Hi, my name is Jeff Little. I’m the publisher at Investing Daily.

And I want to share something very special with you today. I recently went one-on-one with our master trader Jim Fink to discuss his investing system which delivered gains of 27,670% to a small group of readers in the last five years.

Without a single loss.

This is the very same breakthrough program which produced 564 winners and 30,231% total profits since we released it to the public in late 2015.

And one which he personally used to amass a $5 million fortune.

So what you’re going to hear us discuss isn’t some “new idea” we hope will work. Or a hypothetical strategy based on back-tested results.

It’s a proven – proprietary – system. One that juices even the smallest stock gains into massive triple-digit windfalls.

In as little as three days.

Before Jim started releasing the simple 7-minute trades his system generates, the only way you could make money on this 1.1% move from Netflix…

Was to pick up shares before it happened. Then cash out when it popped.

And considering you would have only made a $55 profit on a $5,000 stake, it wouldn’t have been worth the risk.

But since his program was up and running when that move took place… some folks used the advanced knowledge his system provides to turn that very same, very tiny 3-day pop, into a 108% gain.

Which means instead of making $55… they raked in a $5,400 profit.

That’s a profound difference.

So is the $4,700 boost you could have enjoyed…

… when Jim turned a meager 1.2% move from CBS Corp into a 100% winner.

In less than half a week.

Look, before I go any further, I need to make something clear.

Today’s presentation isn’t about some sleepy buy-and-hold program that requires you to risk gobs of cash just to eke out tiny single-digit gains.

What you’re about to see is a high-velocity system designed for folks with a mercenary mindset.

People who want – or need – to make big money. Fast.

And if you’re not comfortable with that idea, you should tune out now.

You’re not going to find what we cover today very useful.

At the same time, if you’re behind in your savings and desperately need to get caught up…

If you want to cash in your chips and retire early…

If you want the very best life has to offer – like a romantic cruise down the Rhine River…

Or an extended getaway on the remote western coast of Nicaragua where you can spend your days sipping wine and watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean…

Jim Fink’s Velocity Profit Multiplier could help you make it happen faster than you ever dreamt.

Because he specifically designed it to produce massive winners in 10 days or less.

Like the incredible 122% profit it delivered from a small 7% move by CarMax.

In just 72 hours.

Think about that for a second. You could have made $6,100…

Instead of only $359.

Just by following two simple sentences of instructions in your trading account.

If you put $5,000 into each of the three opportunities I just covered, you’d be sitting on close to $32,000 today.

That’s more money than most investors make in a year.

And Jim pulled it off in three trades. Without getting involved in risky strategies like day trading or futures.

Obviously, raking in 17 times21 times… and even 98 times more money than you’re making now is an extraordinary feat.

One which some folks think is impossible.

And if you’re one of them, I don’t blame you one bit.

I’ve spent my entire career following the world’s top investors…

And I’ve seen my fair share of flashes in the pan…

But Jim’s Velocity Profit Multiplier is the real deal.

Because it allows you to quickly make life-changing amounts of money.

Regardless of your investing experience. Or the current size of your portfolio.

That’s not just my opinion.

Investing Daily reader Marvin M. uses Jim’s system and let us know he’s banked quite a few fast triple-digit winners.


Bobby Abbott agrees saying he loves the fast returns too.


And Noel from Tallahassee, Florida blew us away when he told us his annual rate of return from the Velocity Profit Multiplier is nearly 15,000%.


To be clear, not everyone sees results like this…

But Jim’s program delivers blowout profits like these so often in fact…

I’m guaranteeing anyone who uses it will have the opportunity to bank total gains of 5,000% in the next 12 months.

I’ll give you the full details on how to take part in this outrageous promise in just a moment.

Before I get to that though…

I think this is the perfect time to introduce you to the man behind this program, Jim Fink.

Jeff: Jim, thanks for making the trip to Falls Church for this special event.
Jim: My pleasure Jeff. Thanks for having me.
Jeff: I’m not going to beat around the bush here Jim… the returns from your system are nothing short of phenomenal. I mean, 30,200% total profits in six years?

It sounds like you’ve literally invented the holy grail of investing.

Jim: Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, Jeff. But I am pretty happy with the moneymaking opportunities it’s generated so far.
Jeff: Pretty happy? C’mon. You’re just being modest. I mean think about it, Wall Street has most investors convinced the best they can hope for is 8 to 10% a year!

But the trades you closed so far this year delivered cumulative gains of over 4,200%.

Jim: Yeah, I did. This system is the culmination of over 20 years of testing and analysis. And I’m proud of the results folks have had with it.

But I think what makes me the happiest of all about my Profit Multiplier is the wrinkle I baked into it which lets me deliver performance like that without booking a single loss.

Because truth be told – I hate losing money!

And I really like making it.

Jeff: Well, I know I’m blown away by how flawlessly your program works.

Especially since you’re able to multiply the smallest of share price moves into massive winners.

I have the full list right here.

You made a 100% gain in ten days from this 4.8% move by Take Two Interactive.

122% in three days on this tiny move by the iShares Russell 2000 ETF.

A 100% gain in 3 days on LyondellBasell.

A quick double on this choppy 11-day move by Garmin Ltd.

118% on this virtually imperceptible .5% move by PepsiCo.

138% in 72 hours on a 3.4% move by Regeneron.

And 122% on the iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF in 4 days.

I’m going to stop. But not because I’ve run out of examples.

