Why (Regular) Stocks Could Drop 50% in the Next 12 Months

After years of denial, investors are awakening to reality:

Economic growth is still slow, and corporate earnings are still shrinking. But we can almost guarantee that one group of
201 “irregular” stocks won’t be following the economy down.


We don’t normally pay too much attention to the gloom-and-doomers of the market.

After achieving a total return of 559% over more than 25 years for our long-standing clients, we are usually upbeat when it comes to what’s ahead.

We focus on the fundamentals of the market and the health of the business we’re buying into—not the newest hype or fad.

Which is precisely why we can’t ignore the current news.

Financial markets, still inflated on cheap money from central bankers, are trying to deny the reality on the ground.

U.S. stocks continue to be volatile, as the bull market we’ve enjoyed for nearly a decade begins to erode away.

Meanwhile, utilities largely keep chugging along.

More than two-thirds of the 28 utili­ties in the S&P 500 delivered upside earnings surprises recently—growing earnings faster than the overall market.

Looking ahead, utilities are forecast to continue generating modest earnings growth, while trading at a nice discount to the broad market.

Despite trading at a premium valuation even after recent volatility, the overall market continues to rally.

But all it takes is a quick glance at price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios, which remain sky-high, to get a sober reminder that stock prices are still overinflated.

If there’s been a traceable pattern to the U.S. stock market’s biggest dips in recent years, it is this: Ever since the Fed ended its unprec­edented bond-buying program, stock perfor­mance has been volatile.

Sell-offs have coincided with periods when the Federal Reserve was pulling back on its market-friendly stimulus programs.

What Happens Now
That the Fed Has Finally
Stopped Buying Bonds?

In November 2008, the Federal Reserve began “stimulating” the economy and prop­ping up our stock market by accumulating massive amounts of government bonds.

Before the recession, the Fed had less than $800 billion of government bonds on its bal­ance sheet. It now has $4.4 trillion.

Not long ago, the music stopped. The Fed’s unprecedented bond-buying stimu­lus plan is history.

Now what?

Only one developed economy has tried a stimulus plan like this one before. That was Japan between 2001 and 2006.

After Japan’s stimulus program ended, Japanese stocks fell by 50%.

Some analysts are already sounding the alarm.

Business Insider reports the global head of Société Générale’s asset allo­cation team recently explained how an unwinding of easy money policies and broken politics in Washington will prompt today’s market to unravel.

Others are predicting far worse.

Billionaire investor Paul Singer says “all Hell will break loose” once the market realizes it’s running on fumes.

He believes the market is so ripe for a downturn, he’s lined up $5 billion from wealthy investors who want to profit when Wall Street pulls the rug out from under the feet of investors who turn a blind eye to the truth I’m sharing with you now.

He’s not alone. Legendary investor Jim Rogers says we’re about to suffer the biggest stock market crash in our lifetime. And he believes it could happen later this year.

Why should we listen to him? The Maryland-native not only helped found one of the most successful hedge funds of all time, he’s made a number of accurate market calls, including profiting from predicting the last housing crash.

As Rogers observed, the debt which fueled the last downturn is nothing compared to the debt we’ve piled up since then.

Over the past 10 years, our national debt has more than doubled. And now stands at a staggering $21 trillion. His advice?

“Be worried.”

So how about the stock market?

According to the respected Shiller P/E ratio, stocks are overvalued. This market-measuring tool was popularized by Yale’s Robert Shiller, who shared the Nobel Prize in economics in October 2013 for showing the predictability of stock prices over long periods of time.

The metric uses inflation-adjusted earnings per share over a trailing 10-year period. Right now it is suggesting that stocks are way too high by historical standards.

The Shiller P/E is at its highest level since the dot-com era, even higher than Black Tuesday in 1929. We’re now at 32.7 by this measure, 95% higher than the historical mean of 16.8.

And the current total market cap is about 144.8% of the last reported GDP, implying that the market is significantly overvalued.

Seth Klarman, an American billionaire who founded the Baupost Group, a Boston-based private investment partnership, says the U.S. financial system is poised to collapse at any time:

“If the economy is so fragile
that the government cannot allow failure,
then we are indeed close to collapse.”

Most people understand that growing our national debt over the past 10 years from $9 trillion to $21 trillion is a problem. They have an inkling that we’re not on a healthy trajectory.

