Legendary Trader Jim Fink reveals…

“My ‘Lazy Trader’ Strategy Has
Crushed Buy-and-Hold Returns By
100%… 200%… and even 500%…
Trade After Trade — Year After Year”

Hi, my name is Jim Fink.

And today I’d like to share the most important work of my investing career…

I’ve developed a way to quickly and predictably multiply the gains of regular stocks.

And by following just a few simple steps, it allows you to take regular stock movements of 8%, 17%, or 34% and amplify them to generate profits of 100%, 300%, even 800%.

Even better — my scientific system turns around these profitable trades in 60 days or less.

Now I know this may sound too good to be true. But if you give me just a few minutes of your time…

I’ll not only prove to you that it’s possible…

I’ll show you how to do it yourself, over and over again.

I call it the Velocity Profit Multiplier system.

After years of study and experimentation, I’ve discovered that every single stock sends out hidden signals before it moves, and my system tracks these signals to find profitable trade opportunities.

Plus, my Velocity Profit Multiplier statistically guarantees that you can turn these movements into winners that will double, triple, or even quadruple your money.

Take what happened on April 23rd for example. My system tipped me off that Amazon’s share price was about to rise…

Hidden patterns in the stock’s volume gave off signals that predicted its next move.


Now, if you had happened to buy regular shares of Amazon’s stock — and waited just one day — you would have banked a 15% gain. Good enough to turn a modest $1,000 stake into $1,150.

Hey, that’s not bad. If you’ve been investing for any length of time, you know any gain is a good one.

But here’s the thing. If you had access to my Velocity Profit Multiplier — and acted on the signal it pinpointed — you could have done far better.

That’s right, you could have invested the same amount of money — $1,000…

…but instead of only getting $1,150 back when it was time to cash out, you would have immediately received a deposit of $3,080 into your trading account.

From the exact same stock. And in the same short amount of time.


Think about that for a second. What I’m talking about isn’t some ordinary buy-and-hold program where you have to worry about tying up your money for months on end — just for the promise of small, single-digit gains.

My Velocity Profit Multiplier system allows you to jump into trades with complete confidence because you know that when share prices move in the right direction, it will juice up your returns by 100%, 200%, even 500%… every time…

in less than a monthWithout fail.

I’ll share the full details of how this works in just a moment.

But first, take what happened with Twitter for example.

My Velocity Profit Multiplier pinpointed signals that prices of the social media giant were going to rise soon.


If you had bought $5,000 of regular shares based on this advanced knowledge, you would have made a profit of $626.

But you would have short-changed yourself.

Because my Velocity Profit Multiplier recommended a more effective way to make money from the situation.

And if you had followed its simple advice, you could have invested the same $5,000 and banked a stunning $15,850 in profits.

That’s a $15,000 boost — from the identical stock — in the exact same amount of time.


Gains of this magnitude free you to live the life you want.

And amazingly enough, they’re possible by spending fewer than 7 minutes executing two simple sentences of instructions in your online brokerage account.

Best of all, my system works for stocks that are about to move up…

or down.

That’s because falling stocks send out the same predictable signals that rising ones do — only in reverse.

And my Velocity Profit Multiplier pinpoints them with the same uncanny precision.

In fact, just before I sat down to write this, it tipped me off to several perfect trade opportunities you need to know about right away… one of which is predicting a big move for a very popular stock.

These trades could easily double your money in the next 30 days.

Maybe less

Their moves are so imminent, I’m going to take some time to tell you more about them in just a minute.

Then, before we wrap things up, I’m going to do something that may sound a little crazy.

I’m going to offer you the chance to try out my Multiplier for a full year, and if it doesn’t hand you the opportunity to see 24 triple-digit winners during that time, I’ll “give up” $1,950 on the spot.

Imagine being able to start a new year with several triple-digit winners in your hip pocket and a proven system that allows you to do it over and over again — at will.

That’s the kind of change that will really make this next 12 months different.

I know because I’ve done it myself.

