Double your money in a year and they’ll call you a genius.

Double your money in a WEEK?

On a stock that actually went DOWN?

They’ll call you a liar… yet that’s precisely what I did, using this dead-simple trading move.

Take a look. Here’s the stock going down…

Here’s my account balance going up…

And I have to think that pretty much any American with a heartbeat is probably looking for this EXACT kind of trade right now…

Our year got off to a rocky start, to say the least.

But with the kind of profits you’ll hear about today, you’re on the verge of a quick 180 that could make this the BEST year of your life as an investor.

In fact, double your money in a week is probably the LEAST exciting potential outcome we’ll discuss today.

Because my research shows that you’ve personally got $124,160 at stake with your first set of these “Zombie Trades.”

So I can’t wait to show you how I learned to do this myself… and how easy it’ll be for you to follow suit.

(If you have a web browser on your home computer or smartphone… a sharp pencil… and a post-it note… that’ll be the only “equipment” you need to master this pro trading move today.)

My name is Jim Pearce.

Glad to finally meet you up close and personal.

I’m the Chief Investment Analyst at Investing Daily — and I’d like to welcome you to my first-ever live trading tutorial.

The breakthrough strategy I’m about to teach you in this step-by-step presentation originated more than a decade ago, when I was managing $50 million for so-called “high net-worth” clients…

In plain English: really really rich ones.

The kind of investors who call double your money in a week “a nice start”

And boy, were they demanding.

Which led me to develop a secret trading strategy that proved to be at least a decade ahead of its time.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how I snuck it out in a briefcase… used it to build my own dream retirement… and refined it so that ANY investor with just a few hundred bucks can get started.

It’s the sum total of my entire career in finance, right up until today.

For the first time ever… I’m FINALLY releasing it to everyone watching this exclusive tutorial.

In just a few minutes, actually.

Let’s start the tutorial by looking at the white-hot win streak this trading strategy is on — in the past few months alone.

Pretty good, right?

But I want to warn you — please don’t scribble those ticker symbols down and open your brokerage account.

Here’s why:

  1. I have some even fresher trade recommendations you will be writing down, if you stick with me… brand-new ones that haven’t “popped” yet
  2. You’re not going to be buying ANY stocks today… not in the usual way
  3. The 3 “Zombies” that I’ll reveal shortly are all terrible businesses that are headed straight DOWN

Yes, the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to bag huge, fast gains like these, by betting against stocks… instead of for them.

Let that sink in.

You already understand how to make money when a good stock goes up.

But man, is it hard to get that one right.

And now you know… you can ALSO make money when a bad stock goes down.

Which is a very powerful change to the way you invest now.

Because it’s way, way easier to spot a rotten apple than pick the best one in the barrel

That’s something that common sense tells you.

(I don’t know who’s going to win the Kentucky Derby — but I know for sure it ain’t the horse that’s limping after the first turn.)

But until today, common sense was where most ordinary investors were forced to stop.

Because they never knew how EASY it could be to follow through on that kind of high-conviction downward bet.

So if you want a complicated, multi-leg “iron condor” derivative trade, a slow-bleeding “short-sell” technique, or a credit swap that takes a million bucks just to ante in…

Well, go watch some other tutorial.

Right here, we’re going to make this simple & quick:

With 1 easy adjustment to the way you normally trade a stock…

You’ll have everything you need to start betting against these “rotten apples” — or as professional traders call them, “Zombies” — for a potential six-figure payout in the coming weeks.

Silence your phone, put the dog out in the yard, whatever you need to do to lock in your attention… because I don’t want you to miss what could be your single biggest wealth-generating lesson of the next decade.

Remember, this is the only trade I personally use to win BIG — from losing, half-dead stocks that are surprisingly easy to spot.

Although my trading system takes it a step further… by pinpointing which ones will produce the very highest “reverse gains”… and WHEN.

To be clear:

When you have a look at the ones I’m pointing to you today, I think you’ll agree that they deserve to go down.

(Or at least that you deserve to get rich betting against them.)

All YOU do is place an easy, 2-minute trade so when THEY drop… YOU profit

CNBC declares that “[This] simple strategy reaps massive profits.”

Investopedia calls this type of trade a “way to survive and prosper in a bear market.”

But that’s the ‘pure analyst’ view.

The real-life view is that this trade makes your real life FEEL so much better.

So I’m fully confident that you can turn your completely reasonable hesitation & frustration upside-down, with this new method.

Because now that America has entered yet another “Zombie Market,” similar to what we saw in 2000 and 2008, but even bigger…

There are MORE winning trade opportunities waiting for you here than we’ve EVER seen before

Furthermore, my data shows some of these individual trades hold 10x greater potential this time around.

Giving you a once-in-a-lifetime shot to go after monster profits…

Fast-money wins like 74x your money in 9 days, 116x your money in 14 days, and even 480x your money in 9 days, just to name a few.

Take this “Zombie Trade” on Boeing. It’s one of the biggest we’ve seen so far this year.

You know Boeing, the guys who make airplanes… or more accurately, the professional government lobbyists who make defective airplanes in their spare time as a hobby.

Earlier this year — even before Coronavirus — Boeing’s stock was falling out of the sky.

By the time it was done, they were down by -48%.

Billions of stockholder value, gone, poof.

(Right before the board of directors snatched up another $17 billion government bailout, and started handing it to… themselves.)

