Make Your Trade on Tuesday… Double Your Money by Friday?

Our 310F Trade is the Most Accurate Way I’ve Ever Seen to Double Your Stake in Just 3 Days

321 Out of 324 Trades Paid Out in the Past 3 Years

I’ve made over $400,000!!  — James W., Minneapolis, MN


I’m about to show you the only trading strategy I know of, that can repeatedly double your money in 3 days.

You make your trade on Tuesday…

And potentially double your stake by Friday.

It’s called The 310F Trade.

We’ve been doing it twice a week now, for the past three years.

And it’s made money 99.1% of the time.

That’s not a typo.

This program has a 99.1% success rate!

That’s 324 trades in total—with 321 winners!

Most people have a hard time believing me when I tell them this.

Which is why if you agree to give me your mailing address today, I’m willing to give you $1,000 to prove it.

I know most people think this program sounds too good to be true. And would never dream of trying it with their own money.

Which is why I’m talking to you today…

Because that all changes… right here. Right now.

You see, I believe in this simple trade strategy so much, that I’m willing to give up $1,000 to have you try it.

Just Imagine what it would be like if you could log in to your brokerage account each week, make two trades, and have both of them be winners.

You would never have to worry about making ends meet.

Your kid’s college tuition… paid for.

Mortgage… paid off.

Retirement savings… way ahead of schedule.

That extended European vacation you always dreamed of taking… booked and paid for.

That’s what can happen when your trades hand over 163% on Home Depot in eight days… 100% on Apple in three days… 100% on Norfolk Southern in three days… 150% on Illumina in ten days… and on and on and on… each and every week.

Just ask our current subscribers, like Atlanta resident, Mariam R., who’s already made $189,000.


Or Florida retiree, Noel Artichuck, who floored us when he said that his annualized rate of return is a staggering 14,800%.


But you don’t have to take their word for it because you can prove it to yourself with the $1,000 “gift” I’m willing to send you.

So if you’re interested, you’d better tell me fast.

I’m only willing to give up $1,000 of my company’s money to the first 1,000 people who respond to this outrageous offer.

If you’re one of them, I’ll show you a little-known trade that could double your money up to 120 TIMES faster than some of the best performing stocks on the market.

So let me quickly reveal how this trade works… and why it hasn’t delivered a single loser in the past three years.

The Three-Day Weekly Paycheck

The first thing you should know is that you’ll be using a special strategy we call the 310F System.

It’s named after the fact that it’s designed to pay out a 100% gain in either 3 days…


… or in 10 days …


… and always on a Friday.


You see, we always place our trades on Tuesday…

…because they’re specifically designed to pay out either in three days—this Friday…

Or in ten days—the following Friday.

I’ll explain the reason for using these specific days in a moment.

For now, the point is that our system is designed to take advantage of…

A regular market phenomenon
that happens on Fridays and can
DOUBLE your money in 3 to 10 days.

That’s why we always make the trade on Tuesdays, like we did with our recent Apple trade where a $1,000 stake would have paid out $2,000 three days later.


Our Ulta Beauty trade where $1,000 stake would have paid out $2,083 in ten days…


Our Norfolk Southern and Adobe trades where $1,000 in each could have paid out $2,000 and $2,174 respectively – three days later – both on the same Friday.

Or our Lam Research and Becton Dickinson trades a few weeks later, which would have turned a $1,000 stake into $1,923 and $2,632 three days later on Friday.


I think you get the point!

To me, that’s the greatest part of using this trading technique.

Instead of waiting weeks and months to capture a great gain… you can do it in just three to ten days.

Just ask our subscribers, like Christopher W., who took our instructions, made a few trades, and pocketed $15,000.


Or Silicon Valley engineer, Jason K., who made $55,000 and uses his winnings to fund family vacations.

How did they pocket these enormous gains so quickly?

The Secret to 3-Day 100% Gains

It all has to do with a way to trade the markets that first became available in October 2005.

At the time, few investors noticed it. No mainstream media covered it.

But large firms on Wall Street took advantage of it right away.

All you have to do is log into your brokerage account…

Make a few newly available selections from a drop-down menu…

Hit a single button…

And as long as the trade works out the way we expect it to, see your profits appear in your account on Friday… three to ten days later.

Let me show you how it works with a stock like Chipotle…

We noticed that restaurant sales had been up month after month. And the company was about to release its latest earnings report.

Now, to take advantage of this situation the traditional way…

Most people would buy the stock… and then sell it after it jumped, pocketing a quick 5% gain.