Fifteen years ago, I unraveled the secret behind how Wall Street’s power brokers really make their money.

And I immediately used it to multiply
my life savings of $50,000 into
a future-changing $5.3 million.

I ultimately renamed this backdoor method the Velocity Profit Multiplier.

Its design is so timeless — and so lucrative — I still use it today to make vast sums of money.

My system’s advanced knowledge gives anyone who follows its simple advice the opportunity to make 2x… 3x… even an astounding 5x their money — all in less than a month.

And it does it time in and time out.

Let’s take a few minutes now so I can show you step-by-step just how easy it is to double your money more times in a year than you probably have your whole life.

The first thing I want you to understand about being a trader is there’s a hidden pattern inside of every stock.

But they’re not all alike.

Just like there’s a strand of DNA that’s unique to you, stocks all send out distinct signals when they’re about to move.

And those signals show up BEFORE their share prices move up or down.

Every single time.

But there’s far more to finding them than just knowing where to look.

These patterns are hidden in a cloud of noisy data. And it takes some finesse to notice what’s happening.

But once you catch a glimpse, the potential is breathtaking.

And so are the returns.

Let me walk you through a real trade
I made from start to finish,
so you can see for yourself.

In 1999, the internet revolution was in full swing. And I was looking for targets to prove my system worked.

At the time, broadband Internet was all the rage. And the leader in modem technology was a company called Broadcom.

So I ran its numbers through my proprietary system.

It came back with nothing. It just wasn’t the right time.

That’s an important thing to remember.

As a trader, success has very little to do with how popular a stock is… or even what you “think” it’s going to do.

Success is about building a bulletproof system that removes your emotions from the equation — then sticking to it religiously.

It’s easy to say, but much harder to do.

Back in 1999, my gut was screaming to make the trade no matter what my system said.

But I resisted.

Just months later, though, my patience paid off when one of the most important trade signals in my Velocity Profit Multiplier system appeared, a “double barrel” pattern.


You see, every time this “double barrel” pattern appears, it practically guarantees a stock’s share price is going to make a big move.

And Broadcom wasn’t any different.

Because here’s what happened next.


If you had bought shares of Broadcom at $40 when it gave this signal, you could have sold them for $135 not long after.

And you could have turned $5,000 into $16,850.

Again, not bad.

But that’s not what I built my Velocity Profit Multiplier to do.

Because it found a way to make 1,800% — from the exact same stock.

And in the exact same amount of time.

A winner of that magnitude juices up your returns 7-fold over regular stocks…

and it’s good enough to turn every $5,000 into $95,000.


Just by following two simple sentences of instructions.

It could take you years to make that kind of money using a traditional “buy-and-hold” strategy.

And considering how much of your money you’d have to risk to make it happen, it’s safe to say you’d be hanging by a thread the entire time, too.

But that won’t happen when you use the Velocity Profit Multiplier.

Because it consistently zeroes in on opportunities like Broadcom.

In fact, the same thing happened with the retailer Tractor Supply.


It displayed this same “double barrel” pattern, marking the beginning of a large share price move. And that’s exactly what happened next!


Shares jumped 28%.

That’s good enough to generate over $1,400 in profits on a $5,000 trade.

But if you had followed the two sentences of instructions my Multiplier generated, you would have banked a 320% gain.

And that same $5,000 would have netted you a $16,000 profit.

That’s more than a $14,000 boost — from the identical stock — in the exact same amount of time.


The gains my Velocity Profit Multiplier system delivers are so enormous that even if you risked $1,000 on this trade, you would have made more than twice the money the “buy-and-hold” crowd did by risking $5,000.

Heck, you would have made more by risking only $500.

Talk about a staggering difference in performance.

And believe it or not, the “double barrel” is just one of the five signals my Velocity Profit Multiplier system can use.

And each of them has been statistically proven to hand you triple-digit gains
in very short periods of time.

Look, before we go too far, you need to know nothing is perfect. And there’s no guarantee every Velocity Profit Multiplier trade will turn out this good.

