How To Legally “ROB” Every Weed Company in America
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Dear Reader,

A military-grade armored truck barrels down the quiet Main Street of a sleepy mountain town…

Fuming with diesel and adrenaline.


It’s piled to the ceiling with EMPTY black duffel bags.

truckThe truck wraps its way around a hairpin corner… and screams to a halt at the deserted rear entrance… of a single-story brick building that smells faintly of burning leaves.

It does this EVERY morning.

At 9:30 a.m. on the dot.

Meanwhile, an identical pickup is taking place, with the same careful precision, in the next town over.

And the next one too.

I’ve seen the whole convoy fanned out across the interstate with my own eyes.

(And chances are, you might’ve seen it too, in your own town or city… if you’re in one of the 33 states that has decriminalized marijuana… or even in one of the neighboring states.)

The only thing different about this morning, today?

This morning you’re going to rob them.

Not just ONE truck. All of them.

There’s absolutely nothing they can do to stop you.

Because the 1 investment that cuts you into the action today, is 100% legal.

In our great nation, robbing these trucks is about to become just the ordinary course of business.

One business in particular, that is.

The one that historians call:

“The world’s TRUE oldest profession”…

And the most powerful men in the United States of America are going to HELP you rob them

So if you’re looking for a roller-coaster ride on the latest overhyped pot stock… close this page right now.

If you want to debate the moral right & wrong of legalizing marijuana… try your next family dinner.

But if you want to claim your share:

Of the biggest weed-related trading opportunity that has ever, or WILL EVER, hit the market…

(Set to generate SIX TIMES MORE wealth than the Internet revolution.)

And your chance to turn a single small trade into a million-dollar jackpot…

You can’t afford to ignore this 1-click profit opportunity.

Because a late-breaking flurry of hidden activity in Congress has just pushed through this brand new law:


It’s known as the S.A.F.E. Bill — which stands for “Secure and Fair Enforcement.”

It flips the entire marijuana industry on its head.

And Congress already passed it this fall.

Representatives from 47 States signed on, leaving just one small step to finalize it…

In fact:

Based on the exciting research I’ll reveal below, just ONE more critical signature in the coming weeks could immediately result in a full national rollout of this exciting new law.

news clipping

news clipping

news clipping
So what does all this mean for Americans like us, perhaps just a few days from now?

A one-time payday window
could jam $141,625 in your pocket
when this law clears its last little hurdle

I know that sounds insane.

But I assure you this is not hype.

(I’ll prove it to you in just a moment, after we finish our little bank robbery together.)

For now, just consider:

And nearly half of Republican Party representatives gave it a big “thumbs up” too.

Remarkable, considering they’ve always been the ones to vote AGAINST legislation like this.

Those Republicans are the red boxes you see in the chart below:


As you know, they usually vote the exact opposite of anything the Democrats — in blue — are doing.

Especially when it comes to a so-called “culture war” issue like marijuana.

And yet look at that chart right in front of you.

See how many red boxes are already filled in? That’s more than enough to take this law straight to the Oval Office.

Yes, it’s now crystal clear:

For the first time in history, the issue I’m talking about has bipartisan support across the nation.

But remember, this is NOT a vote on legalization of the cannabis plant at the federal level.

In fact, for this hidden, but related issue to win….

It doesn’t even matter whether Trump & Congress vote to legalize pot and/or hemp nationwide in 2020.


Because the real story here is something much, much bigger…

That will hit the fan much, much sooner…

HINT: The safest, easiest, simplest way to
make a mountain of money with marijuana
isn’t to invest in a marijuana company at all

Are you ready to discover the REAL secret to making a fortune from marijuana?

It won’t even be reported on Fox, Bloomberg, CNN or any of the major TV news and business channels.

That’s why this is such a unique opportunity.

Because after getting the key insights I’ll reveal today… unbiased and straight from the hip…

Does that sound like the kind of 1-click, no-brainer investment you want?

A safer way to pump 15x marijuana riches into your wallet without touching a volatile pot stock, or trying to guess which company “comes out on top”?

Because that’s the opportunity I uncovered after drilling into the facts beneath the surface here.

Look, I get it…

media reviewsYou probably think you’ve heard it all when it comes to investing in marijuana.

Forget mainstream media. You’ve seen all the so-called breaking bulletins and special offers from the “Nigerian princes” in your email inbox too:

(Turns out you get what you pay for.)

The sizzle reel goes on and on, but there’s never any steak…

I thought I’d heard it all too.

After all, I’m the chief marijuana analyst at Investing Daily: America’s foremost financial publication since 1974.

But what I’m about to reveal ISN’T any of the common pot investing fare. And almost no one knows about it…

It’s a hidden conspiracy unfolding behind the closed doors of Washington, D.C.’s most elite inner circle.

Because a silent undertow of legal pressure
is forcing open a “loophole” right into this
$1.9 Trillion marijuana jackpot

While the journey through the courts and statehouses… all the way up to the U.S. Congress… has been winding & complicated…

The one trade that gets you in for a $141,625 potential PERSONAL payday here – couldn’t be any simpler.

