Jim PearceHi, I’m Jim Pearce, Chief Investment Strategist at Investing Daily.

And I want to share something very special with you today.

I recently went one-on-one with investing legend Jim Fink to discuss the most powerful system he ever developed.

One he’s kept tucked away for nearly three decades.

And one that could help you pocket gains of over 1,000%…

In the next 12 months alone.

I’ll be honest, I’ve known Jim for what seems like forever now.

And despite my constant pleas, I could never get him to share this system with our readers…

At least not enough of them.

He always said he wanted to keep the group small.

So when he came to me and told me he was finally ready to share his most prized secret with more people…

A trading system he calls Paragon…

I was shocked.

But I was even more excited.

It’s hard to blame me.

Jim has already shown thousands of our readers, everyday people just like you, how to multiply stock moves as small as 1% into gains like the ones you’re seeing now.

Profits like that are incredible to be sure.

But they pale in comparison to what Jim’s Paragon system is capable of delivering.

Because it’s a four-pronged profit machine that allows you to press “fast forward” on your moneymaking efforts and quickly rake in massive gains like this one-day — 433% winner — on Tiffany & Co.

Which is good enough to hand you a $21,000 profit on a $5,000 investment.

Chart Tiffany

If you had followed the one-sentence trade instructions his system would have generated for this move by Nike…

chart Nike

You could have walked away with a 182% profit.

And with Jim’s step-by-step instructions — and a few clicks of your mouse — you could have watched a unique investment in Lam Research shoot up 211% in less than 36 hours.

chart Lam Research

It’s amazing.

With access to just these three trades, you could have been $41,000 richer right now.

Jim’s program was built to deliver quick, blowout profits like these so often in fact…

I’m guaranteeing anyone who uses it for a full year will have the opportunity to bank total gains of 1,000% — bare minimum.

Look, I understand if the idea of raking in that kind of profit seems outlandish.

Rich Franklin felt that way too. Until he started following Jim’s lead.

But now that he’s sitting on $106,000… he’s a believer.


Jeff Truman from St. Petersburg, Florida told us he raked in over six figures, too.


Dan Godfrey says he made $28,000 in a single month. And more than $200,000 in total.


And Paul from Framingham, Massachusetts let us know he’s not worried one bit about running out of retirement cash now that he has access to Jim’s work.


Now to be clear…

These results are incredible.

Not everyone has this type of success following Jim’s lead.

But imagine how it would feel to shake free of the pressure that comes from not knowing how you’ll make ends meet when you retire.

Picture what it would be like to make enough money to pay off your mortgage in one fell swoop…

Help out your favorite charity…

Or be able to spoil yourself with a first-class cruise to Alaska… the Mediterranean… or both!

Jim’s system could help you make it happen. And make it happen fast.

I assure you…

No one has ever — or will ever — show you anything close to what you’re about to see.

Because Jim is going to bring you into his inner circle.

And share his most valuable trading secret with you.

The exact same one he used to amass a $5 million personal fortune.

Think about what that means for a moment…

What you’re going to see today isn’t a program built on a new, unproven system.

It’s one Jim was so confident in…

He risked virtually every penny he had to prove it worked.

And he was so successful, it allowed him to walk away from his Wall Street firm at the tender age of 37.

Now before we get started, there’s something you need to know.

Jim’s Paragon system isn’t for traditional “buy-and-hold” investors.

It was built for folks who are looking for a completely new way to make money.

People with ambition.

Who know in their gut that the rules Wall Street taught us no longer apply.

And are ready and willing to use a unique, virtually fool-proof way to quickly — and in some cases, instantly — extract extraordinary amounts of money from the stock market.

If you’re not comfortable with that idea, I think it’s safe for you to tune out now.

Because you’re not going to find what we cover today very useful.

However, if you’re looking for a way that could help you quickly make massive amounts of money…

Without risky penny stocks…

Complicated futures…

Or the hassles of day trading…

Then get ready to be amazed.

Because joining me now is the man behind this groundbreaking system, Jim Fink.

Pearce: Jim, thanks for being here.

Fink: My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Pearce: I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Jim… the system you’re going to show our viewers today is incredible.

I mean, a $10,000 windfall on Lam Research in less than two days…

$21,000 from Tiffany & Co. in the same amount of time…

And $9,000 in pure profits from a single trade on Nike?

That’s the kind of money that could really change someone’s life.

Fink: Yep. Without question.

Pearce: Ok. I’ve got to ask you this then…

You’ve been investing for more than 30 years.

You’ve made a fortune for yourself.

And for the folks who have access to your work.

Yet, you haven’t offered to share this system with anyone for quite some time.

So I’m just wondering why you’re doing it again now?

Fink: I’ll be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision.

This is the first — and ultimately the most powerful system — I ever created…

It’s my baby.

So I guess in some ways, I’ve always wanted to keep it for myself.

But not long ago, I saw some research that changed my mind.

Because it showed inflation here in the United States has skyrocketed…

Pearce: That’s not an exaggeration. It’s the highest it’s been since 1990.

Fink: Right. And that’s a huge problem.

I mean, think about it…

It’s been a good year for most investors.

But with inflation surging…

A lot of the gains they’ve seen in their portfolios are being gobbled up at the other end by soaring prices on everything from milk and bread… to gasoline.

