Breaking News! Tiny $75 million biotech just solved one of the
world’s biggest problems and experts are now calling it the…

Dear Reader,

I have urgent news about saving the lives of millions of adults and children

Because right now I’m holding a secret medical document in my hands signaling the end of cancer.

And behind it all is one tiny company I call the “Cancer Sniper” – with a profit potential unlike anything I’ve ever seen in over 10 years of biomedical investment research.

Now here’s your opportunity to…

Help Cure 12,112,098 Americans
And Get Rich As Cancer Dies!

My name is Scott Chan.

I’m a biotech financial analyst and I hate cancer.  

Because when I was just 8 years old my father died from it.

And when I was 19 years old my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was cured, but it wasn’t easy.

So I’m not kidding when I say I hold a personal grudge against cancer.

And I’m not alone. The war against this disease continues.

Because right now, over 12 million Americans have cancer. And according to estimates from Dr. Topel and Dr. Murphy from the University of Chicago…

The cure is worth a staggering $50 trillion.

Now at this very moment, I hold in my hands astonishing evidence that every other cancer treatment could soon become obsolete.  

And I have shocking proof that one tiny biotech is about to take over its first $107 billion cancer therapy market. Starting in a matter of days.

Yet right now this is just a $75M company,
with shares trading well under $2.  

So there’s a fortune waiting for those who get in right now.

And the math clearly shows the “Cancer Sniper” has the potential to grow a mind-boggling 142,667% over the next few years.

That’s from just one type of cancer.

Gains like that are better than buying
Apple back in 1982 for $0.19 per share!

These explosive gains are only possible since the company is so small and still totally under the radar of large investors.

And shares are still under $1.75 for you.

But not for long!

The “Cancer Sniper” has the potential cure for over 12 million Americans. And there’s life-changing wealth available for those who act right now…

I predict this company will be responsible for minting hundreds of new millionaires.

Because as you’re about to see, the profit potential here is enough to turn every $1,000 into $6,667. Or every $2,500 into $33,200. That’s 13 times your money.

So right here today you’ll discover…

The Company That Just Triggered

Look at how they’re marching forward:

Destroy all types of cancers!

Now, this last announcement has been completely beneath the surface of the scientific community. It’s been locked away.

No CNBC, no Bloomberg, no MSNBC, no talking heads jumping on this. They’re blind.

And that shows you the $50 trillion dollar DEATH OF CANCER is quietly hiding inside this tiny little $75 million company. But it’s about to get massive.

For example, the company just announced FDA “Fast Track” status. This is another bombshell hasn’t yet reached the media or Wall Street yet. (But it will.)

And a few days ago, world-class cancer researcher Dr. Nigel Blackburn of Cancer Research UK had this to say about the “Cancer Sniper” therapy:

“This vaccine trial is a pioneering approach to improving treatment for lung cancer, the biggest cause of cancer death worldwide.”

But this barely scratches the surface! As you’ll soon see those investors getting shares below $1.75 will be riding this to the moon.

Become A Millionaire
With One Stock

Here’s what happens when you’re holding a biotech stock at the right time.

Not long ago, Molecular Templates was in a similar stage that our “Cancer Sniper” company is in right now. Only it was working on something much smaller and far less lucrative called the TH-302 molecule.

Then Merck signed a very minor co-development agreement with Molecular Templates and shares took off, climbing 682%!

That’s enough to turn a $500 stake into $3,410.

Or a larger $10,000 position into $68,200.

In only 57 days!!!

And then there’s Verastem. It’s an oncology stock, a little bit like the “Cancer Sniper” although they don’t have nearly the same ability to scale up.  

They released news about their Duvelisib cancer therapy regarding a “data readout” from a Phase 3 clinical trial. When that news hit the market, shares really took off!

It quickly doubled in price in one month. Then, shares climbed up by 752%!

That’s enough to turn a small $1,000 stake into $7,520. Or $5,000 into $37,600!

And then there’s Abeona Therapeutics.

It’s focused on gene therapies for rare diseases. But, unlike the “Cancer Sniper”, Abeona’s long-term profits are limited due to a rather small market. Nevertheless…

In August 2017, they announced a “Breakthrough Therapy” designation for their EB-101 gene therapy program. When that news hit, shares gained serious momentum and climbed 802% in about a year.

Enough to turn a “grubstake” of $500 into $4,010.

Or a larger position of $10,000 into $80,200!