The truth is, some may not make any money at all.

But when they do, the numbers speak for themselves.

Remember, because of the way my Velocity Profit Multiplier ratchets up profits, even small $500 investments can net you far more money than investing $5,000 without it.

Plus, you won’t have to tie your money up for 18 months waiting for results.

Or even a year.

I’m talking about a system so precise, it delivers these returns in months — or even days!

When gains come that fast, it allows you to free up your capital to get in on the next big winner — like it did for me on Wynn Resorts.

If you had bought shares when the casino company sent out the “double barrel” pattern…


…you would have been sitting on a gain of 53% just a few weeks later.


But if you had followed the directions that came from my Velocity Profit Multiplier, your gain would have been an astounding 296%.

That’s well over five times better.

And on equal $5,000 investments, it would mean the difference between a $2,600 gain… and a $14,800 one.


The Velocity Profit Multiplier offers you such a profound advantage that you could have invested as little as $900 and still made more money than you would have if you bought $5,000 of regular shares.

I don’t think it’s hard to imagine how much more money you’ll make from a system that statistically guarantees even single-digit stock moves will turn into huge winners.

I also don’t think it’s hard to imagine how fast you could actually end up driving that shiny convertible that you’ve had your eye on but could never justify buying.

That’s what success is all about, isn’t it? The freedom to choose.

And that’s exactly what this system delivers — over and over again.

In fact, it’s nothing for me to go back to the same stock and bank winners multiple times.

So when I saw Wynn Resorts send out the same “double barrel” signal again, I didn’t waste any time trading it a second time.

And the results were even better.

I entered the trade when Wynn was sitting at $166 a share — and exited when it hit $200.

If I had bought regular shares, I would have realized a gain of 20%.


But I didn’t, of course.

I used my Multiplier to ratchet up my gains to 324%.

That’s 16 times better.

On a $5,000 investment, it means the difference between eking out $1,000 in profits… or walking away with a stunning $16,200.


By now you may have guessed that my Multiplier has something to do with options.

And as far as I’m concerned, that’s not a bad thing.

In fact, you need to forget everything you’ve heard about options before — because it doesn’t apply here.

I’ve spent over two decades perfecting my Velocity Profit Multiplier system to skirt the traditional pitfalls of options.

It’s designed to make options trades more predictable, comprehensible… and most of all, profitable.

Even if you’ve never tried options trading before, it will only take you a few minutes to follow my instructions.

Many of my long-time readers agree. They’ve quickly progressed from beginners to skilled traders using my strategy… like Jack from Orlando, Florida, who wrote in to say…

“This is another very profitable month for options, Jim… I am so happy that I tried your service when you first offered it. My eyes were opened to something that I always considered to be too complex to understand and too risky to get involved with.”

Sandy F. from Augusta, Maine, agrees…

“He has given me the confidence to establish a trading strategy that greatly increased my knowledge of options.”

And so does Larry, from Waukesha, Wisconsin…

“Jim’s service provides me with the opportunity to learn more quickly and improve my skills.”

There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same thing.

You just have to remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about risk and reward.

And as you’ve seen so far, the rewards with options are explosive.

That allows you to risk substantially less to make amazing sums of money.

And in a fraction of the time.

Or you can go big and take a shot at making more money in one trade than you typically do in an entire year.

That’s the beauty of using options.

They’re like that seesaw you played on in your younger years.

You remember those days, right? If your friend on the other side was the same weight, you’d magically balance.

But if you were heavier… even by a tiny amount… look out!

Your friend would instantly soar. Whether he wanted to or not.

And options aren’t any different.

Because when a stock price shifts (up or down), the right options trade acts like a lever and pushes your gains upwards of 100%…

…with even the slightest of moves.

Consider the last trade I showed you, where you needed to put $5,000 at risk for the opportunity to make $1,000 in profits.

By using my straightforward options strategy, you could have made the same amount of profits by only risking $308.

Getting started isn’t difficult either.

Just let me show you how simple
this 7-minute trade was.