Which is why now is the perfect time to share my Paragon system again.

Because it’s not only capable of helping regular investors produce sky-high gains…

The kind that can help you escape the drain of inflation…

It can do it at a blistering pace you’ll never see with regular stocks.

Just like it did with Lam Research, Tiffany, and Nike that you covered earlier.

And here’s the thing…

Those trades are just a small taste of what my system is capable of.

Because I built it to find opportunities like that over and over again.

Pearce: And again, to be clear, I’m guaranteeing Jim will deliver so many winners over the next 12 months… that anyone following his work will have the opportunity to see total gains of at least 1,000%.

That leads me to another question, Jim. The examples we’ve shown so far used $5,000 as a starting stake for your trades…

So I’m wondering if you can start with less than that? Because I know some folks may not have $5,000 to pour into one trade.

Fink: Sure. You can start with less.

You’re not going to make $9,000… $15,000… or even $26,000 from a single trade.

But the system works the same no matter how much money you start with.

Pearce: Plus, you can always roll your profits from one trade into the next…

Or you could even bank half of what you make and put the rest into the next opportunity, right?

Fink: Well… you could. But they’re both highly aggressive strategies that I wouldn’t recommend doing.

Especially since we’re not talking about some single-trade pipe dream here.

I built this system to last forever.

So you’ll have plenty of time — and opportunities — to bank one massive winner after the next.

Having said that, it’s not my place to say how folks manage their money.

What you do with all the profits you make is completely up to you.

I do want to point out though, that while Paragon is the most powerful tool I’ve ever created…

Nothing in the market is guaranteed.

So it could miss the mark occasionally.

Pearce: Of course. But the potential of your system is clear.

And seemingly unlimited.

Because it was built to pinpoint opportunities other analysts couldn’t come up with in a month of Sundays…

Like the unique trade on UnitedHealth Group which would have allowed you multiply this small 5%, one-day move, into a quick 73% gain.

UnitedHealth Group chart

Turning a $5,000 stake into $8,800 in the process.

You could have made $17,000 on Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Vertex chart

Facebook would have handed you nearly $12,000.

Facebook chart

And Best Buy would have put $8,200 in your pocket in less than 36 hours.

BestBuy chart

I’m going to stop. But not because I’ve run out of examples.

Fink: We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Pearce: Agreed. And speaking of plentiful opportunities…

You’re going share the details on two new trades you’re about to release, correct?

Fink: Yep. That’s right.

Pearce: Great. Before we get to all of that, I think this is the perfect time for you to take a second and talk about the types of opportunities your system singles out.

Because it will go a long way towards explaining why I’m completely comfortable guaranteeing anyone who uses it will have the chance to see 1,000% total profits in the next 12 months.

Fink: My pleasure.

The first thing I want everyone to understand is that every stock sends out hidden signals before it moves. Whether it’s up… down… or even sideways.

And my Paragon system runs 24 hours a day scanning the market for those “tip-offs.”

Then when it finds one, I use the data it provides to put together a trade that statistically guarantees you can turn that movement into a winner that’s up to 18 times better than what a buy-and-hold investor would see.

Pearce: You made it a point to emphasize “statistically.”

Is there a reason for that?

Fink: Yes. There’s no guesswork involved with what my Paragon system does.

There’s no emotion. No hunches. And no gut feels.

It’s a scientific system designed specifically to find high-octane profit opportunities…

No matter what direction a stock is about to move.

Best of all, it’s so precise, it allows me to put out trades that could generate triple-digit profits in as little as two days.

Pearce: Incredible. And the trades you’re going to release, they’re not all the same are they?

Fink: Hardly. Unlike other systems which can only make money one way…

Once Paragon determines a stock is about to move…

It gives me four different ways to profit from that shift.

Then I simply choose the one that has the potential to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Pearce: And what about risk? Do you take that into account too? Because I doubt I’m the only one who’s been burned chasing fast profits before…

Fink: You’re definitely not the only one.

But to answer your question, yes, I’m extremely sensitive to risk.

In fact, if there’s one thing my long-time readers will tell you…

It’s that while I really like making money…

I hate losing it even more.

Which is why the trades my Paragon system generates allow you to make life-changing amounts of cash while risking substantially less.

Pearce: I’ve never seen anything like it. And I’m positive no one else has either…

Including your longtime followers, right?

Fink: That’s right. I’m sure some of them are watching right now. And while it’s clear from the notes they send me that they’re enjoying the profits they make with my existing services…




The techniques Paragon allows me to use go beyond anything I’ve shared anywhere else.

Pearce: And correct me if I’m wrong Jim, but in some cases you don’t even need to know which direction a stock is going to move to make money from it… you just need to know that it’s going to move…

Then you can put together a trade that allows you to win no matter which way it goes?

Fink: Well, nothing is foolproof of course.

But you’re right.

One of the techniques I use could allow you to bank massive triple-digit gains no matter which way a stock moves.

Pearce: And the profits can come in as little as 24 hours, right?

Fink: Yes. In fact, when I put out that specific type of trade… the longest you’ll be in it is 48 hours.

Pearce: Man, that’s fast. Could you give us an example?