So would you believe you could have walked away a millionaire trading Boeing two weeks later?

Maybe not, but look at this…

If you’d played the “Zombie Trade” on Boeing, instead of betting on Boeing’s stock, during the EXACT same time period…

You could have bailed out your own retirement with a simple mouse click:

Listen, I know how crazy this looks. And to be sure, this example is exceptional.

Which is why I wanted to get you warmed with smaller, more conservative examples… so you could put things in perspective without getting carried away.

But yes — in just sixteen days earlier this year — that trade on a losing stock could’ve turned every $1,064 you invested, into A STONE COLD MILLION.

Even crazier…

You could have gotten in for just EIGHT BUCKS! On a 940x your money windfall that shot up even higher than any of the winners we saw in our tutorial pregame this past week…

And that tiny $8 investment… would’ve grown into $7,520.

Now we’re going to get into a handful more of these real-life trades, and if you’ll believe it, some of them even more profitable than this Boeing win.

So kick back, and get ready for a fun ride.

Now usually gains like this are only possible if you’re a private equity investor with privileged deal access, like those “sharks” you see on TV.

(Who actually lose at least 9 out of 10 times, like they’re playing roulette.)

Or if you’re an “accredited” investor — like those high-roller clients I used to serve.

(Getting accredited is not a test like the SAT. It simply means you have at least $1 million to invest at any given time.)

But with today’s unusual strategy, all you need to get into these explosive trades is a web browser and an internet connection.

Because the tiny adjustment I’ll teach you today turns a normal stock trade into a “Zombie Trade.” Which means you can “go short” like the pros do.

But remember, that label “go short” is just something convenient to tell your wife or your golf buddy when you’re trying to explain why you’re so excited about the trades you made today.

See, that’s what makes the trade I use so appealing — not only to pros but to contrarian-thinking amateurs too…

You can buy these financial contracts for dirt-cheap prices.

We’re talking PENNIES on the dollar here — I’ll reveal one ticker symbol in the next part of my tutorial that will cost you just over $1 a pop

No wonder CNBC calls this unusual approach:

Like I said: I’ll be putting the first 3 “Zombie Trade” tickers in the palm of your hands, in just a few minutes.

The potential gains here are nearly 20x your money…

That’s how you can take a year that looks like THIS…

Into THIS…

Of course, anyone can dream, but the fact you’ve joined me here today means you’re a person of action.

Which is why I want to show you a real trade from this year on JP Morgan, the infamous Wall Street investment bank.

Here’s what I want you to focus on:

We said that our profits go UP when a “Zombie Stock” goes DOWN…

So how do they go so MUCH HIGHER & FURTHER up?

Like your dad launching you straight up on a playground seesaw?

In the case of JP Morgan, it wasn’t hard to figure out where the “down” came from.

(Remember — these are exactly the kind of insights my trading system pinpoints by going deep into the underlying data BEFORE this kind of cold-shower news hits the financial squawkbox.)

What happened next is about what you’d expect.

JP Morgan shed $76.3 billion in market cap value in a matter of just nine days… not a pretty sight for a bank whose singular purpose is stacking money in a pile.

So while the bankers watched their precious stock slide down -27%… and strangled their Porsche steering wheels on the drive out to the Hamptons…

If you’d spotted this “Zombie Trade,” you’d have been stacking up a lot more than just a positive 27%.

Here’s what would’ve happened:

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The “Zombie Trade” could have made you 74x your money in under a week.

Enough to turn a $50 investment into $3,717. Or $100 into $7,434.

Six days later, a similar “Zombie” opportunity occurred on Walgreens.

They had spent years over-expanding — a typical “Zombie” move by their CEO — biting off more than he could chew.

Then they finally bit the bullet, and admitted to Wall Street that their profits were down by more than half.

Walgreens got clobbered, losing -37% of its value in just 6 days…

Leaving stockholders with their stomachs down by their ankles:

And leaving some “Zombie Traders” with a cool 6x their money in those same 6 days.

If you’d placed $500 into this “Zombie Trade,” you’d have stacked up a nice $3,275 win.

Hey look, I know the idea of hauling home your own 6X, 74X, and even 940X jackpots probably feels unreal.

But in the remainder of today’s tutorial, you’re going to see first hand how this breakthrough works, and…

How just $10,000… into three “done-for-you” trades… could hand you HALF-A-MILLION dollars right out the gate.

I’m talking about a 2-minute move that flips losing stocks, like this -59% stinker on JC Penney:

Into “Zombie Trade” wins like this one just 10 days later:

And turns this -19% buy & hold nightmare ride on Exxon Mobil:

Into mind-bending 7-day windfalls like this one:

Which could have ballooned a tiny $100 starting investment into $8,780.

But the “Zombie Trade” that left me laughing with sheer exhilaration was this one on Kroger, the national grocery chain.

Why was this one a “Zombie?” The answer was buried deep in their Q3 investor earnings call, which grandly announced a new strategy called Restock Kroger.

What they said — and I quote — “We’re redefining how America eats.”

What they meant — “If we use enough buzzwords, we’ll magically become Amazon. Please don’t look too close but our revenue just went DOWN.”

Talk is cheap. The stock dropped 20.5% between June 9th and June 16th.

But the “Zombie Trade” was even cheaper — JUST A SINGLE MEASLY PENNY to “flip” each share — and it would have redefined your portfolio.

Posting a 39,400% gain, or 395x your money.

