UCLA Researchers Stunned by
Nobel Prize-Winning Cancer Breakthrough

One Little Shot to
Kill Cancer Dead

Hello, my name is Joe Duarte, M.D.

I’ve spent the last 25 years practicing medicine. And during all that time, I’ve seen more than my fair share of ridiculous headlines about “ground-breaking” medical therapies.

But what I’m about to tell you is something entirely different. This is the real deal.

There’s a lot of excitement in the medical community about one of the most game-changing discoveries—ever.

A Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough proven to cure mankind’s worst disease… sometimes with just a single dose.

I call them “Alpha Cells.”

And while I doubt 1 in 1,000 Americans has ever heard of them…

Cancer centers across America are buzzing with the results of this life-saving therapy.

Leaders in the medical community can barely contain their enthusiasm.

Like Edgar Engelman, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of pathology and medicine at Stanford, whose groundbreaking research shows, “We could use [Alpha Cells] to eliminate any kind of cancer.”

Or Harmon Eyre, Vice President of Research at the American Medical Association, whose lengthy studies on Alpha Cells have revealed, “Patients’ responses are far out of proportion to anything that any current cancer therapy could do.”

And then there’s Neil Martin, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of Neurosurgery at UCLA, who reveals in a new study that “[Alpha Cells] offer the best hope for a cure.”

Over 1,065 clinical studies confirm its cancer-killing potential.

Many of them are “gold-standard” trials from places like Duke… Stanford… and UCLA.

The story behind the pioneering use of “Alpha Cells” as a cancer therapy is a remarkable one…

A Stunning Discovery

Dr. Ralph Steinman, a Rockefeller University scientist, spent his entire career looking for the cure for cancer.

But his search became considerably more personal when he went for a checkup with his own doctor in 2007…

An MRI identified a kiwi-sized mass on his pancreas—and the cancer was already spreading to his lymph nodes.

The diagnosis?

Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He had just months to live.

Dr. Steinman was already famous in the medical community for his cancer-killing discovery of our immune system’s “Alpha Cells.”

But now his life’s work left the laboratory for a real-life battle against cancer—his own.

He didn’t have time for new drug development or FDA clinical trials.

And he knew chemo and radiation were non-options.

So he contacted a small company—one he had helped found—to quickly put together an “Alpha Cells” treatment. His treatment was specifically personalized for his cancer.

His own treatment became a living testimony to the power of “Alpha Cells”…

Months passed…

Then years…

In 2011, Dr. Steinman won the Nobel Prize for his “Alpha Cells” discovery…

But just three days before the ceremony, he sadly passed away.

His treatment had enabled him to live for more than four years beyond expectations, effectively prolonging his survival rate 13 times over…

All without side effects.

During that time, he was able to continue his groundbreaking work and research… research that has helped save so many lives.

Research that won the Nobel Prize—the only one EVER awarded posthumously.

And his legacy lives on.

Less than a year later, the FDA granted the company behind his “Alpha Cells” therapy a rare legal designation…

One that’s moved it quickly through clinical trials to phase 3…

Announcing: The Coming “Vaccine” for Cancer

The final phase of clinical trials is rapidly coming to a close.

And the results have been absolutely breathtaking.

So far they’ve shown “Alpha Cells” can…

And that’s just the beginning.

Thanks to my oncologist colleagues and medical contacts in the field, I have a “sneak peek” at the kind of life-changing results we’ll see soon.

Candid medical details you can only recognize from decades in medicine.

I’ll give you a glimpse over the next few minutes.

And once you see them, I think you’ll agree that in just a few months, when researchers announce the final results of phase 3 trials…

The field of medicine could change forever.

And so will the lives of the 1.6 million Americans diagnosed with cancer every year.

It’s the fulfillment of Dr. Steinman’s dream to eradicate cancer… to kill it dead.

As you’ll see, hundreds of late-stage patients with just months to live have gone into complete remission… and are still alive, healthy, and happy 10 to 15 years later, thanks to this cancer breakthrough.

In fact, the results of “Alpha Cells” are so remarkable and have already saved so many lives…

The FDA recently granted this technology an unusual legal ruling.

This ruling could send the tiny $5 stock leading this development surging to $12… $60… and as high as $136.

When all is said and done, early investors could see immediate gains of 2,700%.