The list of triple-digit winners goes on for 174 more!

Jim: Right. And that doesn’t include the 299 double-digit winners either.
Jeff: That’s awesome. Let me quickly put that in perspective for everyone.

Since the beginning of 2017, you handed Profit Multiplier users some type of gain every three days.

Including a double-digit winner every seven days.

And triple-digit winner every 11 days.

All without a single loss.

It’s mind-blowing when you think about it.

It’s also why I’m completely comfortable guaranteeing that anyone who uses your program will see gains of 5,000% in the next 12 months.

But it does raise a question Jim…

You booked all these winners in a historic, red-hot bull market. What if things take a turn for the worse? Will your system still work?

Jim: The short answer is yes.

It doesn’t matter whether the market is going up. Down. Or sideways.

Remember, with the trades I make, it only takes a tiny blip in a stock’s price to produce a massive winner. And since moves like that happen every day… in any market…

There’s always plenty of opportunities to make money when you use my Profit Multiplier.

And just as important, I’m not held hostage waiting months – or even years – for some once-in-lifetime macro trend to move share prices up 100%… 150%… or more.

Jeff: Speaking of plentiful opportunities…

I know you’d like to share the details on two new trades you’re going to release in the next few days.

And you’re even going to walk us through how to easy it to make a trade live – on the air – correct?

Jim: Yep. That’s right.
Jeff: Great. Before we get to all of that, I think this is the perfect time for you to walk us through how your system zeroes in on these blowout profit opportunities.

Because it will go a long way to explaining how you were able to generate gains of over 30,000% in six years.

Jim: Got it. The first thing you need to understand is that every stock sends out hidden signals before it moves. Whether it’s up or down.

My Profit Multiplier system runs 24 hours a day scanning the market for those “tip-offs”…

And when it finds one, I use the data it provides to put together a trade that statistically guarantees you can turn that movement into a winner that’s up to 111 times better than what a buy-and-hold investor would see.

Jeff: You made it a point to emphasize statistically.

Is there a reason for that?

Jim: Absolutely. There’s no guesswork involved with what the Velocity Profit Multiplier does. There’s no emotion. No hunches. And no gut feels.

It’s a scientific system designed specifically to find stocks that are about to move.

Best of all, it’s so precise, it allows me to put out trades that have fixed end dates…

And they automatically close out for a profit without you having to lift a finger.

Jeff: So there’s no sitting by a computer waiting for an email telling you to sell?
Jim: Nope. The money for a winning trade shows up in your account as soon as it ends without you doing a thing.
Jeff: Incredible. The tipoffs that lead to these winning deposits… they’re not all the same though are they?
Jim: Hardly. Just like there’s a strand of DNA that’s unique to you, each stock sends out its own distinct signal before it’s about to move.

And like any practitioner you’d find in the medical field – I use my Velocity Profit Multiplier to focus on the five most statistically reliable patterns.

Jeff: Interesting. So it’s like being a cardiologist reading an EKG. Or a neurosurgeon examining the results of an MRI.
Jim: Well, I’m certainly not implying what I do has saved anyone’s life.

But I am a specialist. The same as they are. Only my niche is investing.

And just like any highly-technical field, the process I use to examine stock charts – and catch the nuances other analysts miss – took decades to master.

It’s also quite complicated. And proprietary.

But the three most important things I want everyone to understand about it right now are…

  1. My system focuses on finding five patterns that statistically predict stock movements in advance.
  2. When it finds one, I put together two-sentences of instructions you can execute in your trading account in just a few minutes.
  3. And folks who’ve followed these instructions step-by-step had the opportunity to bank gains of over 30,000% in six years.
Jeff: I’ve never seen anything like it. And I’m positive no one else in investing research has either.

Could you walk us through how your system zeroed in on one of the opportunities that led to this astounding total?

That way everyone can get a glimpse of the potential we’re talking about with the new trades you want to share.

Jim: I’m glad you asked, because I already have a few cued up for us!
Jeff: I thought you might! The stage is yours.
Jim: One of the most powerful patterns my Multiplier pinpoints is the “double-barrel” one you’re seeing on this chart from Amgen.

There’s no mystery why I named it that.

See where these two lines run parallel?

It looks just like an old double-barrel shotgun.

And every time this pattern shows up, it practically guarantees a stock’s share price is going to move.

If you had bought shares of Amgen at $162 when I sent out the instructions for this trade…

You could have sold them for $165 just three days later.

And while any winner is a good one…

In this case, you would have only made $98 on a $5,000 stake.

What a yawner!

On the other hand, if you put the same $5,000 into the 7-minute trade I sent out…

You would have walked away with $6,300 in pure profit.

Jeff: That’s almost 65 times better according to my math Jim.
Jim: You’re exactly right. On the same stock. In the exact same amount of time.

My Profit Multiplier offers you such a profound performance advantage…

Even if you only invested $500 in this trade, you would have made 6x more than the buy-and-hold crowd did by risking $5,000.

Heck, you would have made 3x more by only risking $250!

Jeff: Talk about a staggering difference. I’m sure I’m not the only one who really likes the idea of having to risk substantially less to make life-changing amounts of cash.

I’m sorry I jumped in there. You have more examples you want to share right?

Jim: Yep. And each one had the very same, very important DNA – the double-barrel pattern.

Like the time it showed up in CME Group…

And I was able to use that advanced knowledge to deliver over $4,900 more profits than buying regular shares.