That way our viewers can get a glimpse of the potential we’re talking about with the two new opportunities you want to share.

Fink: I’d be glad too.

One of the most powerful forces that moves a stock is its quarterly earnings call…

And the reason for that is simple.

Wall Street — and regular investors alike — have certain expectations about what a company’s profits should be when they own shares.

So when it releases earnings that exceed those expectations, the share price often jumps because investors are more confident in its future…

Which makes them willing to pay more to own shares.

Pearce: And when the company misses the mark, investor confidence fades causing share prices to fall.

Fink: Exactly. The problem is, for the most part, it’s impossible to know which way a stock is going to move ahead of the call.

Because companies keep this information very private.

Especially in the days leading up to the announcement.

So putting money into a trade that will only pay out if say, the stock goes up without access to my Paragon system, is not an investment.

It’s just a guess.

Which is why I like the technique I’m about to share so much…

Because you can profit no matter which way the stock moves.

Take the Tiffany & Co. trade for example.

On the day before its earnings announcement, Barron’s ran an article where three Wall Street analysts weighed in on what they thought the jeweler would share the next day .

Pearce: And what did they say?

Fink: Well, two expected good news. And one thought their announcement would be a disappointment.

Pearce: Clear as mud.

Fink: Exactly. They didn’t have a clue. And I didn’t either.

The only difference is… I didn’t care.

Because thanks to Paragon, I knew I could profit either way.

Pearce: So what ended up happening?

Fink: Well, in the end, Tiffany crushed it. Profits were up over 50%. Which was far beyond what anyone had predicted.

Pearce: I’m sure that drove share prices sky high.

Fink: Of course. They jumped over 23%.


Which means if you were a gambler, and bought $5,000 worth of Tiffany’s stock, you could have made an eleven-hundred-dollar profit in less than 36 hours.

But that pales in comparison to the $21,000 you could have walked away with thanks to my win-both-ways trade.


Pearce: That’s over 18 times better.

Fink: You’re right. On the exact same company. In the exact same amount of time.

This type of trade is so powerful, even if you only invested $500…

You still would have made more than twice what a buy-and-hold investor saw.

Pearce: Talk about a staggering difference. I’m sure I’m not the only one who really likes the idea of having to risk substantially less to make life-changing amounts of cash.

And to be clear, this is just one of the techniques you use right?

Fink: Right.

Pearce: So why not just use it all the time? I mean, it’s hard to argue with that type of performance.

Fink: Oh man, if it were only that easy!

There are two very specific conditions which need to be met for these trades to work .

And they don’t always happen at the same time.

Pearce: Would you mind sharing what they are?

Fink: Well, the analysis my system performs to determine if they’re present is complicated. And proprietary.

It’s my life’s work.

So I’m not going to give it away.

The most important thing you need to know about this type of trade right now is, that when these two variables appear together…

The profits can be life changing.

Like the time they lined up perfectly prior to Lam Research’s earnings call.


If you had access to my Paragon system, you could have used the advanced knowledge it provides to place a trade that allowed you to make nearly $10,000 more than buying regular shares.


When these two triggers popped up prior to UnitedHealth Group’s earnings call…


It created a quick $3,800 profit opportunity.


Pearce: One which was nearly 14x better than buying regular shares.

Fink: Yep. And when they showed up in Netflix…


You could have turned the 13% gain most investors saw into a 73% profit.


Their appearance right before Best Buy’s earnings call…


Would have given me the green light to make a trade that turned a profit which was $2,500 better than buying shares.


This type of trade is so powerful — and flexible — in fact, it even turned this 10% drop from Booking Holdings into a 114% winner.


Pearce: That’s a stunning reversal of fortune considering it meant the difference between a $548 loss and a $5,700 profit.

So I think we need to address the elephant in the room, Jim. Your Paragon system has something to do with options, right?

Fink: Yes! I’d never hide that fact. As far as I’m concerned, most regular investors look at options the wrong way.

Wall Street’s propaganda machine has them brainwashed into believing options are complicated.

A fast way to lose money.

And that the odds are against you.

But as you can see, none of this is true…

At least not the way I trade options.

I designed Paragon to make options trades more affordable.

More predictable.

And best of all, more profitable.

Pearce: So let me ask you this then…

If your system allows you do all those things, why wouldn’t Wall Street just show folks how to make the same types of trades?

Fink: Well, there’s two reasons.

First of all, most brokers don’t have a clue about how options really work…

I mean, have you ever called any of the brokerages most investors use to place their trades?

Pearce: I can’t say that I have.

Fink: Well, I can tell you this…

I’ve been trading options longer than some of the kids that answer the phones at these places have been alive.

I know I may ruffle a few feathers by saying this, but it’s true…

Most of them are nothing more than glorified order takers.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with that. I know some of my readers call their orders in…

So they’re useful in that regard.

But they’re certainly not strategists.

They didn’t learn how to trade at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange like I did .

And I don’t think I’m bragging when I say it would cost these companies a king’s ransom teach their people what I know.

Pearce: Even if they were willing to spend that kind of cash, they still couldn’t replicate your experience.

Fink: Nope. You only get that one way… and that’s by putting in the time.

Pearce: No doubt about that.

You said there’s two reasons why Wall Street spends so much time and money trying to scare folks away from using options. What’s the second one?