That means a $1,000 stake would have made you a $50 profit.

That’s barely worth risking $1,000 for.

But you could now do much better by leveraging your gain until Friday.

Just a few mouse clicks in your brokerage account, and instead of making $50… you could have made $1,270 on Friday… MORE THAN DOUBLE your original $1,000 investment.

money stack

Normally, you’d have to wait months or years to make such a huge gain. If you ever did.

But thanks to this Friday phenomenon, you now have the opportunity to do it in days.

Keep in mind that how much you invest is completely up to you.

So instead of putting up $1,000…

You could have invested $5,000 and turned your original stake into $11,360.

Or with $10,000 invested, you could have ended up with $22,700.

All of it in three days!

Most people have a hard time believing these gains are possible.

And like any sensible person, I’m sure you know there’s no such thing as a risk-free investment when it comes to the stock market.

These trades are no different.

You can lose money with the 310F program.

After all, we did have three losers out of the 324 trades we executed over the past three years.

That’s right. A total of three closed trades – out of 324 – didn’t make money.

The other 321 were all winners.

It’s no wonder our subscribers love Tuesdays so much. Like Martin G…

He logs into his account on Tuesday…

Makes a few clicks of the mouse while finishing his morning coffee…

And goes about his week knowing that he could double his money by Friday.

That’s how he turned his $10,000 savings into $90,000.


Or Annie Wright, who used these trades to make $25,000 each year.


And 73-year-old Montana retiree, Wilbur J., who used his winnings to bail himself out of a real estate deal gone bad. And then used the rest to buy himself a classic race car.


These gains are extraordinary to be sure. And of course, your results may vary.

But it shows you exactly what’s possible if you start using the 310F program today.

Each of these subscribers took advantage of this incredible way to leverage small gains into enormous Friday profits…

Like our trade on Walgreens which would have allowed you to double your money on an 11% stock move.


Growing a $5,000 stake into $10,000 just ten days later.

Or our Illumina trade that took a 6% stock move and multiplied it into a 150% gain.


Turning a $5,000 stake into $12,500…

Or $10,000 into $25,000.

Also in just ten days.

As I said before, I’ve never seen an easier way to make money than this. Just a few clicks of the mouse, and you can double your money by Friday.

So how exactly do you make these trades?

The best way to show you is by introducing you to the man who revealed this secret to me in the first place…

The Genius Behind the 310F Secret

His name is Jim Fink.

You see, Jim was formerly a lawyer at a firm that Forbes called, “the most powerful firm on Wall Street.”

While there, he observed something unusual…

Every Friday like clockwork, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and the other financial giants raked in hundreds of millions of dollars…

Not from buying and selling stocks…

But from another investment that accelerated their gains by up to 120 times.

As you may have guessed, the instrument they use is options.

The thing is—they don’t use options the way a lot of investors do—which is to bet on the stock market.

Instead, they use a completely different strategy that can pay out like clockwork.

You see, unlike stocks, options have a natural ‘closing’ date, which happens to be on Fridays.

That means all options trades automatically end on a Friday.

And if you use them the way these firms do—it also means you can get a large, automatic cash deposit into your account on the Friday your trade ends.

Once Jim saw how easily and consistently the banks used this, he decided to use the same strategy himself…

And over the next few years, he turned his modest $50,000 trading account into $5 million.

It was Jim’s biggest proof that this strategy actually works.

And allowed him to quit his law practice and retire early at age 37.

Today, Jim is living the comfortable lifestyle most people only dream of.

He fills his time with family, traveling the world…

And sharing his 310F money secret with investors like you, so you can live financially stress-free too.

If you want to accelerate your retirement, I’m 100% confident you won’t find a better way than the strategy I’m showing you here.

Many investors have already told us so…

Like California retiree, Ivan V., who made almost $100,000 and is living off his profits without touching any retirement savings…


Or Colorado engineer, Freddie C., who doubles his money each year, following Jim’s strategy.


When was the last time you had a way to make money like this?

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say, “never!”

As far as I know, this is the only trading strategy that lets you make $2,270… $11,360… even as much as $22,700…

In three to ten days…

And then do it over and over again.

You can make these trades yourself starting today.

All you have to do is get on Jim’s email list…

How to Get Jim’s 3-Day
Trade Recommendations Every Week

You see, Jim sends out two trade opportunities each week to anyone who wants to receive them.

If you want to get his moneymaking recommendations, you simply sign up for his Velocity Trader service.

It’s the only place where he shares these trades.