Because this suddenly shifting tide is tugging everyone from the marijuana companies… to the Senate’s most powerful committee chair… all the way up to the Commander-in-Chief himself… to the same, inevitable decision.

As Alex Gangitano — the same D.C. reporter who broke the news of Trump’s secret job expansion plan when he took office — is now reporting:

news clipping

So in the coming days & weeks…

As this monumental law shifts into effect…

BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars could plow straight into one perfectly-positioned company I’ll tell you about on this page.

After all, they’re connected at the hip to every big industry player…

They just signed brand new deals with the two biggest weed companies in the world…

… and even more thrilling for you…

CAUTION: There’s only ONE way
to make this pure-play trade

It’s true.

This one company is preparing “rob” every marijuana business in the country…

And — as you’ll see below — every marijuana business in the country is actually begging to be “robbed” !

You can be a part of it starting for less than $20.

So if you’ve heard that investing in marijuana is “The Next Big Thing” — this story could be the difference between missing the boat, and taking the wheel. As you steer right into the biggest investing windfall of the 21st century.

But first:

I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what I mean by “legalized robbery”… and why Congress is quietly voting to encourage it…

So let’s rejoin our armored truck convoy.

Again, this is all from my own personal eyewitness recollection:

The instant the first truck lurched to a stop, its thick, reinforced steel doors flew open and two tough-looking men hopped down…

Their combat boots landed with a heavy “thud” onto the ground below…

Armed to the teeth, they moved with the practiced intensity of men prepared for violence. Of men hired for violence.

You see: after exiting the truck, one man stood guard.

He was bald, and the smaller of the two, but had the face of a pitbull.

Alert, his hand rested on his weapon – ready for any threat that might appear…

While his eyes scanned the surrounding area like a hawk searching for prey…

The second man – more accurately described as a mountain – quickly disappeared through a black door at the rear of the building.

A moment later, he emerged with a duffel bag. It was nearly splitting apart at the seams. And no wonder… it was packed tight with more than $300,000 in “Andrew Jacksons” and “Benjamin Franklins.”

Over the next few minutes, the big man went back into the squat building and shouldered one bag of cash, after another, after another.

Each one heavy enough to staple an NFL defensive tackle to the pavement, if he didn’t bend just so at the knees.

When the last & final bag thumped into the back of the truck, he slammed the heavy rear doors shut, slid the lock into place, and shot a glance at his “getaway driver,” who was nervously gunning the engine.

At that moment, a scary thought occurred to me…

Whatever was chasing THEM up into the hills outside of town — was even more greedy —
and more dangerous

And scarier still…

This breathtaking heist wasn’t a scene in a movie or a TV show.

It wasn’t the work of a highly-organized crime syndicate or drug cartel.

It didn’t happen in Colombia, Venezuela, or Mexico.

This actually happens EVERY day right here in America, right on Main Street… because it’s the LAW!

You see:

These tough guys hadn’t stolen that money from its rightful owners.

They were the security guards who were hired to protect it.

And shepherd it all the way to a safehouse.

(As you’ve probably guessed by now… the literal truckloads of money we’re talking about come from LEGAL weed sales. Straight out of the cash register.)

But wait:

Why does the legal marijuana industry look
more like the Wild Wild West than the
legitimate, multi-trillion dollar economic revolution it truly is?

Here’s why…

You probably knew already that marijuana is fully or partially legal in 33 of the 50 states.

Which means a lot of money is changing hands.

But did you ever wonder where that money GOES?

All this cash comes from 18,000 legitimate marijuana businesses that sell MORE THAN A MILLION DOLLARS PER MINUTE in legitimate marijuana products, from sea to shining sea.

So yes, this is legal — however, it’s also a BIG, BIG problem.

That’s YOUR opportunity.

Because according to the highly-connected inside source I’m about to introduce you to…

Right now, America’s 100 Senators have a new bill sitting on their desk that will solve this alarming public safety problem overnight

And the moment they sign it…

Which is set to happen as soon as January 17…

The legal & economic dominoes that tip over next will push one company only into the perfect position to rake in $1.9 trillion in new business.

Remember, this will happen almost instantly.


Anyone who acts TODAY to invest in this one company before it happens will be in the perfect position to enjoy a monstrous $141,625 stock market windfall.

Once you see what’s happening, you’ll agree THIS has got to be the safest, easiest, and simplest way to cash in on marijuana you’ve ever seen…

Because — yes — it lets you legally “rob” these companies in a way that benefits everyone.

It’s truly the perfect investment for everyday folks like you to grab some quick cash when lawmakers finally fix this absurd problem.

An investment that jumps you first in line to profit from this historic event.

The hidden documents I found will shock the life out of you:

These internal documents prove —
only 1 CEO is laser-focused
on using this new law to profit

These documents were quietly authored by one of this company’s top directors just this past April.

I can even show you a paper-trail I uncovered, that proves this company has already invested well over half a BILLION to solidify their position once this law passes Congress…

In fact…

All the evidence I’ve found has me convinced that the value of this company will soar so high and so fast…

Starting the day this bill is signed…

That with just a simple pure-play trade you could pocket $141,625 in the easiest money you ever made.