Fink: The biggest reason is greed. I mean, aside from not wanting to spend the time and money to train their people how to do what I do…

The rest of the Wall Street bandits — like hedge funds and investment houses — would much rather have you pour massive amounts of money into a buy-and-hold approach.

Because it sets the stage for them charging you astronomical fees.

Think about it. To make the same $26,000 one-day profit you could have made on the Tiffany’s trade I just covered…

A buy-and-hold investor would have had to risk $100,000…

Pearce: Well, it’s actually more like $114,000.

Fink: Right. And the problem with that… other than the fact most folks don’t have that kind of money…

Is it dramatically magnifies how much you could lose to a downside move.

I mean, what if Tiffany’s suddenly dipped 10%? It’s happened before.

Pearce: You’d lose over $11,000.

Fink: Right. Now you tell me…

Which trade is riskier?

The one that lets you make five times your money in less than 48 hours…

Or the one where you’d have to pony up $114,000 for a shot at making less than 24%?

Pearce: Well, when you look at it like that, it’s obvious buying shares puts far more of your money at risk.

Fink: Investing is all about risk and reward.

And my Paragon system gives you the opportunity to make far more money… while risking far less.

On the exact same share price move.

Pearce: Great. The special trade you send out prior to earnings announcements is clearly a big moneymaker.

But it’s not the only one…

Fink: Not at all.

Paragon is also able to detect when a small drop in share price is actually a tip off that a stock is about to shoot up.

Pearce: Wait. Your system can tell when a pullback is actually a sign that a stock is about to bounce back?

Fink: It can. And it’s not just a matter of it bouncing back a little…

The gains can be dramatic, like they were for McDonald’s.

Because this small pullback was a tip off that the fast-food chain’s share price was about to jump.


And that’s exactly what happened. Because share prices shot up 31%.

Pearce: Jim, just looking at the chart…

It’s pretty obvious there’s more than one pullback leading up to when McDonald’s share price took off.

So I have to ask, what makes this one so special?

Fink: Well, see the green circles above and below the pullback?

Pearce: Yep.

Fink: When those two patterns show up at the same time, there’s a small pullback in a company’s share price…

It’s a tip off the stock is not only primed for a potential change of direction…

But it could do it in breathtaking fashion.

And in this case, it would have allowed me to use a special trade that multiplied the 31% gain that followed into 246% profit.

Which means instead of making $1,500 on a $5,000 stake…

You could have brought home $12,000.


Pearce: That’s more than $10,000 better.

Fink: It is. And it’s not the only time my special “pullback trade” would have delivered such a massive profit advantage.

You could have used it to turn this 39% jump from Facebook into a 137% gain.


You could have made $8,300 more than buy-and-hold investors when this small share price drop by Vertex Pharmaceuticals…


Led a 246% profit from this special “bounce back” trade.

You could have made five times more than regular investors when this small drop by Nike tipped Paragon off to a trade that delivered a 182% gain.


And you could have used the advanced knowledge my system provides to turn this 51% rebound from Splunk into a massive 228% winner.


Which would have let you walk away with a $11,400 profit…

Instead of $2,500.


That’s $8,800 more profit. And again, it’s on the exact same stock in the same amount of time.

Pearce: Stunning. The gains from these five trades alone would have turned a $5,000 stake in each one into over $77,000.

Hopefully this is driving home the point that that the potential to make a fortune following your lead is much more than just a pipe dream.

Fink: I would hope so.

Especially considering the massive gains readers from my other services say they’re seeing…

And they don’t even have access to the trades Paragon generates.

Pearce: I can’t disagree with that.

Terry P. recently let us know he and his wife are building a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the profits they’ve made from your trades.


And they’re so grateful, they even invited you over for a visit.

Fink: I may take them up on the offer, too. I love Santa Fe. It’s where my wife and I got married!

Pearce: Terry’s far from the only person making money hand over fist thanks to the work you do Jim .

Tim W. says he’s made over $32,000 in just a couple months…


Marvin M. told us he’s banked quite a few triple-digit winners.


Bobby Abbott says he loves the fast returns, too.


Noel from Tallahassee blew us away when he reported his annual rate of return is nearly 15,000%.


And Steve makes money so consistently following your recommendations, he’s planning to hang up his hat and retire early.


Fink: That’s awesome.

But I wouldn’t be telling you the level truth if I said everyone has this kind of success following my trades.

Pearce: Of course not.

There are a countless number of things that factor into anyone’s investing success…

But at the same time, it must be incredibly satisfying to hear stories like these.

Fink: Absolutely.

Because it means I’m giving regular people a shot at making life-changing amounts of money…

Using the same techniques once reserved for wealthy investors.

Pearce: Speaking of making enough money to live life on your own terms…

We mentioned earlier you’re going to release two new profit opportunities in the coming days…

Could you tell us about one of them now?

Fink: Sure. Paragon recently hit on a company that ticks all the boxes for me to use my “win-both-ways” trading technique.

It has an earnings call scheduled for precisely the right time…

And share prices typically move about 10% following every announcement…

The problem for most investors is, depending on what it covers during that meeting…

Sometimes the price goes up. And sometimes it goes down.

But as I’ve shown you, that doesn’t matter when you know how to profit no matter which direction it moves.