That’s 27 times your money.

Enough to turn every $10,000 into $270,000—potentially in just a few months.

This is one of the best medical investments I’ve seen in decades.

You see, in addition to being a doctor, I’ve also spent the past 25 years as a trader and money manager.

I grew up in a medical family, and my father was a doctor before me.

But knowing I’d need to manage the proceeds from my practice, I started to learn about finance from several experienced traders who were patients of mine—and slowly, over several years, my knowledge began to eclipse theirs.

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve had the opportunity to write widely in the field of finance… including several popular Investing for Dummies books from the series published by Wiley.

I also believe you should invest in what you know.

And that’s why I’ve specialized and helped investors profit from breakthroughs in the biotech space—perhaps the most lucrative field in the market.

But nothing compares to the situation I’m sharing with you today.

It’s not just one of the most flourishing situations I’ve ever seen—it’s also one of the most urgent.

In the next few minutes, I’ll reveal how you can play this ground-floor opportunity for life-altering profits.

I’ll share with you the details of the $5 stock on the bleeding edge of this trend.

I’m going to show you why scientists, doctors, and patients alike have been left speechless by early trials of “Alpha Cells.”

How countries worldwide are granting early approval to therapies that harness “Alpha Cells.”

You’ll see details on my stock pick, the small company with $5 shares at the forefront of this discovery…

How its patented technology is poised to be a first-line cancer treatment in hospitals and clinics worldwide…

Why the FDA’s ruling has “tipped its hand” that approval is pretty much a done deal…

And why insiders are loading up on shares in a buying frenzy like I’ve never seen before.

But before I go into that, let me show you why I’m so confident this breakthrough could transform cancer care forever.

Starting with one of the most remarkable case studies I’ve seen in my medical career.

Cancer? “Gone.” Meet Bryan…

Bryan1Meet Bryan S., age 33, from Columbus, Ohio.

As reported by UCLA, Bryan is a former All-American swimmer and renowned college swim team coach.

He’s also a husband and father.

Just a few years ago, it had seemed like everything was going right for him.

He was healthy and successful, and his second baby was on the way.

But when he suddenly began suffering from severe migraines, he knew something was wrong.

His worst fears were confirmed when doctors found a golf ball-sized tumor in his brain.

The diagnosis?

A glioblastoma—a rare but severe form of brain cancer.

Bryan2It’s one of the most aggressive, lethal kinds of cancer that exist.

No cure is available. And it kills fast.

Bryan’s doctors told him his tumor was inoperable and gave him just two months to live.

Without options, Bryan was sent home to die.

His children would have to grow up without a father.

But that’s not what happened.

In fact, when Bryan went in for tests 6 months after his diagnosis, his oncologist was speechless.

The tumor was gone… vanished without a trace.

What happened?

Well, after Bryan’s doctors had given up on him, he began a desperate search for other options.

His wife was now 7 months pregnant—he was determined to see his son born.

He eventually stumbled upon a novel treatment being administered by a team of neurosurgeons at UCLA.

It’s not a drug or some phony “miracle” cure.

Instead, this treatment harnesses the very real cancer-killing power of “Alpha Cells.”

“Alpha Cells”—a Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery

I call them “Alpha Cells” because they’re the five-star generals of our immune system.

They are the only cells capable of directing a complete immune attack against cancer.

Even the ultra-deadly brain cancer Bryan was suffering from.

Bryan saw the remarkable science behind the treatment. That it had no side effects or foreign substances. It was simply protein and white blood cells from our own bodies.

So in January 2003—with not much time left—he received a single dose.

It took 30 minutes. The process was painless, like getting a flu shot in the arm.

Bryan3And the remarkable thing is…

It worked!

Months passed. He saw his second child’s first breath.

Bryan was able to watch his children grow and return to his career.

And now, more than a decade later, Bryan is still alive, healthy, and cancer-free.

Bryan says, “Not only did the tumor disappear and stay away for all this time, but the only side effect I had was unbridled happiness and a new freedom.”

“I’m 100 percent back to being me because of [Alpha Cells]. It’s almost unbelievable.”

“The Only Side Effect Was Unbridled Happiness and
a New Freedom”

Bryan4Bryan’s testimony is certainly remarkable.