You’ll be beating down the door to do it immediately, dreaming of just how HIGH you’ll be able to watch your profits soar.

And you’ll be absolutely dumbstruck that an investing opportunity like this… a moneymaker so laugh-out-loud obvious… slipped under the radar of pretty much everyone out there.

Yet… then again…

That’s what happens when you have the clout of connected men in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street giving you the uncut truth about marijuana.

and a proven investor like me to help you boil all down into ONE simple, cheap, and easy 2-minute trade.

An easy & safe investment that could start dumping piles of cash into your accounts
as soon as January 17…

Yes, I can show anyone how to make their investment in two minutes flat.

If it sounds too good to be true… I thought so too.

Then my mind was changed.

billNever in a million years did I think I’d scribble out an alert like this…

In a corner of the cannabis market that is not dependent on legalization, or at all related to the actual plant…

Pounding the pulpit, urging anyone who’ll listen to take notice that the biggest payday of the next year – heck, maybe of the next several yearscould come from a bizarre new way to invest in marijuana.

But after seeing those strange cash raids happening all over America..

The eye for opportunity that I’ve used to spot overlooked, lottery-like investments with surprising consistency, in every economic climate since President Reagan sat in the Oval Office, screamed out to me.

I knew – yes, KNEW – there must be a hidden way to cash in on this radical wealth opportunity.

Just like I’ve done with unexpected money loopholes in the past.


My Capitol Hill connection dropped a bombshell on me about a monumental law quietly zipping through Congress… and I was able to stumble into some SERIOUS money.

Now, I’m giving you the secret.

But in fact, you’ll realize it yourself once you answer this next simple question.

What’s the ONE THING
every business needs?

Is it world-class products?

Hordes of customers?

Brilliant and innovative executives?

Of course, they’re all critical pieces of a high-growth company.

Yet… boil it all down…

No matter the company… the size or location… even what gets sold…

Every business, in every industry the world over, depends on this one thing to stay in business…

Figure it out yet?

A Bank!

(This is the legalized robbery I was
telling you about — Banking)

It’s the world’s oldest profession.

(It dates all the way back to the ancient kingdom of Sumer more than 4,000 years ago. Oh, were you thinking of something else when I said “oldest profession”?)

But forget ancient history.

Because — right now, today — you can become part of the biggest story in marijuana, that no one talks about.

You see:

Since the end of 2015, the weed business has been on a legendary run, exploding one state at a time, before our eyes.

It started with Colorado and Washington.

Then came Alaska, Oregon, New York, Florida, Nevada…

And of course… the biggest marijuana market of all… California.

In these states, business is booming.

New customers flood the market every single day.

Many of the top companies are household names already — the industry’s established early leaders. For example.


But please — do NOT invest a penny in any of those companies.


Well, there’s a hidden side of the
marijuana boom you DON’T know yet

(And it’ll lead you to the biggest score of all…
no matter WHICH one of these companies
comes out on top)

That takes us back to those giant bags of cash…

Back to tough men, lugging heavy machine guns…

Back to armored trucks filled with drug money rolling down Main Street.

Maybe even your street.

And back to a scene that plays out daily… right here in America… wherever marijuana is legal.


This will blow your mind.

Because even though the entire industry is now above water and operates within the law…

It’s still ILLEGAL for any bank in America to
do business with a marijuana-related company

Now, I doubt I have to tell you how much money is at stake in the banking industry…

handcuffedIn the U.S. alone, commercial banks control $17.4 trillion dollars.

That’s larger than China’s entire economy!

(It’s also larger than the world’s 186 smaller countries PUT TOGETHER.)

Every day, another $1.8 billion floods in.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around it. And the opportunity in front of you right now is to place yourself smack in the white-hot center of it.

That’s because… as you already know… marijuana is currently exploding into one of the biggest industries in American history.

Banking & marijuana.

Right now, these two mega-industries are about to slam together.

And there’s a simple investment that lets anyone get a piece of the action, fast

Because now… as Senators scramble to fix this critical oversight and literally get the armed men and convoys of cash off our streets…

There’s only 1 bank that’s in the perfect
position to become the weed industry’s Bank of Choice once this landmark law is passed…

(BUT it’s not Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Citi, or any bank you’re familiar with)

Because all of those guys turned their backs on marijuana long ago.

Simply put, they didn’t think this problem would EVER get fixed.

Thinking there was no change on the horizon and that it would be too time consuming and too risky to lay the groundwork…

They bowed out of the race and have flat-out refused to get anywhere near the marijuana industry.

As reported by The New York Times
All the major national banks “abandoned”
the weed industry long ago

That was before this new law was quietly slipped onto the Senate’s upcoming agenda.

Now, it’s clear the “Big Boys” committed a catastrophic mistake, and will be too far behind to catch up.

Which will leave the upstart bank I’m urging you to buy today in the top spot.

In just a moment I’ll show you how large its lead is.