Then, each Tuesday he’ll email you two new profit opportunities…

You simply follow his instructions in your brokerage account.

They’re as easy as making a few selections from a drop-down menu and hitting a single button.

Then imagine on Friday, sitting in front of your computer with a hot cup of coffee…

Logging into your account and seeing your balance has grown into a small fortune.

And imagine the look of surprise on your wife’s face, when you tell her you just made enough for a lavish weekend getaway to Vegas or the Bahamas… or to pay down the mortgage… or stash toward your very early retirement.

If you still think this sounds too good to be true…

You should know that Jim has already helped hundreds of people from all walks of life make money like this through his Velocity Trader service.

Like Rebecca M., who’s made $20,000 so far…

Retired engineer Kevin W., who’s made enough to own homes in two different states, so he can spend quality time with all his grandchildren.

Abe Williams who’s making so much that he’s moved to a gated, three golf course community, thanks to Jim’s trades.


And Maria Sanchez, a working mother of three, who grew her portfolio to an incredible half a million dollars.


These are extraordinary stories to be sure..

Not everyone will make this much money.

But the potential of Jim’s 310F program is clear.

And the good news is, you really don’t need a lot to get started with this strategy.

In fact, if you have just $5,000, you have enough to start making money on Tuesdays.

Like David G., who started with $5,000 and made $20,000 in just 4 months…


And I’d like the next success story to be from you, telling me how Jim’s trades have boosted your quality of life to a whole new level.

To get started now, just let me know you’re interested.

I’ll put your name on Jim’s trading list…

And immediately send you his Introductory Video Series…

Become a Master Trader with the Velocity Trader Accelerated Training Seminar

When you sign up for Velocity Trader, you’ll be saying “yes” to the most lucrative trading strategy available to everyday investors like you and me.

We’ll introduce you to a program so unique—and so powerful—you’ll wonder how you’ve ever managed without it.

To make mastering it easy—Jim has prepared the Velocity Trader Accelerated Training Seminar that will have you trading like a pro before the day ends.

video training screenshots

In these short video trading classes…

Once you’ve seen these videos, you’ll have the most powerful trading strategy you’ve ever seen.

And you’ll have the key to racking up enormous gains starting as early as this Friday.

The information in this Accelerated Training Seminar is priceless, especially when you consider how much you can make in the weeks and months ahead.

One fellow who took us up on this offer made $22,000 in the first two and a half months!

This was only possible because he followed the powerful trading strategy he learned in this Training Seminar.

Imagine if that would happen to you!

With explosive gains like this, you could compound your wealth faster than you ever thought possible.

We could easily charge $22,000 for Jim’s Training Seminar, and it could still pay for itself many times over.

But we aren’t going to charge you a penny.

Instead, we’re giving it to you free when you sign up to receive Jim’s recommendations through his Velocity Trader service.

Now, I realize that you may still have some questions about this trading strategy.

After all, it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the stock market.

So let me quickly answer a few of the ones I commonly hear…

Question 1: “How is it that Jim has almost no losing trades for the past three years?”

That’s the first thing most folks want to know when they see Jim’s system.

They just can’t believe that it’s possible to go for such a long time without losing a single dollar.

After all, we both know that there aren’t any guarantees in the stock market, no matter how good your strategy is.

There’s always a chance your trade won’t work out.

And that’s completely okay, because Jim has a way to avoid these losses by extending a trade until it makes money.

It’s the reason he can boast a tiny 0.9% trading loss over the past three years.

Taking a loss less than 1% of the time isn’t going to ruin you…

But you should never risk more money on a trade than you can afford to lose.

No matter what system you’re using.

Having said that, you don’t get a 99%-plus win rate unless you make avoiding losses your #1 top priority.

That’s why Jim only trades stocks that are so predictable, you can set your clock by them…

His trades aren’t based on hopeful ideas or random news events.

Instead, they’re based on a scientifically-proven probability that skews the odds enormously in his favor.

For instance, few investors know this, but Home Depot stock nearly always goes up from the last week of November, until the first week of December.


This short pattern is nearly impossible to detect.

You’d have to study the daily share price, comparing each week against the same week in the previous year… and the year before that… and before that… going back a decade.

And you’d have to do this for each one of the thousands of stocks on the market. It’s a virtually impossible task for a regular investor.

Yet, these patterns do happen.

And if you can spot them, you’ve discovered a nearly guaranteed way to make money.

That’s why Jim hired a top computer programmer to develop the sophisticated program that can detect these recurring patterns, like the one with Home Depot.