But the biggest part of this story is that he’s not alone…

Others just like him… with the same form of ultra-lethal brain cancer… are beating the odds…

Like Ben Gibson, a 39-year-old father of four who was diagnosed with a Benglioblastoma that didn’t respond to chemo or radiation, so he opted for an “Alpha Cells” therapy. He lived for another 6 years and was able to enjoy and live his life. As NBC News reports, “He went from a dead man walking to a walking miracle.”

Then there’s Jessica Sekou, who was 23 years old when she was diagnosed Jessicawith a glioblastoma and given 9 months to live. She attended UCLA at the time, so she had the good fortune to enroll in the clinical trial on “Alpha Cells.” The treatment was effective—and now, fifteen years later, she’s alive and happy… and in complete remission.

These are just a handful of “terminal” patients involved in that groundbreaking UCLA clinical trial…

Living 5, 10, 15 years longer than expected… all without painful side effects.

A success rate that is unheard of for this kind of cancer.

All thanks to the breakthrough “Alpha Cells” therapy.

Today I’ll share with you the full details on this cutting-edge therapy that’s making “miracles” reality…

How this works to not only kill cancer cells everywhere in the body… but to make sure the cancer cells never return.

Plus how this treatment promises to revolutionize the entire field.

After all, if this works for so-called “hopeless” patients with an incurable form of cancer… and with just months to live…

Why couldn’t it do the same for the 14 million Americans currently battling cancer…

Or the 1.6 million Americans newly diagnosed every year?

Similar results are being seen in dozens of clinical studies from Stanford, Baylor, and Duke, to name a few.

Cancers for lung, pancreatic, breast, skin, and liver—the tumor-killing effects have been astounding.

Unlike any other treatment available now.

There’s a reason this discovery won the Nobel Prize.

Let me show you the science behind it… and the other half of this story.

Save Lives AND Get Rich…
The Only Opportunity of Its Kind

This opportunity can deliver good health and wealth.

In fact, it can make you incredibly rich—no matter how much money you start with.

And feel good doing it, since you’re helping to fund life-saving research for millions of people.

Over $91 billion is spent on cancer treatments each year. And with the number of cancer cases soaring, projections put this number at $173 billion.

Think of what that could mean—for both the people whose lives it will save and the supportive investors who help accelerate its spread to hospitals worldwide.

That’s what potentially makes this not just the biggest cancer breakthrough in history…

But one of the biggest financial stories I’ve ever seen.

We’re talking about the possibility of immediate 2,700% gains.

That’s over 27 times your money, starting in just a few months.

My research proves that life-changing profits are obtainable from stocks that match this kind of profile.

But as great as these gains are, they’re only “short-term” compared to the greater opportunity.

In a moment, you’ll see how this is just the very beginning of a much bigger wealth story that will…

Let me explain.

Here’s Why April 30th, 2016, Could
Change Your Life…

My stock pick uses “Alpha Cells” to fight kidney cancer with its renal therapies.

When this technology won the Nobel Prize, the FDA took decisive action for my stock pick.

They awarded my pick’s technology a rare legal designation—fast-track status—to expedite the review process.

Fast-track status is exactly what it sounds like.

The therapy gets priority review, moving at an accelerated pace through the trial process.

And it also gets quicker approval so it can get to market much faster than the typical 10 years.

This is extremely important from an investment standpoint, since this priority status gives it an unstoppable advantage against any competitors.

It ensures the best medical technology is getting first dibs on the market.

My stock pick was a perfect fit for this status.

Their “Alpha Cells” breakthrough delivered stunning clinical results during phase 2 trials, boosting the survival rate of renal cancer patients by 300% compared to the FDA-approved drug.

The FDA has already accelerated the treatment into the last phase of trials—where chances of approval dramatically increase.

Cancer sufferers who heard the news were so eager to sign up for the final study that enrollment filled up quickly.

These phase 3 trials are underway right now at 100 of America’s top hospitals.

And based on my stock pick’s previous trials… plus hundreds of past studies conducted on “Alpha Cells” by other researchers… and the chatter I’ve been hearing from my oncologist colleagues… I think one thing is clear: We can expect incredible results once again.

Once FDA approval is finalized, this treatment will:

A critical announcement could happen as soon as April 30th, 2016—which is why you need to position yourself now.

The profit potential of this opportunity is one of the greatest that I’ve ever seen.