Because unlike the major banks, this incredible bank had the vision to see that the irresistible lobbying pressure on Congress would nip this problem in the bud…

So it got busy laying the groundwork in major weed “hot spots” across America…

Forming relationships with the biggest marijuana businesses in the world…

And as a key board director recently spilled, establishing…

news clipping

Now, industry insiders like Laura Kuhl and Pot Network conclude this bank has…

news clipping

So, how did I discover this visionary, little-known bank?

When you’ve got an inner circle of the most powerful lawmakers in America on speed-dial, there’s an easy way to get to the bottom of any legal question.

Immediately after witnessing the mind-blowing “robbery” scene I just described to you..

I composed myself, took out my phone, found a quiet room, and called my friend up on FaceTime to ask him what was happening. To protect his identity, I’ll call him Scott.

After some rushed pleasantries, I gave him the rundown.

As I explained what I saw, Scott’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

I continued, but could tell he was getting impatient, ready to jump in.

Then, he couldn’t contain himself any longer…

news clipping

Yes, criminal prosecution — on federal charges spanning everything from money laundering and racketeering to terrorism.

(Why terrorism? — because banking regulation is still a major part of the counter-terrorism measures of the Patriot Act).

These banks also face the potential of losing their FDIC insurance and therefore, pretty much their entire business.

storeThe consequences are spectacular when you think about it…

Marijuana could be a trillion-dollar market soon.

Yet, these companies have ZERO access to the most mundane banking features…

No checking accounts.

No business loans.

No credit cards.

When a customer walks into the store and goes to the counter to buy something…

There’s no card reader, no digital banking to make the purchase seamless & easy like in every other store in America in 2020!

The customer pays cash.

That then cash sits in a safe because the business has nowhere to deposit it.

Employees are even paid in cash!

news clipping

Now, stop for a second and ask yourself a question…

What happens when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash sitting in one place?”


The situation is out-of-control. Rapidly mutating into a massive public safety issue.

news clipping

Some businesses are so scared, they bury their cash in the ground!

Others take Fort Knox-like precautions, at great expense, like one Southern California business owner confessed:

news clipping

When state taxes recently came due in Humboldt County, CA – a convoy of trucks from the county’s marijuana businesses showed up at the state courthouse, and dumped $5.5 million in cash at the tax collector’s feet.

The mound of cash was so high, the tax collector had to buy a room’s worth of cash counting machines.

It then took days to count it!

One look at the scene and you’d be more likely to think you’re standing in one of Pablo Escobar’s secret lairs than the center of law and justice in the nation’s largest state.

“Drug money” being carted through our streets! Somebody needs to DO something…

The more I learned about this legal fiasco… the more bonkers the situation became…

…and the more dollar signs I began to see popping up when the problem gets fixed.

Because instead of paying ex-military convoys to protect their cash from robbery…

…these many thousands of cannabis companies can simply begin paying one BANK to do the same thing they’ve wanted all along.

After all, that’s all banks really do. They keep your money safe. And all they ask is a small cut of the profits. It’s legalized robbery, and it’s been the world’s safest business model for 4,000 years.

So if weed companies simply had a BANK…

This whole mess would disappear overnight.

Before I tell you how you to uncover the best ways to make 15x potential profits off seismic legal and political decisions like this one, let me introduce myself:

My name is John Persinos.

The reason I have unprecedented access to insider connections and knowledge in Washington is because I used to work there

John PersinosFor three years, I served as the Senior Press Secretary to Congressman Byron Dorgan.

I experienced the inner workings of Capitol Hill first hand…

Forging relationships with key players I still call dear friends today.

And I use that access to make killer investments using a philosophy I call the “Radical Wealth Checklist” – which you’ll see in action in a moment.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I don’t know President Trump.

And I’ll never wind up on the Supreme Court.

But I AM still plugged into the innermost circles of power in Washington, D.C.

And while I decided not to trudge around in the swamp for life, there IS one thing that made me the ideal person to help folks like you profit from monumental events happening inside the circles of power in D.C… on Wall Street… and in other important places around the country.

What’s is it?

It’s the main reason I’ve been able to make so many of my readers so rich.

logoFor more than 30 years, I’ve enriched the lives of many millions of financial readers worldwide.

From Inc. Magazine and Kiplinger, to Venture and Street Authority…

logoBringing together my deep analysis & political access to show everyday citizens how to profit from this complicated business.

I know, I know…

logoThe markets, politics, and financial services aren’t exactly sexy ways to make money…

You might even say they’re boring (my wife says she’d rather watch the grass out front of my place grow than listen to investing briefs like the one you’re reading now).

But YOU’RE still reading.

So let me ask you this.

And I think I know your answer:

Would you rather enjoy the “thrill” of chasing Bitcoins and penny stocks straight into the gutter… or “bore” yourself into the seat of a brand-new Ferrari and a vacation home in Hawaii?

I bet we agree on the answer.

With a “boring” $141,625 on the line, it’s a no brainer.

So let’s wrap this up, shall we?

Because once you understand this strange situation, you’ll also see how easy it can be to pocket a wad of cash from it.

You’ll understand why coming to this page today will give you a huge headstart to cash-in on this story before anyone else.

You’ll see why the insider access I’ll provide you with is a true and consistent advantage when it comes to making money in the stock market and getting information and tips NO ONE else has.