Imagine if you’d scraped together a few more pennies, say the amount that you’d spend at a Kroger grocery in a typical year — and invested it in this trade.

You would have literally made enough to BUY THE WHOLE STORE.

It’s amazing seeing what one of these trades can do. Even better, is learning how to make them 3 times, 4 times, even 6 times per month.

Again & again. (Or just… whenever you feel like it.)

I hope that makes you feel great. As for me, to be honest, I still feel a weight on my shoulders about this.

I’m sorry. Here’s my $124,160 promise to make it up to you…

It’s taken me a long time to come clean with this life-changing strategy.

For years, I didn’t share this with ANYONE.

Not my friends. Not my boss. Not even my own wife.

I’ll tell you why I waited so long towards the end of this presentation.

But I’ll tell you right now why I had to STOP waiting. And put all these cards on the table for you today.

Because where you’re at right now… I’ve been there before. Twice.

First in late 2000, then in early 2008.

It looked daunting, at first — but I sailed my clients through those past “Zombie Markets” without a scratch, leaving them (and me) even richer than before.

And here we are again in late 2020.

The current situation plaguing U.S. stocks today is so wickedly volatile, I’m afraid for retirees in this country… especially the 64% of Americans on track to retire with less than $10,000 to their name.

This is a fork in the road you may NEVER recover from if you so much as LEAN the wrong way

So, it’s not enough to just SHOW you this tutorial…

That’s just me doing my small part in guiding a handful of thirsty, action-oriented investors to water.

In fact, I’m prepared to do much, much more.

And really, I’d feel sick if I didn’t.

In addition to giving you everything you need to take action on these 2-minute trades that could hand you up to $124,160 — I’m going to add $7,564 worth of further benefits for you that extend into 2021.

More on that later.

But this crossroads also means that — even if all your money is in “safe” dividend paying stocks – I have some bad news:

Some of these “Zombies” could be lurking in your portfolio right now — but this trade can turn that to your advantage

If that’s a wake-up call for you, then great.

That would mean that even if you DON’T use the method I’m about to reveal, and you choose NOT to enter the 3 specific trades I researched for you… you still got something out of this letter.

Again, the whole market smells pretty darn fishy right now, and it’s worth reviewing your strategy to make sure you’re prepared no matter what happens.

After all: You saved up your nest egg with blood & sweat… it’s not “play money.” And your family depends on you to get this right.

Suffice it to say, by the end of this tutorial, I’ll breathe easy.

Because YOU’LL be fully equipped to make the next 12 months:

The single most profitable year of your life. Even if you’ve never so much as bought a stock before…


In the next few weeks alone, this 2-minute move could score you up to $124,160.

But as a wise man once said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

So this is the part of my tutorial where we drill down to the technical reason for WHY this powerful trading method can turn a -23% “frown” into a +9,553% smile.

(Smile? Do you remember what you felt like the first time your elementary school ever had a “snow day”? Get ready to make THAT face again. A lot…)

Because these types of trades aren’t a once-in-a-blue moon occurrence like Hollywood showed you, in movies like The Big Short.

They happen with stunning regularity, if you know where to look:

A bunch of percentages on a spreadsheet can’t do it justice.

So let’s put some cold hard cash on the table:

And this money didn’t take a decades, or even years to make. You could have cashed out in weeks.

Of course, not every trade is pure gravy like these, but don’t be mistaken:

These aren’t quarantine “hallucinations” I spun up this summer from spending too much time at home.

These are real trades pulled from recent stock-market data, in the major U.S. exchanges like the NYSE and the NASDAQ.

But it’s fair to be questioning what’s real and what’s not these days.

In fact — THAT’S the reason this “Zombie” strategy is working especially well in 2020.

  1. You start by choosing the right stock — one with a crippling, hidden weakness that the CEO is trying to sweep under the rug (my 6-layer screen flags these)
  2. Then you choose the right direction — down
  3. Then, whenever common sense prevails — which it does much much faster for individual stocks than it does for the market as a whole — you multiply your gains

Multiply them by what?

By a factor of “implied volatility,” that’s what.

In human language:

The crazier & crazier things get, the HIGHER you multiply your gains

What exactly do I mean by crazy? A few things, for instance…

This seemed pretty crazy, from BBC News:

Then this seemed pretty crazy, from USA Today:

Every week we get thrown for a new loop:

Seems like our whole standard for crazy is being scratched out & rewritten by the day.

As my nephew would say, “hold my beer.” Or as CNBC said recently:


And don’t even get me started on this headline from The Atlantic:

Or this one from The Hill:

Where does it all this volatility leave us?

Imagine a calm wind brushing a tranquil pond. Low “implied volatility” is like the tiny ripples the breeze makes on the water’s surface.

These are less-than-ideal conditions for “Zombie Trades.”

But as chaos GROWS, implied volatility goes up right along with it.

Now it’s more like an open ocean — powerful winds & tidal energy create giant waves…

A perfect storm of potential profit.

Which means that “Zombie” gain multiple goes up, up, up — along with the amount of money you can make.

And meanwhile: ordinary investors are forced to ask the 1 question they can’t possibly answer:

This MUST be the market top, right?

Let me make a precise, scientifically rigorous financial forecast for you:

I don’t know, man.

Nobody does — unless they’re selling you something.

(Even the “smart money” — the Fortune 500 CFOs who manage these stocks — agree these prices are nuts.)