Turn Every $10,000 Into $270,000
Starting April 30th, 2016…

My stock pick’s “Alpha Cells” treatment specifically targets kidney cancer.

And according to a new report from Transparency Research—a top industry research service—the market for kidney cancer is projected to reach $4.5 billion by 2020.

My pick’s phase 2 trials already proved it’s more effective and safer than the world’s best renal cancer drug.

So this is poised to become a first-line treatment in this multibillion-dollar market.

But let’s be conservative and say that these “Alpha Cells” treatments grab only a fraction of sales—$1.125 billion.

Based on an industry average price-to-sales ratio of 10.3, we’re looking at a one-year target share price of $136.

Considering you can own the stock today for $5, that’s an astronomic 27-fold jump.

I don’t need to tell you that this kind of money can change your life—even if you don’t have a lot to invest.

And remember, that estimate is highly conservative. I’ve only calculated for a fraction of the kidney cancer market.

Existing kidney cancer drugs are highly toxic. So much so that patients are often forced off of treatment before it’s over.

The side effects are simply unbearable.

And “Alpha Cells” therapy is not only three times more effective than the best of these drugs…

But non-toxic and free of side effects…

So it’s really a no-brainer for most renal cancer patients.

Which is why this is shaping up to be a first-line treatment.

And remember…

This “Alpha Cells” technology is already proven to target every single kind of cancer—prostate, pancreatic, breast, lung. You name it.

Kidney cancer is only the first target. It won’t be long before my stock pick takes everything it’s learned from these successful renal therapies and adapts them to target other types of cancer.

From there this company will launch to one of the world’s biggest and most profitable medical companies…

The Next Wave of Biotech Millionaires

The story behind my stock pick is strikingly similar to the wealth stories of Genentech and Amgen.

It started as tiny biotech firms, created groundbreaking therapies that won FDA backing and then became household names.

Early investors were transformed into millionaires.

It won’t be long before my stock pick joins these companies, picking the low-hanging fruit—the first wave of quadruple-digit gains.

But if you wait until the stock moves, you’ll miss it.

In fact, right now may be the last chance ever to lock in shares at $5.

So I urge you to take action now while you can.

Because this company has a lot of exciting announcements coming in the months ahead.

If preliminary results are even a fraction as good as previous studies, shares will skyrocket.

These situations have a proven history of launching shares overnight.

Everyday investors can make a fortune no matter how much they start with.

Insiders Scoop Up 58% of My Stock Pick’s Shares in a Buying Frenzy…

In anticipation of these final results, this company is experiencing one of the biggest insider buying frenzies I’ve ever seen…

The Chairman of the Board for my stock pick recently bought 1.4 million shares of his company’s stock.

And he wasn’t alone.

Two of the company’s directors acquired a combined 3.6 million shares.

That’s more than $25 million worth of shares purchased by direct insiders of the firm.

In fact, insiders now own 58% of the company—a rate absolutely unprecedented for a small firm like this.

And there’s only one reason insiders buy in massive quantities like that:

They see huge profits coming down the line.

Why are they so confident?


They see the months ahead as completely transformative.

They know the proven science behind “Alpha Cells”—the dozens of past trials where even the most incurable patients have entered complete remission.

And they see FDA approval coming soon.

Which could send this $5 company shooting to $30… $70… and as high as $136 in just a few months.

That means you need to move fast if you want to secure a position on the ground floor.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the name of this company, its ticker symbol and its financial profile.

I’ll also cover two other innovative plays that could be lined up for approval in the coming months.

I’ll share with you the full details of this “Alpha Cells” discovery, including why it works so much better than anything else… why it won the Nobel Prize… and peer-reviewed studies with some of the best cancer-killing results on record.

It’s rare to receive the FDA’s fast-track designation. Let me tell you about the handful of lucky companies that have already received it.

How the FDA Mints All-New Millionaires

Take what happened with the biotech firm Regeneron.

Regeneron received special FDA status for several of its drugs, including its bestselling macular degeneration drug.

In recent years it has surged from under $5… to $540. That’s a 112-fold increase—an incredible 11,208% gain.

RegeneronThat’s good enough to turn a $5,000 stake into $560,400.

Double your investment and you’re looking at a million dollars and change.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Regeneron’s sky-high run minted 580 brand-new millionaires overnight.