All stocks signal their moves in different ways.

Some display a “double barrel” pattern like Broadcom before taking off.

But some have far more statistically predictable movements.

It doesn’t matter if their rise (or fall) is because of weather, spending surges or new product announcements at annual conferences. Some stocks simply move in the same direction at the same time — over and over again.

And my Velocity Profit Multiplier system singles them out with laser precision.

Take Priceline.com for example.

Its share price tends to go up an average of 26% from December 31st to March 30th.

And every year, my Velocity Profit Multiplier hits on it as a target.

That’s no wonder when sending out a signal like that…

So a few years back, when Priceline’s shares hovered around $400 on December 31st, I knew two things right away.

First — it was virtually certain that share prices would move upwards in the coming months. And that the move would average about 26%.

Second — I could multiply those ordinary gains into something much better.

That day, I entered a trade that called for a move of only 10% — a much more conservative number than its average jump.

And here’s what happened next.


Just like clockwork, Priceline jumped.

But it didn’t just go up 10%… or even its average of 26%.

It shot up 30%!

Again, if you knew the historical likelihood of this movement like I did, you could have bought $5,000 worth of Priceline and made a handsome $1,500 profit.

Or, if you had followed two simple sentences of instructions from me, you could have turned that exact same knowledge into an $8,350 profit.

That’s a 167% gain — or five times more than buying regular shares.

And in the same amount of time.

Remember, this wasn’t a trade that took a year to develop.

Or even six months.

From wire to wire, this two-sentence trade only took a few weeks to pay off.

And it guaranteed you could multiply your profits five-fold over buying ordinary shares.


Simply because my system identified Priceline’s pattern indicating a price movement was coming — and then put out two sentences of easy-to-follow directions.

Here’s how you can use it to do the same thing.

Profit Multiplier
Opportunity #1

I’ve found a company whose share price has moved in practically the same direction this time of year for the past ten years running.

But as I’ve shown you, simply buying the stock is for folks who are content making only small returns.

Or who don’t know the secret to multiplying their profits.

I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with gains like that.

That’s why I refuse to recommend any trade unless it has the potential to double in value.

And this company fits the bill.

If it just hits its average price movement, the simple trade I’ll give you instructions for today could hand you profits of as much as 172%.

But that’s just for starters.

Because of the way my Multiplier leverages even the smallest of share price moves, it allows you to make up to 10x more than buying regular stocks.

Each time you use it.

For example: when we see a 20% move, trades like this could hand you a 200% gain… a 25% change could give you 250%… and so on.

The truth is, your profit potential is virtually unlimited.

And this is just one of the urgent trades you can get your hands on by taking action today.

The Difference Between
a 38% Gain and a 212% Gain

But sometimes a stock is already in motion when my Multiplier singles it out.

Like the videogame maker Electronic Arts for example.

On December 31st of 2014, it was trading at $47.50 a share.

It had been on a tear since July of 2012 when it was trading at $11. So I’m sure there were a lot of people thinking it was due to fall.

EA Was Already Up a Staggering 316%

But I don’t care much about what the crowd thinks. I bet you don’t either.

Because 99% of the time, they’re wrong.

And this case wasn’t any different.

My Velocity Profit Multiplier system cut through the noise and got it right.


Because EA just kept going up!

Sir Isaac Newton called this phenomenon “momentum” in 1687.

And the gist of it is that an object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force.

It holds true for stocks as well.

At the time, there was nothing holding EA back. There was simply no force present to stop it.

The clear signal it was sending out wasn’t one of a sudden reversal.

It was one that confirmed EA was going to keep climbing.

That’s why I’ve put a formula in my five-part system that measures a stock’s momentum (up or down).

So that I NEVER miss an opportunity like that.

EA managed to tack on 38% from January to June.


But my Velocity Profit Multiplier crushed that result.

Because if you had followed the simple two sentences of instructions it generated… you would have collected a staggering 212% gain.

Advanced knowledge like that means the difference between making $1,900 in profits… or $10,600.