But the beautiful thing is, I don’t need to know whether we’re right at the top, or how much longer we’ll stay there.

And now, neither do you.

Because you know something much more important… chaos, mayhem, and uncertainty is good news when you’re playing “Zombie Trades.”

Again — you’re not trying to time the market as a whole.

So if you feel like puking your guts out from the up-and-down roller coaster of the stock market…

Wondering how to get a handle on your investments & your retirement — when everything in the world feels so far out of your control…

It’s time to try something new.

But really, as different as this seems compared to most investment strategies you’ve heard of:

Your gut instincts and common sense are actually going to AGREE — almost every time — with what my 630,000 point trading algorithm beeps out

That’s what my wife helped me remember yesterday.

During a “dry run” of this tutorial, she noticed a “Zombie Trade” on Victoria’s Secret on my screen.

We’d just watched a documentary about the company’s board chairman, and the creepy friends he was making:

So naturally this trade caught her eye.

Whatever relationship they had with Epstein, my wife was happy to see this Bad-Guy CEO lost -57% of his stock value in a week.

Serves them right, she told me. But what she saw next had her BAFFLED.

She squinted at this chart, turned to me and asked the question you’re now quite familiar with:

“Jim, how do you make 12x your money in a WEEK? While Victoria’s Secret stock was losing???”

“I could tell you all about it, but why don’t I just show you,” I told her.

Then I pulled up the trade chart on my phone… which showed if she’d gotten in Macy’s when its stock fell -40% last year… she would have scored more than 12x her money.

I also showed her how heart-pump maker Abiomed dropped -48% this year. meanwhile… a “Zombie Trade” would’ve pumped 12x more cash than you put in.

Just 6 days later!

$500 into both of those “losers”… would have stacked up into $12,710.

The trigger that sent them plummeting was nothing so obvious as the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Macy’s tried to cheap out by moving too much of their production to China. And reports came out that Abiomed’s Impella heart pump was totally unsafe… which sent investors running.

Very few investors understand know this “short side” strategy exists. Far fewer will ever see it in their lifetime like you’re about to.

And yet, even fewer will ever understand that this trade can actually “cut both ways.”

Which is great news if you’re having a very natural reaction to what I’ve been sharing with you, like:

I’m supposed to bet against these stocks, but what happens if they’re winning?

At this point, you know doesn’t matter what the market as a whole is doing… or what CNN or The Wall Street Journal says about it, either.

It’s about individual stocks, because the whole idea here is to sniff out the “bad apples,” right?

This is a good question (in three parts)… and it’s probably the #1 reason most investors who know about these trades stop short of actually profiting from them.

Which is too bad.

Because first, I’ll remind you that this is NOT traditional short-selling. You’re not exposed to the threat of a painful short squeeze or margin call, where your downside is virtually unlimited.

And second… even Wall Street’s darlings have their “off days”… and that’s exactly when we look to make our move.

In other words, we DO expect that these “Zombies” are pretty close to keeling over… my system’s technical screens have identified hidden risk factors, and blaring red flags.

But much like the “Zombie Market,” which can stagger on for years until it finally flares out…

A “Zombie Stock” can do the same thing.

But that’s nothing to worry about.

Because you’re in and out so fast, all you need is a tiny CRACK in the wall of nonsense that they’re building with their corporate communications mumbo jumbo.

You do NOT need the whole thing to crumble.

Here’s a perfect example, and maybe you can even predict what it is…

You may have even expected to see it on my list of 3 “Zombie” tickers for you to start trading today. (Close but no cigar.)

Tesla, the most overvalued, overhyped stock in the history of… stocks

To the delight of buy-and-hold investors, it’s up 385% since the beginning of the current year.

So you wouldn’t think there’s any money in betting against the electric car champ, right?

Well, not so fast…

Because dead in the middle of Elon Musk’s historic blitz of:

(All of which sent the stock price rocketing UP for some strange reason !!?!?!?!?)

Well, even then you could have entered this “Zombie Trade” on September 1st of this year.

And cashed out 7 days later with nearly 9x your investment. That’s more than DOUBLE what stockholders have made… and 38x faster.

But we’re not done yet. Because:

This trade even worked on CNBC’s “Top Stock of the Decade” — up a remarkable 4,181% in total between 2010-2019 — but a “Zombie Trade” for $1k could’ve turned a periodic downslide into $1 MILLION BUCKS.

I’m talking about Netflix, of course.

In 2011, this streaming titan took a 3-day nosedive when nearly a million of its subscribers revolted against a price raise and quit the service…

And the Netflix you know and love dipped -62%…

Perfect chance to pounce on a “Zombie Trade.” Like this:

Anyone who did it would’ve taken home 1,000x their money.

Yes, as in one-zero-zero-zero.

That’s 24x BETTER than the ordinary buy & hold gains from this “stock-of-the-decade,” all crammed into 3 days.

Believe me, I’ve worked in finance for 32 years and I know the sight of 1000x on a chart might make your eyes glaze over.

Which is why the last thing I show you before unveiling the tutorial is a plain look at how this strategy has changed the lives of walking, breathing folks.

Like Karen B. from Nashville, TN…

This Humble Tennessee Bagel-Maker Shocked Even the Most-Skilled Traders on Wall Street When She Turned a $100k Starting Investment into $41 Million with this kind of Trade

Karen was about to open a bagel shop. She saved up for years. Then she had a better idea…

She started whipping up $28,013 per DAY— with this same type of trade I’m going to show you how to do.