With any of these stocks, you’d have turned $2,000 into more than $13,500.

Every single time.

However, none of them are nearly as lucrative as what I’m sharing today.

And so maybe now you’re wondering…

How I Discovered The “Cancer Sniper”

I grabbed my coffee and my checklist. Then I started reviewing the most cutting-edge biotech companies. Here’s a glimpse:

I poured over the 17 best small-cap biotech companies with a fine-tooth comb.

And the “Cancer Sniper” is the one company that rose to the top. I’ve never seen anything check all the boxes like this. And, right around the corner I see a jackpot for investors.

Fastest Path to 667% Gains in One Day

I just found out that the American Cancer Society released this sizzling hot news…

The “Cancer Sniper” now has a ready-to-administer, off-the-shelf, clinical grade dose. In plain English, that means they’re just weeks away from mass production and distribution.

When this news spreads it’s got the potential to move this stock to $3 or $5 or even $10. That’s like turning $2,500 into $16,667.

Once it reaches $10 you’re instantly getting 667% gains.

But that’s just the beginning. That’s just the first phase of growth happening right now.

Only nerdy scientists and stuffy academics know about this.

And of course, now you.

To check my thinking, I put this breaking news in front of seven world-renowned investing experts like:

This inner circle is the cream of the crop.

And in every case they agreed the “Cancer Sniper” is…

The #1 Biotech Investment Opportunity of 2018

That’s a huge endorsement. There’s no greater blessing.

And here’s really a small sample of trades they recently uncovered…

With 600% gains in two months it’s like you’re getting 3,456% gains in one year.

And it would turn $2,500 into $86,400 and… $10,000 into $345,600.

And there’s another catalyst for huge gains for the “Cancer Sniper” right around the corner. As I’m about to show you, the government is strongly supporting this medical turning point. The red tape is getting cut and federal money is flowing today.

President Trump’s Brand New
Cancer Killing Cash Machine

Take a look at this statement from President Trump on March 29th, 2018:

Through public- and private-sector partnerships, Americans have made critical advances to support and expand precision medicine and immunotherapy approaches to cancer.

The “Cancer Sniper” is a perfect fit because it’s an advanced immunotherapy treatment. So, it’s exactly what the President supports…

And, it’s definitely precision medicine making it safer than other cancer therapies. That’s because it acts like a sniper shot, not a grenade toss.

Now look at what President Trump shared on June 5th, 2018 about how he’s turning on the money tap, and releasing more cash for “Cancer Sniper” treatments:  

I’m pleased to sign into law the Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research Act of 2018.  It’s a big deal. Very important.

This vital legislation will expand opportunities for childhood cancer research, enhance the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors, and increase pediatric expertise at the National Institute of Health.

President Trump’s already turned on $180 million in new funding. This means a quicker rollout of the “Cancer Sniper” in America. And it also means even faster access to the therapy for doctors who are working in the trenches with cancer patients.

Now just think about it…

Trump’s obvious desire is to be…

The President who killed cancer!

He just recently signed Right-to-Try legislation giving patients access to experimental fast track medicine. He proclaimed April 2018 as Cancer Control Month.

Cancer centers across America are buzzing about this flood of great news. It means this little-known “Cancer Sniper” is getting plenty of free press from President Trump!

But this opportunity is invisible to Wall Street right now. It’s still our little secret…

Now let me show you why this therapy is not just some lame tweak or little fix. It’s a radically new cancer-killing sensation.

Doctors With Guns

Before the “Cancer Sniper” fighting cancer was difficult because…

…immunotherapy usually comes with risks and side effects, such as severe pain, colon inflammation, scary infections, or even fatal allergic reactions.

And you’ve most likely seen the side effects in co-workers, friends, neighbors, and maybe family. Issues with low energy, nausea, loss of hair, and more. It’s painful and expensive.

The big problem is that nearly every drug, every protocol, every treatment, every approach does massive damage. It’s like dropping wave after wave of napalm…

But the “Cancer Sniper” solves all those problems. Because the “ Cancer Sniper” doesn’t flood the human body with radiation or harmful chemicals.

It’s like giving doctors their own deadly cancer-killing sniper rifles…

Killing only rogue cancer cells.

Leaving normal cells safe and sound, and healthier than ever…

And the cancer doesn’t come back. Patients stay strong and they feel great.

That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about it in the next State of the Union.

But I’ve got another “smoking gun” proving this company is ready for take off.