Spotting this pattern enabled him—and anyone who followed his recommendation—to double their money in ten days.

It didn’t matter how much or how little you put in…

$1,000… $5,000… or $20,000…

All you had to do was follow Jim’s instructions on Nov. 26…

Input them into your brokerage account by selecting the items from the drop-down menu…

And hit “Confirm”…

Then, ten days later on Friday, you’d log into your account and see that your balance has doubled.

If you invested $1,000, you’d now have $2,000.

money stack

With $5,000, you’d have $10,000.

money stack

With $20,000, you’d be looking at $40,000.

money stack

This is what can happen when you place trades on stocks that nearly always follow the same pattern.

And Jim gives you two of these trades every Tuesday morning, so you’ll have the opportunity to make more money than you ever imagined.

Sometimes these patterns are seasonal – and obvious – like with some agriculture stocks that go up in August at harvest season.

But in most cases, they are imperceptible. More like finding a needle in a haystack.

The good news is, Jim’s computer program, the Seasonal Velocity Scanner, uncovers them all.

It’s the key to making money consistently, like he’s doing now with 321 winners out of 324 closed trades… and counting.

I don’t know of anyone else who’s discovered this secret, or who’s developed a computer program to exploit it.

I’ve seen other trading software on the market—which, by the way, can’t do any of this—and they’re licensing it for $4,500 a year.

I firmly believe that Jim’s program is easily worth ten times that.

But he isn’t selling it at any price.

Instead, as an added benefit for subscribers, he’s letting you have a copy FREE.

You can download and install it on your computer or laptop, to invest on your own and make even more money, if you want to.

In fact, you can start using it in the next few minutes, as soon as we confirm your subscription.

Using this program is optional, of course.

If all you want to do is follow Jim’s trades, you can do that too.

Just follow his instructions on Tuesday—a few clicks of the mouse in your brokerage account—and you’ll have the chance to rake in the kinds of gains I’ve just shown you.

I can’t think of an easier, better way to grow your wealth.

And you can start doing that today—as early as in the next few minutes.

Not only that, but if you’re lucky to be one of the first 1,000 people to sign up today and take me up on this offer, I’ll immediately send you Jim’s two current trades…

Each one has the potential to double your money in three to ten days.

And you can make these trades in the next few minutes, as soon as we’ve confirmed your order.

Now, the next question I hear from many people when they see the huge gains from these options trades is…

Question #2: “Aren’t options risky?”

It’s a common misconception that unfortunately keeps many investors from benefiting from the most powerful investment vehicle in the stock market.

Like any investment, the level of risk depends completely on how you use it.

So let me assure you, Jim is no gambler.

He’s a conservative investor and knows nothing’s for sure when it comes to the stock market.

In fact, that’s exactly why he uses options.

Because when you use this particular strategy, you can actually make substantially more money than a regular buy-and-hold investor by risking less.

Jim’s recent Adobe trade is a typical example.

The stock jumped 1.7% after he recommended it.


To make $2,500, you’d have to buy $150,000 worth of stock.

Not everyone has that kind of money, no matter how reliable the trade is.

And if the trade doesn’t go your way, that’s a lot of money at stake.

But by following Jim’s instructions, you could have made that $2,500 using just $2,200.

Now you can see why Jim chooses to use options instead of stocks to make these trades…

You can invest a tiny amount to make a lot of cash.

Which for most people brings up their next concern…

Question #3: “Can you really make
BIG money doing this?”

Excuse me, but I almost laugh when I hear that question.

Just consider if you took the $1,000 “gift” I’m offering you to try out Jim’s recommendations, and rolled your winnings from one trade into another, for a dozen trades.

I’ll use our actual past trades so you can see how this could play out in real life…

You invest your thousand in Norfolk Southern…

…which doubles three days later.

Then you take your $2,000 and roll it into the second trade…

And repeat doing this, rolling your winnings from each trade into the next.

By the twelfth trade you’re looking at nearly $2 million.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not recommending you roll all your money like that from one trade to the next.

I would NEVER do that.

You may feel more comfortable cashing in half your winnings after each trade, to enjoy right away.

Or maybe even all of it.

How much, or how little, you invest in each trade is completely up to you.

But think about how knowing the secret to doubling your money over and over again would change not only your life—because I know it would do that…

But also the lives of your loved ones.

Just think—What’s the first thing you would do for them?

Because that’s what could happen in as little as a few weeks from now.

Look at those trades again. I didn’t just cherry pick the best.