They know that a society’s wealth is not unlimited. And that if the economy is so fragile that the government cannot allow a bank or a corporation to fail, then we are indeed close to collapse.

We’ve all seen how easy it is for a mighty powerhouse like Lehman Brothers to evaporate in a matter of days.

If weak data continues to come in, Wall Street analysts will have no choice but to start issuing warnings to clients—creating a self-feeding cycle of selling and fear.

And it could happen, because…

The Real Economy
Is In Trouble

The “easy” days of the bull market are gone, leaving only uncertainty behind. But even as stocks were pushing toward record highs, clues to the real state of the economy were all around us…

Millions of Baby Boomers who diligently saved for retirement found that their accounts weren’t paying out the income they desperately needed.

And while that’s certainly bad news…

They’re far better off than the 40.6 million people in America who live in poverty—one of the highest rates we’ve seen since March 1987.

Or the more than 41 million Americans who live on food stamps.

We’re nearly 10 years into what politicians are calling a “recovery.”  Yet the number of people receiving such assistance is 60% higher than it was prior to the last recession.

The U.S. labor force participation rate is now down to 63.0%. We haven’t seen such a low percentage since 1978.

While the economy has been growing, that growth could decelerate quickly. In the meantime, you can expect increased inflation to cancel out any meaningful growth.

And of course, political incompetence will continue to dominate, preventing Washington from doing anything constructive to keep the economy growing.

We’re Not the Only Country
in Trouble

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its forecast for growth for 2018, despite massive monetary stimulus by central banks throughout the world.

What the IMF does not elaborate on (but should) is this point: Why are major econo­mies engaging in unprecedented levels of fiscal stimulus and seeing, at best, marginal levels of economic growth?

If all that public debt and money printing can’t accelerate our economy above stall speed, the next major financial crisis to hit will be beyond the powers of even the most creative Treasury Secretary or central banker to contain.

It’s Time to Play It Safe

My name is Ari Charney—and I’m Chief Investment Strate­gist at Utility Forecaster, the widely followed, nearly 30-year-old income investing newsletter.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know for sure that stocks are about to crash—and no one else does either.

So I’m not telling you to stock up on canned food or buy a pile of gold and stuff it under a mattress. All I’m saying is… it’s time to play it safe.

I’ve spent decades building my nest egg, and it would kill me to see it all go poof—especially when I can prevent it in a few simple steps.

I want you to consider taking these same steps now… because D-Day for investors could arrive at any moment.

That’s why I’m redoubling my focus on one group of 201 stocks that won’t be following the market down. If anything, they are ready to take a big leap higher.

These businesses have solid earnings and positive growth. All but a handful are maintaining or increasing earnings guidance, while many continue to grow their dividends each and every year.

Almost Bullet-Proof

As a group, these stocks are as close to a bullet-proof hideout for your money as you’ll ever find.

They yield you up to 13.8% a year in cold cash and offer capital gains within two to three years of up to 100% on top of that.

Surprisingly, this rock-solid, sleep-at-night investment is also one of the most profitable long-term winners you’ll find.

So don’t let the panic on Wall Street wreck the future you’ve counted on for so long.

If you prize high current income, outstanding growth potential and, above all, reliability, you can wave goodbye forever to dangerous stocks and stingy money-market rates…

And say hello to a steadily growing safe haven for your money.

Welcome to
Old-School Investing

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about the over­looked work­horses of Wall Street: utility stocks.

But not just any kind of utility… the old-school regulated kind.

And I only recommend the kinds of stocks our grandfathers used to buy: basic electricity, water, and gas companies.

What other investment can you buy whose profits are mandated by law?

No other investment gives everything utilities offer…

✔ Juicy dividends: They pay by far the highest dividends on Wall Street, nearly twice the yield of the S&P 500.

✔ Stress-free gains: You’ll make your money at a steady pace with much less volatility in your portfolio.

✔ Peace of mind: You can buy these “Steady Eddies” and lock them away for years.

✔ Bear-market insurance: Utilities are the most recession-proof stocks you can buy.

✔ Rock-solid value: They give you more reliable earnings—at a significant value—compared to the rest of the market.

✔ Retirement security: These cash-generating machines will mail you ever-growing checks for the rest of your life.