That’s five times more!

Just by following my two sentences of instructions and executing a simple trade in your online account.

Or calling your broker and reading them word for word.

No matter which way you do it, it offers you the chance to invest far less — and still make the same profits as buying regular shares.

In this case, you only needed $900 to bank the same amount as an ordinary investor who risked a whopping $5,000.

Look, you need to understand that not every trade my Multiplier puts out is a winner.

Anyone who tells you they have a system that’s NEVER wrong isn’t giving you the level truth.

But the size of the winners here can more than make up for any losers we might see.

Consider this…

A $500 stake in each of the eight opportunities you’ve seen so far would have handed you an impressive $18,220…

…but even if half of them ended up worthless and cost you your full $500 investment — including the Broadcom trade that generated a 1,800% return, and the three others that all eclipsed 300% gains — you STILL would have made a tidy $4,415 profit.

With my Multiplier’s five-point screening system weeding out the weak opportunities… and leaving only the trades with the highest probability of success…

With its ability to leverage even the smallest of gains into massive winners in very short periods of time…

And with my 20-plus years of hard-core options experience backing it all up…

It’s not hard to imagine just how much money you can make.

Especially when you remember opportunities like this come up all the time.

Like drug maker Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, which sent out its own momentum signal in the spring.


And its price rose 24%.

If you had bought ordinary shares, you would have netted over $1,200 in profits on a $5,000 stake.

But if you had taken the route that’s GUARANTEED to boost your returns as much as 18 times… and executed two sentences of instructions in your trading account… you would have made over $4,000 MORE.


On the exact same stock. In the same amount of time.

How to Beat the “Insiders” at Their
Own Game for 317% in Only 6 Days

As I mentioned before, stocks and their movements are as unique as fingerprints.

So using the one-size-fits-all screening methods that other analysts do may work to a degree — but it also leaves a tremendous amount of money on the table.

That’s why my system looks for five completely distinct signals. And some of them require a more experienced eye than what most of today’s computer-focused experts are capable of.

Take what happened to Twitter for example.

Last year, I noticed that Twitter was in a severe downtrend.

And I knew from experience that most people were probably betting it would keep going down.

So I took a quick look at its options trade data for confirmation.


And true to form, there was a very lopsided volume in the bearish bets that Twitter would fall.

But I knew something most of these people didn’t.

You see, Wall Street market makers manipulate the market to crush the largest amount of investors betting on a move.

It doesn’t matter if it’s up or down.

So they try to move a stock’s price around to suit their needs.

Look, I know that may not sound fair. But it’s the truth.

They call this theory “Maximum Pain.” And academic studies like the one by Dr. Neil Pearson from the University of Illinois conclude that it plays a role in stock price movements.

He wrote:

“A final possible explanation is that investors with written options intentionally manipulate the underlying stock price at expiration so that the options finish at-the-money (ATM) or just out-of-the-money (OTM) and consequently are not exercised.”

I know that may sound like gibberish to you right now.

But I promise you, it will all become crystal clear.

Especially when you see the bottom line:

With that many people betting on the fall, I knew chances were very high share prices were going to do the exact opposite.

And I was right.


Six days after my Multiplier sounded the alarm… share prices jumped 12%.

Buying $5,000 of regular shares would have made you a profit of $626.

But you could have done far better just by reading my two simple sentences of instructions.

Because the same $5,000 investment would have turned into a stunning $15,850 in profits.

That’s over $15,000 in more profits — from the identical stock — in the exact same amount of time.


My Velocity Profit Multiplier is so powerful that even a $250 investment made using its instructions would have netted you more than buying $5,000 of regular shares.

It’s always finding new opportunities, too.

Profit Multiplier
Opportunity #2

The other day my Velocity Profit Multiplier system tipped me off to a large volume of trades taking place on one of my favorite companies…

Using the “Max Pain” method I just showed you, we know that shares are likely to move at least 15% in the opposite direction…

And if you get the two sentences of Velocity Profit Multiplier instructions I’d like to send you, you’ll have a shot at banking a 150% gain.