And best of all, you’ll get the hidden scoop on this landmark law…

You’ll discover just how urgently it will be signed…

And you’ll learn why this 1 bank is perfectly positioned to claim the lion’s share of this entire weed banking business, and what you need to do TODAY to get in BEFORE the rush happens.


Here’s what I learned after digging through mountains of research…

How Our Brilliant Federal Government
Nearly Gunned Down the Billion-Dollar
Marijuana Boom Before it Went Airborne

This tangled mess began in August 2013, with the catastrophic failure of a policy called “The Cole Memorandum.”

You might remember what it was like in 2013.

The first little waves of the Marijuana Revolution were beginning to sweep across America.

A handful of states such as Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, and Michigan had already legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Then, Colorado and Washington really set the revolution ablaze by fully legalizing marijuana – not just for medical use, but for recreational use as well.

It was clear a movement was underway.

But there was a problem.

Banking is regulated at the federal level.

So no matter what the states declared, as far as banking goes, marijuana was still not legal.

(It’s absurd: marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug like heroin & meth… even cocaine has a lower rating!)

At the time, the industry was just beginning to blossom. It wasn’t the behemoth it is now.

So there weren’t yet hundreds of millions of dollars in cash being shuttled around… and it wasn’t yet a massive public safety issue.

But the writing was splattered all over the wall. It was very clear this problem needed to be solved, and fast.

So on August 29, 2013 – officials from the Obama Administration came together and attempted to solve the issue with a policy called “The Cole Memorandum.”

Unfortunately, it failed.

In fact, the situation was only made more confusing and deadlocked after the Cole Memo.

You see: no matter what you think of Obama, it’s clear he found some workarounds to keep things moving along…

Which in effect, punted much-needed reform until now.

That led to major issues with current regulations. For instance, when a bank takes a marijuana business as a customer — it is in violation of FOUR federal laws…

  1. The Bank Secrecy Act
  2. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act
  3. The USA Patriot Act
  4. And most importantly, The Controlled Substances Act

That’s important because it makes this problem a legislative issue that can’t just be signed away with a hasty, 2-page memo.

As a legislative issue, it requires a legislative solution.

Thus, the problem was no closer to being solved.

And as the industry grew, so did the problem.

When Obama left office in 2017 — the problem had boiled to a “danger hot” breaking point

I can think of a very few areas where President Trump actually took up Obama’s unfinished business…

But one of them occurred in July of last year, when Trump’s Financial Crimes and Enforcement Network – known as FINCEN – issued clarified guidelines for banks wishing to do business with marijuana companies.

These guidelines were a huge step in the right direction.

They served to create a whirlwind of support for new legislation… in the media, within our leadings institutions, in state Capitols across the country…

And most importantly: on both sides of the aisle in Congress.

That’s why TODAY, at long last…

It’s all about to happen…

Now, my Washington connections are certain
the law that will clean up this mess is just ONE
SINGLE SIGNATURE away from being passed
(permanently) in the Senate

It’s a special law titled S.1200.

I’ll give you proof in a moment, but the long-and-short of it…

The way it stands to make anyone reading this page, right now, incredibly wealthy, is this…

Once this monumental law passes, every marijuana company in America will finally be able to open bank accounts and access normal banking services, like any other business.

That might sound insignificant.

Yet, think about how much money is at stake. TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS, that’s how much. And think about what THAT means for the winners — and the quick thinking investors who bet on them —

Right now, every marijuana company is in desperate need of a bank.

In addition to the major risks, costs, and dangers you just witnessed are the consequences of running a cash business…

Not having access to normal banking services has bottlenecked the growth of the entire marijuana industry.

I’m sure you don’t need me to explain why any business that wants to grow requires a bank.

An easy example is getting a simple loan.

When a business is growing, it often requires a loan to fund that growth.

Without the loan, growth grinds to a halt.

The takeaway is simple: every last marijuana business out there wants and needs a bank.

So right now, what you have essentially amounts unlimited pent-up demand among marijuana companies to get a bank ASAP so they can finally tap into the potential they’ve been missing out on.

In other words, the surge of new banking activity among marijuana businesses once this law is signed won’t be a trickle…

It’ll be a trillion-dollar tsunami of cash
(hitting just 1 beach)

That means any bank that’s in position RIGHT NOW…

Will start pumping all this money in, hand over fist.

And the evidence is staring us right in the face:

news clipping

news clipping

news clipping

news clipping

news clipping

Clearly, this sudden rush is nearly a foregone conclusion.

As I’m about to show you…

There’s only 1 bank in the best position RIGHT NOW to immediately begin opening accounts… give desperate cannabis companies the banking services they need to grow… and become the Marijuana Industry’s Bank of Choice.

I already told you how this bank recently shelled out more than $500 million secure a foothold.

I already proved to you it’s CEO and upper management are on record stating they now own the “first-mover advantage.

And I already told you why the major national banks like Citi, Chase, Wells Fargo, Capital One, and Bank of America are now chained to the sidelines.

Because like most other things in life… the bigger you get, the slower you become.