I can’t imagine a more solid, can’t-lose proposition than socking away some money in these high-yield­ing beauties. And when I say “can’t-lose,” I’m not just blowing smoke.

Because here’s one more fact that few investors ever hear about: No regulated utility has ever gone out of business—EVER!

If that doesn’t impress you, then you’re pretty tough to please… or maybe you know something I don’t.

I certainly don’t know any other investment that offers you such a power­ful combination of benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at the three most important advantages:

And what else do these resilient, old-fashioned wonders have in common? They are kicking the tar out of the market.

Since the market topped out in early 2000, they’ve posted a 998.7% gain, well above the S&P 500’s 156.6%… and towering over the Nasdaq’s 90.1%.

Your Life Jacket
In a Market Storm

Time and again, utilities have offered a safe harbor in stormy markets. Just look at what happened in all of the most serious market reversals of recent years and you’ll see how comforting this protection can be.

When the Dow and S&P 500 each shriveled by more than 19% in the fall of 1998, the aver­age utility stock rose 4%.

And this buoyancy was no fluke.

After the market plunged in the dot-com crash of March 2000, utilities were up 42% nine months later… and went on to rise more than 200%.

Then came the most recent bear market in November 2007. Through one of the toughest periods in stock-market history, our readers added 135.7% in returns.

I won’t pretend that utility prices never dip. They do.

Even our own picks occasionally take on a little water in market storms. But they bob around like corks on a wave compared to the sink-like-a-stone performance most equities turn in.

The plain proof of utilities’ remarkable resil­ience is right in our portfolio.

As I sit to record this presentation, almost all of the dozens of picks in our portfolio are up.

Note that these are current, real-time prof­its, even after the huge slump of 2008-2009. Which means you can rack up gains like these through good times and bad.

That’s what I mean when I say Utility Forecaster lets you say “goodbye” forever to stock-market worries.

Let’s Profit While Others
Are Paralyzed by Fear

I don’t blame you for being nervous. But before you dump all your stocks and get out of the market entirely, I’ve got a better idea.

Today, I’m asking you to take a deep breath and look at the facts. Regulated utilities are not going out of business—the politicians won’t let them. To top it off, they’re in the business of supplying an infinite demand.

Think about that every time you turn on the lights, take a shower, or run the AC. If there’s a surer bet than buying into these old-school standbys, I don’t know what it is.

I’ve been through several market panics in my years of following this industry. Each time I’ve used the opportunity to stock up on quality utilities with regulated operations, guaranteed rates of return, and generous dividends.

These stocks can get you through anything because, simply put, there is no substitute for utilities.

Can you picture a day when you call up your power company and say, “No, thanks, I’m all good here”?

Or your telephone or Internet provider? How about your water company?

For most Americans, the day when we no longer need utilities to provide us the necessi­ties of life is far off… if it ever arrives.

That’s one reason utilities are such a can’t-miss, long-term investment. Constant demand is a luxury that very few businesses enjoy.

The One Place Where the
Fed’s Meddling Can’t Hurt You

Paradoxically, today’s economy is another reason to like utilities… because a weak econ­omy actually helps utility companies.

As I’ve pointed out, the Fed has been goos­ing near-zero interest rates for years in an attempt to stimulate growth. It has been a kick in the teeth for savers. But now that things are changing, you’ll do best in long-view industries like utilities.

Water, telecom, power and pipeline compa­nies all have the slow-and-steady outlook with locked-in contracts that generate cash regardless of where the Fed sends our economy.

Add it all up and you can see that utilities offer you the best of both worlds—safe and stable cash cows with little or no competition during the good times, plus safe and stable income that doesn’t change, even when most of the economy is on the ropes.

When Boring Is Beautiful

I’ll be the first to admit that utilities aren’t the most exciting asset class around. But buy into these dependable Steady Eddies and you’ll see why “boring is beautiful.” One of my read­ers puts it this way:

“Utilities are sort of boring and it’s more fun to speculate in biotechs, but I have made far more money, consistently, with Utility Forecaster picks than any other newsletter. For someone approaching retirement, it’s a no-brainer. It’s also very cheap, an incred­ible value.”

It all adds up to a sweet deal for investors… especially these days with everyone biting their nails about the possible fallout of rising interest rates and inflation.