When my Profit Multiplier pinpointed the double-barrel pattern on Celgene…

It led to a 100% gain in less than a week…

Which was 19x better than buying shares.

Jeff: Or to put in another way, it was the difference between making a $257 profit… or $5,000.
Jim: Right. And the same thing happened when this pattern showed up in Honeywell too.

Because my system multiplied the 3% gain most investors saw into a 76% profit.

It’s appearance also gave me the green light to make a trade on the PowerShares Triple-Q ETF.

And it turned out 111 times better than buying shares.

Jeff: So I think we need to address the elephant in the room, Jim. Your Profit Multiplier has something to do with options right?
Jim: Yes! I’d never hide that fact. As far as I’m concerned most regular investors look at options the wrong way.

They think they’re complicated. A fast way to lose money. And that the odds are against you.

But none of this is true.

At least not the way I trade options.

I designed my system to make options trades more affordable, more predictable, and best of all, more profitable.

Take a look at this split screen.

On the left is the form 99% of investors use to make options trades…

It’s a money trap designed to take a gambler’s money. And you should stay away from it at all costs.

Jeff: And the one on the right?
Jim: That’s the one I use.

As you can see, there’s only one more line to fill out…

But it makes all the difference in the world.

Jeff: Now I just want to be clear, when you say most investors use the screen on the left… they’re buying options right?
Jim: Yep.
Jeff: So you’re not just buying options contracts then?
Jim: Not a chance. I add a simple one-move “twist” to every options trade I make which gives you the best of both worlds…

Massive upside. And limited risk.

That doesn’t matter to Wall Street though.

Their propaganda machine lumps all options trades into the same boat.

Which is why there are so many misconceptions about them.

Jeff: But why would they do that?
Jim: Money. Pure and simple. I mean think about it… Wall Street bandits like hedge funds and investment houses would much rather scare you to the point where you give up trying a strategy like mine… and settle for pouring a massive amount of money into a buy and hold approach instead.
Because that sets the stage for them charging you a king’s ransom in fees.
Take the $5,000 profit my PowerShares Triple-Q trade generated in four days for example…
To make the same amount of money, a buy-and-hold investor would have had to risk half-a-million bucks…
Jeff: Well, it’s actually more like $561,000.
Jim: Right. And the problem with that… other than most folks don’t have that kind of money…

Is it dramatically magnifies how much you could lose to a downside move.

I mean, what if the triple-Q suddenly dipped 10%? It’s happened before.

Jeff: You’d lose over $56,000.
Jim: Exactly. Now you tell me…

Which trade is riskier?

The one that lets me double my money in four days…

Or, the one where I’d have to pony up $500,000 for a shot at making less than 1%?

Jeff: Well, when you look at it like that, it’s obvious buying regular shares puts far more of your money at risk.
Jim: Right. Investing is all about risk and reward.

And my turnkey system lets you make far more money… by risking far less.

On the exact same share price move.

Plus, since the stock only has to move 1 or 2% in a matter of a few days for you to make enormous sums of cash…

It frees you up to use that money to make even more on the next trade!

Jeff: That’s a critical point, Jim.

So I’m going to take a second to expand on it just a bit.

Let’s say you put $500 into the Netflix trade I opened the Summit with. It was a 108% winner.

So you’d be sitting on $1,041.

Let’s also assume the minute that trade ends, you take your initial $500 investment off the table and put it into your pocket.

At the same time, you use the $541 profit… and put it into the next trade we covered. Which was a 100% winner on CBS.

Now your account has grown to $1,083.

That’s not bad considering at this point you’re playing with the house’s money.

But it gets far, far better.

Because if you rolled your take from the CBS trade – the entire $1,083 – into the next winner…

And continued doing that for the next ten examples we covered…

You’d be sitting on a $2.2 million treasure trove today.

Better still, since you took your initial $500 investment off the table after the first trade…

It would be a fortune you didn’t risk a single nickel of your own cash to make.

Jim: Well, I’m certainly not advocating you do that, Jeff. Even with taking out your initial stake.

Because rolling your money from one trade to the next is a highly aggressive strategy.

Jeff: Agreed. In fact, I don’t even think taking half of your profits off the table each time is right for everyone.

Even though you would have made more than $150,000 doing it.

That’s still a nice chunk of change.

And it’s certainly enough to bring luxuries that were once distant dreams into sharp focus…

Like a new chef’s kitchen… a mancave stuffed with vintage pinball machines… or maybe even a 490-horsepower Stingray.

Jim: I can’t disagree with that.

Terry P. recently told me he and his wife are building a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the money he’s made from my trades.


And they’re so grateful, they even invited me over for a visit.

I may take them up on the offer too. I love Santa Fe. It’s where my wife and I got married!

Terry’s far from the only person whose life changed thanks to my Velocity Profit Multiplier though.

Steve S. let me know he makes money so consistently with my system, he’s going to hang up his hat. And retire early.


Paul from Framingham, Massachusetts let me know he’s not worried one bit about running out of retirement cash now that he has access to the trades my beginner-friendly system generates.


And Ben Irwin says he’s racked up a massive $400,000 nest egg.


Plus, like a good chef, I eat my own cooking. Because I made over $5 million using the Velocity Profit Multiplier.

Jeff: That’s incredible!
Jim: It is. But I do want to be completely honest and say not everyone sees profits that large using my system.
Jeff: Of course not. Those results are exceptional. The truth is, some don’t make money at all. It’s true what they say… nothing in the markets is guaranteed.