Plus, you can do so for pennies on the dollar.

Remember, your potential is nearly unlimited.

Because if share prices move even more than that, you’ll make even more!

I’ll show you how to receive these trade instructions for yourself in just a minute.

You’ll receive two incredible opportunities identified by my Velocity Profit Multiplier for this week — and since this is a special limited-time opportunity, I’m working overtime to rush you these trade instructions soon.

When you get them, these trades can be made immediately.

So by this time next week, you’ll be well on your way to doubling your money.

But there’s another detail I’d like to show you first.

Because sometimes the big winners I show subscribers lay hidden in one of the toughest algorithms of all to decode — the written word.

Whether it’s a shareholder vote on a merger or a press release about a new drug, the fact is, sometimes a stock moves on signals that you can’t see on a chart.

That’s where my 20-plus years of experience come in.

Because I know which situations will move a stock, and which ones are just noise.

And when I see one coming, I use my Velocity Profit Multiplier to amplify even the smallest movements into massive triple-digit winners.

Take what happened with the drug maker Agios Pharmaceuticals.

In September, it announced it would release the results of its new cancer drug in the weeks ahead.

I knew from my research that an FDA presentation was scheduled in November.

And that everyone expected positive news.

So with ordinary shares trading at $64 on September 26th, I used the power of options to increase potential earnings while decreasing my initial investment.

And here’s what happened next.


Agios’ shares rose 48%.

But following the two-sentence instructions from my Multiplier would have made you 122% — or nearly three times more.

That’s because no matter what moves a stock price — and no matter how many shares you buy — my Velocity Profit Multiplier’s trade instructions guarantee your gains are set up to be exponentially higher.

Don’t forget — opportunities like this happen ALL the time.

Not long ago, the oil company Plains Exploration & Production was the target of a takeover.

Several shareholders sued to block it. And there were rumors others would vote against it.

But I knew they were wrong.

As a former lawyer, and one with expertise in takeover deals, I knew if management was even considering a vote, the outcome was certain and the deal would go through.

If you had known what I did and bought regular shares, you would have turned $5,000 into $5,345.

But if you had followed my two sentences of instructions, you would have turned the same $5,000 into $10,950.


That’s over twice as much money with the same amount of risk.

And it’s only a small part of what my Velocity Profit Multiplier can do for you.

Make Money When Stocks Fall, Too

The system I’m showing you today even gives you the opportunity to cash in when stocks fall… which is incredibly valuable in today’s volatile market.

And all without the excessive risks of shorting a stock.

Like when it determined Apple was ripe for a fall.

At the time, its shares were always on the rise. So it’s quite natural that many investors expected it to keep going that way.

And that’s where my Velocity Profit Multiplier really shines.

Because it’s able to pinpoint the times when Apple would pull back from that trend — and recommend the perfect trade to make triple-digit gains from it.

Not long ago, it zeroed in on a lopsided number of bets that Apple’s share price would continue going up…


…which is a clear signal the exact opposite is about to happen.

Remember, Wall Street’s market makers simply can’t afford to let that many people be right — it would cost them far too much money!

Predictably, here’s what happened next…


Apple fell 3.5% soon after.

Investors who bet on Apple — and against the market makers — lost.

But if they had known the secret of my Velocity Profit Multiplier, they stood to make an astounding 428% in just two days.

Think about that for a second. You could have turned $1,000 into $5,280… $5,000 into $26,400… and $10,000 into $52,800…

…in only two days.

It bears repeating, stocks drop like that all the time.

And my Multiplier just found another opportunity for you to take part in.

Profit Multiplier
Opportunity #3

For the past decade, this company has moved the same way — during the same month — every year. Just like clockwork.

And I don’t expect this year to be any different.

Most shareholders won’t bat an eye when it happens because it’s such a small move.

But if you follow the simple two-sentence instructions I’d like to send you soon, you could easily double your money on this one. And in only a few days.