It takes billions of dollars and decades of paperwork for these big bloated banks to penetrate any new market, much less one as high-flying and fast-moving as marijuana.

news clipping

By the time any of these lumbering giants can even stop to catch their breath, the bank I’m urging you to buy today will already be in business with every big marijuana company there is!

Just take a look at how much of a head start it has.

It already opened locations in all 11 states where marijuana is fully legal, plus in Washington, D.C.

It’s also now operating in New Jersey and New York, which most legal experts believe will be the next two states to legalize.

And its foot is still on the gas. The banking industry’s leading newspaper, American Banker, broke a story this past summer revealing that in addition to the hundreds of millions already invested…

This brilliant bank has another $45 million locked-and-loaded to secure its top spot in the marijuana industry

The bottom line?

What we’re talking about is an
“only game in town” scenario.

Just think about how head-spinning your profits could be if you invest in the ONE bank now destined to become the “go-to” place for practically every marijuana business in America to do their banking once this landmark law gets passed.

My connections from my days on Capitol Hill told me everything there is to know about this law, and how it will impact the marijuana industry…


I’m ready to say it could be signed any day now and when that happens, the value of this little-known but brilliantly positioned bank is going to go STRAIGHT TO THE SKY.

Here’s why this is all finally unfolding on June 23, 2024 and the days that follow

Earlier this year, Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon came to his senses.

We can’t have hundreds of millions of dollars – IN CASH – being shuttled through the streets.

This is America – Not Venezuela.

We have to protect our businesses.

We have to protect our citizens.

And we can’t have one of the most important industries in America hobbled and hamstrung because of an outdated, absurd law.

Especially not right now, when big, home-grown industries like marijuana are exactly what will keep America on top.

Besides, let’s not forget having legitimate banking in places makes it easier for the government to collect the taxes — which is THE major reason marijuana got legalized by politicians in the first place!

So just a few short weeks ago…

Senator Merkley put his new bill in front of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

It’s the law I just told you about – officially called S.1200 – the SAFE Banking Act.

To be clear: this is NOT one of those namby-pamby laws with no real teeth and no real meaning.

Specifically, it says…

news clipping

news clipping

In other words, there will be NO room for interpretation.

Remember, the bill was approved in the House of Representatives, with an extraordinary 321-103 tally. 47 States signed it, including nearly half of all Republicans.

The early headlines were exciting:

news clipping

But then some skeptics started to throw cold water on it:

news clipping

True… the bill does sit with the Senate now.

And while it seems like nothing but bickering gets finished in the Senate…

Especially with the current impeachment drama unfolding…

This is different:

Because the SAFE Bill has sponsorship from the Senators of 33 different states.

And in reality, only one single vote is needed to tip the scale.

Here’s how:

Which means majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — the self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” of Capitol Hill who kills bills for fun — is NOT the “roadblock”…

Neither is Mr. Morals, our Vice President Mike Pence.

(Because with 51 votes he is not needed as a tie-breaker.)

This is the part today’s media morons don’t understand.

The rules of the Senate are complicated. The single missing vote isn’t the 51st vote in the Senate. That one’s in the bag — we just saw.

It’s the tiebreaking vote to get the bill out of the Senate Banking Committee… which would then automatically trigger the win.

That single missing vote is a person.

His name is Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho, and very few know he:

Just leaked to Politico that he’s going to vote for it in the coming weeks — all signs point to Jan. 17 before the winter recess!

See, Crapo isn’t just the tiebreaking vote.

He’s also the committee CHAIR.

And, in fact, he’s the same guy who’s been quietly PRESSURING the entire Senate to move the bill forward.


Well, with the overwhelming wave of bipartisan support…

Plus an election year coming up…

With twenty-three Republicans on the chopping block… 6 of whom are on that same Banking Committee…

Nobody wants to stand in the way of the only thing most Americans can agree on anymore.


All over America, pressure mounts
to pass it IMMEDIATELY

news clipping

news clipping

news clipping

Crapo, who just leaked that he would give the personal “thumbs up,” also noted his panel will hold a vote before the end of the year.

In fact, all indications show it’s currently on the docket to be handled at the next meeting of the Senate.

That meeting is scheduled for January 17!

Which, allow me to spell it out for you, means that January 17 kick off your fast track to the “7-Figure Club.”

PLUS – I’m going to give you the trade details completely free of charge.

To skip ahead & uncover the Bank of Weed trade worth up to $141,625 when the Senate passes the SAFE Banking Act –

Last but not least, a key D.C. insider
assured me, verbatim, in no uncertain terms…

news clipping

To be clear —

Once the Senate passes this, President Trump’s signature is not even NEEDED.

All he needs to do is NOTHING.

And do you think he’s going to step off this political gravy train and “veto” legislation this popular?

Remember, this law cuts all those nonsensical regulations to ribbons, and creates a wide-open runway for “Marijuana Banking” to take off.

He’s running for office too — and he’s mainly going to run on the strength of the ECONOMY.

Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, is also on-the-record with his support for cleaning up this mess.

(I’m sure you remember that anti-marijuana AG Jeff Sessions already got himself canned.)

So across the board, it appears this law is going to pass without so much as an ounce of resistance.

