wait long to expect monster gains to pile into your brokerage account.

In fact…

This deal has to get done soon.
Like, next week soon.

In this red-hot roll-up market, hot properties get swooped up fast.

Check it out:


A whopping 52 data center-oriented roll-ups closed last year … setting up 2019 to become a record year for data center M&A.

The experts agree:


So yes, this deal needs to get done.

And I fully expect it to go down as soon as next week.

Here’s why.

On March 31st, Bill’s company is expected to make a special announcement at a secret closed-door meeting.

This meeting brings the brightest minds from around the world to discuss the future of the internet.

It will be like if the 1972 Miami Dolphins, 1978 Steelers, and 1986 Bears all came together under one roof.

In front of the most powerful executives in the industry, I fully expect Bill’s company to announce the Trifecta Roll-Up.

Picture it. With one announcement, TV is saved forever…

And investors take off on a runaway profit sprint.

I won’t put too much of a fine point on this… but the best time to stake your claim on the profits is BEFORE this closed door meeting.

Wait even a minute, and it could cost you a few zeros in your bank account.

Because by that time, the cat will be out of the bag.

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February 2020




P.S. The “Streaming Wars” are more than just a quadrillion-dollar battle between giant corporations. They’re also a critical threat to YOUR television… and a historic opportunity to make money by fixing it. Only one hidden “rollup” trade can save TV and hand YOU a 2,049% windfall...

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