But really, the profit potential is virtually unlimited here.

Because of the way options work, if the stock moves more than I expect, you’re statistically guaranteed to make more.

How can I be so confident?

Well, I’ve seen it happen countless times.

Like when this small 4% drop from Tesla…


…offered up the opportunity for two short sentences of instructions to create a 162% gain in just five days.

Or when this 10% drop in John Deere’s share prices put a scare into shareholders…


…and gains of 192% into the accounts of investors who knew it was coming.

So How Does It All Work?

Well, first you have to secure a subscription to my advisory, Velocity Trader.

This elite trading service follows the success of my Options for Income service, which has generated tens of thousands of dollars in wins for my subscribers over the past few years.

In fact, many traders have joined my “$100,000 Club” — earning more than six figures of profits since April of 2011.

Options for Income is a fantastic service — but due to its income focus, it doesn’t allow me to use my Velocity Profit Multiplier.

I designed Velocity Trader expressly for investors who are looking to shed the pedestrian single-digit gains of buy-and-hold stocks for the fast triple-digit gains you can only get from my Velocity Profit Multiplier.

Every week I’ll send you instructions for two new trades. I also include some background and rationale, so that you can learn my strategies as you go.

You can take the two sentences of instructions for each trade and enter them straight into your online trading platform. Or you can read them word-for-word to your broker.

It’s so easy, it should take you only 7 minutes at most. Just 2 minutes if you’re fast.

That’s not bad considering you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple your money. Maybe more.

And sometimes in a matter of only days.

But Velocity Trader goes much deeper than that.

Because you’ll also get:

And of course…

But then I take things a big step further.

Because in each issue, you’ll also get a short video.

This allows you to look over my shoulder as I walk you through each trade step-by-step.

You’ll see the charts I used to pinpoint the recommendations.

I’ll walk you through how to read them.

I’ll highlight each of the signals the stocks sent out that told me they were set to move up or down.

And I’ll give you the rationale behind each recommendation — including what level of profits you can expect. As you grow in experience, this analysis will become increasingly more valuable to you.

Then, at the end, I’ll give you two easy sentences of instructions.

So no matter which route you choose, you’re always guaranteed to get simple recommendations with the firepower necessary to make 2X, 3X, even up to 18X your money.

And you can do it with calculated risk.

Just ask Beth B. from San Jose, California. She recently wrote in to say this about my recommendations…

I enjoy how he maintains communication with his subscribers and how he explains his positions. Most services simply send you a trade, and you’re just expected to follow it. However, Jim explains the rationale behind his trades.”

Scott M. from Decorah, Iowa, says…

“The recommendations are clear and always come with thorough analysis.”

And Richard S. from Austin, Texas, says he likes my…

“…no-nonsense but thorough research before making his recommendations, his desire to teach subscribers, his quick responses to questions and the fact that he invests personally in his recommendations.”

I’m so confident in my Velocity
Profit Multiplier that I’ve decided
to do something a tad crazy
just to prove it to you

If you join me today, you’ll get the opportunity for at least 24 triple-digit winning trades in the first year of your membership.

If I’m wrong, I’ll happily “give up” $1,950 at the end of the year.

But if I’m right, and you put $500 on each trade, you’ll be sitting on $24,000 at the end of the year.

$1,000 in each would make you $48,000.

$5,000 would hand you a staggering $240,000.

And that’s just if they’re 100% winners. As you’ve seen many times now, the potential is far greater than that.

I’d never make you this offer if I wasn’t positive I could deliver on it. I couldn’t afford to!

That’s also why you won’t see any other analyst saying they could deliver anything close to this. They don’t have a proven approach like my Velocity Profit Multiplier system — so they can’t even begin to touch a deal this bold.

Here’s one more thing I think you’ll really like.

Each week you won’t just get one trade. You’ll get two!

The goal of the first one is to deliver massive gains in less than a week.

And the second should give you the same profit potential (or more) — but in about a month.

I’ll explain both trades in my issue and in the online videos explaining my rationale.