And I’ve put together a trade that could hand you a two-day gain of up to 127% or more when the next round of results come out.

Pearce: So what do you say to folks who are worried that it’s hard to make this trade — or any of the trades you put out for that matter?

Fink: Well, rather than just tell them it’s easy…

That I provide instructions you can follow word-for-word in your trading account…

Or even read over the phone to your broker…

Is it ok if we just show them how simple it is to make one of the trades?

Because I want to put the myth that options orders are hard to execute to bed once and for all.

Pearce: Of course. The stage is yours!

Fink: Great. Just give me a second so I can share my screen with everyone…

Ok. There it is.

The first thing I want to point out is that this is just an example to show how easy following my recommendations can be.

Do not under any circumstances try to execute this trade — it’s not valid any longer.

I have everything filled out to save a little time.

But as you can see, it’s really as simple as entering the strategy…

The company we’re making the move on…

The two lines of detail for the trade…

And the total amount we’re willing to invest.

From there you just review the order….

Make sure everything matches up with my instructions…

And click submit.

Pearce: You ran through that pretty quickly.

So how long do you think it will take someone who’s never placed an options trade before to follow your recommendations?

Fink: Well, it depends on the type of trade I’m putting out.

In this case it was literally only one more line than buying regular shares of stock…

So maybe three minutes tops.

And based on what I’ve heard from folks who’ve followed my instructions before…

None of my trades should take you more than seven minutes wire to wire.

Even if you’re taking your time.

Pearce: That’s not bad considering you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple your money. Maybe more.

And you’re going to send out the full details on your newest trade next week, right?

Fink: Well, to kick off the reopening of my Inner Circle advisory to new subscribers, I’m actually going to release the details for two new trades on Monday.

Pearce: Ok great. We’re going to cover exactly what your Inner Circle is all about a little later.

And how to get access to the trades you release there…

But first things first.

When we kicked off our interview, you mentioned your Paragon system gives you four ways to make money…

And so far, we’ve only gone through two of them.

Can you share a little more about the other two now?

Fink: Absolutely. So the first two types of trades we covered involved ways to amplify stock moves into massive gains…

And with both types — you have to put some money in upfront — just like you do when you buy shares of a stock.

But I also have two types of trades that allow you to get paid immediately.

And the best part is, the instant payouts you collect are yours to keep no matter what happens next.

Pearce: That sounds incredible.

What do you say to folks out there who are skeptical there’s actually a way to make instant cash from a trade?

Fink: Trust me, I understand why someone would feel that way…

I’m a “seeing is believing” type of guy, too.

Which is why I’d like to walk everyone through a few examples.

I want to conclusively prove — beyond a shadow of a doubt — you can collect upfront money by making these trades.

Pearce: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fink: Great. So earlier we covered how you can profit from earnings announcements…

No matter if share prices go up or down.

But the truth is, sometimes the only direction a stock will move after one of these calls is sideways.

Pearce: So that means you just sit it out?

Fink: Well, most analysts would.

But I have a trade which actually allows you to use that calm to your advantage.

Let me give you an example, so you can see what I mean.

Before one earnings announcement, shares of the equipment-maker Deere & Co. were trading for $146.

But unlike the examples from before, in this instance, my Paragon system predicted Deere’s stock wouldn’t move up or down much in the days that followed.

And that advanced knowledge would have freed me up to construct a unique trade where I could collect upfront money from other investors who were betting Deere was going to move in a big way.

Pearce: How much money are we talking about here?

Fink: $355 per contract.

So a five-contract trade would have paid you $1,775… a ten-contract trade would have netted you an instant cash deposit of $3,550 before commissions….

And so on.

Pearce: Ok. I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering how this works.

Because in the first two types of trades you covered…

You were making an upfront investment.

But in this one, it’s the exact opposite.

Fink: You’re precisely right. It is the EXACT opposite.

Because we’re taking the other side of the trade.

Let me explain.

Every options trade has two sides…

On one side there’s someone who believes a stock is going to move and is willing to buy into a trade where they can make money if it does.

But on the other side there has to be someone who believes the exact opposite will happen…

And is willing to accept that bet.

Pearce: So they’re the ones that sell the options contracts… I mean, what you’re saying is this trade involves selling options?

Fink: Yep. But there’s a big catch…

I’m selling them to people who believe a stock is going up…

AND I’m selling them to the people who believe it’s going to drop.

Pearce: So you’re collecting money from both sides? That’s brilliant!

Fink: Why wouldn’t I when the advanced knowledge I get from Paragon tells me a stock probably isn’t going to move much in either direction?

My goal is always to take the side of trade that carries the lowest risk with the highest payout potential…

And when a stock’s share price is stuck in a rut, there’s simply no better way to make money than my “sideways trades.”

For instance, prior to an earnings announcement, shares of a company called Autodesk were trading for $138.

And Paragon let me know they weren’t expected to move much.

With that insight, I put a trade together that would have allowed you to instantly collect $4,850 from investors who believed the software design firm was going to make a significant move one way or the other.

Pearce: Ok, I have to ask then… what’s the downside?

You collect the money upfront every single time you make the trade…

But there are times that making this move could result is a loss, right?