History proves that inflation will eat the heart out of any broad market rally, no exceptions. But utilities usually raise your quarterly cash dividends faster than inflation year after year. So by and large, you’ll be immune to infla­tion—a cushy situation indeed.

But utility stocks can do a lot more for you than just beat inflation.

In his landmark book, What Works on Wall Street, James O’Shaughnessy presented a powerful endorsement of utility stocks.

He found that a utility portfolio is not only far safer than owning “the market,” but over the long haul, it blew away other investment options.

From 1968 to 2010, if you had invested $10,000 in the market, you would have ended up with a nest egg of $637,408. Not bad.

But O’Shaughnessy discovered that if you had invested the same amount in these high-yielding utility stocks that scored well on a handful of valuation factors, you would have had a stunning $5,716,872.

Welcome to
Never-Ending Income

More than two decades ago years ago, we founded the specialized investment advisory Utility Forecaster.

We’ve been spreading the word about the remarkable wealth-building power of utility stocks ever since.

Our focus on tried-and-true regulated utilities has produced market-beating gains along with a relaxed approach to wealth-building that has proven irresistible to thousands of unstressed investors.

We look at a broad range of essential-service stocks. On top of the classic gas, water, and electric companies, we also look for high-yielding plays in telecoms, pipelines, and cable—both here and abroad.

The news I want to give you today is that we’ve discovered a dozen healthy essential-service utility companies—the kind that will pay you 7% a year and grow forever—now selling at sickly prices.

These companies are fine, mind you. It’s just their stock prices that are hurting.

I’ve written up these odds-on winners in a new Special Report that I’d like to send you free when you agree to a risk-free test drive of Utility Forecaster. More on that below…

We Like Our Yields
High and Rising

We cover more than 150 publicly traded elec­tric, telephone, water, and natural gas companies in the U.S. and around the world.

Right now the conservative stocks in our Income Portfolio are paying 5.6%. And that’s just the average.

You’ll find yields of up to 12.5% in this portfolio… and up to 13.8% in our larger “How They Rate” overview of the entire utility sector.

Those are great payouts, but what you have to realize is that the companies we focus on not only pay generous dividends, they raise them constantly.

So your quarterly “paycheck” steadily rises, too. A modest 5% yield on a super-safe electric company can turn into a 10% yield within five years when the com­pany is aggressive about raising its payout.

I love finding situations like that, and we find plenty of them. In fact, the hold­ings in our portfolio have boosted their dividends more than three times as fast as the market as a whole.

With dividend growth like that, you can make staggering profits even if the share price never budges.

Your dividend check can eventually grow so large that it surpasses the original price you paid for the stock.

The exhilaration of “lap­ping” your stock that way is a feeling you never forget.

And I’m not exaggerating when I say scores of them will churn out annual 13.3% gains like clockwork well into next decade.

But a good number will double and triple in value too.

So with your permis­sion, I’d like to send you a free Special Report called Old School Stars: 5 Unstop­pable Back-to-Basics Utility Stocks, which reveals the meat-and-potatoes utility stocks that will give you the highest returns, includ­ing a few that are poised to appreciate as much as $4-to-$1 in the next two years.

This break­through report—which we’ve prepared exclu­sively for readers of this special presentation—reveals:

The dividend juggernaut—This overlooked dynamo just paid its 137th consecutive quarterly dividend to shareholders. Up 597.6% since we added it to our portfolio in 2002, it has impeccable financial strength, and its cash flow covers capital costs by a healthy margin. Up 123% over the past 5 years, it should have no trouble giving you double-digit returns for years to come.

America’s #1 cash machine—This com­pany is so profitable it seems almost unfair—until you realize you can get in on the act yourself. The real story here is its ability to grow in all markets… and its outstanding yield of 9.1%. You can buy this one and lock it away.

A pro at executing acquisitions—This one has already rung up a 2,258.8% profit since I first recommended it, and it’s still a strong buy. It’s snapping up smaller competitors across seven states, and it has one of the surest dividends you’ll ever find. It has paid quarterly dividends for an impressive 73 straight years.