Which means the price of this stock is on the launchpad.

In fact…

In the week since The SAFE Banking Act first landed in the Senate, this bank’s stock has already surged by $1,984,959,347

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And anyone who gets in now, before it leaves the Senate and becomes the Law of the Land, will be on easy street.

It’s truly a no-brainer.

Do you remember all those big marijuana companies I mentioned earlier?

Here they are again, to jog your memory…


What would you say if I told you that this brilliant bank has already locked down its business with ALL of these mega-players? And many more…

It’s true.

The documents are signed… sealed… and delivered.

They just inked deals with the biggest
marijuana companies in the world (but here’s
the REAL smoking gun)

Starting with a $175 million deal with Canopy Growth and a $200 million deal with Aurora Cannabis.

That’s only the opening shot.

They also locked down huge banking deals with several of the industry’s other big players…

They also now have agreements with CannTrust Holdings… Organigram… and Auxly Cannabis Group.

All it takes now is ONE last slam-dunk Senate signature, and all of these companies already know who the “best bank in town” is – because they’re already in business together.

It’s enough to make any investor’s mouth water.

Yet, when I saw all these figures, I wanted to know one more piece of information.

The kind of information only a “diehard” political analyst like me would even know exists… and that would slip under the radar of just about anyone else.

q2 19 image

It’s an obscure document called the “Supplementary Capital Information Statement.”

One of the bank’s directors quietly filed it with authorities in April of this year.

Inside, it classifies the marijuana industry what’s known as “Tier 1 Capital.”

Don’t worry about the precise meaning of that phrase.

Loosely, what it means is — SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Because according to the documents, with this “Tier 1 Capital” disclosure, the bank is now officially placing marijuana as its highest priority.

That was the final “smoking gun” I needed to sit down and pound this alert out to you as fast as possible.

Because here’s what giving marijuana priority means for this bank…

Everything I just showed you…

The jaw-dropping potential we’re looking at right now…

The forecasts I’ve been giving you for just how high this bank’s stock will soar…

Those are just “step one” – the first profit blast set to explode the day The SAFE Banking Act gets signed.

Yet, as you just saw, this bank has every plan to keep carving out it’s position as the #1 Top Dog in Marijuana Banking.

Which means your profits will likely KEEP running for years to come while this bank extends the huge head start it already has over everyone else.

Remember: the entire marijuana industry exploding right now. At fantastic rates.

Most experts predict it will DOUBLE in the next two years alone. And then DOUBLE AGAIN after that.

Plus, there are still 17 states that haven’t legalized marijuana.

And I don’t think it takes a survey or a poll to see what’s sitting right in front of our faces. Those 17 states will soon join in legalization. This is a revolution that can’t be stopped.

That means there will someday be 17 more states where new marijuana businesses sprout up like weeds.

And 17 more states where those new marijuana businesses will need access to a new bank.

Would you believe me if I told you this bank is already looking ahead to that potential, and already has started opening branches in all 17 of those states?

Because that’s exactly what they’re doing!

That stacks the deck in your favor — to make a whole lot of money right now — plus a chance to profit for months, even years to come

Right now, I can provide you all the details you need to make this investment and join these Titans.

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By showing you something we haven’t really touched on yet…

Why this play is dramatically SAFER than any other method for playing the Marijuana Boom…

Situations like this don’t come up often in the investing world.

When one pops up, you better count your blessings and grab on with both hands!

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The reason why is simple.

It’s a business “force of nature” that sweeps through every new, high-growth industry… and sets the stage for decades to come. I’ll give you the lowdown in a second…

But first let’s go back to that deal I mentioned a moment ago.

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And where I told you I was going to give you all that completely free of charge.

You remember that deal, right? It probably sounds even better now, doesn’t it?

Well, here it is…

Everything you’ll need to grab your share of this windfall is all inside a brand-new, fast-action guide I just finished writing.

report coverIt’s called The Bank of Marijuana: The 1 Bank Set for Explosive Gains When the SAFE Banking Act Gets Passed.

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To be clear: this bank trade comes with simple instructions.

No funny business here.

This company is traded on the gold-standard New York Stock Exchange.

That means making your investment is a breeze, and will take less than two minutes – even if you’ve never traded before and have zero stock market know-how.

There’s nothing complicated about it.

No in-and-out “flash” trades.

And absolutely no messy paperwork or added hassle.

I’ll give you the ticker symbol…

Step-by-step guidance on when to place your trade…

Exactly how much to pay…

And at what price to buy up to (so you don’t waste time, money, or energy “chasing” this one when you should be sitting tight, enjoying your new life).

Speaking of price:

I’ll also show you a type of “supercharged” shares to get you in this Bank of Weed 74% cheaper

Just push a few buttons to make your trade and you’re set.

Then you just wait for me to send you the alert to sell so you can put all your money back in your pocket.

That’s it.

You don’t even need a lot of money to start – $20 is more than plenty.

Further, inside this brand-new report all of my fact-based insights, level-headed interpretations, and insider secrets are also laid out for you…

…in plain, easy-to-­understand English that explains exactly what’s going on.