But at the same time, even if the money you make ends up being closer to the notes we’re sharing on the screen right now… I don’t think anyone would complain.







Jim: Of course not!

And in a lot of ways, messages like these thrill me even more than the money I’ve personally made with my system.

Because it means I’m giving regular people a shot at making life-changing amounts of money… using the same techniques once reserved for wealthy investors.

Jeff: Well the double-barrel pattern is clearly a big moneymaker.

But it’s not the only one.

Can you tell us about another signal your system homes in on?

Jim: Absolutely. Let’s talk about how some stocks move in the same direction – at the same time – over and over again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s because of the weather. Holiday spending surges. Or even new product announcements at an annual event.

Some stocks have very statistically predictable movements based on what time of year it is.

And my Velocity Profit Multiplier singles out this pattern with laser precision.

Jeff: But isn’t that a lot of data, Jim? I mean how many years do you go back…

Three… Five… Or even more?

Jim: I go back at least 10 years when possible.
Jeff: Whoa. There are more than four thousand companies listed on U.S. exchanges, right?
Jim: Somewhere around there.
Jeff: So we’re talking about billions and billions of data points then.
Jim: Yep. Just because it’s a simple idea doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of work.

It takes brute force computing power to chew through it all.

But it’s totally worth it after you see the profit opportunities it turns up.

Take Discover Financial for example.

My Multiplier recently alerted me that Discover’s share price went up an average of 1.3% from the last week of October to the first week of November.

For the past 10 years.

Not exactly something that would get your blood pumping if you’re planning to buy shares.

But since my system multiplies those returns by up to 100x or more…

I immediately put out a trade that would capitalize on a move as small as 1%.

And here’s what happened next…

Just like clockwork Discover’s share price popped 1.3%.

And when it did, folks who followed my simple instructions doubled their money.

Jeff: That’s 72x better than buying shares.

I’ve found dozens of examples of how you used this indicator to multiply small gains into oversized winners.

Your system detected Mastercard’s share price went up from October 23rd to November 3rd. Every year for ten years running…

And that advanced knowledge turned this small 2% move into an 81% winner.

In only 10 days.

It pinpointed a window at the beginning of September where Activision Blizzard rose 9 out of 10 years…

And when it happened again, it boosted this tiny 2% move…

Into a 100% gain.

That’s 43 times better than buying shares.

It also found profit windows on Valero Energy, Starbucks, and Biogen.

And amplified each of their small moves into triple-digit winners.

If you bought $5,000 worth of regular shares for all six of these stocks right before their profit windows opened…

You would have made $747.

But if you put the same amount of money into each of Jim’s trades instead…

You would have cashed out with a wallet-busting haul of over $40,000.

I think it’s clear which path is better.

And you’ve found another opportunity like this right, Jim?

Jim: I have. It’s a company whose share price has moved around 3% in the same direction… during the same week… virtually every year. For the past 10 years.

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time – or recommend they risk their money – for such a small gain.

As you’re well aware, that’s not what my program is about.

I’ve put together a trade that could hand you a 122% winner when this window opens again in just a few days.

Jeff: Great.

I know we promised everyone you’d walk them through a trade, could you do it for this one?

Jim: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to the folks who pay to get my recommendations.

I can share a similar trade I made though…

Jeff: Fair enough. The stage is yours.
Jim: Just give me a second so I can share my screen with everyone…

Ok. There it is.

So what you’re looking at now is a breakdown of how much share prices moved during the four days this trade was active.

As you can see, they went up nine out of 10 years…

That’s not bad. But what I really liked about this particular opportunity was right here on this screen…

Jeff: It’s the double-barrel pattern!
Jim: That’s right. I love it when both patterns show up.

It’s led to some of my biggest winners ever.

If you don’t mind, Jeff…

Could I take just one more minute to show you how easy it is to make the trades I recommend?

Because I think it will go a long way to dispelling the myth about options orders being complicated to execute.

Jeff: Of course, this is good stuff, Jim!
Jim: Thanks. So now I’m going to pull up a recording of a trade I did my online account.

I had everything filled out already to save a little time.

But here you can see I put in the strategy we used…

I filled out the company we made this move on…

The two lines of detail for the trade…

And the total amount I was willing to invest…

From there I just clicked review order…

Made sure everything matched up with my instructions…

And clicked submit.

Jeff: You ran through that pretty quickly. How long does it take for someone who’s never placed an options trade to do what you just did?
Jim: Well, it’s interesting you asked. I let my son try to enter a similar order just to see if he could do it…

And he came through with flying colors… in only 7 minutes.

I think that’s about right based on what I’ve heard from folks who’ve followed my instructions before.

Having said that, even if it takes a little longer…

Does it really matter when the end result is a 122% gain in four days?

Jeff: It shouldn’t. And you’re going to send out the full details on your newest trade next week, right?
Jim: That’s right. I release two new trades each Tuesday to a small group of people who make up my VIP advisory called Velocity Trader.
Jeff: We’re going to cover exactly what Velocity Trader is all about a little later.

But first things first.

When we kicked off our discussion and covered the gains your program has delivered so far, you mentioned a wrinkle you added which has allowed you to go five years without booking a loss.

Can you share a little more about that now?

Because I know there’s folks out there who are skeptical about any system that sports the performance yours does…

Especially one that has a perfect track record for the last five years.