A trailblazer in energy innovation—This utility is booming because it serves the fastest-growing population center in the country. At its core is a huge, secure utility operation in the growing south, where regulators remain staunchly pro-business. Since we recommended it a little more than four years ago, the stock is already up nearly 128% …

The biggest bargain on the NYSE—This overlooked powerhouse is drowning in cash. It’s grown its dividend 11% annually over the past five years, and sheds bear markets like water off a duck. Cash flow covers capital costs by a healthy margin, and it earns one of our top safety ratings to boot. If this isn’t a slam dunk, we don’t know what one looks like.

The stocks you’ll find in my Old School Stars report are true mattress stuffers—the kind you can buy and forget about.

Mark my words, in the next three to five years, they will throw off dividends and capital gains of at least 100% as a group.

For every dollar you put into them now, you’ll have two dollars in your pocket… and you’ll be doing it by buying businesses that literally can’t fail.

Your chance to lock in a free copy of this report is coming up. But first, let me tell you how you can get opportunities like this brought right to your doorstep every month.

Join the
Quiet Fortune Builders
with Utility Forecaster

If anything I’ve said so far makes sense to you… if you think that I’m even half right about the extraordinary profits and peace of mind old-school utilities will bring their lucky owners over the next few years…

Then I’d like to tell you more about the most comprehensive source of information you can get—my Utility Forecaster advisory letter.

Utility Forecaster is the only periodical devoted exclusively to helping you make money in utili­ties.

Nowhere will you find a more thorough ranking of your utility investment options than in the 12 pages of this monthly investment bul­letin.

You’ll find mention of every significant publicly traded utility in the world in every issue.

We started Utility Forecaster in 1989 because there was a crying need for some­one to spread the word about these dependable fortune-builders.

Millions of individual inves­tors who should be in these vehicles are not—and they are losing out on billions in safe and steady profits.

These stocks have saved the financial lives of countless shareholders, sparing them from a grim future.

They give you a priceless opportunity to sit back and enjoy life instead of sweating out the market’s ups and downs.

Thousands of Utility Forecaster readers have become wealthy thanks to massive, stress-free returns like:

Impressive to be sure.

But the only performance record that really counts is what Utility Forecaster does for YOU.

So if you prize a high current income, outstanding growth, and above all, safety, I’d like to invite you to join me and the tens of thousands of subscribers who use Utility Forecaster to harness the wealth-building power of these financial juggernauts.

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✔ Judge how high a yield can go before it becomes a danger signal…

✔ Manipulate your dividends to create sub­stantial wealth…

✔ Hitch your wagon to turnaround plays in progress that could triple your money in short order.

What I’ll Do For You
Every Month in
Utility Forecaster

You can count on me to perform three major tasks in every issue of Utility Forecaster:

First, I thoroughly analyze the latest numbers on every publicly owned utility in the nation. I project future performance and give you specific recommendations. And I follow up on previous picks.

Second, I uncover the top growth prospects. Is the utility involved in any money-making ven­ture outside its bread-and-butter business? Is it tapping into new technologies and power sources? What kind of risk is it tak­ing for growth?

Third, and just as important as tasks 1 & 2…I make sure your dividend is SAFE. I put cash flow under an analytical microscope. I dig deep to reveal which yields are trea­sures and which are traps.

Safety is Everything

This last point is vital, because it means you get an early warning if any of your money is in danger. We’re fanatical about digging out bad news.

Whenever there’s trouble brewing in a util­ity you own, you’ll hear about it right away.

Whether it’s a shrinking customer base, antag­onistic regulators or a spike in construction costs, we want to alert you to the problem in plenty of time to protect your money.

It may be a cliché, but recent events have proved once again that the first rule in making money is not to lose it.

After seeing $8 trillion in investors’ wealth wiped out in a horrific bear market, we’ll do anything to make sure your money is in a safe place.

After all, we’ve got money in these stocks, too. And nothing sets off our warning signals louder than eva­sive accounting.

While most companies we follow issue straightforward financial statements, every now and then we smell a rat. And when we do, we go straight to the CEO.

In one of our first issues, we predicted that the dividend of a large Midwestern utility was in danger.

The CEO wrote a scathing letter threatening a lawsuit if we didn’t retract the statement. We would do nothing of the kind.

A year later the company slashed its dividend. Shareholders who didn’t get the warning saw their investment plunge.

Of course, no Utility Forecaster subscriber was in that boat when it went over the falls!