The CEO said in one interview, “We’ve probably made more millionaires than any company in New York.”

Here’s another example, this time with Questcor.

Questcor received a special FDA status for Acthar, a drug designed to treat a devastating disease that affects infants.

Shares surged from 21 cents in 2007… to over $95 in 2014. That’s a 239-fold increase—a 23,955% gain.

QuestcorGood enough to turn $5,000 into $1.19 million in less than seven years.

Now consider Jazz Pharmaceutical.

The company received special FDA status for JZP-8, a drug designed to control seizures in epilepsy patients.

The result?

The stock soared from 55 cents in 2009 to over $170 in 2014. A stunning 310-fold gain, more than 30,000%.

Jazz PharmaceuticalGood enough to turn $10,000 into over $3.1 million in less than six years.

But the most remarkable gains I’ve seen come from the biotech company Amgen, now one of the biggest in the world.

When two of its top drugs received special FDA status, the stock went on to deliver unbelievable 178,119% gains… the biggest return I’ve ever seen on the market.

See the proof yourself…

AmgenIt’s absolutely incredible.

According to Forbes, investors who put down a $100 stake in Amgen early, when it was just a startup, would now have shares worth more than $1.5 million.

The Los Angeles Business Journal reports the company’s investors are now known as the “Amgen millionaires.”

Many of these early retirees are even using their “stock-fueled wealth to become angel investors.”

That includes every single early employee, from sales reps to secretaries to managers.

Heck, even the company’s first dishwasher, who is now head of landscaping, became a millionaire.

All from Amgen stock options.

Genentech—the groundbreaking gene-splicing company—minted a similar group of millionaires.

Like Richard Scheller, a 26-year-old graduate student, whose $300 early investment made him $1.1 million overnight—a stunning 3,666-fold gain.

Or Herbert Boyer, a professor who saw his $500 investment turn into a one-day profit of $70 million.

Returns like these are simply unheard of anywhere in the financial markets—much less overnight.

Now, here’s the thing…

Everything I’ve seen about this opportunity—the HUGE market it’s about to take over… the breathtaking clinical trial results… the Nobel Prize-winning science—all points to one thing:

History is about to repeat itself.

And while you may not make 178,000% returns like early Amgen investors…

Or shocking 3,666-fold overnight returns like Genentech investors…

Just a fraction of these same profits could dramatically improve your life, transforming your financial future and retirement.

It all starts with the dramatic 27-fold surge I’m expecting in just a few short months.

In a moment, I’ll reveal the full details on my $5 stock pick that’s about to become the next biotech millionaire-maker.

Let me show you why I’m confident that this is the biggest discovery in the history of the oncology field.

The Secret Behind This Nobel Prize-Winning
Cancer Breakthrough

“Alpha Cell” therapies are promising real hope for the war on cancer.

Unlike chemo or radiation, they harness your body’s immune system to identify and kill tumors—without harming healthy cells.

Back when I was finishing my medical residency in the early ‘80s, ideas like this were all just theory.

Now it’s not just a reality—it’s already saving lives.

“Alpha Cells” have been known as the “conductor of the immune system orchestra.”

Or the “general of the immune system army.”

Think of cancer as a powerful enemy within the gates. And whereas most new cancer therapies send out a platoon or squad against it—and lose—“Alpha Cells” instead command our body’s entire armed defenses.

That includes killer T-Cells, B-Cells, macrophages—pretty much every anti-cancer cell in our body.

Immune fighters that are lying dormant because the cancer cells have either evaded or deactivated them.

Only “Alpha Cells” are able to rally them to attack—eliminating cancer throughout the body.

That’s what makes this approach so unique. And why this cellular discovery of “Alpha Cells” won the Nobel Prize.

The problem is, our bodies don’t make enough “Alpha Cells” to mount a significant immune response against cancer.

So our immune system sits idle, like an army without a leader, as cancer cells wreak havoc on our bodies.

“Alpha Cells” change all of that.

Scientists put them back into action using this new therapy.

First, scientists isolate “Alpha Cells” and train them to identify and target cancer cells.

Then they marshal our T-Cell and B-Cell immune fighters against the cancer.

But it gets even better…

Here’s why so many patients are experiencing complete remission after an “Alpha Cells” treatment.