Jim: Well, I don’t blame anyone for being skeptical. I would be too if I heard someone saying they made over 27,000% without a single loss.

But it happened. In fact, I know you had the track record verified, right?

Jeff: Yep. Everyone who examined it confirmed it’s correct.
Jim: Great. At the same time, I do want to point out my system isn’t perfect.

No program is.

Whether it triggers the trade too early, too late, or some outside market force hits at the same time…

Sometimes it misses the mark.

In fact, the first full year I let people use my Velocity Profit Multiplier it only delivered an 88% win rate.

Jeff: Only???
Jim: I know I said it before, but I’m going to say it again…

I hate losing money.

And I know I’m not the only one.

Some folks don’t just hate it. They can’t afford to use a system that produces losers.

And while winning 107 out of 121 trades that year certainly trumped the performance of virtually every system in existence…

I wasn’t satisfied.

So I came up with a way to extend a trade until it makes money…

Jeff: I’ve never heard of anything like this. Can you give us an example?
Jim: Sure. I recently put out a 10-day trade on Skyworks Solutions because my Multiplier not only found the double-pattern in its stock chart…

It also discovered in the last decade Skyworks’ share price went up an average of 7% at the same time.

So I was completely comfortable this was going to be another winner.

But it wasn’t. At least not at first. Because share prices dropped 2.5%.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

And If I’ve learned anything during that time, it’s that sometimes trades take a little longer to play out…

So I didn’t panic. Take a loss. And just move on.

Instead, I sent out a two-sentence set of instructions which extended the trade by three weeks.

And at the end of those 21 days, Skyworks’s share price had jumped enough for my trade to deliver a 36% winner.

Not exactly the triple-digit gain I was shooting for.

But then again, it wasn’t a loss either.

Jeff: Incredible. And you can do this for any trade you recommend?
Jim: Absolutely.
Jeff: Can you do it more than once for the same trade? I mean, let’s say the extension doesn’t pan out either. Do you extend it again, or just walk away?
Jim: Well, my goal is to always to book a winner on the first go-round.

But I can extend a trade as often as I need to until it makes money.

In fact, I extended one on IBM for three months to get a 59% winner…

Which was far better than the 4% loss buy-and-hold investors saw over the same time.

Jeff: Of course. It does bring up another question though…

Is there ever a time where you see yourself taking a loss again?

Jim: Well, I haven’t found the point where I’ll give up on a trade.

But I know it could happen someday.

Having said that, since extending a trade isn’t free…

I know some Velocity Profit Multiplier users prefer to take a small loss and move on to the next triple-digit opportunity.

That’s perfectly fine.

My job isn’t to say whether that’s a better move…

Because the truth is, everyone’s situation is different.

But it is my job to deliver as many winners as possible.

So as long as I feel there’s an opportunity for the trade to make money, I’ll extend it.

Jeff: Well, based on the emails and notes we get from folks who are a part of your program… that’s exactly you’re doing.

Stan Lee says you’re like a dog with a bone and won’t let go of a trade until you turn it into a winner.


Danielle P. from Freemont California told us she’s only used the Profit Multiplier for six months so far…

But has already banked 20 winners on 22 trades.


And Alex S. let us know he’s made 125 trades with a 92%-win rate.


Jim: Good stuff. I love seeing notes like these. It makes all the time I’ve spent creating this system worthwhile.
Jeff: Speaking of the Profit Multiplier…

You said it uses five different patterns.

And we’ve only heard about two of them.

So let’s take a few minutes to cover the next one.

Jim: Fair enough. So far we’ve gone through how some stocks move in the same direction at the same time… year after year.

And how the appearance of the double-barrel pattern means a stock is about to change direction too.

But sometimes a stock is already moving when my Multiplier singles it out.

And just like the other patterns, it does it with near-perfect accuracy.

Take Garmin for example.

On November 13th of 2017, shares were trading for $60.79.

And it had been on a tear since August when it was trading 21% cheaper at $49.

So I’m sure there were a lot of people thinking it was due for a fall.

But I don’t care much about what the crowd thinks. And you shouldn’t either.

Because 99% of the time they’re wrong.

This case wasn’t any different.

My Velocity Profit Multiplier cut right through the noise and scientifically predicted Garmin would keep going up.

Jeff: Didn’t Sir Isaac Newton called this phenomenon momentum?
Jim: He did.

The gist of it is that an object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted on by an outside force.

The same holds true for stocks as well.

There simply wasn’t anything holding Garmin back. There was no force to present to stop it.

It’s precisely why I built a formula into my Multiplier which measures a stock’s momentum.

I never want to miss such an easy profit opportunity.

Jeff: It looks like you didn’t in this case, Jim.

Because after your system pinpointed that Garmin was going to keep climbing…

It tacked on over 6% to its share price.

Jim: It did. But there’s no way I’d dream of waiting that long for such a small gain.

Instead, I used my Multiplier to create a trade which would have allowed you to DOUBLE your money on a fraction of that move.

In only eight trading days.

Jeff: Jim, can I interrupt for a second?

I just want to point out again to everyone watching how staggering the performance difference is when you have access to an advanced system like this.

In this case it literally meant the difference between making $100 in profits… or $5,000.

That’s 50x better!

Which means to make the same $100 profit the buy and hold crowd saw…

You’d only have to risk $100. Instead of $5,000.