That early experience is why so many Utility Forecaster readers count on our early-warning system to let them know if any of our portfolio holdings are in jeopardy of running out of cash to pay dividends.

Our early-warning system has repeatedly bailed my subscribers out of danger.

We’ve spotted more than 50% of all dividend cuts months before they actually take place, giving you plenty of time to move your money to a safer stock.

Timing is everything in these shaky situa­tions. When a dividend cut sneaks up on inves­tors, the result is a devastating plunge in share prices.

By getting out of a company before it announces a dividend cut, you escape a whole lot of heartache.

Every Stock We Buy
Passes Through Our
Utility Boot Camp

To add yet another level of protection, we put every utility through an analytical boot camp before we even think about recommend­ing it to you.

This innovation is a point of pride for all of us at Utility Forecaster. In fact, much of the credit for our decades-long record of outperfor­mance goes to this strict rating system.

While the rating system itself is complex, its results are crystal clear. Your investment life will never be simpler.

I’ll tell you where to put the money and when and where to move it around. You won’t trade much.

Why should we fritter away our money on commissions, taxes, and bid/ask spreads? That’s plain dumb.

After all, the biggest prof­its are always made by the steady momentum of compounding. I want you to get rich—not your broker.

Allowing the steady momentum of com­pounding to work its magic over time has made us our biggest profits.

That patience has helped us rack up an average gain of 438% on the dozens of utility stocks currently in our portfolio.

Performance of that caliber has made our readers supremely happy, of course.

So much so, they’ve taken time out of their busy lives to send us notes like this one from A.K. in Dallas, Texas who says…

“Your publication has been the keystone in my investment program for many years, enabling me to comfortably retire early!”

Lucinda S. chimed in with…

“I have owned [one of your picks] for 8.5 years, based on the Utility Forecaster recom­mendation, and it has been a gem in my portfolio, returning a total of 208% in div­idends plus value increase (that’s nearly 25% per year, folks).”

And Chuck B. told us…

“I am taking care of my mother who is 82 and in a nursing home. Your advice has been able to keep her comfortable [even though] nursing care is so expensive. I now have a great income-producing portfolio that doesn’t dip like the Dow or NASDAQ on bad days and goes up in value almost every day.”

Notes like these are what make all the long hours we spend finding the best utilities worthwhile…

Our results have also caught the attention of the mainstream press too.

Hulbert Financial Digest named Utility Fore­caster the #1 top-returning financial advisory in the nation over a 10-year period for risk-adjusted returns.

And Kiplinger selected Utility Forecaster as the Best Investment Advice Stock Newsletter—part of their annual “The Best List.”

Most importantly though, my publisher reports that Utility Fore­caster has one of the highest renewal rates in the indus­try. You don’t get so many repeat customers, or praise like you see below, unless you deliver on your promises.

“I have successfully used your information for more than a decade and the financial results have been great.”
–Jack T.

“I have been a reader of Utility Forecaster for several years now. I find it one of the best, and I’ve been reading stock letters for 30 years. Keep up the good work.”
–Bill Lyons

“This is just a note from one of your sub­scribers who thinks you have about the best advisory letter about utility investing that is available in the newsletter market. Keep up the good work!!!”
–Capt. B.H. Troemel, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

“At the end of the year I like to sit down to THANK YOU for your excellent advice as contained in your Utility Forecaster, which I keep reading with pleasure and profit.”
–Dwight G. Mamlok

“I would like to congratulate you on a fine publication, Utility Forecaster. It is very informative and makes my investment deci­sions easier. Keep up the good work, and thanks loads.”
–Michael Sloane

This Is All We Do…
So We Need To Be Good

At Utility Forecaster, all we do is help you profit from utilities.

We report to no one but you. If our recommendations don’t increase your wealth, we know we will lose your trust and your readership. And we’d deserve to.

Utility Forecaster is totally independent of the Wall Street machine. We accept no advertising.

Nobody owns us. And we track all of our rec­ommendations, so you always know how much money we’re making for you.

We have one purpose and one purpose only—safely making you wealthy, without a lot of nail-biting and with never more than a thimbleful of risk.

On the contrary, when you try Utility Forecaster, the risk is all ours. (Try getting your broker to take a risk.) You don’t risk a penny with our 100% money-back guarantee.

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