Here’s Why Trump’s New FDA Chief Is
Feeding Ammo To The “Cancer Sniper”

Trump recently put Dr. Scott Gottlieb in charge of the FDA. And in a stunning report, the Los Angeles Times revealed that Dr. Gottlieb is pushing hard to radically speed up the launch of treatments exactly like the “Cancer Sniper” …

Behind closed doors, Trump’s FDA Chief quietly outlined a “lean-forward process” to rapidly push forward critical cancer killing treatments.

Now get this… Scott Gottlieb is a doctor, but he’s also been a patient.

He’s a lymphoma cancer survivor.

And that’s the same type of cancer the “Cancer Sniper” targets!

I can only imagine what happens once the FDA Chief sits down with Trump to talk about this sensational breakthrough.

I’ve never felt such urgency…

Because there’s still another “coiled spring” ready to unleash $1 billion more…  

It’s something that Wall Street has never announced.

It’s buried in small print on Page 8 of Commission File XX1-36X46 away from practically everyone else. Yet it could mint countless millionaires in just days…

This Company Has Loaded Up
420 “Cancer Killing Bullets”

It’s another way early investors have a legitimate shot at getting rich.

Pushing every share that’s below $1.75 up to $3 then $5 then to $10 in very little time.

Because I’ve just discovered something with more strength than Superman.

It’s giving the “Cancer Sniper” an unfair advantage yet it’s still legal…

I’m talking about…


The $75 million company behind the “Cancer Sniper” holds the perfect combination of technology, ideas, and science.

Patents are pure gold because…  

…and this tiny little cancer-fighting company has a staggering 420 patents.

These aren’t just some wimpy little pebbles…

Patents are disease-killing 9mm bullets!

Every single patent has been perfectly crafted to completely and permanently destroy the cancer that’s killing people like Charlie down the street, and Harold at church!

Just consider this simple math…

What if every single patent
is “only” worth $1 million?

Even “average” patents are valuable. For example, Google recently bought a pile of old patents at an average price of $735K each. And Microsoft just bought 800+ “leftover” patents at an average price of $1.25M each. Therefore, $1 million is a fair estimate…

And with 420 patents, it’s like the “Cancer Sniper” has $420 million in hidden value. In other words… Patents alone could instantly create windfall gains of 560% for investors.


And that’s not all. Not even close.

The portfolio includes 420 patents covering liver cells, heart muscle cells, neural cells, cartilage cells, pancreatic cells, bone cells, and blood cells. Plus, unique manufacturing, scalable growth tools, and more.

In just the past few months
new patents were issued.

And more patents have already been issued in:

I expect more soon.

I think you’ll agree this is now looking like…

The Amazon of BioTech

Conservatively speaking, it won’t take much for this $75 million company to turn into a $1 billion juggernaut… just from the patent potential alone.

Because in addition to the breathtaking sales and buyout potential of the “Cancer Sniper,” these game-changing patents can be licensed for huge profit margins.

For investors, there’s the potential of turning $1,000 into $13,300 in the blink of an eye.

It turns $10,000 into over $133,000

I predict the “Cancer Sniper” will grow even faster than the mighty Amazon.

With all the FDA approvals and the mass-scale rollout, it’s on the verge of a sales explosion. Plus, this tiny company is perfectly positioned to get dozens of lucrative licensing deals.

I’ve got a lot of confidence about this extreme growth because there are still several more wealth triggers I haven’t even shown you yet.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Here’s the science…

The “Cancer Sniper” in
Every Human Body!

There are only two steps you need to know.

First, the “Cancer Sniper” therapy forces cancer cells to show themselves. That’s easy.

All cancer cells have a unique signature enzyme. And the “Cancer Sniper” treatment exploits that enzyme and forces cancer cells to raise their hands…

It’s like these cancer cells are spray painted bright orange neon yelling “Here I am!”

Second, the “Cancer Sniper” therapy tells the immune system to look for the bad guys. Finding those nasty cancer cells has never been so easy.

And here’s the real magic. The immune system of almost any human body will easily kill these “flagged” cancer cells. But it won’t kill any healthy cells.

Sniper Cells target cancer cell signature enzymes, Hunter Cells stimulate diverse immune system responses, and Safety Cells enhance and protect healthy cells

That’s what makes the “Cancer Sniper” therapy safe for cancer patients. The patient’s body is just picking off these ugly cancer cells, one by one. You might say it’s…

Easier than curing a cold.