You may have noticed that they didn’t all double.

In some cases they fell short, and only returned a double-digit profit. That’s what happens in real life. Not all trades work out as well as planned.

The good news is, that other times when Jim’s prediction was off, the trade more than doubled your investment. And this is the beauty of this strategy…

In spite of some trades falling short or giving more than Jim’s target to double your money…

Over the past three years, 321 out of 324 closed trades were winners.

Simply put…

Jim’s system currently has a 99.1% accuracy rate.

That’s as close to perfection as you can get in the real world.

His system is so powerful, it can help you reach your financial dreams, warts and all, like it’s already doing for so many of our subscribers…

Just ask Steve S., who’s making enough with these trades to replace his salary and plans to retire next year.


Or Massachusetts resident Paul W., who said he’s not worried about retirement anymore since his once modest trading account has approached six figures…


You can start having access to the same kind of gains as soon as today, simply by taking me up on my incredible offer.

Now, before I give you the details, I want to show you one more incredible perk you’ll get if you’re one of the first 1,000 respondents…

Bonus Membership Perk: FREE year of direct access to Jim and other successful Velocity Trader members

When you get on Jim’s trade alert list, he takes you under his wing, to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

You see, Velocity Trader isn’t some aloof trading service.

When you join up, you become part of our family. And you’ll have direct access to Jim and the rest of our trading community through our Online Trader’s Clubhouse.

It’s a place to meet fellow subscribers… hear their stories and experiences… post your own if you care to… and form new friendships.

As many members tell us, being part of a community can give you the assurance and confidence to embrace your new way of making money, knowing that you have help any time you need it.

Whether you’re new to this, or been around for a few years, everyone has a question every once in a while.

Here you’ll have a chance to get it answered.

You may even find that if you have a question—more often than not—someone else has had it too.

And you’ll see the feedback they received from veteran members or even Jim himself.

Frankly, we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed when you become a member of our trading group.

So you can have the same financial success as our current members like Felix D., who’s retiring in two months, thanks to Jim’s trading recommendations…

Or Myron C., who was laid off at age 61 and is now living off his trading profits without having to touch his retirement savings…

And Jillian Z., who made $60,000 over the past year, also thanks to Jim’s recommendations.

You can join these subscribers and get FREE access to our trading community for a full year, when you sign up today with this incredible offer…

How to Double Your Money in 3 to 10 Days…
Starting Today

The cost of one year of Velocity Trader is $2,950.

It isn’t cheap, but as you’ve seen, you could easily recoup this cost with your first winning trade.

In fact, you may see your financial situation start changing as early as Friday…

Like it did for our subscriber Johnny C., who made $36,000 the first year… enough to pay for twelve years of subscription.


Simply tell me you want to join subscribers like him …

And in the next few minutes I’ll send you an email telling you how to access everything I showed you…

If you decide to take advantage of them, you could be sitting on a triple-digit winner as early as Friday.

Best of all, these trades are incredibly easy to execute.

In fact, if you have any worries about how to do them, Jim makes it very easy.

Because with each recommendation, he gives you the exact words to tell your broker, so it’s as simple as reading off a couple of sentences.

As 60-year-old subscriber, Brenda T., told me…


Then, every Tuesday morning we’ll send you an email, and if you sign up for it, a text alert, with Jim’s two current trading opportunities.

They are trades he’s personally selected using his Seasonal Velocity Scanner for being the most dependable, recurring trading opportunities to double your money in three to ten days.

As I showed you, this is the absolute easiest way to make money in the stock market I’ve ever seen.

Countless subscribers agree.

Like Neville Young, who uses his winnings for everything from paying bills to flying his kids home between semesters…


Or former truck driver, Mike K., who built his retirement account using this strategy…


And Elliott B., who says it pays for their living expenses without depleting their retirement savings.


So if you’re willing to try a new way of making money, I think you’ll love this.

Just keep in mind…

You May Not Get Another Chance

I’m only making this offer available to the first 1,000 people.

So if you understand the opportunity I’m offering you today, I suggest you take advantage of it now, before it’s too late.

To ensure you’re one of the first new members of Velocity Trader, click on the button below.


It’ll take you to a secure order page, where we’ll hold your slot for the next 15 minutes.

That way you’ll have time to review everything I showed you before making your final decision.

Oh, and one more thing...

If you’d like to get your $1,000 quicker than having me send it by mail, I’ve figured out a way for you to get it today.

I’ve put the details on the next page.

Just click on the link for the full story, and to reserve your spot immediately...


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