Now of course, it did take 3 years to amass her fortune. And it’s also unlikely you will achieve total gains this high… she made 410x her money!

But would you consider settling for, say, 8x your money? That’s what a 32-year old man from Connecticut did with this type of trade.

Mike B. turned a 726% profit with just 1 “Zombie Trade.”

Enough to turn every $5k invested, into $41,300 — at a time when the S&P 500 returned a measly 2%!

And one of our northern neighbors, an electrical engineer from Halifax, Nova Scotia — scored a 3,400% single-trade jackpot.

Can you imagine it? 35x your money from a single trade?

From a tiny tweak to the way you normally trade stocks.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

But because I don’t personally know the investors whose stories I just shared…

I also want you to hear from a few regular investors I’ve personally guided to success.

Like Grace Engelmann from Omaha Nebraska, who after following my advice, emailed me this:


Or Glen C., a loyal reader of my research, and a multi-millionaire:


So imagine this: Next year, when the family is trading their COVID “war stories” around the table: lost jobs… “Trump checks”… apocalyptic grocery runs…

You’ll probably just remember the easiest trade you ever made… and marvel how two lazy minutes at your computer gave you a shot at making $124,160.

So if you feel good & ready now…


Now that you’ve seen what it looks like, and how easy it is to execute… in as little as 2 minutes. I can’t wait to get this strategy into your hands. Starting with the 3 tickers my trade screener just identified:

The research on my desk here shows it is likely that ALL of these stocks will see a dramatic price drop… in as little as a few days or weeks from now…

Which means there’s a PERFECT opportunity to make a high-profit “Zombie Trade” on one… or all three.

Because for less than the price of a steak dinner with my wife (and a nice Cabernet from Washington’s Columbia Valley), you can buy into every single one of these trades.

If you want to get your feet wet first, and you decide to try out just one of these trades…

You could get started with my strategy today for just a few hundred bucks.

And according to my projections, ordinary investors could make out with an incredible $124,160 — by investing just a small sum into the strategy I first discovered more than a decade ago.

Now, it’s true that I’ve already got the pot of gold, and you’re still at the other end of the rainbow.

So I know it’s easy to jump to conclusions when you look at my achievements…

Like leading our entry-level Personal Finance stock advisory at Investing Daily, which has made 45x our money on Verizon, and 38x our money on Chevron.

Plus dozens of open gains that are killing it for my readers — up 282%… 286%… 420%… even 494%.

And what those achievements have bought me…

A beautiful dream home in historic Alexandria, VA… adventures around the world… scuba dives into crystal-blue waters…

You’d think I had a natural talent for this stuff — far from it!

For years, I was one of those “suits” grinding away in the office from 9am to 9pm.

Sure, that took a lot of energy. But energy was no problem for me back then.

The feeling of managing $50 million at a time, in hundreds of different accounts, for “Big Wig” executives and old money trust fund heirs… sent electric currents through my veins.

I also had the chance to meet all kinds of interesting people at the cutting edge of trading.

In fact, the very first time I ever saw one of these “Zombie Trades”…

I walked into the room where our firm’s “delta team” traded. We liked to hang out and swap strategies from time to time.

While I had risen to the top of my own wealth management discipline — which is very high-touch and client-centered — these guys were sharpening the razor’s edge of pure scientific trading innovation. Doing stuff I’d never imagined in my wildest dreams.

They were trading the “parent” company’s OWN money, so they were authorized to do whatever it took.

I’ll never forget when the smartest of the bunch — let’s call him Kurt — spun around in his office chair, eyes beaming at me — as he screwed the cap on his Diet Mountain Dew bottle…

“Hey Jim,” he said next, “Wanna see how to retire in a single trade?”

“Yeah sure Kurt,” I said, “When you quit sucking down 9 of those sodas a day and smoking those you-know-what’s out behind the building, I’ll believe it.”

But something about his expression felt different, so I saddled up on a chair next to him…

And he showed me an astonishing 2-minute trade that changed everything.

A hidden secret Kurt and his “delta team” buddies were using to generate enormous profits for our company.

And for themselves too.

In exchange, I taught them my own steady-income and risk-reducing strategies they could protect their own families’ wealth with. And you can be sure they were grateful right back at me.

But THEIR concept was so powerful, I soon realized with this single trade alone…

I could write any happy ending I wanted to the story of my life.

Of course, I wasn’t ready for an ending then, even a happy one… I kept on with my day job.

I had clients who trusted me deeply, and who relied on me for their livelihoods. But all that time, I kept learning from these “quants,” and making a LOT of money, too.

I left that firm… and eventually joined the fine folks here at Investing Daily.

(Now that my own ticket was punched, I wanted to help a much wider set of investors than just those elite high-rollers.)

I had signed various ‘Non-Disclosure agreements,’ which prohibited me from revealing the full details of what I did for my clients in that earlier time period, using secret trading strategies like these.

But after poring over my contracts, and discovering no legal barriers prevented me from using the core pricing formula from Kurt’s “delta” strategy… I frantically scribbled down everything I’d learned… shoved it in my briefcase… and took it with me the day I left.

And in the 12 years that followed… I’ve never mentioned this strategy to a single soul, until now.

Today I’m proud to present my official, reader-ready M.A.Y.H.E.M. trading system

After I left that successful career as a “white-shoe” wealth manager, with this special trade in my playbook…

Part of me was thinking:

“You’re set! Time to pack it up and cash it in.”