And it’s all possible from reading two-sentences of instructions Jim sends out… and executing them in your online account.

Heck, they can even call their broker to make these trades right Jim?

Jim: Yep. All you have to do is give them a ring. And read the instructions to him word for word. He’ll know exactly what to do.
Jeff: Awesome. Before we move on and cover the other patterns your system uses…

I want to ask you a quick question.

Why five indicators? I mean, some systems focus on one pattern and seem to do ok.

Why do you use five?

Jim: Accuracy and opportunity.

There’s simply no way a one-pattern system can compete with what my Velocity Profit Multiplier does.

Looking for just one pattern is like only looking one way before you cross the street.

Sure, you’ll get lucky some of the time.

But eventually, you’re going to squashed because you didn’t look the other way.

That doesn’t happen with my system, because it looks for five separate – but equally important – patterns.

So it’s like checking. And double-checking that things are all clear to make a move.

At the same time, since it’s looking for five patterns instead of just one…

It turns up far, far more profit opportunities too.

Jeff: But you’ll make a move when just one pattern shows up right?
Jim: Rarely. In more than 90% of the trades I’ve put out…

My Multiplier hit on at least two of the patterns.

Which is equivalent of getting the green light that the trade’s going to turn out the way I drew it up.

Jeff: Like a fail-safe.
Jim: Exactly. That being said, I know we’ve mentioned it earlier, but I want to point it one more time…

There are no “sure things” when it comes to investing.

As accurate as my system is, and even with the safety checks I’ve built into it…

It does get a trade wrong on occasion.

And you could lose money.

Even with my trade extensions.

No system is full-proof after all.

Jeff: Well, given that your total win rate is over 96%…

And you’ve delivered 585 winners which racked up total profits of 30,231%…

I don’t think it’s hard to understand how achieving a fraction of those gains would be enough to make you wealthy.

Even if you would happen to take a few losses down the road.

It’s also why I believe my 5,000% gain guarantee is reasonable.

Because at this point, we’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that your Velocity Profit Multiplier works.

And the crazy thing is, we’ve only gone through three of the patterns your system looks for.

I know we’ve been at this a little longer than I promised, but would you mind covering the last two patterns you use to turn up these winners?

Jim: Absolutely. The next two are equally as profitable. But much harder to detect.

So much so, most young computer-focused analysts completely miss them.

Now before anyone gets up in arms about that…

I’m not knocking the next generation of analysts.

They have access to tools old-time traders like me never even dreamed of.

But the truth is, some patterns take a more experienced eye to detect.

Take what happened to the Spider XLY, which is an ETF based on consumer spending.

Not long ago I noticed it dropped 1.6%.

I knew less experienced analysts – and uninformed investors – were probably thinking it would keep falling.

So I looked at a special site I have access to which tracks open options trades…

And sure enough, there was a massive number of bets the XLY would keep going down.

But again, I don’t have much use for what other people are thinking about a stock.

Because they’re usually wrong.

Especially in this case.

And what they were missing was a little kernel of wisdom I found through two decades of in-the-trenches investing experience…

Wall Street will move the market to crush the largest amount of people betting on a particular move.

Jeff: Wait a minute, Jim. Did you just say there’s a group of people who manipulate the market? Why would they do that?
Jim: Money. Pure and simple. The market makers are on the hook for paying out all the winnings…

For every options bet.

So they’re constantly monitoring the contracts to find the share price which requires them to pay out the least. Which of course means they’ll profit the most.

Jeff: That doesn’t sound very fair.
Jim: It isn’t. But it happens all the time.

That’s not just my opinion either.

The theory is so prevalent they’ve given it a name, “Maximum Pain.”

And academic studies like the one by Dr. Neil Pearson from the University of Illinois conclude it plays a role in stock price movements.

Jeff: Ok. So here’s the multi-million-dollar question. How do you use it to your advantage?

Because if we learned anything about you today, it’s that you can turn lemons into lemonade.

Jim: Thanks. Well, in this case, since so many people were betting on the XLY falling to a particular price…

I knew the odds were extremely high it would rise just above that level so all those folks would lose money.

So I put together a trade that would skyrocket when it happened.

True to form…

Over the next four days, the XLY not-so-mysteriously jumped 1.69%…

And my trade surged 100%!

Which meant you would have made $5,000 in less than a work week.

That’s 58x better than what a buy-and-hold investor saw.

And it’s immeasurably better than losing all your money like the people who placed bets that the XLY was going to drop.

Jeff: But how often do you come across opportunities like this? Is it once a month? Once a year? What?
Jim: No way! My system hits on “Max Pain” trades a few times a week.

But I don’t release every single one.

Because as I mentioned, I like to have another one of my five patterns show up in the same stock. That way I can recommend the trade with total conviction.

And it just so happens, I have one that fits the bill right now.

Because investors are placing a massive number of bearish bets on one of my favorite companies…

Which we know will force the market makers to step in and move its share price up.

At the same time, the Profit Multiplier alerted me to the double-barrel pattern just appeared…

And it’s signaling an upward move too.

Just as market makers are about to push prices in the same direction.

This is the kind of double-greenlight confirmation I love to see.

Because it means when you get my instructions you’ll have a very real shot at banking a 150% gain. In only four days.

Jeff: That’s the second trade you’ve mentioned you’re ready to send out…

You’re going to release both of them in the coming days right?