It Doesn’t Just Destroy Cancer Cells…
It Makes Sure They Never Return

You see, “Alpha Cells” reprogram our immune system for a foolproof adaptive response to future cancer threats.

What does this mean?

Imagine your home is invaded by a burglar, but you’re able to scare him off.

Then you buy a security system for your home, so you’re better prepared the next time. That’s an adaptive response.

Your immune system also learns from its encounters with invaders—and then prepares for the next round.

It does this by “remembering” how to distinguish an invader from a harmless cell. That way it can pick the invader out in a crowd and head right for it.

Duke researchers compare “Alpha Cells” to “most wanted” posters for the immune system, since they tell the killer T-cells exactly which antigens to go after.

Think again of the invader in your home. Imagine you were able to get his picture. Or maybe you already had a security system that captured his image on video. You circulate his picture to your neighbors, so next time he’s seen in the neighborhood, he’s reported immediately. He never even gets near your house.

Now that’s a really adaptive response!

And that’s why so many patients have not just defeated cancer, but gone into complete, long-term remission…

Living lives cancer-free for years, even decades.

Thanks to “Alpha Cells.”

Hundreds of Clinical Trials Prove “Alpha Cells”
Can Even Cure Stage 4 Cancer Patients

Clinical trials by some of America’s biggest scientific institutions have confirmed with hard evidence just how powerful this breakthrough is.

Stanford University led the charge with studies right when “Alpha Cells” were first discovered.

The thirty-one lymphoma patients who took part in the 20-year study are still alive today.

The Wall Street Journal called the results a “seismic shift in cancer research.”

Recently, Duke University researchers used “Alpha Cells” to target the ultra-lethal brain cancer—a glioblastoma. (The same cancer Bryan had.)

And the results were incredible…

Remember, these patients have only months to live.

But over half of the patients treated in the Duke study survived for 5 years or longer.

Just imagine. If this therapy can defeat the most lethal, untreatable form of brain cancer, what could it do for other kinds of cancer?

Stanford Professor: “We Could Eliminate
Any Cancer”

That’s what a Stanford University research team set out to discover.

Led by Edgar Engelman, M.D., a professor of pathology and medicine at Stanford, they used “Alpha Cells” to destroy six completely different types of cancer.

That includes lung, breast and pancreatic tumors—you name it.

According to Dr. Engelman, “The potency is impressive. You actually see tumor eradication… Pretty much we could eliminate any cancer.”

The same results are showing up again and again.

Results that are shocking researchers every single time.

It doesn’t matter what type of cancer… how advanced it is… or what treatments the patient has tried before.

“Alpha Cells” can triple or quadruple patient survival time, even give them complete remission.

It’s promising to transform more lives than anything else in development—certainly more than chemo and radiation.

The leaders in science aren’t waiting around.

They’re saving patients’ lives NOW.

“Alpha Cells” Therapy Already Approved
in Germany and England

Take Germany, for instance.

Just last year their version of the FDA quickly approved an “Alpha Cells” therapy using a loophole called “Hospital Exemption.”

This is a German version of “fast-track” status, because it too allows urgent life-saving treatments to move fast through the conventional review process, getting them quickly to market.

Now it’s being used in hospitals throughout Germany to treat patients and save lives.

England followed Germany’s lead.

They accelerated this drug quickly using a new loophole called PIM (Promising Innovative Medicine).

PIM allows patients early access to vital treatments, especially those with rare diseases and few alternatives.

This critical review exception recently passed through Parliament.

And get this…

A therapy based on “Alpha Cells” was the very first to ever receive this PIM status.

Now British patients can access this life-saving therapy right away. No waiting for years of clinical trials when there is little chance they’ll be alive to see it.

Now, all of my research shows one simple fact…

Here in the United States, the FDA is about to follow suit.

When it does, thousands of dying patients will get an extended lease on life.

And investors who buy in early will get rich, while helping save the lives of people written off as “incurable.”

But here’s the remarkable part…

Something that guarantees this company billions of sales following approval…

Something that will launch this company to the heights of biotech giants…

Making it the world’s dominant “Alpha Cells” medical therapy provider.

Why My $5 Stock Pick Will Dominate the
Multibillion-Dollar “Alpha Cells” Market

My stock pick has an unstoppable advantage over any competitors…

In one word: automation.