Fink: Yes. As bulletproof as this technique is, there are no free rides.

Because while you’re collecting the cash upfront when you open this trade, there are four things that can happen after that.

And the best way to explain those outcomes is to use Autodesk as an example.

When we instantly collected the $4,800…

Autodesk was trading at $138.

And again, that money is yours to keep and spend as you see fit… no matter what happens next.

But the trade is just starting, and it will stay active until the date we agreed to with the buyers…

Which is usually around two months.

If the share price goes nowhere — and stays at $138 — you win.

Pearce: So what do you need to do to close this trade out?

Fink: That’s the beauty of this technique. If the stock doesn’t move by the end date, the trade simply ends. And nothing needs to be done.

Which means you made $4,800 — or a 94% return — for about five minutes of work.

Pearce: I can’t think of a soul who wouldn’t be tickled with making that kind of money.

Fink: Me either. Especially considering inflation has soared to over 6% in the past few months.

Pearce: Ok, so let’s keep going. Scenario one is that the stock doesn’t move. And the trade is a winner.

But what if the stock does move?

Fink: Well, here’s the thing…

When I take the money from the folks who are betting on a rise or a fall…

I build a cushion into the trade so there’s room for the stock to move.

In this case, Autodesk could have fallen all the way to $131 — or jumped to $144 — and you still would have won… and kept all the money.

Pearce: Genius. But what if it goes up too much or falls too much?

Fink: Well, in addition to the cushion I bake into every trade…

I also put a unique twist in the instructions that amounts to an insurance policy…

And thanks to that safety net, you could have still made a profit.

Let’s say Autodesk jumped above $145 but didn’t hit $150… you would have lost money to the investor who was betting the stock would go up.

But you wouldn’t lose enough to wipe out the full $4,800 you collected upfront.

So you still profit… just not as much as if Autodesk hadn’t moved at all.

Pearce: And the same holds true if it falls?

Fink: Yep. As long as share prices don’t fall below $125.

The only way you could have lost money on the Autodesk trade was if share prices made a drastic move one way or the other…

And even then, your loss would not only be offset by the money you collected upfront…

But it would also be capped by the “insurance” I built in.

So your absolute downside max would have been $515 per contract.

Pearce: That’s powerful stuff, Jim.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is excited about using your program to collect over $3,400 in instant cash from companies like Amgen… $3,500 from McDonald’s… and even $4,100 from Union Pacific.

Especially with the downside protection you build into your trades.

But how often do you come across opportunities like this? Is it once a month? Twice a month? More?

Fink: Definitely more. In fact, I’d say Paragon hits on one of these instant income trades a few times a week.

But I won’t release every single one.

Because as I mentioned, I’ll only recommend the very best trades I find each week.

That way I can do it with total conviction.

That being said, I have an instant income opportunity that meets all my criteria right now.

Investors are placing a massive number of trades betting a popular company’s share price is going to move in a big way after its next earnings call…

But according to my Paragon system, they’re all wrong.

Because it signaled the stock won’t move much one way or the other.

Which means now is the perfect time to use the simple technique I just covered.

And if you follow the step-by-step instructions I send out…

 You could receive an instant cash deposit in your trading account of up to $4,050 or more.

Pearce: That’s the second trade you’ve mentioned….

You’re going to release both of them to your Inner Circle members in the coming days, right?

Fink: Yep. On Monday.

Pearce: Awesome. We’re going to show everyone how to secure a membership to your exciting research advisory in just a minute.

But before we do, is there anything else you want to cover about your Paragon system?

Fink: Actually there is. We’ve mentioned a number of times that Paragon gives you four ways to make money.

And so far, we’ve only covered three of them.

I know we’re running short on time, but if it’s ok with you I’d like to run through the last type of trade as well…

I promise I’ll make it quick.

Pearce: Sure thing.

Fink: Ok great.

The last type of trade I’ll put out for my Inner Circle members is very similar to the instant income move I just covered…

But with one big exception.

Because I’ll add a twist to the step-by-step directions that allows you to collect money multiple times during the same trade…

Which effectively supercharges your payouts.

Pearce: You mean there’s a way to collect even more instant income than the method you just showed us?

Fink: Yes. This move — which I call a “waterfall trade” for reasons you’ll see in just a moment — is the absolute best-of-the-best when it comes to generating cash payouts.

There’s simply nothing more powerful.

For example, a trade on Netflix using the first instant cash technique I covered would have allowed you to collect $5,700…

But with my supercharged method, you could have made a staggering $14,150.

Pearce: That’s nearly two and half times better…

How’s that possible?

Fink: Well, instead of just collecting an instant payout one time…

This trade allows you to rake them in multiple times.

I like to tell people it’s like putting a bucket at the bottom of a waterfall where you’re literally catching the money…

Dumping it into your account…

Then going back for more.

Like not long ago, when you could have instantly collected $1,650 from a Broadcom trade my system singled out…

Then gone back and collected another $100…

And then another $4,950.

For a total of $6,700.

You could have collected an immediate payout of $250 from Intuit…

Then in the weeks that followed…

You could have raked in an additional $3,250…

Then $450…

Then $950…

And finally, one more $450 payout.