And it has the potential to make you incredibly rich no matter how much money you start with.

You’d normally have to take a lot of risk and wait years.

But here’s a better way.

Boring Way to Get Rich in 7 Seconds

Soon I’ll show you how to get the stock name and ticker symbol, so you can simply place your trade, sit back, and smile. Use what I give you.

You’ll type in the details. Then you’ll click the order button for this stock, wait maybe 7 seconds as your brokerage account works, and then you receive your confirmation.

Then you’ll just wait…. maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks.

Either way, you’ll be positioned to benefit from the gains I expect could come very soon. For example, just look at what your brokerage account does when you strike when the iron is hot:

That’s when the “Cancer Sniper” first moved 237% in 23 days. And that was based on trivial news. Still, it would have turned $2,500 into almost $6,000.

Do that every 23 days for an entire year… and it’s like you’re making 1,590%.

And I honestly believe the “Cancer Sniper” could do just that…

Enough to turn that same $2,500 into $39,674. (That’s 16 times your money!)

But that was just a small leg up. There’s way more coming…

From Japan!

One Billion Dollars For FREE

There are over 1,000,000 Japanese with cancer. It’s the leading cause of death in that country and it’s been rising since 1947.

So, they just updated the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act to specifically speed up approval of approaches like the “Cancer Sniper” therapy.

I see the potential to add sales between $100 million and $1 billion from Japan alone.

Then Add Another Billion

Because the “Cancer Sniper” has a unique agreement with Cancer Research UK.

They’re the world’s largest cancer charity with over 12,000 patients in clinical trials.

This UK juggernaut has invested £423 million into revolutionary cancer treatments. Including recent funds for the “Cancer Sniper” … that’s more than $554 million!

Cancer Research UK is also navigating the maze of European regulations giving you an instant and built-in edge, forever. I see this as a $350 million advantage.

They also provide world-class manufacturing expertise. High speed, high quality, and “regulation-proof” manufacturing. It’s another $650 million advantage.

Add it up and you’re getting another $1 billion advantage from Cancer Research UK.

All of this leads to one clear outcome.

I expect very soon you’ll read…

“Just Sold to Johnson & Johnson”

Because the $75 million “Cancer Sniper” company is an easy buyout target.

Pharmaceutical giants like Novartis, Gilead, Amgen, Merck, Pfizer, or even Johnson & Johnson could provide a windfall payment to investors by snapping up this tiny biotech…

The clinical results have been fantastic and the drug pipeline is strong. So this company is attractive to deep-pocketed players, and they’ll pay through the nose to get an edge…

The “Cancer Sniper” has all the markings of a blockbuster.

So, it’s a simple $2 billion purchase for a big company–with no messy antitrust issues.

And that buyout would immediately drive up the share price by 2,667% for investors.

That’s like collecting over 26 times your money.

I honestly just don’t know if a buyout offer would precisely hit $2 billion. After all, it could be $1.7 billion, $2.5 billion, or something entirely different. Maybe it’d hit $5 billion?  

But if my 2,667% projection holds true, you’d turn…

A $3,000 stake into $80,000
A $5,000 stake into $133,000
And a $10,000 stake into $266,000

Just add up the facts. It’s got 420+ patents, highly promising clinical data, FDA fast-track status, global support, Trump’s approval, and massive scaling advantages.

And as if that wasn’t good enough…

Today it’s like you’re getting
50% off when buying shares
of the “Cancer Sniper”

All investments carry risk. But tell that to the “Cancer Sniper” CEO.

He’s been using his own money to grab shares for months. He’s loaded up on thousands of shares. In fact, here’s exactly what he paid, and when he bought:

…so right now, it’s like you’re getting 50% off compared to the CEO.

That’s because you can get in right now for less than $1.75 – if you act fast enough.

And look, there’s really only one good reason the CEO is using his own money…

He’s loading bullets
into the magazine!

He wants to make a killing when the “Cancer Sniper” takes off!

And he’s hanging on to his shares for dear life. He’s done zero selling.

That’s my kind of CEO, a real partner.

But there’s something even bigger than everything I’ve shared with you.

You’re getting a 2nd drug in the pipeline for FREE!

To put this in perspective…

Let me ask… if you were a quadriplegic… strapped into a wheelchair…

“What Would You Pay to Hug Your Child…
Just One More Time?