Jim: Yep. On Tuesday. And the week after that there’ll be two more. And so on…
Jeff: Awesome. We’re going to show everyone how to get these profitable trades in just a minute.

But before we get to that, is there anything else you want to cover about the Profit Multiplier or how it works.

Jim: Actually, there are two things.

So far, we’ve covered four of the patterns my system pinpoints.

But there are some special situations that don’t show up on a chart which can lead to triple-digit gains too.

Jeff: You’re talking about things like drug approval dates the FDA has set right?

Or a press release about a new product?

Jim: Yep. Approval dates. Earnings reports. New product releases. Or even a shareholder vote on a merger…

Events like these happen all the time.

And when I find one that I’m sure will move the needle, I use my Profit Multiplier to ratchet up the move into a triple-digit winner.

Like when I discovered a string of unwelcome news – including a sub-par earnings announcement – was about to send the share price of Coach falling.

I immediately sent out two-sentences of instructions designed to multiply that drop into a massive winner.

And it paid off in spades…

Because while Coach’s share price fell 15%…

My trade surged 108%.

Jeff: Hold on a second, Jim. Did you just say the event you pinpointed knocked Coach’s share price down?

And you still made over 100%?

Jim: I did. It’s one of the major benefits of my program.

Because instead of only cashing in when share prices go up… I can make money when everyone else is losing it too.

Sarepta Therapeutics is another intriguing example of how it works.

Not long ago, this tiny biotech released promising trial results from a drug is designed to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy…

Which sent share prices soaring.

But I did some digging into how the FDA approval process works. And I found out it was far more complicated than what most people were aware of…

And even in the best of scenarios, the drug was years away from hitting the market.

I also knew as soon as slow-moving investors caught on to that fact, share prices would drop.

So I put together a trade to take advantage of what I learned.

In the next three days, Sarepta dropped 1%…

And my trade delivered a 75% gain.

Jeff: That’s not bad considering it would have juiced $5,000 into $8,700.

But I did some digging and found other trades you made on falling stocks that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Like when this inverse double-barrel pattern showed up on Apple’s chart and you delivered a 111% gain on a 3% share price drop.

In only 3 days.

Or when your Velocity Profit Multiplier hit on the patterns that turned this 4-day – 2.2% drop – from NetEase into a 108% winner…

This minuscule .29% drop from Deere & Co. turned into a 122% winner…

This 12% drop from American Express led to a 117% winner.

And this 3-day – 1.3% drop – by Bank of New York Mellon turned into a 150% winner.

I shouldn’t have to say it but I will anyway…

The power of your system is irrefutable.

And you’re willing to share the trades it pinpoints…

Including the two you’re about to release…

With all our viewers today right?

Jim: Well, I’m certainly willing to share them.

But I’ve spent far too much time and money perfecting my Profit Multiplier to just give away the trades it finds.

Which is why the only folks who get access to them are members of Velocity Trader.

Jeff: You’ve mentioned Velocity Trader earlier… would you mind running through what makes it so special.
Jim: Sure. Velocity Trader is my VIP trading service. And it’s home to my Profit Multiplier.

As you’ve seen throughout this Summit, I designed my system for motivated profit seekers…

For folks who are willing to step out of their comfort zone – and shun the pedestrian gains that come from buy-and-hold strategies – for the shot at banking triple-digit winners…

In a matter of days.

Each Tuesday, I send an email to my readers with the details on two new opportunities.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to make each trade in seven minutes or less.

Including the simple two-sentence set of instructions you can read word for word to your broker.

Jeff: There’s more to the emails than just the instructions though right?
Jim: Absolutely. I go through my rationale on the trade…

And I cover the patterns my Multiplier hit on that tipped me off this stock is about to move.

Jeff: Hey Jim, can I interrupt for just a second, because you skipped by one the most unique benefits of joining Velocity Trader.

Can you scroll back up to the beginning of the email?

Jim: Sure.
Jeff: Each week Jim includes a video we could easily charge $1,000 to watch.

Because you’ll get to look over his shoulder as he breaks down the charts he uses to pinpoint the opportunities in a way even a beginner can understand…

He’ll highlight the patterns his Multiplier hit on that tipped him off to the opportunity…


He’ll cover the market conditions that could affect it…

And at the end, he’ll walk you through how to make the trade.

That way, whether you’re quickly reading the email for the instructions you need to get in on the action…

Or if you’re going deeper by watching the video so you can learn from a master trader who made a fortune using the exact same system…

You’ll always come away armed with what it takes to make up to 111x more than buy-and-hold investors.

By risking far less of your money.

Remember, Jim’s about to release his next two trades.

The week after that he’ll send out two more. And he’ll do that over and over again.

For an entire year.

And when you join him today you’ll guarantee that you get a shot at profiting from every single one of them.

More importantly though, you’ll be covered by the biggest promise I’ve ever made…

If the gains from all the trades Jim puts out in the next 12 months don’t tally up to 5,000% — I’m going to have him work for you free of charge for another year.

Jim: You’re talking about winners and losers, Jeff?
Jeff: Yep, the whole enchilada.

If the total gains you deliver only add up to 4,998%… everyone who joins today will still get a second year absolutely free.

Jim: Wow, it really doesn’t get any better than that.
Jeff: Well, a promise is a promise.

And there’s no fine print with this deal either.

If Jim misses the mark, all you have to is call our VIP service line.

And we’ll add another year of Velocity Trader to your account free of charge.

Most publishers wouldn’t dare make a promise this bold.