Pearce: That’s more than $5,300…

I know I’ve asked this about virtually every technique you’ve covered…

But I’m going to ask it anyway…

If this market move is so powerful, why not use it all the time?

Fink: Well, since my goal is to always release the trade which has the highest profit potential and least amount of risk…

There are times when one of the other techniques is better.

Each method has its own time and place.

That’s why I believe Paragon is the ultimate profit system.

Because instead of being locked into one strategy…

And having to sit on the sidelines when a situation doesn’t fit it perfectly…

I have a way to make money no matter what a stock — or the market as a whole — is doing… or is going to do.

Pearce: I shouldn’t have to say it at this point, but I will anyway…

The power of your system is irrefutable.

And you’re willing to share the trades it pinpoints?

Fink: Yes. Everyone who becomes a member of my Inner Circle today will get access to them.

Pearce: I know you’re excited to finally open the doors to this advisory again… and everyone here at Investing Daily is as well.

Would you mind telling our viewers more about it now?

Fink: Sure. The Inner Circle is the crown jewel of my services. And it’s the home to Paragon.

As you’ve seen during our time together, Jim, this system is perfect for people who are ambitious profit seekers…

Folks who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and upgrade from the pedestrian gains that come from buy-and-hold strategies…

To a program that allows you to quickly — and in some cases, instantly — extract extraordinary amounts of money from the market.

Every Monday, I’ll send an email to my readers with the details on the best profit opportunities Paragon turned up for the week.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to make the trades… including the simple instructions you can enter right into your online account… or even read word-for-word to your broker.

Pearce: And earlier you said none of the trades you put out should take more than seven minutes to enter?

Fink: Well, it depends on which technique I’m using. The one move is so simple you can probably do it in a minute or two at the most.

But for the most part, seven minutes is probably about right.

Having said that, this isn’t a race.

You don’t make more money by entering them faster.

Pearce: Of course. And there’s more to the emails than just the trade instructions, right?

Fink: Absolutely. I walk through the signals that tipped Paragon off to the opportunity…

I explain the rationale for the technique I’m going to use…

How it works…

How much money you could make…

The factors that could affect the outcome…

And of course, the easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the trade.

Pearce: Jim, I think you’re selling yourself short here…

Because according to what subscribers to your existing services tell us…

What you send out each week basically amounts to a masterclass in options trading…




Fink: That’s flattering. And I guess you could look at it that way…

But I’m not under the illusion that everyone is going to want to understand how my system finds these opportunities…

Or why I’m using one trade over the others, though.

I know some folks are simply going to open their email each week…

Grab the instructions…

And go place the trade.

I’m perfectly fine with that.

Pearce: Of course. And the bottom line is, no matter which route you choose…

You’re always guaranteed to come away with a simple recommendation that could help you make up to 18x more than buy-and-hold investors.

And you can do it by risking less of your money.

Remember, to kick off the re-opening of his Inner Circle advisory…

Jim is going to release two new trades on Monday.

The week after that he’ll send out two more.

And he’ll continue doing that virtually every week…

For an entire year.

Which means when you join him today, you’ll get a guaranteed shot at profiting from nearly 100 trades.

More importantly, you’ll be covered by my outrageous promise that if the gains from Jim’s closed trades don’t add up to 1,000% in the next 12 months…

I’ll have him work for you free of charge for another year.

Fink: You’re talking about winners and losers?

Pearce: Yep. It’s only fair if it includes all your closed trades for the year.

Fink: I agree. But what if it’s close…

I mean, what if the total gains add up to 988%…

Pearce: Well, even though they would have the chance to make the kind of profits most investors only dream about…

All they have to do is call our VIP services line…

And we’ll add another year of your Inner Circle to their account free of charge.

Because as far as I’m concerned it means we didn’t deliver on my promise that you’d give them the opportunity to bank 1,000% gains.

Any objections to that?

Fink: Well, I don’t make guarantees. That’s not my job.

But at the same time, I don’t see why you couldn’t make really good money with my recommendations.

Pearce: Me either. Especially considering what you’ve done for readers of your other services.

I mean, one investor let us know he made $106,000 following your work.

Another says he’s made over $210,000.

Yet another told us his annual return is a staggering 14,000%.

And we even heard from a couple who is building a house with the profits from your trades.

Fink: Well… not everyone does that well of course.

But it’s not hard to understand why messages like those thrill me even more than when I made my own fortune.

Because it means I’ve had a hand in changing someone else’s life for the better.

Pearce: Agreed. They’re also what gives me the confidence to stand behind your work.

Because you already have a long, storied history of helping regular investors make fantastic sums of money.

And I simply don’t see any way you won’t crush the 1,000% profit goal I’ve set.

It’s also why I believe we could easily charge $25,000 to become a member of your Inner Circle.

Fink: We probably could. But that’s not why I created this service.

I’ve already made enough money using my Paragon system to retire early and live the rest of my life in comfort.

I don’t have a boss.

I don’t punch a clock.

The only things I do at this point are the things I love…

Like spending time with my family… traveling…

And of course, sharing my moneymaking secrets with regular investors so that they can do what they love more often, too.

Which is why I’ve set the price for a membership to my Inner Circle at only $2,995.

Pearce: That’s still not cheap.

Fink: Well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

I designed the Inner Circle for people who are committed to making a lot of money. Fast.