Their automated processes will get this therapy into the hands of suffering cancer victims everywhere much quicker.

That might sound unusual, considering we’re dealing with a personalized cancer therapy.

But the process of freezing and dispensing personal cancer “vaccines” can be timely and costly.

When you’re dealing with a disease like cancer, a treatment has to be readily available.

And if the cost of manufacturing gets too high, it becomes unprofitable and impossible to sustain.

That’s why, up until now, no company has developed a cancer vaccine with true commercial potential.

But that’s what makes my stock pick so certain to succeed where none of its competitors will.

Over a decade ago, it anticipated the problems of producing mass-scale cancer vaccines.

So it began developing an automated process—one that makes each individual therapy at lower cost and quicker speed.

Now it’s not only the farthest along in clinical trials, with the best chances of approval…

But its proprietary automation process—with 80 patents behind it—ensures its “Alpha Cells” vaccine will dominate the market.

In fact, nobody even comes close to its level of manufacturing sophistication.

Its single Durham, North Carolina facility alone can serve the continent of North America.

The “Model T” of Cellular Cancer Therapy

In other words, we’re looking at the “Model T” of cellular cancer therapy—the one that’s going to take this therapy out of the lab and put it into patients’ hands in clinics and hospitals worldwide.

This is the other reason the FDA expedited this company’s “Alpha Cells” treatment.

You see, the FDA knows that, once approved, this treatment can reach desperate patients in under a month.

This is great news not only for cancer sufferers who can’t enroll in the limited clinical trials…

But for investors who act today—who get in early and see the first wave of profits from FDA approval…

Enough to turn every $10,000 into $270,000—almost immediately.

This will be followed by wave after wave of additional profits as “Alpha Cells” technology revolutionizes cancer care.

Here’s how to catch this unique opportunity…

“One Little Shot to Kill Cancer Dead:
27 Times Your Money on the
‘Alpha Cells’ Discovery”

Look, I’ve been in the biotech investing world from the rise of the human genome project… through stem cells… all the way up to the “Alpha Cells” discovery I’ve told you about today.

And I can tell you without reservation: My stock pick offers phenomenal upside potential—the biggest and most urgent I’ve ever seen.

It’s creating new hope for over 14 million Americans battling cancer…

As well as the 1.6 million more diagnosed each year.

It’s already allowed thousands of “hopeless” patients to go on to live free of cancer and side effects.

Which is why it’s poised to become the front-line treatment for all kinds of cancer— replacing chemo and radiation.

And why it could grab a HUGE share of the $91 billion spent every year on cancer care.

All of this is why the tiny stock at the center of this technology is about to take off…

Starting as soon as April 30th, 2016.

Remember, this company’s shares are currently trading at only $5.

But if it captures even a quarter of the kidney cancer market, its shares will rocket to $136.

A life-changing gain of 2,700%.

But with its potential application for all types of cancer, this company is poised to grab a massive slice of the $91 billion cancer industry over the next few years.

In short, its upside potential truly has no limits.

Again, the FDA has passed a special legal ruling that expedites approval.

This FDA ruling has launched some of the biggest financial gains in history, paving the way for biotech plays to become medical giants like Amgen, Genentech, and Novartis.

Bottom line: You need to act immediately to avoid missing out on the next big medical growth story.

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I’ve also included two extra ways to play the coming megatrend in “Alpha Cells” therapy.

To be clear, they’re not quite as advanced as my primary stock pick, but they have promising early positioning in this booming market.

Bonus Pick #1:
600% Upside on Imminent Buyout

The first one is a tiny startup trading for $12.

But it’s drawn some big partnerships from the likes of the giant hospital MD Anderson Cancer Center and Merck Serono, which plunked down nearly a billion dollars on this company.

That’s because of its unique approach to cancer immunotherapy—one that has Big Pharma ready to pounce.

In short, its technology acts like a switch to our immune system’s T-Cells. It can reprogram these immune warriors to more effectively attack cancer, but without harming healthy cells.

Leading cancer expert Ron De Pinho, M.D., says it “represents one of the most exciting approaches with curative potential in oncology today.”

So far it has five treatments developed, several in phase 2 trials.

Big Pharma has already shown an interest in this company… and a buyout is likely at any time.

Biotech billionaire Randall J. Kirk sees an acquisition coming in the near future.