Because that’s exactly what this 2nd drug therapy does…

It fixes extremely bad spinal cord injuries…

…by healing the “myelin sheath” around the spinal cord, rapidly growing healthy new blood vessels, and fueling nerve growth…

And right now – today! – it’s giving quadriplegics mobility in their hands and arms again.

It’s even helping them walk again.

Consider Lucas…

I cannot stress enough how this changes the game. It’s a historical shift, it’s a medical wonder unlike anything I’ve ever seen… patients can text on phones and lift weights!

And it’s been ignored because the market for spinal cord repair appears small. But the math tells a different story. There are about 17,000 new critical spinal cord injuries per year. The lifetime care costs amount to $5.4 million per patient.

It’s a $50 billion market.

And that’s just in the United States.

4,000% Gains… Too Conservative?

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 250,000 to 500,000 spinal cord injuries per year worldwide. If only a fraction of these are extreme, we’re still conservatively looking at 100,000 new spinal cord injuries per year around the world.

This market easily is worth several hundred billion dollars every year.

It’s not hard to imagine why… hospital costs, pain management, rehabilitation, depression, and more. It’s got the potential to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world get their lives back…

I now believe that this new therapy is worth up to $3 billion. It’s coming from rapid business growth and a potential windfall buyout. That takes this little company’s value upward by 4,000%.

Turning every $2,500 invested into $100,000…

And here’s another staggering fact.

They have no competition!

Right now, there are no drugs approved by the FDA to help these patients. At least not yet, but I expect that’ll change very soon. And when it does, it’s game over because…

This Is A Virtual Monopoly

And some investors are going to get very rich!

They could be your friends and neighbors down the street…. Gary, Dennis, Linda, Judy, Larry, Tom…

And today, I’m going to show 100 people how to take full advantage of this historic opportunity and these medical breakthroughs by sending them a special report called…

Cancer Sniper: The Coming 5,320% BioTech Bonanza

It includes exact stock trading details you need today, including:

And again, right now, you can get your hands on shares for less than $1.75 each.

That means…

5,320% Gains Flooding Your Retirement Account

If my modest growth projections hold true and the stock follows…

In just 2-3 years you could rapidly turn… a $3,000 stake into $80,000.

And a $5,000 stake into $133,000.

That’s before adding in the other $3 billion in value for the spinal cord injury therapy!

This little-known spinal cord therapy is an “investor bonanza” that could turn a $3,000 stake into $160,000 and a $5,000 stake into $266,000. Adding it up you now see how…

You could pocket 5,320% gains.

But This Stock Won’t Stay Cheap For Long!

I’ve been a biotech financial analyst for more than 10 years.

Yet I’ve never felt so much profit potential and raw energy from one company…

Even a modest little “grubstake” could very well become $250,000 or $500,000 or even $1,000,000. Creating retirement security and next-generation wealth…

But the door could slam shut in less than 24 hours.

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The Radical Wealth Alliance targets small company stocks, like the “Cancer Sniper”, with the potential to soar 1,000% or more – making big fortunes out of small sums.

And right now I have more great news for those wanting faster action.

Let me show you…

5 More Ways To Make
10 Times Your Money

Feast your eyes on five more hot stock picks we’ve very carefully selected for our new Radical Wealth Alliance subscribers like you:

It’s all inside the Radical Wealth Accelerator: 5 Ways to $100,000 in Profits. This special research report covers unloved and underfollowed companies on the cusp of 1,000% growth. That means you’re getting 5 ways to make 10 times your money!

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But under Trump’s 2018 plan, lucrative new government contracts could easily balloon this entire market up to $1.7 trillion. This company is set to skyrocket as a result.

The other hot and fresh pick just recently submitted government commission file number xx1-36290 indicating a staggering 95.58% increase in net income!

And this is in an industry with $19 billion in total sales… but this company only has sales of $282 million, giving early investors an opportunity to grow 6,738%.

Here’s an illustration of gains like this stacking up for you.

Listen, I don’t recommend that risky “stacking” approach…

And I remind you that all investments carry risk. But, you can clearly see how small sums add up when the gains are this huge.  

After all, I’ve already shown you the “Cancer Sniper” potential of 5,320% gains. That turns $2,500 into $13,300… and every $10,000 into $53,200 in very little time.

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Of course our “Cancer Sniper” company is perfectly positioned to exploit all of this.

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We’re on target for 5,320% gains from one stock already!

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And that’s not all…

Here’s What Turns Your
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