“Hawaii… the Maldives… Costa Rica!! We can go anywhere.”

Maybe you’ve played the movie in your head where you win the lottery. Well, I felt like I had the dang winning powerball numbers in my pocket.

A tool I could whip out anytime, anywhere, to make HUGE, FAST profits.

But I couldn’t deny the gut feeling that maybe… just maybe… I might be able to make this thing BETTER.

Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me.

My wife thought I had a screw loose, trying to “make a Ferrari drive faster” and all, but honestly, it’s in my nature.

I could feel it deep in my bones… I could do better. I had to.

I had to make the system run automatically so that even the newer readers on could use it… even if they’d never invested before. The folks who can’t afford to let this “Zombie Market” get the upper hand.

They might never look under the hood. But the engine would keep right on humming anyway.

How could I ever sleep, knowing I never tried to do that?

So that’s how today’s revolutionary M.A.Y.H.E.M. system was born.

If you’re ready to get started with my trading system, click the button below right now. You’ll still have time to review the details of your Charter Member offer.

But of course, after sharing this story, it’s only fair to give you a quick peek under the hood if you want further assurance this can work for YOU.

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The first letter, M stands for...

1. Mispriced Sector

The higher they climb up, the farther they fall down.

That’s why the first part of my data screen casts a wider net across the global markets — sweeping through 630,000 stocks — to decide which stock market sectors are:

  1. Disproportionately overpriced
  2. About to experience a selloff

That’s what happened with the tech sector in 2018:

One of the better “Zombie Trades” to come out of that year started with a -25.9% selloff for IBM, which had underlying weaknesses much worse than other tech companies...

You could have picked up 58x your money through the October selloff, with a Halloween cash out of $117,000 for every $2,000 you invested.

The next screen after that is one that we touched on already.

2. Accelerating Volatility

Your feelings say the whole world is spinning off its axis…

The numbers agree… they just call it “volatility”... and it looks like this inside my computer:

That filter you see eats through millions of data points per day: crunching through endless gigabytes of trade volume, advanced decline lines, Bollinger bands and more...

And precise, multi-variate quantitative measurement is critical here.

Because it separates the surface-level volatility… like minor intraday swings and petty chitter-chatter...

...from the deeper-rooted, persistent, and correct doubts about certain stocks.

(In plain English, this step helps sort the temporarily “wounded” stocks… from the actual “Zombie” stocks.)

After a set of stocks meets these initial two requirements… they move on to the next part of the stock screen.

3. “You’re Fake”

In the era of “fake news” it should be no surprise what you see is rarely what you get in the stock market.

Pre-Internet, they hid all this fakery on hard-copy documents, in locked drawers. Now they hide it in their online disclosures.

That’s why my system screens for the 3 most common ways a stock is “faking it.”

  1. Fake Revenues

The first is misreported revenues, or fake sales. I’ve seen this horror show first hand, and I remember when I started hearing whispers among my higher-up clients at Xerox, that a BIG accounting “anomaly” was about to smack their ship like an iceberg.

Then the news broke: the world’s biggest maker of copy machines flat-out lied about how much money it was making... by fudging TEN DIGITS.

Before the scandal sent Xerox reeling, its stock reached $155 per share, at the peak of the 2000-era "Zombie Market." By the end, it was scraping the bottom of the barrel at just $12 per share.

Remember, this kind of market mayhem multiplies profits for “Zombie Traders” like us. But many Xerox employees had their entire retirement locked up in regular old company stock.

(Yes, a “Zombie” can hurt real people, real bad.) Here’s another way that happens:

  1. Fake Profits:

Same nonsense on the bottom line instead of the top line. We already paid a visit to Tesla’s 3-ring circus tent today, so we’ll consider this one covered.

And move on to:

  1. Fake Assets

Remember a little company called Enron? Enron hid planet-sized chunks of bad debt and toxic assets from investors and creditors.

Everyone knows the story, but few know the name Jim Chanos.

Chanos had nothing to do with Enron... he was just an investor who dug deep into the books, and found a company built on a bedrock of fake assets. And he became an investing legend thanks to the special type of trade he made.

So how do WE find the next Enron?

Well, by the time my trading system moves to this next screen, we’ve crossed over from finding companies with hidden flaws, to sorting out which one will make us the MOST money…

4. High Valuation Ratios

You can think of this as the “how naked is the emperor?” step.

And we can actually measure that answer precisely.

By using a suite of ratios like Price-to-Sales, Price-to-Cash-Flow, and Price-to-Earnings-Growth — I’m able to paint a detailed picture of how much investors on the “long” side are overpaying.

For example, in November 2015, when revenues undershot investor expectations for Fossil Group, the watchmaker.

Shares plummeted an astonishing -66% in a matter of 13 days:

But traders who saw the writing on the wall, and made this “Zombie” move on Fossil...

… Watched their stake shoot through the ceiling, up a nice 2,560%... for 26x their money.

The real problem with high valuation multiples? They assume a perfect future will unfold… without a wrinkle... for YEARS to come.

Imagine how BP felt about their oil rigs in the Gulf right before Deepwater Horizon exploded in 2010.

(Or how foolish every airline, hotel, or movie theater stockholder felt when their “perfect future” melted away this year due to COVID-19.)