And the reason for that is simple…

They don’t have access to Jim’s Velocity Profit Multiplier.

Remember, this is the same system that repeatedly delivers gains like…

  • 122% on CarMax
  • 108% on Netflix
  • 118% on PepsiCo
  • 127% on Amgen
  • 138% on Regeneron

Just to name a few.

With performance like that Jim, you could easily justify charging $25,000 or $50,000. Maybe even more…

Jim: Sure. But I’d never do that.

I’ve made enough money with Velocity Profit Multiplier to retire decades ago at the tender age of 37.

I have enough to travel the world. Provide my family with anything they could ever need… or want.

And live the rest of my life in comfort.

So at this point, my goal is to help other people build their own fortunes.

Which is why I’ve set the retail price for Velocity Trader at only $2,995 per year.

Jeff: That’s still not cheap.
Jim: Well, I guess it’s a matter of perspective.

I designed this advisory for people who are committed to making a lot of money.


Plus I’ve found the folks who have the most success with my program are the ones serious enough to put some real skin in the game…

And are ok with the fact that there are no refunds after you join.

There’s no tire-kickers allowed…

You’re either all in. Or you’re not.

Jeff: I think everyone would agree that’s fair, Jim.

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out if you look at the membership fee as an investment – like you should – the return you’re setting yourself up for is staggering.

Especially considering we get all letters all the time from folks like Tim W. letting us know he made enough to cover his entire membership fee 11x over, in just four trades…

“…in the past mo. or two here are so of the results I have achieved: MMM +$13,639… IBM +$8,609… MA +$7,014… PYPL +$3,650… with these numbers I say I’m a happy camper.”

At the same time, I also know that the current price tag may put Velocity Trader out of reach for some folks.

So with your permission – I’d like to knock $1,000 off the price to get the ball rolling.

Which means anyone who wants to join today can do it for only $1,995.

Jim: I’m perfectly fine with that, Jeff…

As long as they commit to investing that money in the trades I put out.

Jeff: Great. And again, I think that’s perfectly reasonable.

Well, Jim… I know I promised I’d only tie you up for about 45 minutes… and it looks like we’ve run over.

So before I cover everything that comes with a Velocity Trader membership, I’ll let you go so you can get back to putting together your next alert.

Thanks so much for your time.

Jim: My pleasure.

Ok… Jeff Little back here again. Let me take a quick minute to review everything you get when you become a member today.

In the next few days, Jim will send you the two-sentence set of instructions for both trades he’s working on right now.

They’re the perfect way to kickstart your journey to making 5,000% profits in the next year.

Then, each week for the next year, you’ll get an email alert with two new trades.

And whether you open it and skip right to the simple instructions which you can carry out in just a few minutes…

Or grab a cup of coffee and soak in Jim’s weekly video, which is a masterclass on the charts and market analysis he used to find each trade…

The end result is the same.

Because you’ll have the opportunity to turn small stock movements of as little as one or two percent…

Into quick winners that could make you millions in the coming year.

You’ll also get the password that unlocks the private Velocity Trader website.

Inside you’ll get access to a host of valuable tools like Jim’s 8-part video boot camp which covers everything from how to open an options trading account…

All the way to how you can use the Profit Multiplier to pinpoint your own trades.

You’ll also find the full portfolio there, which is a scorecard that tracks every recommendation Jim has ever put out.

But the most popular thing you’ll get on the website, by far, is direct access to the entire Velocity Trader community…

Because it’s the number one place to go if you ever have a question.

Look, I don’t care if you’re a complete novice when it comes to options… or if you’ve been trading them for a while…

Everyone needs help on occasion.

And you’ll always get it on the Velocity Talk forum.

I know Jim loves the saying that it takes a village to raise a child…

And he believes creating successful traders is no different.

When you join Velocity Trader you’re officially part of Jim’s tribe.

Failure is not an option as far as he’s concerned.

So much so that if you ever post a question to the forum, you might hear from Jim himself.

Because he’s very hands on and jumps in to answer questions quite a bit.

Look, I’ve been in the publishing business for a long time now.

And I can tell you without hesitation getting support like this – especially from an analyst as accomplished as Jim – is completely unheard of.

But here’s the thing.

If you want to get all these valuable features…

Including 52 weeks of trades that could help you make a quarter of a million dollars or more…

You’ve got to make your move now.

I’m only opening the doors to Velocity Trader for a brief window…

And based on response – I’ll decide whether to keep them open – or close them for good.

I know that may not be a popular decision.

But the truth is, if you haven’t reached for your wallet yet, Jim’s program isn’t right for you anyway.

And please be aware, to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve, I can only let 500 people join this initiative. Total.

When we hit that number, this deal will automatically disappear. No exceptions.

Considering we’re expecting nearly 10,000 people to watch this presentation…

Today is probably going to be your one – and only – chance to join.

To see all the details for this limited-time opportunity, simply click the big blue button at the bottom of your screen now.

Remember, Velocity Trader is a VIP trading service run by Jim Fink, one of the world’s foremost options experts

And in the last six years alone he’s used his Profit Multiplier system to deliver gains of over 30,000% to regular people…

Some of which never traded options before meeting him.

Now it’s your turn.

Click the blue button below to review all the details on how you can rake in gains of 5,000% in the next year with Velocity Trader.

Get Started Now!

This is Jeff Little signing off.

To making 5,000% in the next year,

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