Hedge fund manager John Barton believes the firm could be the target of a $10 billion buyout in the next few months.

That’s seven times its current market cap.

All told, I think it could command a share price of $70.

Many companies offering similar treatments are also still in early-stage trials—but because they have Big Pharma deals, they’re already trading as high as $80.

This company won’t be far behind.

Which brings me to my next pick…

Bonus Pick #2:
Triple Your Money With Big Pharma’s
Favorite Cancer Play

This pick is much larger than the first two, with a $5 billion market cap and higher-priced shares.

But I think it could still triple your money as this innovative leader moves forward with its scheduled clinical trials.

Early results already look remarkable for some of its therapies. In a study with one of its drugs, nearly 91% of children with a common type of recurring leukemia achieved complete remission.

By comparison, children facing a relapse of that type of blood cancer face grim survival odds of only 10% to 20%.

Results like these have Big Pharma scrambling to cut deals.

One pharmaceutical giant recently inked a $1 billion licensing deal with this company.

That’s the largest upfront sum ever for a biotech agreement.

The deal alone values the shares at around $94—a 75% return on current value.

What’s remarkable about this company is that although it’s very early-stage and just went public 18 months ago…

It’s already acting like a Big Pharma giant, buying tiny companies and licensing their technology to boost their pipeline.

And more importantly, it has a war chest that would make almost every biotech startup envy it.

This firm looks like it’s trying to grab large chunks of market share for the explosive immuno-oncology market—and a buyout for this incredible company is not out of the question.

While you won’t see anything like the sizable gains you could see from my other picks, there’s still a good shot to double or even triple your money in a few short years.

With this company we’re getting closer to Big Pharma exposure to this trend—but with much more upside.

Again, it’s all inside my Special Report, “One Little Shot to Kill Cancer Dead: 27 Times Your Money on the ‘Alpha Cells’ Discovery.”

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25 Years on the Crossroads of Big Money and
Big Discoveries

Again, my name is Joe Duarte, M.D.

I’ve spent the last 25 years at the crossroads of the world’s biggest health and money opportunities.

If you know the biotech sector, you know it’s legendary for creating all-new millionaires.

Joe DuarteYou know it’s on the cusp of some of the most exciting breakthroughs in medical history…

The kind we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago.

Since the early 1990s, I’ve helped investors make money in the rise of some of these breakthroughs.

From the rise of cancer immunotherapy… to genetic anti-aging… to stem cell therapies.

I literally wrote the book on successful biotech investing…


You may also know me from some of my Dummies titles, like Futures & Options for Dummies.

Before I even consider a company, I comb the studies and trials.

I talk to my colleagues in the field to see what some of the leading researchers are saying.

In short, I get the kind of insider preview that you can’t find anywhere else.

Most other analysts don’t know much beyond finance—and in biotech, the science is everything. If a company isn’t based on good science, then it isn’t going to make money.

I’m after real scientific breakthroughs—the ones that are REALLY changing medicine.

The kind that can turn tiny sums into 7-figure fortunes—if you get in early enough, before everyone else catches on.

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That’s not bad.

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Join the Next Round of
FDA-Minted Biotech Millionaires

Look, I’ve been in the biotech investing world from the rise of gene splicing… through stem cells… all the way up to our current immuno-oncology explosion.

I’ve seen how FDA special rulings have, time and time again, moved life-changing inventions to market quicker… while minting countless overnight millionaires.

These folks were early investors, many with just a several-hundred-dollar stake.

And when the FDA finally approved these groundbreaking treatments, their tiny investments exploded overnight… eventually turning into a million-dollar windfall.

Everything you’ve seen here today and all of my research points to ONE unavoidable conclusion:

This opportunity is NO different.

But we may NEVER get this chance again, so you must act now.

See, the FDA rarely ever gives special designations—like fast-track status—to startup plays.

The FDA tends to reserve this special treatment for well-connected companies like Merck, Pfizer, and Novartis—the big guys.

In short, I can’t promise we’ll have a shot to book similar profits on a rare situation like this again.

It’s a rare chance to make the kind of money only seen by venture capitalists or Big Pharma, who buy into these companies early on.

But unfortunately…

I can’t reveal this company’s name here.

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Lipitor—history’s best-selling drug that launched Pfizer to “Big Pharma” status.

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