And my experience has been that the folks who have the most success with my programs are the ones serious enough to put some real skin in the game…

And are ok with the fact that all sales are final.

Pearce: Well, I can’t argue with that. I know it’s hard to believe someone would sign up for a service like yours…

Make some money on a few trade recommendations…

Then request a refund.

But it happens more than you think.

Fink: It does. And since I’m only opening 150 new memberships…

I simply can’t afford to let anyone take a spot who’s not truly committed to making money this way.

Pearce: I think everyone would agree that’s fair, Jim.

Especially considering I’m going out on a limb and guaranteeing anyone who joins will have the opportunity to rake in total profits of 1,000%…

In the next 12 months alone.

Which means if they took part in every trade… at virtually any level…

They’d make enough to cover your membership fee many times over.

Having said that, I know the current price tag may put your Inner Circle out of reach for some folks.

So would you be ok slashing $1,000 off the price to get the ball rolling?

Which means anyone who joins today will be doing it for only $1,995.

Fink: I’m perfectly fine with that.

As long as anyone who takes us up on the discount commits to investing the money they save into the trades I put out.

Pearce: Sounds reasonable to me.

Well, Jim… I know I promised I’d only tie you up for about 30 minutes and it looks like we’ve gone past that…

So before I cover everything that comes with a membership in your Inner Circle

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Fink: Just that I can’t wait to meet everyone who signs up…

And hang on to your hats, because you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Pearce: Great. Thanks so much for you time, Jim.

Fink: My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Ok, let’s take a moment to review everything you get when you join his Inner Circle.

First and foremost — you’ll get the simple instructions for two trades he’s working on now.

They’re the perfect way to kickoff your moneymaking journey in Jim’s groundbreaking service…

One that could have you sitting on total gains of 1,000% by this time next year.

Maybe more.

Then every Monday, you’ll get a new trade alert.

Each one will give you the opportunity to take part in investments like Booking Holdings which went up 114%…

Facebook soared 137%…

Nike jumped 182%…

Lam Research shot up 211%…

Vertex Pharmaceuticals delivered 246%…

And Tiffany & Co. exploded for a one-day gain of 433%.

You’ll also get access to unique trades that allow you to collect upfront trading profits like $3,550 on Deere & Co…

$3,450 from Amgen…

$3,500 from McDonald’s…

$4,150 from Union Pacific…

And even a staggering $14,150 from Netflix.

Remember, every alert comes with a full write up on the opportunity including the simple instructions you need to make the trades in seven minutes or less.

And when it’s time to get out of a trade, Jim will notify you by sending you a flash alert via email… and by text message if you like…

alertMore than likely, it will be a message letting you know it’s time to take your profits.

But no matter what the reason, you’ll always get the full details on what’s happening…

So that by the end of the alert you’ll know exactly why it’s time to make a move…

And how to do it.

Because just like everything Jim does… he’ll provide simple instructions you can follow word-for-word in your trading account.

You’ll also get his Inner Circle Blueprint.

report coverInside this valuable report, Jim lays out exactly how each of the trades he’ll recommend works.

He explains in a no-nonsense way what has to happen for you to make a profit.

And he’ll reveal a move you can make to prevent a loss when a trade goes against you.

I’ve never seen anyone break down options so simply like Jim does in this never-seen-before document…

And you’ll get it free when you join his Inner Circle.

You’ll also get the password that unlocks the members-only website.

Inside you’ll find every report and alert Jim ever puts out…

The full Inner Circle portfolio that serves as a scorecard for all your trades…

And over 50 other valuable tools including profit calculators, trade simulators, and strategy lessons.

But the most powerful thing you’ll get there is access to the Inner Circle message board.

Because that’s where you’ll have the chance to interact with fellow traders to share thoughts, tips, and even get answers to your questions.

Jim’s a very hands-on guy…

So don’t be surprised that if you ever do ask a question there…

You actually get an answer from the man himself.

Members of his other services love this feature.

And it’s not hard to understand why…




This kind of support is virtually unheard of these days — especially when you consider it’s coming directly from an analyst as accomplished as Jim.

And it’s one of the many reasons why thousands of regular investors pay good money to join his services each year.

But here’s the thing…

If you want to become a member of his Inner Circle

Where he promises to release his very best — most profitable — trades…

You’ve got to make your move now.

We’re only letting 150 people join this service total.

I wish it could be more.

But Jim was adamant that we keep the numbers low so he could make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve.

When we hit the 150th member, this deal will automatically close out. No exceptions.

And considering we’re sharing this interview with nearly 300,000 people…

This is probably going to be your one — and only — chance to join.

To see all the details for this exclusive opportunity, simply click the button at the bottom or your screen now.

Remember, Jim Fink is one of the world’s foremost options experts…

And you’ve already heard from regular people just like you who made a small fortune following his lead…

Like Rich Franklin, who made $106,000…


Dan Godfrey made more than $200,000…


Tim W. made over $32,000 in only two months…


And Terry P. is building a home with the profits he’s made.


Now it’s your turn.

Click the button below to review the details on how you can see 1,000% gains in the next year by joining Jim Fink’s Inner Circle.

This is Jim Pearce, signing off.

Thanks for watching the Ultimate Profits Summit.

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