The question isn’t whether something will go wrong… but when they’ll fall, and by how much.

And THAT determines whether we’ll have the opportunity to profit A WHOLE LOT when they inevitably fall to earth… or A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD.

That’s the purpose of the next screen, too. It looks for:

5. Excessive Debt

Just like most homeowners, companies own equity with some level of debt mixed in. Balance is everything.

Too little debt, and they’re missing out on owning a bigger house for no reason. Too much debt, and they’ll default – and LOSE the house.

On the “short” side we’re looking for companies that are stuffed to the gills with high-interest debt. It makes them fragile, and prone to suffer a downward spiral if they default even once.

So my system flags high-debt stocks as attractive “Zombie” targets.

While companies that own most of their assets free and clear – WITHOUT piles of debt – are unattractive targets for "Zombie Trades." Because they’re running their business the right way!

That’s why truly strong companies like Apple and Berkshire Hathaway never pop out of my system as “Zombies,” even when they occasionally meet the first few criteria.

(What’s more, you can tell the difference between CEOs who show real leadership, even if they’re far from perfect… the Tim Cooks, Warren Buffetts, and Mark Cubans...)

And, on the other side, the “Zombies”... Lifeless. Trying to distract you from the stinking, rotting core of their dying companies.

But before we can be certain we’ve got a true "Zombie" in our sights, there’s one final box that needs to get checked:

6. Micro-Shock Event

Even when we’ve got our crosshairs dead-center on a “Zombie”...

There’s still a final key step to ensure you’re only getting the biggest, fastest trade on the market.

In the same way a zombie can drag its feet along, half-alive, half-dead —

Hollowed-out companies like these are surprisingly resilient.

It takes a “catalyst” or trigger to send them into a slide… like a trade war, a bad earnings report, a hurricane, a wildfire, a citywide riot, a surprising election result, you name it...

Take Wynn Resorts (WYNN), the Las Vegas casino and hotel company.

With sales down 27%, and heavy exposure to the Chinese gambling market, all it took was one little “Micro Shock” to send its share price careening.

This was before COVID. I said a micro event!

What happened was, the Chinese government decided to devalue its own currency... and with 83% of its receivable cash coming from China, Wynn got hammered by this decision.

But investors who pounced on this "Zombie Trade" with Wynn, turned every $500 into $30,300, in the same few nasty weeks.

Now as you know, the first 5 screens are purely quantitative.

And any company that passes all of them is the kind of “born loser” we’re looking for when we go short.

But with this final layer, the idea is that you’re not only getting the best-of-the-best "Zombie Stocks"...

You’re getting trades on the verge of a major price movement, which could explode in a matter of DAYS

And this requires a more hands-on approach:

I personally scour the financial news, my own personal connections, and macroeconomic trends...

To pinpoint specific, fast-approaching “Micro Shock” events that will likely trigger a selloff… and a "Zombie Trade" profit opportunity.

Like I just finished doing... well past midnight last night… for the 3 tickers I’m giving you today.

(Completely free, as a “thank you” for joining my first-ever online tutorial, and as a “sorry” for keeping this move to myself for so long.)

Here’s the long road my system took to get them to you:

But your road to the finish line is much shorter -- from your fingertip to the button on top of your mouse.

Click the button below to gain access to my breakthrough M.A.Y.H.E.M. trading system now.

Yes! Unlock my 3 Zombie Trades & Show me the MAYHEM

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Look, no matter how many numbers & charts I show you for proof, no matter how much I take you “under the hood” of how my system works…

I know this whole idea probably still feels weird.

Betting against stocks, and winning like never before.

Is that even... fair?

And what does it mean when you’re doing this to American companies?

It’s a fair question, and the answer might surprise you.

The whole point of a "Zombie Trade" for YOU is to make money hand over fist.

But the whole point of a "Zombie Trade" for the benefit of America -- is to stick a “red flag” on a stock for being FAKE.

The point is… this is perfectly fair. Everyone gets what they deserve.

And you deserve a LOT more than you’ve had before today.

Add it all up:


And what do you get? This:

Announcing My New Elite Trading Advisory:
Mayhem Trader

Consider this:

99 out of 100 investors go their whole life without discovering even ONE of the sort of trade opportunities we’ve been discussing.

They’re reserved for the super-duper elite. The guys that operate behind the security guards and the “velvet rope.”

But you?

You’re going to see TWO of them -- piping hot from the oven -- right now.

(I made you wait long enough.)

And yes, you’ll see the name of the company AND the ticker. No bait & switch.

But I do want to offer you the chance to extend the conversation we’ve had today.

So you can officially lock in & secure your full access to the "Zombie Trades" my 6-part screener churns out… every time a new trade alert hits.

Because through this limited Charter invitation, you have the opportunity to claim your personal copies of:

(Ticker: TMUS)

report coverThe Mobile Phone Mafia: How T-Mobile’s $26 Billion Mistake Could Make YOU Rich

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This easy-to-read report will tell you everything you need to know about this phone giant’s Achilles’ heel… and how to play a “Zombie Trade” on it, for up to 22x your money.

T-Mobile rushed headlong into a $26 Billion merger with its competitor Sprint. A move motivated by greed, hubris, and a controversial CEO named John Legere. Who just months after the biggest M&A deal in T-Mobile’s history… vanished off the face of the planet, with the check in hand. That’s the red flag of the century.