Each will come with the two-sentence instructions you need to execute them.

You’re free to trade one or both recommendations.

That way you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to how much money you want in play at any one time.

And if anything comes up with an open trade before I send out the following week’s issue, I’ll send you a Flash Alert with detailed instructions on what’s happening… and what to do next.

For your convenience, you’ll also get password-protected 24/7 access to the Velocity Trader website, where you’ll find every special alert and report I ever put out.

But most of my subscribers say that the best feature on the website is our Velocity Talk message board.

There you can interact with your fellow traders, sharing thoughts, tips, and advice.

You can also directly ask me your questions and concerns. I’ll get right back to you with a thoughtful response.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Here’s what a few happy subscribers are saying about this unique feature:

“Jim is very knowledgeable and he is the only one I have ever seen to answer all kinds of members’ questions right away.” — Frank T., Fort Myers, Florida

“His follow-up is excellent both with his updates and when specific questions are asked as well.” — Terry P., Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“Jim is a great trainer and is always willing to answer any and every question asked by members. He is a rare breed.” — Pamela Y., Fort Collins, Colorado

I’m typically available every single day (except for holidays and the rare vacation), so I’m often able to respond within a few hours. And since I live and breathe options, this is my favorite feature as well.

I’ve used it to help many of my subscribers progress from complete beginners to accomplished traders.

In fact, those discussions inspired me to record an easy-to-follow video training series.

It answers all of your introductory questions, covers the basics of options and shows you the secrets behind my strategies. I walk you step-by-step through some of my most successful trades.

But here’s the thing.

If you want to get all of these valuable features, and if you’re ready to put my Velocity Profit Multiplier to work earning you money…

…you’ve got to make your move now.

Limited Spaces Available!

When I first opened 50 charter membership slots in Velocity Trader, they filled in a matter of hours.

And the investors who snapped them up gladly paid $3,000 to get access.

It’s not hard to understand why they rushed in when you consider my Multiplier has unlocked gains like these:

But there was another reason too — because they also got access to limited one-time bonuses I can’t offer today, including the opportunity to meet with me for hours in person.

Unfortunately, I can’t let anyone else take part in that offer today.

But the good news is — you can still join Velocity Trader AND have the chance to bank 24 triple-digit winners in the next year.

And you won’t have to pay the full $3,000 value to do it.

At least not if you act quickly.

Because for now — you can take part in my Velocity Profit Multiplier’s explosive trades by joining Velocity Trader for only $1,950.

If that still sounds like a lot of money after all the triple-digit gains you’ve seen it can produce in short periods of time, well, Velocity Trader probably isn’t right for you.

But if you’re aggressive… and realistic enough to understand you don’t have to invest nearly as much — or win nearly as often — to dwarf the gains the buy and hold herd has to live with…

And you understand that your first triple-digit winner will very likely cover the cost of the membership fee with enough left over for a nice meal — then you need to make your move now.

You Need to Act Now

Because of its exclusive nature — I can only open up Velocity Trader to a small number of traders at any time.

That way I can focus my time and attention to:

In order to accommodate all of this, we’re restricting the number of new subscribers we can take on today to 50.

And after we fill those spots — I can’t say when you’ll have another opportunity.

Remember, Velocity Trader is a premium trading service — and it’s valued at $3,000 per year.

So if we ever do open up slots again — I’m nearly positive you won’t see them going for a rate like this.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Reservation Button that takes you to the secure Membership Form.

We can only accept 50 people today, so time is of the essence.

Remember, profiting from Velocity Trader only requires you to follow two sentences of instructions — then wait for the perfect time to cash out.

And you’ll get multiple urgent trades to get you started soon after your membership is approved — which usually only takes minutes.

So if you act right now you’ll be on the road to triple-digit profits starting before the end of the week.

Thanks for taking part in this presentation.

I look forward to working with you. Please click the button below to get started.


To 24 Triple-Digit Winners in a year,


Jim Fink
Chief Investment Strategist
Velocity Trader

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