Just the straight truth…

(Which you’re free to use if your friends demand to know how you made this fortune… or if your boss can’t wrap his thick skull how it suddenly became possible for you to walk into his office and tell him you’re retired.)

This investment really could be the key to never worrying about money again.

And just so you know… if you decide you are going to make this simple trade, you’re going to be in rare company.

Because I’m not the only legendary investor or banking expert who’s utterly convinced this is a guaranteed, backboard-shattering Tomahawk slamdunk.

news clipping

For instance…

A flurry of activity occurred when the law hit the Senate…

And within a month of that obscure “Supplementary Capital Information Document” being submitted by company leadership…

As you’ve seen today, the breadcrumbs haven’t been easy to pick up…

Yet, it’s clear to me and a handful of other players handling big money…

When this law passes, this ingenious bank’s bets are going to pay off big-time.

Now, it’s time for you to decide if you’re going to join them. To help you do that, I’m going to give you a copy of The Bank of Marijuana, today, for free.

Why free?

Well, as you’ve probably picked up by now, we’re in the midst of something special.

I’ve taken my access to what’s really happening on Capitol Hill and in the halls of power around Washington, D.C…

Plus my 30 years of insight into how legal decisions and the never-ending movements of the political machine impact our economy… and the uncommon profit shots that arise out of them…

And rolled them into what I’m calling the “Radical Wealth Checklist” – something I’m prepared to give to you today.

You can delve into it right now if you’re ready, and minutes from now be tearing into your free Bank of Marijuana report.

Yes! Show me the Bank of Weed trade worth up to $141,625
when the Senate passes the SAFE Banking Act –

But there’s one more reason you must move quickly on this:

Something INCREDIBLY PREDICTABLE is about to happen…

The weed industry will quickly consolidate from many hundreds — even thousands — of companies down to just a handful of big, dominant players (but you win NO MATTER WHAT)

That’s fantastic news for anyone who snaps up this investment today.

Because if this bank snaps up all that banking business right now.

It means you win no matter which way the marijuana industry goes… no matter what the trends are… no matter what becomes popular or which companies become the “must-have” brands.

Because this bank will call ALL of them customers.

You’ve already seen how it recently inked deals with many of the biggest names in the business.

But how do we know which of those big names… or any others… will end up as the major players once the industry grows and consolidates?

It’s impossible

You can’t predict that. I can’t predict that.

No one can.

But trust me, a lot of people think they can. They’re putting their life savings down on it right now. And most of them are going to make the wrong bet and lose their shirts.

It’s the simple law of averages.

For you, however, it doesn’t matter…

Because once this bank OWNS the banking for all those companies…

It won’t matter who wins – the money will still come in hand over fist.

And investors who get in now will be taking their profits to their bank by the truckload.

Why is this consolidation a near certainty?

Well, it’s a Basic Law of Business.

When young industries grow into larger, more mature industries, the number of players shrinks dramatically.

It’s a part of business that goes back to merchants hawking spices and trinkets in ancient bazaars.

Yet, if you’re after hard evidence, in December 2002, the Harvard Business School proved it as fact in a landmark study of more than 1,345 mergers over the course of decades.

Here’s what they had to say…

news clipping

news clipping

You’ve seen it happen in real-time over the course of your life.

Airlines… Cable TV providers… even Tennis Shoes!

Yet the best example I can give you is within the computer industry.

Remember when the “Desktop Revolution” kicked off.

There were dozens upon dozens of players.

Then what happened?

Rapid and massive consolidation.

Now, we have only a handful of mega-companies controlling the entire industry.

Apple… Microsoft… Intel… HP… Dell.

It might be hard to grasp, but each of these companies has a “primary” bank.

And the banks that had the foresight and vision to see ahead and forge those relationships early…

They grew right alongside these companies.

Now, you’re looking at the exact same situation.

And the bank I’ve been telling you about was the ONLY player in town with the foresight and vision to establish itself as the go-to bank in the weed business.

So it’s in the ideal position today to ride the wave all the way to the top, no matter who wins.

Only, my many months of research indicates…

news clipping

To put it bluntly, you want to get in on this one immediately because it’s happening fast.

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It’s simple.

When major political and legal events happen…

And when big, uncommon opportunities slam onto brand-new markets…

An explosive chain of events gets ignited.

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It’s like a tiny little snowball that gets kicked down a snowy mountainside.

It picks up momentum. Falls faster.

The faster it goes, the more it grows.

Until, shortly, that one little snowball is a full-on avalanche.

That’s how these events work.

The amount of money that rare, history-making events like these generate is so massive…
it’s almost overwhelming

In 1980, moments before the U.S.A. Olympic hockey team crushed the Soviets, coach Herb Brooks said:

news clipping

Winning investors position themselves at the bottom of these opportunities, and sweep it in big.

At this moment, we’re inviting you to be one of these clued-in investors, waiting to pounce on every special opportunity, devouring all that cash as it lands right on your plate.

This is a powerful way to invest.

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Early in my investing career, however, a great mentor of mine taught me a lesson…


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John Persinos
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Yes! I don’t want to miss out on this Bank of Choice
$141,625 windfall starting today