Next, you’ll gain instant access to this second valuable resource too:

(Ticker: BLL)

report coverThe Canning Conundrum: How To Cash in When This Severely Overpriced Company Crashes Back to Earth

*minimum buy-ins can vary slightly during the trading day

First, the good news. Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) is one of the best in the business at manufacturing aluminum cans and other packaging that is used primarily by beverage distributors around the world.

Now, the bad news (or the better news if you're a "Zombie" trader)...

After appreciating 50% over the past six months, Ball is valued at the same multiple as Alphabet... and only slightly below Apple.

The problem is, unlike these high-growth tech companies... this slow-growth consumer staples business' revenue fell nearly 10%, while its earnings per share plunged 52%.

As a Charter Member of Mayhem Trader You’ll Get Detailed, Easy-to-Follow Instructions Showing You:

I’ll include precise trade details including the option expiration date and strike price… so you can literally copy + paste this trade into ANY brokerage platform.

As well as a full inside look at the negative trajectory of the stock, plus detailed price charts for a live view of all the money you could be making while the trade is open.

Your exclusive copy of the report outlines this trade in plain English.

And if you do have any questions, the friendly support staff will be able to answer any questions you have (of course we can’t give any personalized investing advice)…

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But if your question was… “where’s that third Zombie you promised me?”

It’s right here:

(Ticker: SQM)

report coverTesla’s Battery Buddy: An Easier Way to “Short” the Green New Deal for 25X Your Money

*minimum buy-ins can vary slightly during the trading day

Sociedad Química, a Chilean company -- supplies the key ingredient for Elon Musk’s fraud-on-wheels, Tesla Motors. They mine the lithium that goes into the batteries. (Which by the way, is the least environmentally friendly process you could possibly imagine.) Hitching your wagon to the most overhyped company in history… what could go wrong?

Tesla WILL fall. But it could take years. Elon Musk’s great con knows no limits… he controls the media with Twitter, and the politicians with lobbying. So this is a much easier, faster, and more direct way to “go short” on Tesla, and the whole “Green New Deal.” By literally cutting off its fuel supply.

With these first 3 "Zombie Trades" alone… you’ll be well on your way to locking in a potential $124,610 “triple kill”...

But I also realize that making a new type of trade for the first time can feel daunting.

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hero shot

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And speaking of “next”... if this year’s taught me anything: it’s to expect the unexpected.

So guess what JUST happened…

Right before I finished writing you this letter...

A NEW trade alert pointing us to a “Zombie Stock” in the travel sector.


This Travel "Zombie" Just Popped Up on My M.A.Y.H.E.M. Screen…

Let me start by stating the obvious fact that when COVID hit, travel stocks took it on the chin in a big way.

And they stayed in the basement until just a few days ago, when Pfizer announced promising results for its vaccine.

That clearly bodes well for our long-term future...

And the minute the news hit the wire, overeager investors drove up the price of the company's stock I'm targeting nearly 40%.

The problem is... it could be six months or longer until enough people have been vaccinated to achieve the herd immunity needed to make large group activities safe again...

So they pulled the trigger too soon.

Which simply means the profit potential from “shorting” here could be life-changing.

But before I give you the ticker of this last stock -- I need to be 100% crystal clear on one thing.

I can ONLY release this Bonus Pick to the first 50 Charter Members today…

The analysis in front of me indicates this trade is simply so sensitive that it could be compromised if a flood of investors go all in on it.

Thus, to protect motivated members like you, this offer is ONLY for people who are serious about getting rich with “Zombie Trades.” And there will be no refunds. Doing so would waste the time of the vital researchers on my team, and my own. So please, don’t delay another moment. Remember: there’s as much as $124,160 at stake from your first 3 trades alone.

Not to mention, this 4th trade that’s only just now been flagged by my system.

Mayhem Trader Fast-Action Bonus Gift

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report coverHow to “Quick Short” the Next Travel Industry Plunge

(Ticker: CCL)

*bonus points for “deja vu all over again”

Last month, a rival cruise ship company announced that it will begin running cruises out of Singapore beginning in December. Despite the new protocols being implemented to guard against an outbreak of COVID-19, that may not be sufficient, given the rapid rate at which the virus is spreading around the world.

In that case, trips may have to be cancelled. Which would send an ominous signal to the stock market that we are still nowhere close to being able to congregate in close quarters.

And like a rising tide raises all ships... a low tide grounds the fleet.

Bottom line: naïve investors jumped the gun on the travel sector.

And when it breaks (again), you profit.

It almost goes without saying:

That I personally back this breaking new recommendation alert, and this entire trading system, with something even MORE valuable than the $7,564 worth of total guarantees & discounts you have in your “shopping basket” right now...

I stand behind them with every ounce of my personal & professional reputation.

And why wouldn’t I? I’ve been eating my own cooking on this for more than a decade, after all.

It tastes good. So does this:

For the first time, and for the rest of your life, you’re about to be in full control of your financial destiny. Never again at the mercy of a volatile market… and a world gone crazy.

Think about it this way…

If Mayhem Trader is everything you’ve seen today, and it’s the spectacular tool I promise it is…

You’ll look back on today as the day it all came together for you.

Your retirement. Your legacy to your family. Your true calling as a man of action.

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Whatever you do… just stay safe, OK?

It’s crazy out there. But it’s crazy profitable in here.

I hope you’ll join me.

Jim Pearce
Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Analyst, Investing Daily
Founder, Mayhem Trader

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